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District Marriage Registers and District Vital Records
    Upper Canada / Canada West (Ontario)    

What Are The District Marriage/Vital Records & Why Are They Important?
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BOOK - Vol 3: Dalhousie District Vital Records of Upper Canada 1825-1869
By Dan Walker & Fawne Stratford-Devai
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2005 (cd version 2013)

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coil-bound Edition
8.5" X 11"

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In March of 1838 the Dalhousie District was created out of townships from the Bathurst, Ottawa and Johnstown Districts. The Dalhousie District includes the present Carleton County. The District town was proclaimed as Bytown (renamed Ottawa in 1855). Despite its proclaimation as a district in 1838, it was not until March of 1842 that the court and jail facilities were ready allowing the District to be officially proclaimed.

This volume of the Vital Records series combines a variety of parish records and other vital documents to assist in replacing some of the records that should have existed had an original Dalhousie District Marriage register survived. We hope this new series will provide researchers with the tools to learn about the individuals and families of the Dalhousie District through the birth, baptism, marriage, death, burial and other vital records that survive today. As of January 1850 all Districts were abolished and the Dalhousie District became became the independent County of Carleton which remains to this day.

Townships in the Dalhousie District included Fitzroy, Gloucester, Goulbourne, North Gower, Huntley, March, Marlborough, Nepean, Osgoode, Torbolton and the town of Bytown (Ottawa). By 1850 when the District system of government was abolished, the Dalhousie District simply became Carleton County.

Records included in this volume:
  • Carleton County Marriage Returns 1852-1869: We are eternally grateful to the Archives of Ontario for allowing us to search through the pre-Confederation land records for Carleton County where we were able to locate many, but not all the returns of marriages (reference: RG 61-5 Carleton Instruments and Deeds). The original records have not been microfilmed and are not readily available in the reading room of Archives because they are stored offsite and more importantly, because of the fragile nature of the documents. As this is the first complete transcription of these records, all existing information in the original records were transcribed for this book.

  • Notre Dame Roman Catholic Cathedral, Ottawa - Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1825-1831: The original registers of the Cathedral of Notre Dame contain baptisms, marriages and burials interspersed in chronological order. As with many early records, the handwriting is often difficult to read.

  • Records of the North Gower Pastoral Charge: Baptisms 1835-1869, Communions 1854-1869, Marriages 1859-1869 and Circuit Register 1860-1869: Microfilm of the original records are in possession of the United Church of Canada, Montreal-Ottawa Conference, City of Ottawa Archives, Ottawa, Ontario. The United Church of Canada was formed June 10, 1925 by the union of the Methodist and Congregational churches and seventy percent of the Presbyterian churches. The North Gower Presbyterian Church covered localities such as Wellington (now Kars) in North Gower Township, Carleton County, and Osgoode/Osgoode Station in Osgoode Township, Carleton County. The North Gower Methodist Circuit included localities such as Carsonby in North Gower Township and Malakoff in Marlborough Township, Carleton County.
If you cannot find the vital records you are looking for in the Dalhousie District you would be well advised to search bordering districts such as the Eastern District, Bathurst District, Ottawa District and Johnstown. A minister on horseback in the wilds of early Ontario had no idea when he crossed a political boundary such as a District or what we know as counties today. Many clergy simply maintained and filed their records where the majority of the vital events occured or in their home parish register. Researchers would be advised to explore all possible sources of vital records in the Dalhousie District, regardless of religious denomination.

222 Pages
8.5" X 11" (coil-bound edition)
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2005 (cd version 2013)
ISBN-10 1-894571-68-1
ISBN-13 978-1-894571-68-5

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