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Patriotes, Reformers,
Rebels and Raiders

[ Rebellion of 1837-1838 ]

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BOOK - Patriotes, Reformers, Rebels and Raiders, Tracing your ancestors during the 'troublous' times in Upper and Lower Canada 1820-1851
By Kenneth G. Cox
Published by Kenneth G. Cox, Toronto 2014
This detailed book identifies and explains Rebellion of 1837-38 historical records, including transcribed lists of many of the players in this often ignored chapter of Canada's history. In 1840 Jean Baptiste Turcott submitted his application to Governor Lord Durham for a land grant claiming his service during the War of 1812 as a right to entitlement. It can be assumed that because of the date on the application Jean Baptiste must have remained loyal to the Crown during the recent rebellions which had occurred in both Upper and Lower Canada in 1837. A year before Jean Baptiste's application another Turcot, Louis, had stood before a military court martial and been sentenced to death by hanging for his active role during the same rebellions. Jean Baptiste would eventually move his family to Wolfe Island near Kingston, Upper Canada (Ontario), while Louis would be exiled to Australia. Both would eventually appear on the 1851 census with one living in the newly renamed Canada West (Ontario) and the other back with his family in Canada East (Quebec). The search for a family connection between these two men, as they experienced the 'troublous' times between 1820 and 1851 in Upper and Lower Canada, is the basis for this research guide. ISBN 978-0-9937871-0-2 (softcover)     More information
Softcover......29.95 (C$)
pdf download......14.95 (C$)
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BOOK - First Métis Families of Quebec, 1622-1748, Volume 3: Martin Prevost and Marie Olivier Sylvestre Manitouabeouich
By Gail Morin
Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 2014
Volume 3 follows the progeny of Martin Prevost and the Huron tribeswoman Marie Olivier Sylvestre Manitouabeouich. The Prevosts settled and farmed near Beauport Quebec. Marie bore eight children, and those who survived remained near Beauport, working as farmers, laborers, and merchants. By the seventh generation, however, some Prevost descendants were living in the Oregon Territory, Alberta, and Manitoba and had taken mixed blood spouses. Richly detailed, fully sourced, and indexed, this ongoing series must be regarded as the starting point for Métis genealogy
ISBN 9780806357003 (softcover)     More information
Softcover......42.95 (C$)

BOOK - Tracing Derry-Londonderry Roots
By Brian Mitchell
Published by Genealogical Publishing Company (Clearfield), Baltimore, 2014
Brian Mitchell, the best-selling author of A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland, Finding Your Irish Ancestors, Genealogy at a Glance: Scots-Irish Genealogy Research and Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy -- " has written a book to enable anyone--local people and visitors alike--to research their family history in the city and county of Londonderry (also known as Derry). In the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries, the city of Derry was a major port of embarkation for Irish emigrants, and County Derry, in northernmost Ulster, was populated by persons of Gaelic Irish, Gaelic Scottish, Lowland Scottish, and English origins--any number of whom would take part in the exodus to the Americas, Great Britain, and Australasia. Tracing Derry-Londonderry Roots recounts Derry’s importance in Irish emigration and explains how it impacts genealogical research for the area. 66 pages
ISBN 9780806356952    More information
Softcover......19.95 (C$)

BOOK - Noose, Knife and Fire: The Bloody Assize   [Ancaster, Ontario]
By Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum
Published by Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum, Ancaster, 2014
In the Spring of 1814, a special court in Ancaster convicted 15 men of high treason for aiding the invading American forces. This book provides an historical account of events leading to the charges, who was charged, and the outcomes. In the book's Foreword, Lois Corey, Curator of Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum, writes: "Noose, Knife and Fire: The Bloody Assize is an exhibition by Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum to commemorate the War of 1812 Bicentennial. The book is based on the content of the display and it is our hope that it will act as a permanent resource summarizing Ancaaster's experience during the War of 1812." ISBN [none]     More information
Softcover......14.95 (C$)

