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Volume 12 - Issue 17    20 October 2009
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New Books and CDs

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BOOK - Erin's Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada 1761-1853 - Volume Three
By Terrence M. Punch, FRSAI
Volume III of Erin’s Sons extends the period of coverage to 1858 and lists approximately 7,000 additional Irish-born residents of Atlantic Canada. Like the other volumes in the series, it is based on a wide variety of genealogical sources, including church records, cemetery inscriptions, marriage and burial records, newspapers, census records, and ships’ passenger lists. Scattered throughout the volume there are out-of-the-way records pertaining to rescued and quarantined passengers, deserters, and runaways; and equally obscure records of individuals who suffered from anti-Irish prejudice during the 1840s. Many entries date from the 1850s, with earlier years showing up in land records, passenger lists, and military records. The largest groups of records included here are based on newspaper notices of marriages and deaths, regimental records, and land records. The single largest collection-- newspaper notices of marriages and deaths, 1854-1858, extracted from newspapers published in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland--also contains the greatest amount of genealogical detail—place and date of birth and death, date of emigration from Ireland, date of marriage, and names of family members. The regimental records, in particular the 97th Regiment, 1827-1853, show the dispersal of the soldiers at the end of their service and include date and place of birth, with date, place, and reason for discharge; while the land records, including some 900 petitions for grants of land in Nova Scotia, give the name of the petitioner, the date of the petition, sometimes the place of origin in Ireland, and the area of settlement in Nova Scotia. Also included in the book are maps showing the areas of peak migration from Ireland to Atlantic Canada, an index of surnames, and an index of ships.
Softcover ISBN 9780806318059    More information about all three vols

To be released October 10, 2009 BOOK - Historical Sketches of the County of Elgin [Ontario, Canada]
Originally published by The Elgin Historical and Scientific Institute, St. Thomas, Ontario, 1895.
This facsimile reprint by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2009.
Historical Sketches of the County of Elgin provides the reader with a fact-filled early account of the history of present-day Elgin County and the town of St. Thomas. The authors discuss events beginning with native settlements and conflict, and move forward through the period of French explorers, British invasion and settlement up to 1895, the year that the book was originally published. A significant portion of the text is dedicated to the period when Colonel Thomas Talbot administered much of southwestern Ontario and organized British settlement. Talbot's administration was considered by many to be despotic. However, under his "rule" the area became one of the most prosperous parts of the province. This book is an essential read for everyone with an interest in the history and settlement of Elgin County. ISBN: 978-1-926797-01-4 (hardcover)
Available in printed hardcover or on CD ROM     More information

To be released October 10, 2009 BOOK - The Roll of Pupils of Upper Canada College Toronto, January 1830 to June 1916
Edited by the Old Boys' Association by the Honorary Corresponding Secretary A. H. Young
Originally published by Hanson, Crozier and Edgar, Kingston Ontario 1917
This historical reprint by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2009
The Roll of Pupils of Upper Canada College Toronto lists every student who attended Upper Canada College from the school's beginnings in January 1830 until June 1916. More than just a list of student names, the book provides more information about each person. In many cases there are even more details included about individual students after they left Upper Canada College including their location, profession and details of their death (date and circumstances). Beyond the valuable information provided about the students of the college, the book offers a history of the school and lists of governors, principles, and masters who were employed at the school during the time period. Many of the accomplishments and/or backgrounds of the masters are recorded in great detail, others in less detail. Also included is a history of Upper Canada College. ISBN 978-1-926797-00-7 (hardcover)
Available in printed hardcover or on CD ROM.     More information

BOOK - Across the Waters: Ontario Immigrants' Experiences, 1820-1850
By Frances Hoffman and Ryan Taylor.

NEW - Now available in Hardcover, Softcover or CD

Across the Waters is an assembly of the first-hand written accounts of 150 individual immigrants. The first-hand accounts are skillfully bridged by authors Frances Hoffman and Ryan Taylor to tell the fascinating story of what it was like to leave a familiar homeland to pioneer in the virgin forests of early Ontario. By allowing the personal writings of the early settlers to guide us through their experiences, we come to better appreciate the process of settlement. By examining the various stages of emigration, such as preparing for the journey, ocean crossings, obtaining and clearing land, building a shelter - then a house, and living in the clearings, we gain a clearer understanding of nineteenth century emigrant experience.
Hardcover ISBN 1-894378-00-8; Softcover ISBN 1-894378-01-6    More information

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    Gordon Watts Reports, 22 October 2009 - topics in this issue include:
    • I'm back!
    • Odds and ends at Library and Archives Canada
    • New Version of the Canadian Naturalization 1915-1932 Database
    • 1891 Census of Canada
    • Library and Archives Canada - Services Advisory Board
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    If you are going to be near Waterdown, Ontario 14 November, plan to attend the 18th Annual Heritage Book Fair will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.. Several booksellers - all history, genealogy, heritage publications and maps. Rick Roberts will be speaking on the topic: Publishing a Local or Family History, Steps to Success. This 1 hour session discusses the practical aspects of self-publishing including choosing a layout, format, paper, fonts, margins, printing options, binding choices, short-run vs long-run publishing, promoting and selling your book. Whether you plan to print 1 copy or 10,000 copies, you will learn how to produce professional results while saving time, money and stress. Call Global Genealogy (1-800-361-5168) if there is a specific book or other product that you would like to evaluate at this event. Place: St. James United Church (Fellowship Hall), 306 Parkside Dr., Waterdown, Ontario.

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