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Forgotton Hero, Alexander Fraser
[War 1812 & Perth, Ontario]

The Famine in Ulster
[Northern Ireland]

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BOOK - My Ancestor Was A Woman At War
By Emma Jolly
Published by Society of Genealogists, London, UK, 2014
This book aims to explore the wide range of roles undertaken by women during wartime. A useful aid in tracing a female ancestors military career, the book also considers wider research into the role of women at war, with a particular emphasis on the Victorian era and the First and Second World Wars. With numerous fascinating case studies, and a very useful guide to available records and sources, this book is an essential read for any family historian with a female military ancestor or indeed an interest in military history.
ISBN 978-1907199-18-9     More information
Hardcover...... 24.95 (C$)

BOOK - British Military Medals - Second Edition, A Guide for the Collector and Family Historian
By Peter Duckers
Published by Pen and Sword Books, S. Yorkshire, UK, 2013
This second edition of Peter Ducker's best-selling British Military Medals traces the history of medals and gallantry awards from Elizabethan times to the modern day, and it features an expert account of their design and production. Campaign and gallantry medals are a key to understanding - and exploring - British and imperial military history, and to uncovering the careers and exploits of individual soldiers. In a series of succinct and well-organized chapters he explains how medals originated, to whom they were awarded and how the practice of giving medals has developed over the centuries. His work is a guide for collectors and for local and family historians who want to learn how to use medals to discover the history of military units and the experiences of individuals who served in them.
ISBN 978-1783030-16-3     More information
Hardcover...... 37.95 (C$)

BOOK - Cornish Emigrants to Ontario, Volume II
Compiled by The Toronto Cornish Association
Published by The Toronto Cornish Association, Toronto, 2014
There are many stories to tell about the Cornish who came to Ontario. The first volume of this book, published in 1998 and now out of print, tells the earlier stories of those intrepid pioneers who came to Ontario in the mid 1800s up to the early 20th century. This book continues the story with both 19th century Cornish settlers, those who came later and, those who continue to arrive today. The reasons for emigration have changed over the years but the goal has not—that of a new and better life for oneself and one’s family.
ISBN 978-0-9684119-1-9     More information
Softcover...... 29.95 (C$)

BOOK - Tracing Your Ancestors Through Family Photographs: A Complete Guide for Family & Local Historians
By Jayne Shrimpton
Published by Pen & Sword, Barnsley UK, 2014
Jayne Shrimpton's complete guide to dating, analysing and understanding family photographs is essential reading and reference for anyone undertaking genealogical and local history research. Using over 150 old photographs as examples, she shows how such images can give a direct insight into the past and into the lives of the individuals who are portrayed in them. Almost every family and local historian works with photographs, but often the fascinating historical and personal information that can be gained from them is not fully understood. They are one of the most vivid and memorable ways into the past. This concise but comprehensive guide describes the various types of photograph and explains how they can be dated. It analyses what the clothes and style of dress can tell us about the people in the photographs, their circumstances and background. Sections look at photographs of special occasions - baptisms, weddings, funerals - and at photographs taken in wartime, on holiday and at work. There is advice on how to identify the individuals shown and how to find more family photographs through personal connections, archives and the internet - and how to preserve them for future generations. Jayne Shrimpton's handbook is an authoritative, accessible guide to old photographs that no family or local historian can be without.
ISBN 9781781592809     More information
Softcover...... 29.95 (C$)

BOOK - Fashionable Folks: Bonnets and Hats 1840-1900
By Maureen A. Taylor
Published by Picture Perfect Press, USA, 2011
Maureen A. Taylor, expert in historical photography, and author of authoritive books on identifying dates, people and places in old photographs, has turned her attention to headwear in Fashionable Folks: Bonnets and Hats 1840-1900. Throughout history, hats have been a prevalent part of life. Sometimes they served a very practical function and sometimes had only a fashionable purpose. Between 1840 and 1900 hats were worn by nearly everyone on a daily basis. Examining the hats, bonnets, and other toppers in pictures of one’s ancestors can surprising information about the individual. Taylor helps unlock these fashionable mysteries through the information provided in this guide.
ISBN 978-0-984-84500-2     More information
Softcover...... 19.95 (C$)

BOOK - Fashionable Folks: Hairstyles 1840-1900
By Maureen A. Taylor
Published by Picture Perfect Press, USA, 2009
Using the clues from Maureen Taylor, you can learn a surprising amount about your ancestors by studying their portraits. How they wore their locks for the photographer — whether straight or curled, clean shaven or fringed, oiled or bewigged — will tell you a lot about them. Maureen Taylor’s tips for “reading” the clues of clothing and hairstyles will help you discover when those pictures were taken, how old the subjects were at the time, and how wealthy they were. Hairstyles can even tell us a great deal about their personalities: Were they conservative or up on the latest trends? Who were their heroes and role models? What was their relationship to each other. This book is particularly useful to genealogists, social and personal historians, costume designers and hairstylists.
ISBN 9780578034904     More information
Softcover...... 19.95 (C$)