BOOK - Newcastle 150 years, 1856 - 2006 Sesquicentennial [Newcastle, Ontario]
By Newcastle Village and District Historical Society
Published by Newcastle Village and District Historical Society, Newcastle, 2006
Our buyer has located a small supply of new uncirculated copies of Newcastle 150 years, 1856 - 2006 Sesquicentennial. Published in 2006 to support celebration of the sesquicentennial of Newcastle which was established as a village in 1856. The first settlers arrived in the community some decades before that. includes a historical sketch of Newcastle that discusses founding of the community, its ups and downs over time, and a contemporay overview in 2006. Also includes black and white pitures of heritage buildings, historic scenes and citizens. If you have a connection to Newcastle this 64 page booklet will be of interest to you. ISBN [none]     More information
Softcover......9.95 (C$)

BOOK - The Townships of Darlington and Clarke, Including Bowmanville and Newcastle, Province of Ontario, Canada
By John Squair
Originally published by University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1927
This edition published by Newcastle Village and District Historical Society, Newcastle, 1984

Our buyer has located a small supply of new uncirculated copies of this fine early history of Darlington and Clarke townships. This book provides the reader with a detailed historical overview of the area from the time of European settlement until 1927. Written by Professor John Squair, a highly respected educator who was born in the region. He maintained a life-long interest in Darlington and Clarke Townships; the settlers, their descendants, the region's geography, history, institutions and communities. An essential reference for all of those with family ties to, or an interest in Darlington and Clarke Townships in general. ISBN [none]     More information
Hardcover......39.95 (C$)

BOOK - The Churches of Old Durham County [Ontario, Canada]
By Sherrell Branton Leetooze
Published by Lynn Michael-John Associates, Bowmanville, 2013
Sher Leetooze has been gathering and compiling local history since 1994, starting with each of the townships in the former Durham County, followed by the story of the Bible Christians and their migration from Britain to Canada and parts of the United States in the early and mid 19th century. So it just seemed natural to follow these projects with the story of all the churches that have been erected in the townships down through the decades. Durham County had six townships: Darlington, Clarke and Hope along the lake shore (aka 'the front'), and Cartwright, Manvers and Cavan at the back. Today, there are only about 70 churches left in the county, while over the past 180 years there have been over that many in Darlington alone .... and 240 in the whole county, to be exact! This includes the various incarnations of the Methodist churches as they proceeded through three unions, and the various branches of the Presbyterians as they split, came together again, then joined the Methodists in 1925 to become part of the United Church. ISBN 978-1-9737330-5-1     More information
Softcover......40.00 (C$)

BOOK - Loyalist Refugees, Non-Military Refugees in Quebec 1776-1784
By Gavin K. Watt
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2014
Soldiers did not come alone. In the past, wives, mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers and children of the fighting men have been given secondary treatment. In Loyalist Refugees, they are the subjects of a study describing the systematic persecution that forced so many to seek refuge in Quebec. How these unfortunate people were housed, fed, clothed and employed is examined, as is their desperate unhappiness and discontent. This book identifies and lists details for more than 2,000 non-military loyalist refugees who sheltered in lower Quebec during the American Revolution—pointing researchers to crucial primary and secondary sources in Canada, the USA, and the UK. Many if not most of these refugees migrated to places across British North America and beyond, after their period of sanctuary in Quebec. ISBN 978-1-926797-96-0 (Coil bound)    More information
Coilbound......39.95 (C$)
pdf download......  14.95 (C$)
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GUIDE - Genealogy at a Glance: Scots-Irish Genealogy Research
By Brian Mitchell
Published by Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore 2014
Designed to cover the basic elements of genealogical research in just four pages, the GPC Genealogy at a Glance series (GAAG) gives you as much useful information in the space allotted as you’ll ever need. Compiled by an expert, this Genealogy at a Glance guide is a distillation of the key ingredients in Scots-Irish genealogical research. It can be read at a glance and used with total confidence. In keeping with the general format, this GAAG on Scots-Irish genealogy covers the basic facts about Scots-Irish research: Topics covered include: Scots-Irish background; 17th-century Ulster planters; 18th-century emigrants; Passenger lists; Places of origin; Family names; Source records; Repositories.
ISBN 978-0-8063199-6-4     More information
Laminated......9.95 (C$)

