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CD - The J. W. C. Fegan British Home Children Newsletter Collection 1877 to 1920
By J. W. C. Fegan, W.Y. Fullerton, D.D., etal
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2013

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The J. W. C. Fegan British Home Children Collection CD includes digitized copies of ALL surviving Fegan Homes newsletters that were published between 1877 and 1920. More than 1532 searchable pages in total (PDF format - PC & Mac).

This collection of Fegan Homes newsletters was initiated by Douglas Fry, a Canadian authority on the Fegan Homes who kindly loaned us his collection of Fegan newsletters so they could be published for wider distribution. He also arranged for the Fegans (as it is known today) to loan us issues that they held in their archive but were missing from Mr. Fry's collection. Doug's collection included many issues that are not in the Fegan archive in the UK. The result is this single collection of 1532 pages of newsletters spanning 44 years.

Though this is the most complete set of Fegan Home's newsletters known, please note that this collection is missing some issues that may not exist anywhere. There is no record of how many original issues were printed. Fegan newsletters varied in frequency, beginning as a monthly, then quarterly, and then back to monthly. However, there were times when shortages of time and resources caused printing lapses. Those lapses are discussed by Mr Fegan in some surviving issues, usually with an appeal for subscribers to help out with a donation. Fund raising appears to have been a never ending activity.

Why are these newsletters so important to descendants of Fegan Boys and students of the British Home Child movement?
Beyond being a method of updating contributors on developments at the Fegan Homes, and encouraging donations to the cause, many newsletters include lists of the boys in care, "old boys" who had graduated through the system, and sponsors. Success stories of individual Home Children were written to encourage support of Mr. Fegan's programs as were sad and often detailed stories of boys in need of assistance. Updates are often included about "Old Boys" who continued to help the Fegan Homes with donations and other assistance when they became adults, and stories of how individual "old boys" grew to be be good and productive citizens of Canada.

This collection of Fegan Newsletters spans a 44 year period from 1877 to 1920 - there are gaps. Fegan's newsletters were published under three different titles during this period:
  • Christian Shield 1877-1881 (in this collection)
  • The Rescue 1885-1901 (in this collection)
  • Loving & Serving 1905-1920 (in this collection)
The newsletters in this collection are provided in a searchable PDF format. Pages can be printed at high resolution Every page has a source citation included in the bottom margin for future reference. All of the newsletters are in a single PDF file so that researchers can search all newsletters with a single search or browse through them one by one. For those seeking a specific newsletter, there is a chronological set of bookmarks in the left margin that are hot-linked to specific issues.

This is a snip of the top portion of a computer screen illustrating the front page of a newsletter and the links to individual issues that are listed in the left margin. Researchers can scroll down the newsletters (1532 pages), or search all newsletters for any word using the "Find" box at the top of the screen, or use the provided links to specific issues.
This collection is essential for everyone with an interest in the Fegan Homes in particular or the British Home Children movement in general. The narratives also shine a light on the human cost of the industrial revolution and J.W.C. Fegan's efforts to deal with its side effects. Similarly, this is a fine reference for those who seek insights into the conditions and norms in rural and urban Canada that encouraged importation of indentured children during this time period.

1677 Pages
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2013
ISBN 978-1-926797-76-2 (pdf on CD edition)

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