BOOK - Preserving Your Family Photographs
By Maureen A. Taylor
Published by Picture Perfect Press, USA, 2010
Organize and display your precious family photographs so that friends and loved ones can enjoy them for years to come! Maureen A. Taylor provides all the information you need to care for your family photograph collection. She outlines in straightforward steps how to add value to your home collection by using the methods that conservators and photo curators use every day. Each chapter ends by providing answers to a series of frequently asked questions. You’ll also find special appendices for sources of family photographs, along with important addresses for conservators, magazines, suppliers, societies, organizations, restoration services, archival storage facilities, Web sites and more. Don’t put off doing today what may be too late to do tomorrow. Preserve your family photographs now—and capture memories that will last a lifetime.
ISBN 1-55870-579-1     More information
Softcover...... 29.95 (C$)

BOOK - Poisoned by Lies and Hypocrisy, America's First Attempt to Bring Liberty to Canada, 1775-1776 UEL; American Revolution
By Gavin K. Watt
Published by Society of Genealogists, London UK, 2012
In 1775, Governor Guy Carleton returned to Canada after a four-year absence in England to discover that political unrest in the American colonies was at a fever pitch. Soon after, open warfare erupted in Massachusetts, quickly followed by a rebel invasion.Historian Gavin K. Watt explores the first two campaigns of the American Revolution through their impact on Canada and describes how a motley group of militia, American loyalists, and British regulars managed to defend Quebec and repel the invaders.
ISBN 978-14597176-2-6     More information
Softcover...... 28.95 (C$)

BOOK - My Ancestor Was Scottish: A Guide to Sources for Family Historians
By Alan Stewart
Published by Society of Genealogists, London UK, 2012
My Ancestor Was Scottish: A Guide to Sources for Family Historians is a comprehensive and indispensible guide to tracing Scottish ancestry, this book will help you get to grips with the differences and nuances of researching in Scotland, from civil registration and census returns, to parish registers and wills. Author, Alan Stewart is a former information technology manager who has been tracing his own ancestors for over 30 years. During all of this time he has been a member of the Society of Genealogists (SoG). Alan has been published in the Financial Times and Encyclopedia Britannica, writes for several family history magazines (both in the United Kingdom and in North America), gives talks at the SoG library in London, and is a member of the User Group for the ScotlandsPeople website. This is Alan's fourth published book, and his third on family history.
ISBN 978-19071991-3-4     More information
Softcover...... 22.95 (C$)

BOOK - Scugog Carrying Place, A Frontier Pathway [Ontario]
By Grant Karcich
Published by Dundurn, Toronto, 2013
The story of Scugog Carrying Place, the ancient aboriginal trails connecting Lake Ontario with Lakes Scugog and Simcoe and the Kawartha lakes is a multifaceted one. In tracing its documented history from the 1790s to the 1850s, author Grant Karcich unravels mysteries; explores the lifestyles of early First Nations; provides background on local archaeological sites; and introduces the intrepid early surveyors, fur traders, missionaries, colourful characters, and entrepreneurial immigrant settlers from both the newly formed United States and the United Kingdom. In their wake come the demon whiskey, devastating plagues, competing world views, saddlebag preachers, and ultimately the marginalization of the First Nations people. The Scugog Trail assumes a significant role in the transition of the land, from forest to agriculture to villages, towns, and industrial centres. Long-forgotten cabins, cemeteries, and a cartographic mystery involving the infamous Cabane de Plomb add to the mystique. The trail bore witness to the development of communities, such as Oshawa, Harmony, Columbus, Prince Albert, Port Perry, Seagrave, Cannington, and Beaverton, whose stories also unfold. Scugog Carrying Place is a must read for history buffs, genealogists, archaeologists, and anyone with roots in this part of Ontario.
ISBN 978-1459707-50-4     More information
Softcover...... 26.95 (C$)

BOOK - Forgotton Hero, Alexander Fraser [War of 1812; Perth, Ontario]
By Ron W. Shaw and M.E. Irene Spence
Published by authors, Carleton Place, 2012
Alexander Fraser disappeared from the local and national page after his death in 1872, in spite of his heroics in the War of 1812 and his later involvement in the life of the Perth Military Settlement. The Perth Military Settlement is known today as the town of Perth in eastern Ontario and surrounding area. Forgotten Hero was written in order to redress the records and return Alexander Fraser to his rightful place on the national page and in the Perth Military Settlement. "A Story that needed to be told!"
ISBN 978-0-9917350-0-6     More information
Softcover...... 25.00 (C$)