BOOK - The Land Between, A history of the United Townships of Laxton, Digby and Longford in Ontario
By By F. V. Le Craw
Published by The residents of Laxton, Digby and Longford, 1967 (Third printing 1999)
The Land Between was written by a life-long local historian chronicling the Norland area's history, from the ice age and First Nations people, to the early settlers and the generations that followed up until 1967, when the book was originally published. There were three printings of teh book, these copies being from the third printing in 1999. We've recently sourced a limited number of copies of this historical account of the United Townships of Laxton, Digby and Longford. The books are new old stock (NOS) and in new uncirculated condition. The book is bound in dark blue hardcover with the title and author's name stamped on the spine in gold. The original publisher did not stamp the front cover.
ISBN N/A     More information
Hardcover......34.95 (C$)

BOOK - Woolwich at the Turn of the Century, 1900
By Roger H. Miller
Published by Woolwich Historical Foundation, Woolwich, 2001
This book focuses on published and unpublished articles, photos and postcards from the 1890-1900 period. There are many references to the years prior to 1890 including accounts and obituaries of early settlers. We've recently sourced a limited number of copies of this historical account of Woolwich Township that was published in 2001. The books are new old stock (NOS) with some minor shelf wear. Otherwise these are new uncirculated copies. Though not a local history in the usual sense, this books shines much light on the community's history and citizens of an earlier time. If you have an interest in Woolwich Township this book is for you.
ISBN 978-0968959-81-7     More information
Softcover...... 25.00 (C$)

BOOK - On the Edge of History: Dorland's Creek and the Mills
By By E. D. Taylor Ashton
Published by Hermitage Publishing Corporation, Ottawa, 1996 (First edition)
On The Edge of History is the story of Dorland's Creek and the village through which it flows. On early maps of Prince Edward County, Ontario showing Dorland's Creek, the village was named Pleasant Valley, now known as Hillier. The story begins with a reference to a prehistoric village on the creek and tells of the building of the mills that depended on the stream for water power. The first land grant was granted on August 4, 1795. The history continues from those early dates into the twentieth century. The book includes many high quality black and white and colour photos, production quality is excellent. We've recently sourced a limited number of first editions of this local history of Dorland's Creek and The Mills that was published in 1996. The books are new, uncirculated copies.
ISBN 0-9691026-1-5     More information
Softcover...... 32.95 (C$)

GLOBAL Drop Front Archive Buffered Boxes
GLOBAL brand Canadian-made drop front archive boxes provide maximum archival protection for standard size photographs and art prints. These high quality buffered boxes can also be used for textiles including cotton, linen, acrylic and polyester textiles but NOT recommended for protein-based textiles such as wool and silk. Two-piece construction and a drop front permit easy access to the stored items. Full telescope top for maximum stacking strength.
  • Acid-free, pH of 8.5 - 9.0
  • Buffered with 3% calcium carbonate
  • Lignin-free
  • No alum sizing
  • High alpha cellulose content fibers
  • Grey color 60pt board is non-bleeding
  • Passes P.A.T. (Photographic Activity Test)
  • Metal reinforced edges make this an extremely durable box, with superior stacking strength
  • Fully removable cover and drop-front style give maximum protection while allowing easy access to contents, with no opportunity for damage
  • Metal label holder on each box allows you to easily label contents - organizing your archive is effortless!
  • Made in Canada by Inc.
More information including list of available sizes

GLOBAL Buffered Tissue 20 X 30"
Our buffered tissue paper is made from high quality, acid-free, buffered (calcium carbonate), 10 lb. tissue with a pH value of 7.5 to 8.0. Ideal for interleaving, wrapping documents, manuscripts, photographs, textiles, silver and other artifacts.

