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BOOK - The First Century of Methodism in Canada, 1775-1883. Two Volumes In One.
By J. E. Sanderson
Originally published by William Briggs, Toronto, 1908 (vol. 1) & 1910 (vol. 2)
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2008 (CD 2011)

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Hardcover Edition
6.5" X 9"

Book-on-CD Edition

Sanderson's fine history of the early years of Methodism in Canada has served as an essential resource for more than a century. Being out of print for over one hundred years, this new edition has been pubished to provide access for today's researchers. This editon is a facsimile reprint of both of the original volumes, bound into a single book.

In The First Century of Methodism in Canada, the author addresses the most interesting and memorable events of early Canadian Methodism. Though his goal was to focus only on Methodism in Canada, he has included the history of Methodsm in Newfoundland in this two volume set. Newfoundland might have been thought to be outside the sphere of Canadian church history insofar as the Island was independant of Canada at the time when this book was written. To the benefit of readers, the author insisted on Newfoundland's inclusion because of the geographical and historical ties of the Island to Canada.

In attempting a record of the earliest years of any people or church, the analyst is apt to find a scarcity of material suitable to their purpose. By careful use of all available aids, the author successfully presents a picture of those early days for modern readers.

Several contemporary experts "on the topic of early Methodism in Canada assisted in preparation of these volumes, including the Rev. Drs. Cornish, Crews, Withrow, Burwash, and Professor McLaughlin by careful reading of the manuscript, and helpful suggestions; also to several Conferences for sympathetic and encouraging resolutions".

Contents - Volume One
  • Beginnings in Lower and Upper Canada
  • The Field \Videns and the Workers Increase
  • The War Period
  • From the War to the First Conference in Canada
  • First Conference in Canada
  • Collision and Conciliation
  • Adjustments—Extension—New Settlements
  • Indian Missions Prospective Independence
  • Separation or Independence?
  • A Canada Conference Organized
  • Second Canada Conference
  • The Ryerson-Strachan Controversy
  • Steady Advance Opposing Forces
  • Faithful Labors—Abundant Harvests
  • Separation and Independence
  • Education— Publishing—Temperance
  • Higher Education—Equal Rights
  • Consolidation and Extension
  • Union with British Conference Proposed
  • Energetic Activity in Prospect of Union
  • The Union Consummated
  • The Union Approved—Disquieting Efforts
  • Harmonious Co-operation, West and East
  • Progress in both Provinces
  • Canadian, American and English Interests
  • The English President’s Administration
  • Political Commotion
  • Canadian and English Sentiment
  • Centenary Celebrations— Canadian Rghts

Contents - Volume Two
  • Dissolution of the Union
  • Active Church Work
  • Rivalry and Its Results
  • Revivals, East and West
  • Education and Missions
  • The Union Restored
  • Encouraging Records
  • Extension and Union
  • From the Atlantic to the Pacific
  • Fields Whitening to Harvest
  • Canada and British Columbia
  • University and Colleges
  • The Prince of Wales and Methodism
  • The Field and the Workmen
  • Colleges and Churches
  • Missions Become Circuits
  • The American Centenary
  • England and Canada
  • Canada’s Enlarging Sphere
  • Insurrection and Loyalty
  • Home and Foreign Missions
  • Diverse Views of Union
  • Union Arrangements Accepted
  • Harmonious Co-operation
  • The English and Other Conferences
  • Relief and Extension
  • Ecumenical Council and Union
  • The Methodist Church
  • Primitive Methodism in Canada
  • The Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada
  • The Canada Bible Christian Church

956 Pages: 484 + 472 (2 vols. in 1 book)
(blank pages have been removed from the digital version, reducing the page count)
6.5" X 9"
Index (vol 2)
Originally published by William Briggs, Toronto, 1908 (v1), 1910 (v2)
This historical reprint by Global Heritage Press, Ontario, 2008.
ISBN: 978-1-897446-34-8

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