BOOK - Canadians at War 1914-1919, A Research Guide to World War One Service Records
By: Glenn Wright
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2010
It has been nearly a century since the first shots were fired in the Great War. On memorials and cenotaphs in communities through out Canada are etched the names of those who died in the Great War, silent witnesses to an epic struggle that affected every family in Canada in some way. This book identifies which records survive for those who served during World War One, where those records are, how to access them, and the author provides many helpful tips on how to interpret them.
ISBN 978-1-926797-46-5 (Softcover)   More information
Coil-bound.....29.95 (C$)
NEW pdf-via-download.....14.95 (C$)
Link emailed within 1 business day

BOOK - Genealogy in Ontario, Searching the Records, 30th Anniversary Edition
By Brenda Dougall Merriman, CGRS, CGL
Published by Ontario Genealogical Society, Toronto, 2013
The 30th Anniversary edition offers the most up-to-date information about genealogical resources in Ontario. Reviewers and users have found that Genealogy in Ontario is required reading for family historians from every background. Merriman gives details of source material in archives and libraries, in municipal and federal collections, in religious institutions and military fonds. She explains where to find the records, the context for their creation and how to use the finding aids. Also included are discussions of the diversity of land records, court documentation, educational sources, native and ethnic interests, occupations and immigration through the years, among other subjects. By making all this information available in one volume, Brenda Dougall Merriman saves genealogists countless hours of research.
ISBN 978-0-7779-3442-5     More information
Softcover...... 30.00 (C$)

BOOK - Montbeliard Immigration to Nova Scotia, 1749-1752   
By Terrence M. Punch
Published by Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore, 2014
Between 1789 and 1815 dozens of sovereignties in Europe were extinguished. Small states of the Holy Roma n Empire were incorporated within larger ones whose dukes were sometimes elevated to kings, as in Bavaria and Wurttemberg. Montbeliard, the one French-speaking Lutheran state in Europe, was swallowed up by France in 1793. During the eighteenth century schemes were put in motion by the British government to attract reliable settlers to their North American possessions. In these pages we follow these people from before they immigrated to North America to their establishment on this side of the Atlantic a generation or two afterwards. Here you will find a bigamy, a murder, and a liaison with a spy during the American War of Independence tucked away among the hundreds of people who led quiet lives and did not attract attention.
ISBN 978-0-8063-1987-2    More Information
Softcover...... 22.95 (C$)

BOOK - The Famine in Ulster   [Northern Ireland]
Edited by Christine Kinealy & Trevor Parkhill
Published by Ulster Historical Foundtion, Belfast, 1997, reprinted February 2014
The Famine didn’t happen in Ulster’ has been one of the most unchallenged myths in recent Irish history. This volume corrects that distortion by giving an account of how each of the nine counties fared during ‘this great calamity’. Ulster was indeed spared what a local newspaper called ‘the horrors of Skibbereen’. Nonetheless, the severity of the famine for much of the population, particularly in the winter of 1846-7, is all too apparent in each of the counties. Ninety-five inmates of Lurgan workhouse died in one week in February 1847; 351 people queued to get into Enniskillen workhouse in one day, emigration continued at an increasing pace and fever hospitals were full. What was done to limit the tragedy? Contentious issues such as the effectiveness of government relief measures, the response of local landlords, absentee and otherwise, to the distress of their tenants, and the role of the churches as the crisis unfolded are all assessed. This thorough account of the famine in Ulster is the first to refute that oft-quoted claim … ‘sure it didn’t happen here’.
ISBN 978-1-909556-17-1    More Information
Softcover...... 29.95 (C$)

BOOK - Stories of Ancaster
By Jim Green. Edited by Aline Chan
Published by Ancaster Township Historical Society, Ancaster, 2013
This book contains a collection of historical and biographical sketches of people and events that are part of the history of Ancaaster, Ontario. Generously illustrated with old photogaphs and illustrations. Stories of Ancaster was compiled and written by the Historian of Ancaster, Jim Green who is locally known as "Mr. Ancaster". Editor Aline Chan shares that "This book showcases Jim's knowledge and love of local history and is [published] in honour of Jim's tireless work to preserve the stories of the men and women who came before us."
ISBN [none]     More information
Coil bound...... 14.95 (C$)