This product is also recommended for textiles including cotton, linen, acrylic and polyester textiles but NOT recommended for protein-based textiles such as wool and silk, nor animal based products like leather or hair.
  • Buffered
  • Acid-free - minimum pH value of 7.8 - 8.0
  • White
  • 10 lb. tissue
20 Sheets......... 7.95 (C$)
500 Sheets......... 149.95 (C$)

GLOBAL Unbuffered Tissue 24 X 36"
Our unbuffered tissue paper is made from high quality, acid-free, unbuffered, 100% high-alpha cellulose that has a neutral pH (7.0).

Ideal for use with protein-based textiles including wool, silk, leather, feathers, and hair which can be damaged by direct contact with a buffering agent. This product is also recommended for use with blue-prints, cynotypes and dye-transfer prints.
  • Unbuffered
  • Acid-free, neutral pH of 7.0
  • 100% alpha cellulose content
  • White
  • 10 lb. tissue
20 Sheets......... 9.95 (C$)
500 Sheets......... 189.95 (C$)

CONSERVATION AID - Preserving Family Archives
By Kyla Ubbink
Published by Kyla Ubbink, Ottawa, 2014
Professional archival conservator Kyla Ubink has created this handy and durable reference sheet for those seeking to preserve and store their family archives materials. She shares much accurate and valuable information in just 4 pages! From identifying what causes damage and deterioration to how to combat it, Ms. Ubbink discusses safe storage methods for a wide variety of materials including documents, photos, textiles, physical objects and more. Also covered is how to respond to and overcome mould and pest infestations as well as other disasters. Because this resource will be referred to often, it is laminated for long life under frequent handling.
ISBN [none applied]     More information
Conservation Aid...... 8.95 (C$)

BOOK - Commissioners' Books, A Reconstruction of Land Records Destroyed in the War of 1812    [Niagara District]
By Mayholme Foundation
Published by Mayholme Foundation, St. Catharines, 2012
When United Empire Loyalists and Settlers petitioned for land in the Niagara District following the American Revolution, the locations, acreage and surveyors documents of the approved petitions and grants were recorded by the Commissioner of the Niagara District and stored locally. On the 10th of December 1813, except for one building, the entire Town of Niagara was burned to the ground including the building which housed all of the land registry documents and records. This was not the only property to have been destroyed by fire by the Americans in the Niagara District but it was the only location of the land documentation. The result being that after the secession of hostilities it became necessary for a Commissioner to personally interview every Loyalist and Settler in the Niagara District as to the disposition of their lands. Witness accounts of the losses were also taken to prove or disprove the war loss claims.
ISBN 978-0-9739629-4-9     More information
Hardcover...... 49.95 (C$)

BOOK - The Way it Was, A History of Minto Township    [Ontario]
By Clifford M. Harrison
Published by Township of Minto, Minto, 1978
We recently acquired a small supply of new-old-stock (NOS) copies of this history of the Township of Minto, Wellington County, Ontario. These book were originally published by Minto Township in 1978. The sources in the book range from the recollections of grandsons, and granddaughters of the pioneers to the musty files of Library and Archives Canada, from privately held family information to newspaper files, from tattered gazetteers to reference works. Oral sources were cross checked for accuracy with the documentary record where available. Source references are summarized by chapter.
ISBN [none provided]     More information
Soft cover...... 29.95 (C$)

BOOK - My Ancestor Was A Woman At War
By Emma Jolly
Published by Society of Genealogists, London, UK, 2014
This book aims to explore the wide range of roles undertaken by women during wartime. A useful aid in tracing a female ancestors military career, the book also considers wider research into the role of women at war, with a particular emphasis on the Victorian era and the First and Second World Wars. With numerous fascinating case studies, and a very useful guide to available records and sources, this book is an essential read for any family historian with a female military ancestor or indeed an interest in military history.
ISBN 978-1907199-18-9     More information
Hardcover...... 24.95 (C$)

