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BOOK - United Empire Loyalists, A Guide to Tracing Loyalist Ancestors in Upper Canada
By Brenda Dougall Merriman BA, CGRS, CGL.
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton

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coil-bound Edition
8.5" X 11"

Book-on-CD Edition

Searching for Loyalists takes us back to the first days of this province, and does require an understanding of the conditions that produced the documentary evidence about them.

There has long been a need for descendants of the United Empire Loyalists to have a general guide to assist the tracing of Loyalist ancestors, not only for the beginner, but also for those who encounter stumbling blocks on their way. In this book we find a guide to the necessary sources; background information; selections from previous experience; and analytical interpretations of the records.

This landmark work acknowledges misperceptions about Loyalists and then clearly defines the criteria for establishing a person as a "Loyalist". The work focuses on research methodology and sources of information for the researcher, all illustrated by effective case study.

Those who are researching thier United Empire Loyalist ancestors in Ontario will value this book above all others on this topic.

Table of Contents:
  • Acknowledgements
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Who Is A Loyalist?
    • The Background
    • Lord Dorchester's Resolution
    • Privilege
    • What "Kind" of Loyalist?
  • Chapter 2: What is the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada?
    • Mission Statement
    • Membership
    • Making Application
  • Chapter 3: How Do I Get To My Loyalist?
    • Educate Yourself
    • Common Pitfalls and Fallacies
    • Understanding the Research Process
    • A Simple Case Example
    • Sources-Information-Evidence
    • Basic Sources
      • 1. Births - Marriages - Deaths
      • 2. Divorce
      • 3. Cemeteries
      • 4. Church and Religious Sources
      • 5. Census Returns
      • 6. Wills and Estate Files
      • 7. Land/Property Ownership
      • 8. Newspapers
    • The "Grandchild Generation Problem"
  • Chapter 4: Is My Ancestor A Loyalist?
    • a. Brief Chronological Points:
    • b. Major Instructions and Proclamations affecting Loyalists:
    • c. Potential Activities of a Loyalist
    • 1. Lists of Loyalists
      • (a) Contemporary, Original Lists
      • (b) Compiled/Derivative Lists
    • 2. Military Sources
    • 3. Claims for Losses
    • 4. Land Allocation and Documentation
      • "UE" and "MC"
      • Original Allocation Process
        • (a) Ontario Land Records Index (OLRI)
        • (b) District Land Boards
        • (c) Upper Canada Land Books
        • (d) Land Petitions
        • (e) Heir and Devisee Commissions
        • (f) Township Papers
        • (g) Crown Lands Records
    • 5. Government Correspondence
  • Chapter 5: Case Examples: Working With Petitions
    • "Model" Petitions
    • "Typical" But Tangled Examples
    • Less "Typical" Or Unsuccessful Examples
  • Chapter 6: Reading and Reference
    • General Guides and Source Books
    • Loyalist History, General and Special Subjects
    • Upper Canada/Ontario Loyalists & Sources
    • Loyalist Lists and Military
    • Websites
  • Index
  • Review by James W. Petty, AG, CG. National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Dec. 2008: "... This book should be required reading for Canadian or Ontario researchers... This volume deserves to become a standard guide for Canadian genealogical research."

  • Review by Kathie Orr, Past President of The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada: Brenda's expertise and years of experience in researching the records of this period have given us a reference tool we have long needed; the book is a "must have" for the Loyalist searcher.

  • Review by Dick Eastman, Publisher of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: I had a chance to read the book this week and must say that I am impressed with it. I have done some Loyalist research in years past, and now I wish this book was available to me back then. It would have saved a lot of time!

Hardcover: 200 pp. index, hardcover, 6" x 9", maps, illustrations, ISBN 1-897210-84-1 (Hardcover).

Softcover: 200 pp. index, softcover, 8.5 X 11", maps, illustrations, ISBN 978-1897446-95-9 (coil-bound).

Book on CD: Complete book in searchable .pdf format. PC or Mac.

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