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The Grand River Métis Council and resources for researching Métis in Canada
Posted February 13, 2015
By Sandra Roberts,

Prior to Canada's crystallization as a nation, a new Aboriginal people emerged out of the rations of Indian Women and European Men. While the initial offspring of these Indian and European union's we're individuals who simply possessed mixed ancestry, subsequent intermarriages between these mixed ancestry children resulted in the genesis of a new Aboriginal people with a distinct identity, culture and consciousness in west central North America - The Métis Nation.

This Métis people were connected through the highly mobile fur trade network, seasonal rounds, extensive kinship connections and a collective identity (i.e. common culture, language, way of life, etc.,) Distinct Métis settlement emerged throughout what was then called "The Northwest". In Ontario, historic Métis settlements emerged along the rivers and watersheds of the province, surrounding the Great Lakes and throughout to the northwest of the province. These settlements formed regional Métis communities in Ontario that are an indivisible part of the Métis Nation. Grand River Métis Council. A chartered community council of the Métis Nation of Ontario.

The Grand River Métis Council is a chartered community of the Métis Nation of Ontario. (MNO) The MNO represents the distinct interest of Métis people in Ontario. The overarching goals and aspirations of the MNO are articulated in the Statement of Prime Purpose, which guides all MNO governance decisions. Métis citizens are represented at the local level through MNO Charter Community Councils, which support the MNO in is push toward self-government. Important communications hubs for the MNO, Community Councils, facilitate community empowerment for Métis citizens living within the geographic boundaries specified for each council by the MNO.

"As Aboriginal people, we hold sacred the rights of the individual and the collective. We have respect for each other, for the land and for the animal and plant life that surrounds us. We are people who honour and respect the family, our elders who hold the key to the past and our children who are our future. Guided by our spiritual values, we aspire to attain our highest potential." This is from the Métis Nation of Ontario Statement of Prime Purpose.

MNO Citizens volunteer hundreds of hours every year to support the work of the Grand River Métis Council. The GRMC is engaged in a wide variety of activities from hosting cultural events to participating in duty to consult meetings. Composed entirely of Volunteers the members of the GRMC play a crucial role in the fight for Métis rights and in promoting Métis culture and traditions. The GRMC has hosted numerous cultural activities that inform the public about the Métis and teach Métis youth about their culture. Among some of our recent activities include workshops on Ice-Fishing, Capote coat making, drumming, crocheting and even a sweat lodge. The GRMC also works to protect mother earth by preserving the traditional Métis way of Life.

If you are interested in the work of the Grand River Métis Council, please contact: Helpful websites for Métis research: Further reading on Métis research and history NOTE: Sources, content and assistance provided by The Grand River Métis Council for this article

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