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BOOK - History of The Ottawa Valley, A Collection of Facts and Reminiscences For Over Half A Century (Ontario & Quebec)
By J. M. Gourlay
Originally published 1896
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2008 (CD 2010)

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Hardcover Edition

Book-on-CD Edition

History of The Ottawa Valley is a great resource for those with an interest in the settlement and early development of the communities in the Ottawa Valley. The book addesses both the Ontario and Quebec sides of the Ottawa River.

Seemingly endless references to specific settlers and early community leaders populate the pages of this respected history. Originally published in 1896, Gourlay had access to many of the people discussed, while researching this volume.

Global Heritage Press sourced several different copies of the original book to locate one that was in the best possible condition for the 2008 reprint. However, the original 1896 printer must have printed it on a Monday. The printing ink was poorly applied resulting in wide variations in print quality throughout the book. It is easily readable but the adjustment from light print to too-dark print is not the same high standard that we expect in today's publications. This edition has been reprinted as an exact copy of the orginal, which means that it is no better nor no worse than the orginal print quality.

List of surnames of people included in the text of this book:
    Abbot; Acres; Adams; Ahern; Ainsley; Aldridge; Alexander; Alexander; Mrs.; Alexander; Thomas; Alexander; Thomas; Allen; Anderson; Andrews; Argue; Armstrong; Arnold; Arnoldi; Arthur; Ash; Atkin; Atkins; Atrill; Aumond; Aylen; Aylwin; Bachannan; Bailey; Baily; Baine; Baird; Baker; Baker; Baker; Baker; Baker; Ballantyne; Bannerman; Barber; Barriele; Barton; Bartram; Baxter; Bayne; Beaman; Bean; Bearman; Beatty; Beecher; Beggs; Bell; Bell; Bell; Bell's Corners; Bell; Bell; ; Bell; Bellow; Bellows; Benedict; Bennett; Beoby; Berry; Bigley; Billings; Billings; Billings; Billings; Billings; Billings; Billings; Billings; Billings; Billings; Birch; Birtch; Bishop; Black; Blackburn; Blair; Blakeley; Blakely; Blanchard; Blasdell; Blewitt; Blyth; Bolton; Boon; Booth; Borthwick; Boucher; Boulton; Bowman; Boyce; Boyd; Boyle; Bradburn; Bradley; Breckenridge; Brennan; Brigham; Brock; Bronson; Brooks; Brough; Brown; Brownlee; Brush; Bryson; Buckham; Burgoyne; Burke; Burns; Burnside; Burritt; Burroughs; Burrows; Burwell; Butler; By; Byers; Cairns; Cal---; Caldwell; Callandar; Cameron; Campbell; Campbell-Bannerman; Capell; Car; Carman; Carroll; Carson; Carter; Cassiday; Cathcart; Cauldwel; Cavanagh; Cawlder; Chalmers; Chamberlain; Chambers; Champhness; Chapman; Chempnell??; Chepmell; Cherry; Chestnut; Christian; Christie; Christy; Church; Clark; Clarke; Clegg; Clelland; Clothier; Cluff; Coburn; Codd; Cole; Collins; Collis; Colquhoun; Colwel; Conley; Conn; Connor; Conroy; Cooke; Cooke; Cooke; Cooke; Coombs; Cooper; Copeland; Corbett; Costalo; Courtney; Coutle; Coutlee; Coutley; Covall; Covell; Cowie; Cox; Craig; Cram; Crawford; Croskerry; Crowl; Cruikshank; Cruise; Cuddie; Cuddies; Culbert; Cullen; Cullis; Cumming; Cummings; Cunningham; Currie; Cuthbert; Cuzner; Cyr; Dailey; Dalgleish; Danbey; Davidson; Davidson; Davidson; Davidson; Davidson; Davidson; Davidson; Davies; Davis; Dawson; Day; De