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BOOK - Life and Times of Major-General Sir Issac Brock, K. B.
By D. B. Read
Originally published by William Briggs, Toronto, 1894
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2009 (CD 2010)

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Hardcover Edition

Book-on-CD Edition
This book presents a compact history of the life of Sir Issac Brock, "The Hero of Upper Canada", written in an interesting and readable form. When Canada was invaded by the United States in 1812 it was Brock who was given the responsibility of defending Ontario from its southern aggressor.

Along with providing a biography, the author discusses the genius of Brock's defence plan, and the eventual success in turning back the larger and better equipped American forces. Sir Issac Brock fell while leading his troops in the first campaign of the war, but his spirit inspired the men who were fighting for their hearths and homes to the end of the war.

Contents include:
  • CHAPTER 1. Ancestry and Birthplace - Joins 8th (King's). Regiment-Exchanges to the 49th - A bully cowed - Becomes Lieutenant-Colonel of the 49th - Campaigning in Holland-James FitzGibbon - With Nelson at Copenhagen - the 49th ordered to Canada

  • CHAPTER II. Brock at York - Mutiny in the 49th - Assumes command at Fort Gearge. A Veteran Battalion proposed - Unfriendly attitude of the United States - Messaage to Congress - Brock visits England - Returns to Canada

  • CHAPTER III. Brock in command at Quebec - Anticipates war with United States - Precautionary measures of defence - Corps of Highland Fencibles proposed - Colonel John Macdonell - Rev. Alexander Macdonell - Loyalty of the French habitants questioned

  • CHAPTER IV. Affair of the Leopard and the Ohesapeake - President Jefferson's hostile proclamation - Treaty between Prussia and France - German ports closed - The Berlin Decree - English "Orders∑in-Council" -French trade crippled - The Milan Decree - American sympathy with Napoleon - United States troops driving - Napoleon issues another Decree - Brock chafes under Imperial restraint

  • CHAPTER V. Sir James Craig appointed Governor - Brock made Brigadier-General - American spies - Craig's distrust of the French∑Canadians - Address to Parliament - A militant speech - Brock's views on French loyalty

  • CHAPTER VI. Affairs in Europe - The Pope's manifesto - Spain declares war against France - Massachusetts protests against embargo - The embargo removed - Rejoicing in New York - England's desire for peace

  • CHAPTER VII. Brock removed to Upper Canada - Lower Canadians incensed at Sir James Craig - Member of Executive Council imprisoned - Partial harmony restored - Sir James Craig retires - Brock at Fort George - England's attitude toward the Indians

  • CHAPTER VIII. Brock made Major∑General - Wishes to join Army in Spain - Fresh rumors of war - Misleading Presidential message - Affair of the Little Belt. Jefferson bent on war - Glengarry Light Infantry Corps raised - Brock Administrator of Upper Canada - Sir George Prevost Goyernor-General -Preyost conciliates the French-Canadians

  • CHAPTER IX. War inevitable - Brock's plans for defence - Efforts to avert Indian war - Opens Legislature at York - Patriotic address - Legislative Acts - Brock's spirit infuses general confidence - Michilimackillac - Americans intriguing with the Indians - Newfoundland Fencibles - Flank companies organized - Warlike demonstrations on the frontier - Brock's sagacity

  • CHAPTER X. Mackinaw-∑President Madison's declamatory message to Congress - War declared by the United States - American deserter seized on Canadian soil - The Prince Regent's message - Accepts the issue in confidence

  • CHAPTER XI. Attempt on the West India fleet - Congress makes huge preparations for war - Boastful speeches of American orators - Brock's vigilance - British forces - Fort George - Flank companies called out - General Hull crosses the Detroit river - Amherstburgh - Hull's boastful proclamation - Capture of Mackinaw

  • CHAPTER XII. Canada roused - Brock's counter - Poclamllition - Disaffection in the Western District - Skirmish at the Aux Canard - American defeat at Brownstown - Further skirmishing - Tecumseh - British reverse at the River Raisin - Major-General Sheaffe appointed on the staff - Hull's inactivity - Brock opens Legislature at York - Disaffection in the Assembly - Brock's stirring speech - Patriotic Address of the Legislative Assembly

  • CHAPTER XIII. Hull's inglorious retreat - Brock calls on the Militia - Prompt response - Sets out for Detroit - George Ryerson - Flank companies of Norfolk Militia formed - Embarkation at Long Point - Expedition reaches Amherstburgh - Letter of Attorney-General Macdonell - Brock meets Tecumseh - Council with Indian chiefs - Brock summons Hull to surrender - Capture of Detroit

  • CHAPTER XIV. lndian allies of the British - Governor Simcoe and Brant - Tecumseh - Other noted Indian warriors - St. Clair's defeat at Miami - Treaty of Greenville - Tecumseh's speech to the Osages - Council at Vincennes - Battle of Tippecanoe - Fort Meigs - Proctor evacuates Fort Malden - British defeat at Moraviantown - Death of Tecumseh

  • CHAPTER XV. Brock congratulated on capture of Detroit - The hero of the hour - Banner presented to the 3rd York Militia - Brock visits Kingston - Connecticut declaims against the war - Convention at Albany-An unwise armistice-Brock's hands tied-Americans improve the opportunity

  • CHAPTER XVI. The Niagara frontier - Capture of the Detroit and the Oaledonia - Brock narrowly escapes capture - Americans preparing to cross the Niagara - General VanRensselaer - Battle of Queenston Heights - Death of Brock - Macdonell mortally wounded - Crushing defeat of the Americans - A dearly-bought victory - John Beverley Robinson - Brock interred at Fort George - The Prince Regent's despatch

  • CHAPTER XVII. - (CONCLUDING EYENTS OF THE WAR). General Smyth's Invasion - A would-be hero - An inglorious retreat - Canadians assume the offensive - Attack on Ogdensburgh - Capture of York - Bombardment of Fort George - Colonel Harvey - Stoney Creek - Beaver Dam - Chrysler's Farm - Burning of Newark -S tern Retaliation - Lundy's Lane - Affair at Cook's Mills - Close of the war

  • CHAPTER XVIII.-(CONCLUSlON). Monument erected to Brock - Brock's remains removed to the Monument - The Monument blown up - Indignation meeting - Stirring address - Another Monument erected - Lessons from the life of Brock

  • Bibiography
A must-read for those with an interest in the War of 1812 in general, and in Sir Isaac Brock in particular.

267 pages
6.5 X 9.75"
Illustrations (5)
Hardcover (premium black textured covering with gilt stamping)
Originally published by William Briggs, Toronto, 1894
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2009 (CD 2010)

ISBN 978-1-926797-07-6 (Hardcover)

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