BOOK - The Sharp End, Canadians Fighting in the Great War 1914-1918 - Volume One   
By Tim Cook
Published by Penguin Canada, Toronto, 2009
The first comprehensive history of Canadians in WWI in forty years, and already hailed as the definitive work on Canadians in the Great War, At the Sharp End covers the harrowing early battles of 1914—1916. Tens of thousands, and then hundreds of thousands, died before the generals and soldiers found a way to break the terrible stalemate of the front. Based on eyewitness accounts detailed in the letters of ordinary soldiers, Cook describes the horrible struggle, first to survive in battle, and then to drive the Germans back. At the Sharp End provides both an intimate look at the Canadian men in the trenches and an authoritative account of the slow evolution in tactics, weapons, and advancement. Featuring never-before-published photographs, letters, diaries, and maps, this recounting of the Great War through the soldiers' eyes is moving, engaging, and thoroughly engrossing. The second volume in this series is titled Shock Troops 1917-1918
ISBN 978-01430559-2-1    More Information
Softcover......(C$)   26.00

BOOK - Shock Troops, Canadians Fighting the Great War 1917-1917 - Volume Two   
By Tim Cook
Published by Penguin Canada, Toronto, 2009
Highly acclaimed and comprehensive, Shock Troops follows the Canadian forces during the titanic battles of Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, and the Hundred Days campaign. Through the eyes of foot soldiers who fought and died in the trenches on the Western Front, and based on newly uncovered archival sources, this book builds on volume I of Tim Cook's national bestseller, At the Sharp End. The Canadian fighting forces never lost a battle during the final two years of the war, and although they paid a terrible price in the killing fields of the Great War, they were indeed, as British Prime Minister David Lloyd George exclaimed, the shock troops of the Empire.
ISBN 978-0955229-51-0    More Information
Softcover......(C$)   26.00

BOOK - Discover Scottish Civil Registration Records   
By Chris Paton
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2013
This guide from family historian Chris Paton takes a look at the vast world of Scottish civil registration records. Scotland commenced the statutory registration of births, marriages and deaths within the country in 1855, some seventeen and half years after a similar process had already got underway in England and Wales. The information lost to the family historian by such a late start is, however, more than made up for by the fact that Scottish registration records are the most detailed of all those found within the British Isles. But what was the law behind Scottish registration, and how did it differ to England, Wales and Ireland? Who was legally obliged to do what and when, what were the penalties for default, and how might such knowledge help with our ancestral research? Why were all the forms of Scottish irregular marriage not abolished in 1939, and what angered the country's doctors? Where are the records not found online via ScotlandsPeople, such as those for adoption, vaccination, civil partnerships and divorce - and what vital records does the General Register Office in England hold for Scots as far back at the 1760s, and far beyond Britain's shores?
ISBN 9781921956331    More Information
Softcover......(C$)   18.95

BOOK - Discover Scottish Land Records   
By Chris Paton
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2012
This guide from family historian Chris Paton takes a look at the complicated records concerning land and property based research in Scotland. For centuries property transactions within the county were governed by feudal tenure, a system which was abandoned in England and Wales in the Middle Ages, but which continued in Scotland until 2004. But feudalism was not the only method by which land was held, with udalism, duthcas, leasehold and more competing as forms of tenure across the country at different times. Connected with the rules surrounding property transactions were those associated with the inheritance of land and heritable estate, all of which is explained in great detail. From sassines to skat, from retours to precepts of clare constant, and from apparent heirs to heirs apparent, this concise guide will help you get to grips with one of the most exciting and useful topics within Scottish family history.
ISBN 9781921956089    More Information
Softcover......(C$)   22.95

GAZETTEER & MAPS - Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland: A Survey of Scottish Topography, Statistical, Biographical, and Historical. New Edition (1893)
By Francis H. Groome
Originally published by William MacKenzie, Edinburgh, 1893
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2014

Maps and gazetteers are a treasure trove for family historians and researchers. This multi-volume resource contains full colour maps (county, region & townplans), full page photos of Scottish scenes, and a 1755 page gazetteer that provides details on the history and development of Scotland in general and individual counties, cities, towns, villages and points of interest in particular.     More Information

Gazetteer & Maps on CD... 19.95 ((C$))
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf-via-download.....14.95 ((C$))
Link emailed within 1 business day

BOOKs - Genealogical Abstracts from the Perth Courier and Bathurst Courier Newspapers 1834-1929
By Louise I. Hope
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2013
Louise Hope compiled the records in this eight volume series to create a comprehensive source for extracts of births, marriages, deaths and other genealogical records that were published in The Perth Courier newspaper. Volumes are organized by date range. They are available individually or as a set. The extraction work began in 1974 and was completed 15 years later. She included comprehensive indexes so that specific records are easy to find. Though these books include detailed extracts, they can also serve as a valuable finding aid to help researchers locate the exact issue where an event was reported when looking for an original entry in physical, microfilmed and digitized copies of The Perth Courier. Available in three formats: Printed books in coilbound format; Books-on-CD in searchable pdf format; and pdf-via-download (also searchable).

