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Have you checked the 1940 National Registration Yet?
Posted 14 May 2013
By Rick Roberts

As Canada entered the second year of the Second World War it was decided that a national registration of all male and female residents of Canada that were 16 years of age and older was needed. Excepted from the registration were those already serving in the armed forces, institutionalized persons and those serving an official role in a religious order.

Researchers can request a search of the records for specific people from Statistics Canada, the agency that holds the records now (2013).

The detailed information included in the 1940 National Registration is of great value to family history researchers. Here is a list of questions that were asked of registrants:
  • Date of Registration
  • Electoral District
  • Polling Division
  • Card.#

      1. Surname, Given Names

      2. Permanent postal address (if away from usual residence when filling in card, give name of usual residence)
      • Street and number
      • Rural Route and post office
      • Town or City
      • Province

      3. Age last birthday. Date of Birth: year, month, day

      4. Conjugal conditions: Single Married Widowed Divorced

      5. Of what dependants (if any) are you the sole support:
        (a) father (b) mother (c) wife (d) number of children under 16 (e) number of other dependents (f) do you contribute partial support to any one

      6. Country of birth of
        (a) yourself, place
        (b) your father, place
        (c) your mother, place

      7. Nationality or country of allegiance:
        (a) British subject by birth?
        (b)British subject by naturalization?
        (c) foreign citizen?
        (d) if naturalized, in what year?
        (e) in what place?
        (f) if not British subject, to what country do you owe allegiance?
        (g) if an immigrant, in what year did you enter Canada?

      8. Racial origin

      9. Language or languages:
        (a) do you speak English?
        (b) French?
        (c) what other language do you speak, read and write?
      10. Education:
        (a) Primary only
        (b) primary and secondary
        (c) Vocational training (Business College, Technical High School)
        (d) College or University Degree?

      11. Is your general health (a) good? (b) fair? (c) bad?

      12. If blind, deaf, dumb, crippled or otherwise physically disabled, state nature of disability
        If permanently disabled, are you in receipt of a pension? In respect of War Service? Workmen's Compensation? Old age or Blind? Other? (specify)

      13. Class of occupation:
        (a) Are you an employer of labour other than domestic? If so, state business
        (b) Are you working on own account, but not employing labour? If so, state business
        (c) Are you an employee?
          (1) working at usual occupation (2) working at other than usual occupation (3) Unemployed (4) Not working because pensioner, dependent, retired, independent means (specify)

      14. Occupation or Craft:
        Years of experience in
          (a)present occupation? (b) What is your regular occupation? (c) What other work can you do well? (d)If an employee, who is your present employer? Name address Nature of business where employed? (state precisely) (e)If experienced in a skilled industrial occupation or profession, describe specifically the type or types of work in which you are specially equipped by training or experience

      15. Unemployment:
        (a) How many weeks did you work in the past 12 months?
        (b) If out of work now, state number of weeks since last employed in any occupation other than work performed in return for direct relief
        (c)Are you totally incapacitated for employment?

      16. Farming:
        (a1)Were you brought up on a farm?
        (a2) Until what age?
        (b1) Have you worked on a farm?
        (b2) How long
        (b3) In what province or country
        (c1)Can you handle horses?
        (c2)Drive a tractor?
        (c3) Use farm machinery?
        (c4)Can you milk?
        (c5) Are you able to do other farm work?

      17. Is there any particular occupation in which you would like to be specially trained?

      18. Defence Services:
        (1) Have you previously served in any Naval, Military or Air Forces? If so, state
          (a) Forces of what country
          (b) Approximate dates between which services performed
          (d) Rank held
        (2) If retired or discharged, give reasons therefor
        (3) Have you been rejected for military service in the present war?

    The 1940 National Registration form is signed at the bottom by the registered person and the person taking the information.
For more details about the 1940 National Registration for Canada, and for the current address to write to for records see the Collections Canada website.

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