BOOK - British Military Medals - Second Edition, A Guide for the Collector and Family Historian
By Peter Duckers
Published by Pen and Sword Books, S. Yorkshire, UK, 2013
This second edition of Peter Ducker's best-selling British Military Medals traces the history of medals and gallantry awards from Elizabethan times to the modern day, and it features an expert account of their design and production. Campaign and gallantry medals are a key to understanding - and exploring - British and imperial military history, and to uncovering the careers and exploits of individual soldiers. In a series of succinct and well-organized chapters he explains how medals originated, to whom they were awarded and how the practice of giving medals has developed over the centuries. His work is a guide for collectors and for local and family historians who want to learn how to use medals to discover the history of military units and the experiences of individuals who served in them.
ISBN 978-1783030-16-3     More information
Hardcover...... 37.95 (C$)

BOOK - Cornish Emigrants to Ontario, Volume II
Compiled by The Toronto Cornish Association
Published by The Toronto Cornish Association, Toronto, 2014
There are many stories to tell about the Cornish who came to Ontario. The first volume of this book, published in 1998 and now out of print, tells the earlier stories of those intrepid pioneers who came to Ontario in the mid 1800s up to the early 20th century. This book continues the story with both 19th century Cornish settlers, those who came later and, those who continue to arrive today. The reasons for emigration have changed over the years but the goal has not—that of a new and better life for oneself and one’s family.
ISBN 978-0-9684119-1-9     More information
Softcover...... 29.95 (C$)

BOOK - Tracing Your Ancestors Through Family Photographs: A Complete Guide for Family & Local Historians
By Jayne Shrimpton
Published by Pen & Sword, Barnsley UK, 2014
Jayne Shrimpton's complete guide to dating, analysing and understanding family photographs is essential reading and reference for anyone undertaking genealogical and local history research. Using over 150 old photographs as examples, she shows how such images can give a direct insight into the past and into the lives of the individuals who are portrayed in them. Almost every family and local historian works with photographs, but often the fascinating historical and personal information that can be gained from them is not fully understood. They are one of the most vivid and memorable ways into the past. This concise but comprehensive guide describes the various types of photograph and explains how they can be dated. It analyses what the clothes and style of dress can tell us about the people in the photographs, their circumstances and background. Sections look at photographs of special occasions - baptisms, weddings, funerals - and at photographs taken in wartime, on holiday and at work. There is advice on how to identify the individuals shown and how to find more family photographs through personal connections, archives and the internet - and how to preserve them for future generations. Jayne Shrimpton's handbook is an authoritative, accessible guide to old photographs that no family or local historian can be without.
ISBN 9781781592809     More information
Softcover...... 29.95 (C$)

BOOK - Fashionable Folks: Bonnets and Hats 1840-1900
By Maureen A. Taylor
Published by Picture Perfect Press, USA, 2011
Maureen A. Taylor, expert in historical photography, and author of authoritive books on identifying dates, people and places in old photographs, has turned her attention to headwear in Fashionable Folks: Bonnets and Hats 1840-1900. Throughout history, hats have been a prevalent part of life. Sometimes they served a very practical function and sometimes had only a fashionable purpose. Between 1840 and 1900 hats were worn by nearly everyone on a daily basis. Examining the hats, bonnets, and other toppers in pictures of one’s ancestors can surprising information about the individual. Taylor helps unlock these fashionable mysteries through the information provided in this guide.
ISBN 978-0-984-84500-2     More information
Softcover...... 19.95 (C$)