More information including indexes for each volume

BOOK - The Essex Hundred: Histories    [United Kingdom]
By Andrew Summers (Author), John Debenham (Author), Elizabeth Summers (Illustrator)
Published by Summersbook, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, 2008 (updated 2013)
The Essex Hundred: Histories has been updated for 2013. The historical notes that appeared in the Essex Hundred generated such an interest that the authors decided to sit down and write up the notes into full chapters. The result; an attractive book detailing Essex history in an informative and entertaining manner. From the Romans sacking of Colchester to Fords modern day wind turbines each chapters reflect the diversity of the county as well as showing the role the county has played in the nation's development. Two thousands years of Essex History. One hundred chapters.
ISBN 978-0955229-51-0    More Information
Softcover......(C$)   19.95

BOOK - Early Yorkshire Families    [United Kingdom]
Editors: Charles Clay, Diana E. Greenway
Published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1973 (2013)
First published in 1973, this collection of notes and documents relating to approximately 100 Yorkshire families who held land of the Crown in Yorkshire in the middle ages was compiled by the antiquary Sir Charles Travis Clay (1885–1978). Deeply interested in the history of his home county, he was held in high esteem for his editing of medieval charters, and the ten volumes of Early Yorkshire Charters that he edited between 1935 and 1965 (also reissued in this series as part of the complete thirteen-volume set) were regarded as a masterpiece. In Early Yorkshire Families, Clay's notes on each lineage establish its provenance, its genealogy, the origin of its land tenure (with further illustrative documents contained in the latter part of the work), and how land was held and transmitted. This work is an invaluable source of information for researchers interested in medieval Yorkshire or the feudal system generally.
ISBN 9781108058377    More Information
Softcover......(C$)   37.95

BOOK - A Grim Almanac of the Workhouse    [United Kingdom]
By Peter Higginbotham
Published by The History Press Ltd, Stroud, Gloucestershire, 2013
For two centuries, the shadow of the workhouse hung over Britain. The recourse of only the most desperate, dark and terrible tales of malnutrition, misery, mistreatment and murder ran like wildfire through the poorer classes, who lived in terror of being forced inside the institution's towering walls. This book contains 365 incredible tales of fires, drownings, explosions and disasters, infamous scandals such as the Andover affair - where inmates were forced to eat the bones they were supposed to be crushing to ward off starvation - and sickening tales of abuse, assault, bodysnatching, poisonings, post mortems and murder. Accompanied by 70 rare and wonderful illustrations, this book will thrill, fascinate, sadden and unnerve in equal measure.
ISBN 978-0-7524-8739-7    More Information
Softcover......(C$)   29.95

BOOK - Voices from the Workhouse    [United Kingdom]
By Peter Higginbotham
Published by The History Press Ltd, Stroud, Gloucestershire, 2012
Voices from the Workhouse tells the real inside story of the workhouse - in the words of those who experienced the institution at first hand, either as inmates or through some other connection with the institution. Using a wide variety of sources - letters, poems, graffiti, autobiography, official reports, testimony at official inquiries, and oral history. Peter Higginbotham creates a vivid portrait of what really went on behind the doors of the workhouse - all the sights, sounds and smells of the place, and the effect it had on those whose lives it touched. Was the workhouse the cruel and inhospitable place as which it's often presented, or was there more to it than that? This book lets those who knew the place provide the answer.
ISBN 978-0-7524-8739-7    More Information
Softcover......(C$)   37.95

BOOK - The Kerry Chain, The Limerick Link [Renfrew County, Ontario]
By Carol Bennett McCauig
Published by Juniper Books, Renfrew, 2003
Between the years 1823 and 1875 a large number of families from Ireland's County Kerry and County Limerick, many of them inter-related, arrived in Renfrew County, Ontario. Many of them had first lived in the Ontario counties of Lanark and Carleton to the south, before making the move to join compatriots and relatives in the newly opened townships. These chain migrations involved both Catholics and Protestants. The Catholics took up land in a wide radius of Mount St Patrick, encouraged to settle by the pioneer priest there. The Protestants, many of whom were Palatines, chose new locations in the eastern part of the county. This book, which is the result of a giant jigsaw puzzle on the author's part, involving many years of research, brings together material which will be invaluable to the family researcher.This book will be of interest to both the family historian and those engaged in Irish immigration studies.
ISBN 0-919137-36-9    More Information
Softcover......(C$)   25.00

BOOK - St. Martin of Tours Roman Catholic Parish, Glen Robertson - Baptisms, Marriages, Burials 1895-1925 (Glengarry County, Ontario)
By Duncan MacDonald
Originally published by MacDonald Research Centre, Brockville, 2004
This edition published by MacDonald Research, Milton, 2013. MacDonald Research is an imprint of Inc.