Cell; De Celle; De Ortell; De Pensier; De Salabery; DeLisle; Dempsey; Dempster; Denison; Depencier; Dermody; Devlin; Dewar; Dey; Dickenson; Dickson; Didsberry; Dingwell; Dolan; Donaghue; Donaldson; Doran; Dornins; Doughney; Dow; Dowal; Doxy; Doyle; Draper; Drummond; Dudiet; Dunbar; Duncan; Dunlop; Dunn; Dupuis; Durham; Durie; Eadie; Eady; Eagan; Eagleson; Earle; Eastman; Easy; Eaton; Edge; Edwards; Egan; Elder; Ellard; Elliott; Enough; Erone; Erskine; Erwin; Esterbrook; Evans; Evoy; Ewans; Fagg; Fairbairn; Falls; Fannen; Farlinger; Farmer; Farr; Farrel; Farrell; Featherstone; Femwick; Fenton; Fenwick; Ferguson; Ferlinger; Ferris; Findlay; Finlay; Fisher; Fitzgerald; Fitzsimmons; Flemming; Flood; Foran; Forbes; Ford; Foster; Fraser; Freeland; French; Friel; Gabies; Gainsford; Gamble; Gardiner; Garlick; Gegie; Gibson; Gillon; Gilmour; Gleeson; Glen; Godfrey; Goodfellow; Goodwillie; Gordon; Gorman; Gosford; Gourlay; Gove; Gow; Graham; Graham; Graham; Graham; Graham; Graham; Graham; Graham; Grant; Gray; Green; Greene; Grierson; Grime; Grimes; Grimse; Haldane; Haliday; Hall; Hamil; Hamilton; Hanna; Harbeson; Hardie; Hare; Hares; Harper; Harris; Harrison; Harten; Hartin; Hartwell; Harvey; Hastey; Hawley; Haworth; Hays; Hazleton; Head; Headly; Healey; Healy; Heath; Heffernan; Henderson; Heney; Henry; Heron; Hickey; Hill; Hinton; Hobbs; Hodgin; Hodgins; Hogan; Hogg; Holden; Holister; Holmes; Holt; Honeywell; Hood; Hoolaghan; Hopkins; Hopper; Horner; Howard; Howley; Hudson; Hughes; Hughs; Humphrey; Hunman; Huntington; Hurd; Hurdman; Huston; Hutton; Hyde; Irvin; Irving; Isbister; James; Jamieson; John; Johnston; Jones; Jury; Keegan; Keeley; Keeting; Keives; Kelly; Kemp; Kennedy; Kenney; Kenny; Kerr; Kettle; Kidd; Kidder; Killeen; Kilray; King; Kinmond; Kirk; Klock; Lacey; Lackey; LaFontaine; Laing; Laird; Landell; Landen; Landon; Lang; Lark; Larmouth; Larrett; Larve; Latchford; Latimer; Lauder; Laughlan; Law; Le Breton; Leamy; Lee; Leech; Lemoine; Lenaghan; Lenox; Leslie; Lett; Lewis; Lilicos; Lindsay; Little; Lloyd; Lochead; Lockhead; Logan; Logue; Loney; Long; Lough; Loux; Loverin; Low; Loweries; Lowrey; Lowry; Lucas; Lunam; Lusk; Lyon; Lyons; Mackey; Maclaren; Magee; Main; Mains; Maitland; Major; Malcomson; Malloch; Mann; Mannion; Marion; Marks; Marsden; Marshall; Martin; Mason; Masson; Mathieson; Maxwell; McAfee; McAlister; McArthur; McBride; McCallum; McCambly; McCann; McCarthy; McCaskill; McCasland; McCaughan; McCauley; McChines; McClelland; McClung; McConnell; McCook; McCooke; McCordick; McCormick; McCraken; McCullough; McCurdies; McCurdy; McDiarmid; McDonald; McDonell; McDougal; McDowell; McEldowney; McElroy; McEwan; McEwans; McFadden; McFarland; McGee; McGill; McGlashan; McGoey; McGrath; McGregor; McGuire; McHarvey; McIntosh; McIntyre; McKaskill; McKay; McKegg; McKenna; McKenzie; McKiblon; McKinnon; McKinstry; McKord; McLaren; McLaren; McLaren; McLaren; McLaughlan; McLay; McLean; McLeod; McMahon; McMeekin; McMillan; McMorin; McMullen; McMurtray; McMurtroy; McNabb; McNair; McNally; McNaughton; McNeil; McTavish; McTierney; McVicars; McVickers; Meach; Meech; Melville; Merifield; Merrick; Merrifield; Meyers; Milford; Miller; Mills; Milne; Minor; Mirrick; Mitchell; Moffat; Moffet; Moffett; Mohr; Molyneaux; Monck; Moncrief; Monk; Monoghan; Montgomery; Moodie; Moody; Mooney; Moor; Moore; Moorehead; Moorhead; Moorhouse; Morgan; Morin; Morrison; Morton; Mosgrove; Mowat; Mowatt; Moylan; Mularkey; Mulkins; Mulligan; Munce; Munroe; Murdy; Murphy; Murray; Myers; Nankieville; Neil; Nelson; Nesbit; Nesbitt; Nesbitt; Nesbitt; Nesbitt; Nesbitt; Newton; Norman; Norton; Oaks; O'Connell; O'Conner; O'Connor; Oglivie; O'Grady; Olmstead; Olmsted; O'Meara; Ormsby; Ormsly; Orr; Osburn; Otterson; Owen; Owens; Padfield; Papineau; Parker; Paterson; Patterson; Patton; Payton; Pearson; Peason; Pender; Penman; Penney; Perkins; Petit; Philips; Pierce; Pinhey; Pink; Playfair; Plunkett; Pollock; Potter; Powell; Powlett; Prentiss; Pritchard; Prudhomme; Purdie; Quail; Quenland; Quinn; Radmer; Radmir; Radmore; Raglan; Ramsay; Rathwell; Ray; Read; Redpath; Reed; Rees; Reid; Reilly; Remington; Renaldo; Rentoul; Ricar; Ricard; Richards; Richardson; Richie; Richmond; Riddell; Rieley; Rielly; Ritchie; Rivington; Robb; Robert; Roberts; Robertson; Robillard; Robinson; Roddick; Rodison; Rodney; Rolland; Rollin; Rollins; Rolph; Rolston; Ronan; Roney; Ross; Routley; Roy; Ruggle; Russell; Rutherford; Sanderson; Savage; Scarf; Scharf; Scott; Seaton; Sebright; Sharpe; Shaw; Sheffield; Shelden; Sheriff; Sherwood; Shillington; Shipman; Shirriff; Shore; Shouldice; Simcoe; Simmond; Simpson; Sims; Sisson; Siveright; Skead; Skiffington; Slack; Slocum; Smart; Smith; Snart; Snay; Snow; Snub; Somerville; Sparks; Sparrow; Spearman; Spears; Sproule; Sproule; Stalker; Stanley; Stapleton; Star; Stathem; Steadman; Steele; Steene; Steinson; Steinzell; Stephenson; Stevens; Stevenson; Stewart; Stitt; Story; Stowell; Strachan; Street; Strinson; Stuart; Summerville; Sumner; Supple; Surgeon; Switzer; Symmes; Taite; Taylor; Teirney; Telford; Templeton; Thistle; Thompson; Thomson; Thorburn; Tie; Tiernay; Tierney; Tighes; Tomkins; Toshac; Tremblay; Tufts; Turner; Van Courtland; Vanderburgh; Vaughan; Veleau; Vincent; Wadsworth; Waldo; Walker; Wall; Wallace; Waller; Walsh; Wardrope; Warran; Watson; Watter; Watts; Weatherly; Weir; Welsh; Whelan; Whillan; Whillins; White; Whyte; Wigans; Wiggan; Wiggins; Wilkinson; Williams; Willis; Wilson; Wiltons; Wishart; Withers; Workman; Wright; Wylie; York; Young; Younghusbandman; Zissca;
A valuable resource for those with an interest in the settlement and early development of the Ottawa Valley.


288 Pages
6.5 X 9.75"
Originally published 1896
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2008 (CD 2010)

ISBN 978-1-897446-35-5 (Hardcover)

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