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BOOK - The Centenary Celebration of the Battle of Lundy's Lane July 25, 1914
By Lundy's Lane Historical Society
Originally published by Lundy's Lane Historical Society, Niagara Falls, 1919
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2015

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Book-on-CD Edition

The Battle of Lundy's Lane was one of the most famous engagements of the War of 1812.
    In early July 1814 an American invasion force crossed the Niagara River and captured Fort Erie, then advanced north. On 25 July 1814 British forces took up a defensive position at Lundyís Lane, a hill within hearing distance of the mighty Niagara Falls. American forces encountered the British around 7:15 p.m. that night, eventually driving them from their position. The battle was fierce and fought mostly in the dark, with some troops fighting hand-to-hand or with bayonets. After a long night of bloodshed the exhausted American forces retreated, and the British reclaimed the battlefield the next morning. The battle was the bloodiest of the war so far, with 255 killed and over 1,400 wounded or missing. Source: Historica
The Lundy's Lane Historical Society was granted $2000.00 by federal government of Canada to organize and carry out a celebration of the centenary of the battle in the summer of 1914. This book was created by te Society to provide background information and to formally record the event.

The Committee that was appointed by the Lundy's Lane Historical Society to compile and publish this book included every available item of importance or interest relating to the Centenary Commemoration that was held on July 25 1914. The various phases of the function were classified and arranged in separate parts, to present the subject in a more connected form.

Contents include:
  • PART I
    • Introduction
    • A Short Account of the Battle of Lundy's Lane Page
    • Organization of Committees, Plans and Features, for the Centenary
    • Progress of the Preliminary Work
    • Financial Arrangements
    • The Invitations
    • The Programme
    • Order of Procession
    • The Street Decorations
    • The Day Before
    • The Battle of Lundy's Lane
    • The Day
    • Reception and Luncheon at the Clifton Hotel
    • The Procession
    • The Speakers' Dais
    • The Centenary Commemoration Ceremonies on Drummond Hill
    • Address of Mayor Dores
    • Address of the Lieutenant-Governor
    • Patriotic Anthem-By the School-Children
    • Address of Dr Alexander Fraser-Provincial Archivist
    • Historical Decoration of the British and American Monuments
    • Address of the Hon Peter A Porter
    • Special Decoration of the Oldest Grave and the Battle Monument
    • Address of Dr James H Coyne, FRSC
    • Recitation-"The Battle of Lundy's Lane"-Lieut-Col
    • F W MacQueen
    • Address of George D Emerson
    • Address of Clarance M Warner
    • Presentation of Medals
    • Sonnet-Miss Janet Carnochan
    • Address of Frank H Severance
    • Address of Chief Hill
    • Address of Supt Smith, Six Nations Indians
    • Conclusion of Programme at the Speakers' Dais
    • Exhibition of Military and Artistic Antiquities
    • The Centennial Medal
    • Letters Respecting the Medal
    • Decoration of Monuments and Graves in the Cemetery
    • "Inspiring Lessons from the War of " - "The Globe; Toronto
    • "Peace and War Commemorated" - The Mail and Empire, Toronto
    • "The Battle of Lundy's Lane"-From The Mail and Empire
    • "Keep Centenary of Famous Fight"-"The World," Toronto
    • "Enormous Crowd at Celebration of the Battle of Lundy's Lane"-The Niagara Falls Review
    • "Peace Has Victory on Field of Lundy's Lane"-Niagara Falls (NY) Journal
    • "Anniversary of Great BattIe of Lundy's Lane is Commemorated in Song and Patriotic Speeches"-The Niagara Falls Gazette
    • One Hundred Years After the Battle of Lundy's Lane
    • The Speaking at Lundy's Lane-Globe Editorial
    • Lundy's Lane-Gazette Editorial
    • Lundy's Lane: A Poem T E Moberly
    • Letters of Regret - The Gov-General, The Prime Minister of Canada, Sir James Whitney, Sir Wilfrid Laurier
  • PART V
    • Impressions of the Day - Miss Janet Carnochan
    • Report to Ottawa vVomen's Historical Society-Mrs Simpson
    • Special Report to the Ontario Historical Society by President of L L H S
    • The New Lundy's Lane Centenary Memorial
    • The Lundy's, Lane Historical Society
    • Officers of The Lundy's Lane Historical Society
    • Publications of The Lundy's Lane Historical Society,
191 pages (blank pages have been removed from digital edition)
Digital edition is in PDF format. Can be used on any device that can read a pdf file. Fully searchable
Originally published by Lundy's Lane Historical Society, Niagara Falls, 1919
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2015
ISBN 978-1-77240-036-6 (digital edition)

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