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BOOK - Birth, Marriage and Death Notices from the Shawville Equity, 1883-1916 (Shawville, Quebec)
Transcribed and indexed by Dolly Allen and Joan McKay, edited by John Patton, volunteers of Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society
Published by Global Heritage Press, Ottawa, 2018

    BIRTHS - Shawville Equity newspaper notices of Birth 1883-1916
    Includes four volumes in one book, 91 pp, 8.5 X 11"
    ISBN 978-1-77240-123-3
      Coilbound... 32.95 (C$)
      pdf download.....15.95 (C$)
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      Licensed for personal use only

    MARRIAGES - Shawville Equity newspaper notices of Marriage 1883-1916
    Includes four volumes in one book, 219 pp, 8.5 X 11"
    ISBN 978-1-77240-124-0
      Coilbound... 59.95 (C$)
      pdf download.....17.95 (C$)
      Link emailed within 1 business day
      Licensed for personal use only

    DEATHS - Shawville Equity newspaper notices of Death 1883-1916
    Includes four volumes in one book. 376 pp, 8.5 X 11"
    ISBN 978-1-77240-125-7
      Coilbound... 93.95 (C$)
      pdf download.....18.95 (C$)
      Link emailed within 1 business day
      Licensed for personal use only
Contents of each book include:
  • Introduction
  • Transcriptions of vital records from the Shawville Equity newspaper (Births, Marriages, or Deaths). Information is organized alphabetically by surname
    • 1883-1884 & 1892-1900
    • 1885-1891 & 1901-1905
    • 1906-1911
    • 1912-1916
Examples of the information included in each entry:
  • BIRTH notice examples:

    • ANDERSON -- At Campbell's Bay on Aug. 11 to Mr. & Mrs. S. ANDERSON, station agent, a son. (Aug. 15, 1907, p.1, col. 2)

    • ANDERSON -- At Elmside on Feb. 19 to Mr. & Mrs. William ANDERSON, twins - son and daughter. (Mar. 5, 1908, p.1, col. 2)

  • MARRIAGE notice examples:

    • EADES-MEE -- At St. George's Church, Portage du Fort on Jan. 5, Thomas A. EADES of Wilson's Mill to Ann Jane, daughter of William MEE, Esq. of Radford. Atts; Miss B. MEE, bride's sister and S. RICHARDSON. (Jan. 13, 1898, p.1, col. 5)

    • HODGINS-CORRIGAN -- At St. Paul's Church, Shawville on Wednesday last, Sam HODGINS, son of Richard HODGINS of 4th Range, Clarendon to Annie, 2nd daughter of William CORRIGAN, Esq. of Clarendon. Atts; Maude FINDLAY and Bert HODGINS, groom's brother. (Apr. 1, 1897, p.1, col. 3)

  • DEATH notice examples:

    • ANDERSON -- Edward ANDERSON, son of William ANDERSON of Fort Coulonge, in the Ottawa River on Friday while collecting driftwood, fell under logs. (July 14, 1898, p.1, col. 4)

    • ARMITAGE -- J. Alton, the infant son of Mr. & Mrs. ARMITAGE, on Aug. l3 age 7 mos, 5 days. Int. St. Paul's Cemetery, Shawville. (Aug. 17, 1893, p.1, col. 2)
About the Shawville Equity newspaper

"The Equity" began publication on 7 June, 1883 in Bryson, Quebec, then moved to nearby Shawville in 1888. The first issue in the new Shawville location was dated Oct. 11, 1888. Until the move to Shawville, the items mentioned as "in (of or at) this village" referred to Bryson. All issues from 1883 forward were microfilmed some years ago. Some issues are missing. Considering the century of printing, it is surprising that so few are unavailable. The current paper (2018) publishes a regular column with excerpts from old issues 25, 50, 75 and 100 Years Ago.

"The Equity" was founded by Tory/Conservative contributors mainly John BRYSON and W.J. POUPORE. The papers were published every Thursday. By 1886, Smith and Cowan were listed on the front page as "Editors and Proprietors". The subscription price in 1886 was "$1.00 per year, paid in advance". In a poem written by a local poet during the first decade of the 1900s, he names "John Cowan" as having "the Equity".

The early items for this collection were difficult to find being intermingled with advertisements, miscellaneous notices and variations in type size. The transcribers hope that they didn't miss many notices of Birth, Marriage and Death during this period. By 1900 BMD notices were beginning to find their particular niches on dedicated pages rather than being scattered throughout. In the beginning, the paper had only 4 pages, in 1885 it expanded to 8 pages and by 1888 up to 10 or more pages.

Historical sketch of Shawville, Quebec:

The earliest settlers in the area were Irish Protestants from county Tipperary, who came to Canada after the Napoleonic Wars ended in 1815. Many had settled in the Carp Valley in Carleton County on the Upper Canadian side of the Ottawa River. Local lore tells us that Thomas Hodgins, John Dale and his wife Elizabeth, set out from this colony in the summer of 1821 to search for a new land to settle. It is believed that they paddled up the river landing in a small bay some forty miles up river. The two men then set off northwards in search of a suitable place to settle. Before the decade was out, many other families from Carleton joined them in the new Township of Clarendon. They fought thick bush, insects and swamp, until on the second day it is said they reached a clearing where a beautiful spring bubbled out of the ground. They decided that this was where they would begin their new farms.

Before long, businesses were set up to serve the farming community that was sprouting around the original settlement. This area became known as ” The Center”. By the 1840’s, Clarendon had become a small, but thriving village. As farms grew and prospered, so did the village.

By the 1870’s the Center had grown enough to be erected as a municipality in its own right. On January 12, 1873 a new municipality was announced by proclamation.

The new town would be called “Shawville” in honour of one of its most influential and prosperous families, the Shaw’s. So began the history of a town that has not forgotten, and is still intimately tied to its agricultural heritage. From its earliest settlement to the present day, farming has been the reason of the town. It is interesting to note that those springs that were discovered so many years ago, today supply the Town of Shawville with its drinking water. (source: Town of Shawville website, 2018)

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