The transcription of baptisms, marriages and burials that appear in this book were extracted from the original registers by Duncan (Darby) MacDonald. The St. Martin of Tours Roman Catholic Parish in Glen Robertson, Glengarry County, Ontario has two registers from which the entries are transcribed into this book
ISBN 978-1-926797-79-3 (Softcover); ISBN 1-894033-26-4 (Hardcover)     More Information including Index
Hardcover......(C$)   55.95
Softcover......(C$)   45.95
Book on CD......(C$)   19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - The Jesuit Mission in Acadie and Norèmbegue: 1611-1613 [Atlantic Canada]
By Pierre Baird, S.J.
Edited by Lucien Campeau, S.J. Translated by George Topp, S.J. and William Lonc, S.J.
Published by William Lonc for the The Canadian Institute of Jesuit Studies, Toronto, 2005 (reprint 2013)
This volume is faithful translation to English of the many documents by Fr. Pierre Biard, S.J. pertaining to the Jesuit mission activity in the Acadia and Norèmbegue territory from 1611 to 1613 that was originally published in French and Italian in 1616. The content of the letters breaths life into the history of Acadian settlements, revealing much about the Mission, daily life and attitudes of the time.
ISBN 978-0-9730161-9-1    More Information
Softcover... $42.95
(Canadian Dollars)
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BOOKS - Notices of Births, Marriages, Conversions, Deaths & Obituaries From Methodist Newspapers 1830-1900 [Canada]
Compiled by Donald A. McKenzie
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2005-2013
Volume 12 is available now!
This series of 12 volumes contains transcriptions of births, marriages, conversions, deaths, and obituaries as they were published in Methodist Newspapers between 1830 and 1900. You can buy individual volumes or save by buying the entire 12 volume set. The alphabetical format [alphabetical by surname] of these volumes will enable you to quickly find any of your ancestors whose vital events were reported in the Canadian Methodist newspapers from 1830 to 1900. Many of the entries are from Ontario and Quebec, however there are a significant number of entries from coast to coast across Canada, including Newfoundland. Of note is that some volumes also contain vital events records for people of faiths other than Methodist. Mr McKenzie's detailed and informative introduction to this work provides the reader with all the information necessary to understand and use the material.
Now available on CD too!      More information

BOOK - Tracing Your Ancestors' Childhood, A Guide For Family Historians [England & Wales]
By Sue Wilkes
Published by Pen and Sword Books, Barnsley UK, 2013
Every family historian has child ancestors, and childhood experiences and records are an essential aspect of research into a past life. That is why Sue Wilkes’s detailed and accessible handbook is such a useful guide for anyone who is trying to find out about the early years of their forbears. In Tracing Your Ancestors’ Childhood she explores the history of childhood and education and brings together information about relevant records and archives into one handy reference guide. She outlines ancestors’ childhood experiences at home, school, work and in institutions, especially during Victorian times.
ISBN 978-17815916-6-6    More Information
Softcover... $29.95
(Canadian Dollars)
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BOOK - Tracing Your Ancestors Using the Census, A Guide For Family Historians [UK & Ireland]
By Emma Jolly
Published by Pen and Sword Books, Barnsley UK, 2013
This guide to the census is detailed, accessible and authoritative, and it is one of the most comprehensive on the market. It has been written with the family historian in mind, and it is packed with advice on how to explore and get the most from the census records. As well as describing the modern censuses, it provides information on the less-known censuses dating from before 1841, and it covers the records of all the constituent parts of the British Isles. It is an essential introduction and tool for anyone who is researching the life and times of an ancestor.
ISBN 978-1-7815906-1-4    More Information
Softcover... $29.95
(Canadian Dollars)
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BOOK - Bruce County's Black Pioneers
By Sylvia Hasbury
Published by Sylvia Hasbury, Kincardine, 2013
Bruce County's Black Pioneers is a concise account of black settlement in Bruce County, Ontario. It provides the reader with a valuable understanding of the events that encouraged individuals and families to take on the challenges that came with carving out a new life in the wilderness of the backwoods. The author documents what she discovered during her persoanl research into the black pioneers who settled there, beginning in the early mid-1800s. She includes a helpful list of her sources as well as a list of physical repositories and online resources where researchers can find more information about thier families and the social history of Bruce County. The book is filled with references to specific individuals and families including some white settlers with whom the black population interacted either socially or commercially. Bruce County's Black Pioneers is an essential read for everyone who has an interest in the early settlement of Bruce County regardless of racial origin.
ISBN 978-0-9920886-0-6    More Information
Softcover... $11.95
(Canadian Dollars)
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BOOKS - Ultimate Sacrifice, Those who made the Ultimate Sacrific in the Royal Canadian Navy, The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, and the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve 1939-1947 - 4 Vol. Set
By Robert P. "Bob" D'Aoust
Published by the author, Waterloo, 2013
This series was researched and written as a tribute to all Canadians sailors who died serving their country from 1939 to 1947. The author organized his findings for the sailors who gave their lives during World War Two by individual sailor.
The records include naval service and personal information as well as photographs. Complete indexes help researchers quickly find records. The "More Information" link takes you to a detailed description that includes links to Tables of Contents and Indexes for all four volumes.    More Information
4 Vol. Set... $199.95
(Canadian Dollars)
Check price in your currency

