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BOOK - Index to Monetary Claims by American Loyalists - A New Index to Audit Office 13
By William Bruce Antliff
Published by Global Heritage Press, Ottawa, 2021
Hardcover... 97.95 (C$)
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pdf download.....19.95 (C$)
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Hardcover edition

The first complete and comprehensive nominal Index of Audit Office 13 (AO13) claims & documents
Unlike earlier published indexes and a current online index of Audit Office 13 (AO13), this New Index to AO13 is complete, accurate and designed so researchers can easily use it to identify all records pertaining to specific persons. It can be used to quickly find documents both on microfilm, and in the scanned images of AO13 documents on Comparing the results of using this New Index versus using the AO13 search box results in Ancestry, showed that Ancestry's indexing of AO13 is very incomplete. This New Index provides the ability to quickly and easily locate documents concerning specific people within Ancestry's scanned AO13 collection.

What is Audit Office 13 (AO13) and why is the collection important?
The subject of the index published in this 450 page tome is a huge collection of documents in the form of loose folios that are archived in the National Archives in London, England. The title of the collection is Audit Office 13, (normally abbreviated to AO13). The documents were collected and produced by a number of British commissions that examined monetary claims by American colonists who claimed to remain loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolution (United Empire Loyalists).

The indexed documents within AO13 include claims, rejections, approvals, correspondence, supporting documentation, details of claimants' activities during the American Revolution, lists, and any documentation related to loyalty and the claim. The depth of information and number of documents varies by claimant.

The collection was divided into 141 "pieces" by National Archives in London, England. A 'piece' of AO13 is one or more boxes of loose documents (folios). Within each 'piece', the archives numbered the documents, starting with the number one. Using this new Index, it is now possible to locate every document for every person that has a claim or related documents archived in AO13.

This Index dramatically expands on and corrects the work of others
  • Peter Wilson Coldham spent many years, at the National Archives, writing the manuscript for a biographical dictionary of American Loyalists. This dictionary is more fully described in the Appendix to this book. His 5,710 biographies are based on the contents of AO13 and another class, AO 12. At the end of each biography, Coldham cited the folios from which he obtained the information in the biography. The citations to AO13 were used to construct an incomplete calendar of AO13. This calendar disclosed errors in Coldham's citations, which have been corrected in this New Index. The calendar also disclosed many gaps in the coverage of AO13 by Coldham's work. Each gap was reviewed, using a microfilm copy of AO13, and additional entries made in the calendar to fill in the gap. The rows of the calendar were then re-ordered to put the names in the rows into alphabetical order, thus turning the former calendar into an index. The Index took many years to complete. By using the information in AO 12, it was possible to include claimants, whose papers were in the 5 pieces that are now missing from AO13.

  • (.com etc) scanned the microfilmed images of the AO13 documents made them available their subscribers. That is a very good thing for those of us without easy access to the microfilmed AO13 collection. Ancestry includes an AO13 search box that suggests that the AO13 collection is completely indexed. It is not (as of November 24, 2021). A study, comparing this New Index with Ancestry search box results reveals that the Ancestry Index is far from complete. Using this New Index, all examples led to documents in AO13 that do not appear when using the Ancestry search tool. An article will be published in the Spring 2022 issue of the Loyayalist Gazette (the journal of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada UELAC) detailing that of that examination.
If you haven't used this New Index yet, it is unlikely that you have located all of the documents that are available in the Audit Office 13 archive regarding to your United Empire Loyalist ancestor.

Contents of this book include:
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction to the Index
  • Preface
  • Section 1: Index to Persons and Places pointing to individual documents (the index includes all that is needed to locate the documents including

    • Given and surname (sometimes includes alias, or notations such as "widow of T. Thomson", or location at time of claim such as "now of Bahamas" or "settled Bay of Quinte" etc, familial relationship such as " son of Richard King", claim number, etc )
    • Province (now US 'state' where they resided)
    • Piece number (box number)
    • First folio number (first page number)
    • Last folio number (last page number)
    • Note number (further details)

  • Section 2: Documents of the Commissions
    • Army and Navy Claims Commission
    • Ceded Lands Claims
    • East Florida Claims Commission
    • Loyalist Claims Commission
    • Loyalist Claims Commission (Anstey)
    • Loyalist Claims Commission (Cape Breton)
    • Loyalist Claims Commission (London)
    • Loyalist Claims Commission (North America)
    • Loyalist Relief Commission
    • TREASURY letters to Wilmot 405
  • Section 3: Unattributbable Documents
  • Appendix
    • Table of Abbreviations
    • Glossary
    • How to Obtain Copies of the Papers using scanned images and AO13 microfilm
    • Biographical Dictionaries
  • Bibliography
  • "... a book that most libraries with a reference section and interest in Loyalists will want in their collection. Individuals wondering why they canít find their Loyalist ancestor(s) on Ancestry will want the more affordable pdf."
    - John D. Reid, Anglo Celtic Connections (Dec 01, 2021)

  • ... an essential resource for anyone conducting research with loyalist compensation claims, whether for genealogical or other historical purposes.
    - Stuart Manson, Research historian and co-owner of Public History Inc. (Ottawa) and published author specializing in United Empire Loyalist topics (Nov 26, 2021).
  • 450 pages
  • 8.5 X 11"
  • Hardcover (premium Buckram binding with headband, footband, and printed on high quality acid free paper. Lies open-flat without damaging the binding)
  • Appendices
  • Published by Global Heritage Press, Ottawa, November 2021
  • ISBN 9781772401882 (hardcover)

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