BOOK - Legacy Family Tree - Unlocked! Techniques, Tips and Step-by-Steps for Using Legacy Family Tree to Record Your Genealogy
By Geoff Rasmussen
Published by Geoff Rasmussen, Middleton, Idaho, 2013
Anyone can use Legacy Family Tree. It is simple enough for the beginner and powerful enough for the experienced. Without this book, you will probably discover some of the more powerful Legacy tools on your own...eventually...but why wait? In Legacy Family Tree - Unlocked! Techniques, Tips and Step-by-Steps for Using Legacy Family Tree to Record Your Genealogy you will learn how to better utilize some of Legacy’s best features by shadowing the research process of professional genealogist and Legacy Family Tree developer, Geoff Rasmussen:    More Information

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BOOK - Black Loyalists, Southern Settlers of Nova Scotia's First Black Communities
Edited by Ruth Holmes Whitehead
Published by Nimbus Publishing, Halifax 2013
Black Loyalists is an attempt to present hard data about the lives of Nova Scotia Black Loyalists before they escaped slavery in early South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and after they settled in Nova Scotia—to bring back into our awareness the context for some very brave and enterprising men and women who survived the chaos of the American Revolution, people who found a way to pass through the heart, ironically, of a War for Liberty, to liberty and human dignity.
ISBN 9781771080163 (Hardcover)    More Information
Hardcover... $29.95
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BOOK - The Nova Scotia Planters in the Atlantic World, 1759 - 1830
Edited by T. Stephen Henderson and Wendy G. Robicheau
Pubished by Acadiensis Press, Fredericton, 5th printing 2010
The early Maritime Provinces were at the centre of a struggle for supremacy in the Atlantic World - "ground zero in the battle for North America," writes Jerry Bannister of Dalhousie University. "This is the latest in our classic series of Planter Studies on the social, economic and cultural history of the region, reflecting the influence of the new "Atlantic World" scholarship and exploring the community structures, economies, loyalties and religions of Planter Nova Scotia".
ISBN 978-0-919107-22-9 (Softcover)    More Information
Softcover... $24.95
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BOOK - Planter Links: Community and Culture in Colonial Nova Scotia
Editors: Margaret Conrad and Barry Moody
Pubished by Acadiensis Press, Fredericton, 2001
They came into early Nova Scotia from many backgrounds, carrying the village culture, missionary ideals, political dreams, economic ambitions and ordinary hopes of the eighteenth century. Preachers and privateers, teachers and soldiers, merchants and farmers, these men and women founded communities and planted seeds that have made a distinctive contribution to local and regional identities in the Maritime Provinces. The fourth in a series of publications on the New England Planters in Maritime Canada produced by the Planter Studies Centre at Acadia University.
ISBN 978-0-919107-46-5 (Softcover)    More Information
Softcover... $21.95
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BOOK - Algonquians, Hurons and Iroquois: Champlain Explores America, 1603-1616
By authors: Samuel De Champlain, Samuel de Champlain Translated by: Annue Nettleton Bourne Edited by: Edward Gaylord Bourne
Published by Published by Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, 2012
Algonquians, Hurons and Iroquois: Champlain Explores America, 1603-1616 is two important books reformated into one unabridged volume. As the first explorer to make a detailed examination of the coast of Nova Scotia and New England Samuel de Champlain prepared full and accurate accounts of his observations of North American Aboriginal peoples, interaction between New World inhabitants and European colonial powers, the the founding of New France. Champlain's meticulous and fascinating historical records of his seventeenth-century exporations continue to illuminate early life in North America, hundreds of years later.
ISBN 9781551099576 (Softcover)    More Information
Softcover... $19.95
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BOOK - Les Filles du roi au XVIIe siècle, Orphelines en France, pionnières au Canada
[Title in English: The Daughters of the King in the seventeenth century, Orphans of France, pioneers in Canada]
By Yves Landry
First edition by Lemeac inc., 1992
This edition published by Bibliotheque quebecoise, 2013

This book is written in French. However the book, and especially the sections of the book with specific information about the 764 women who became the mothers of the French of North America is easy to translate using Google Translate. This masterly study of the demographic behavior of the 764 women who emigrated to New France under the sponsorship of King Louis XIV between 1663 and 1673, to populate its Canadian colony, was originally published in 1992. There were six to fourteen times as many men looking for a wife in New France as there were suitable women - these women became the mothers of Quebec. Their ability to adapt to conditions in the country, their high fertility and remarkable constitution contributed to a population boom that is unprecedented in the annals of the New World. The bulk of the book is an alphabetical listing of all of the 764 women along with information about each including family and settlement details.
ISBN 978-2-89406-340-8 (Softcover)    More Information
Softcover... $19.95
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BOOK - Prince Edward Island: An Illustrated History
By Douglas Baldwin
Published by Nimbus Publlishing, Halifax, 2009
In Prince Edward Island: An Illustrated History, Douglas Baldwin takes the reader on a journey through the incidents and events that have shaped the province and its inhabitants throughout their development, from the first Aboriginal presence over 11,000 years ago, to the arrival of European settlers in the early eighteenth century, to the Charlottetown Conference of 1864, to the opening of the Confederation Bridge in 1997. Along the way, he peppers the narrative with stories of the many people and places that have played a role in making PEI both a tightly knit rural community and an immensely popular tourist destination. Illustrated throughout with over one hundred historical photos and illustrations, this book is a must-read for anyone who has fallen in love with Canada's smallest province.
ISBN 9781551097138 (Softcover)    More Information
Softcover... $22.95
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BOOK - The Famine Ships, The Irish Exodus to America
By Edward Laxton
Published by Henry Holt,New York, 1998
Often through the words of the passengers themselves, this book documents the frequently tragic story of the mass of people forced to emigrate from Ireland during the potato famine of 1846-1851. The famine was the defining event in modern Irish history; more than a million people died of starvation and disease and another million left their homeland, traveling from all parts of Ireland to board ships bound for the United States and Canada. Sailing under conditions that were rarely monitored, many were denied the food and water promised with the price of their ticket; many succumbed to disease; and those who survived faced a bittersweet aftermath as unwelcome immigrants in America. The Famine Sbips tells a story of courage and determination that is an incredible chapter in North American immigrant history and a crucial moment in the Irish-American experience.
ISBN 978-0-8050-5844-4 (Softcover)    More Information
Softcover... $29.95
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BOOK - The Flockey, 13 August 1777, The Defeat of the Tory Uprising in the Schoharie Valley
By Gavin K. Watt
First edition published by author, King City, 2002
This edition published by by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2013 (includes updates and revisions)

This book tells the story of how a Troop of the Second Regiment of Continental Light Dragoons defeated the Tories and Indians during the Schoharie Valley uprising in an action known as The Flockey. The Flockey is an essential resource for a wide variety of researchers and general readers including those interested in the history surrounding the American Revolution and United Empire Loyalists. The lists in the appendices provide much valuable information about specific people which is very helpful for family historians.
ISBN 978-1-926797-77-9 (Softcover)    More Information
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BOOK - Along a River - The First French-Canadian Women
By Jan Noel
Published by University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division, Toronto, 2013
French-Canadian explorers, traders, and soldiers feature prominently in this country's storytelling, but little has been written about their female counterparts. In Along a River, award-winning historian Jan Noel shines a light on the lives of remarkable French-Canadian women — immigrant brides, nuns, tradeswomen, farmers, governors' wives, and even smugglers — during the period between the settlement of the St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Victorian era.
ISBN 978-1-4426123-8-9    More Information
Softcover......(C$)   32.95
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CD - The J. W. C. Fegan British Home Children Collection
By J. W. C. Fegan, W.Y. Fullerton, D.D., etal
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2013
The J. W. C. Fegan British Home Children Collection CD includes a digitized copy of the book J. W. C. Fegan, A Tribute by W. Y. Fullerton, plus digitized copies of ALL surviving Fegan Homes newsletters that were published between 1877 and 1920. More than 1650 searchable pages in total. The newsletters include much information about specific home children during their time in Fegan's care and after they became "old boys" as well as lots of pictures of individuals and groups. This collection is essential to everyone with an interest in the Fegan Homes in particular or the British Home Children movement in general. The narratives also shine a light on the human cost of the industrial revolution and J.W.C. Fegan's efforts to deal with its side effects. Similarly, this is a fine reference for those who seek insights into conditions and norms in rural and urban Canada that encouraged importation of indentured children during this time period.
ISBN 978-1-926797-76-2 (CD Edition)    More Information
Book on CD......(C$)   29.95
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