BOOK - Fashionable Folks: Hairstyles 1840-1900
By Maureen A. Taylor
Published by Picture Perfect Press, USA, 2009
Using the clues from Maureen Taylor, you can learn a surprising amount about your ancestors by studying their portraits. How they wore their locks for the photographer — whether straight or curled, clean shaven or fringed, oiled or bewigged — will tell you a lot about them. Maureen Taylor’s tips for “reading” the clues of clothing and hairstyles will help you discover when those pictures were taken, how old the subjects were at the time, and how wealthy they were. Hairstyles can even tell us a great deal about their personalities: Were they conservative or up on the latest trends? Who were their heroes and role models? What was their relationship to each other. This book is particularly useful to genealogists, social and personal historians, costume designers and hairstylists.
ISBN 9780578034904     More information
Softcover...... 19.95 (C$)

BOOK - Preserving Your Family Photographs
By Maureen A. Taylor
Published by Picture Perfect Press, USA, 2010
Organize and display your precious family photographs so that friends and loved ones can enjoy them for years to come! Maureen A. Taylor provides all the information you need to care for your family photograph collection. She outlines in straightforward steps how to add value to your home collection by using the methods that conservators and photo curators use every day. Each chapter ends by providing answers to a series of frequently asked questions. You’ll also find special appendices for sources of family photographs, along with important addresses for conservators, magazines, suppliers, societies, organizations, restoration services, archival storage facilities, Web sites and more. Don’t put off doing today what may be too late to do tomorrow. Preserve your family photographs now—and capture memories that will last a lifetime.
ISBN 1-55870-579-1     More information
Softcover...... 29.95 (C$)

BOOK - Poisoned by Lies and Hypocrisy, America's First Attempt to Bring Liberty to Canada, 1775-1776 UEL; American Revolution
By Gavin K. Watt
Published by Society of Genealogists, London UK, 2012
In 1775, Governor Guy Carleton returned to Canada after a four-year absence in England to discover that political unrest in the American colonies was at a fever pitch. Soon after, open warfare erupted in Massachusetts, quickly followed by a rebel invasion.Historian Gavin K. Watt explores the first two campaigns of the American Revolution through their impact on Canada and describes how a motley group of militia, American loyalists, and British regulars managed to defend Quebec and repel the invaders.
ISBN 978-14597176-2-6     More information
Softcover...... 28.95 (C$)

BOOK - My Ancestor Was Scottish: A Guide to Sources for Family Historians
By Alan Stewart
Published by Society of Genealogists, London UK, 2012
My Ancestor Was Scottish: A Guide to Sources for Family Historians is a comprehensive and indispensible guide to tracing Scottish ancestry, this book will help you get to grips with the differences and nuances of researching in Scotland, from civil registration and census returns, to parish registers and wills. Author, Alan Stewart is a former information technology manager who has been tracing his own ancestors for over 30 years. During all of this time he has been a member of the Society of Genealogists (SoG). Alan has been published in the Financial Times and Encyclopedia Britannica, writes for several family history magazines (both in the United Kingdom and in North America), gives talks at the SoG library in London, and is a member of the User Group for the ScotlandsPeople website. This is Alan's fourth published book, and his third on family history.
ISBN 978-19071991-3-4     More information
Softcover...... 22.95 (C$)

BOOK - Scugog Carrying Place, A Frontier Pathway [Ontario]
By Grant Karcich
Published by Dundurn, Toronto, 2013
The story of Scugog Carrying Place, the ancient aboriginal trails connecting Lake Ontario with Lakes Scugog and Simcoe and the Kawartha lakes is a multifaceted one. In tracing its documented history from the 1790s to the 1850s, author Grant Karcich unravels mysteries; explores the lifestyles of early First Nations; provides background on local archaeological sites; and introduces the intrepid early surveyors, fur traders, missionaries, colourful characters, and entrepreneurial immigrant settlers from both the newly formed United States and the United Kingdom. In their wake come the demon whiskey, devastating plagues, competing world views, saddlebag preachers, and ultimately the marginalization of the First Nations people. The Scugog Trail assumes a significant role in the transition of the land, from forest to agriculture to villages, towns, and industrial centres. Long-forgotten cabins, cemeteries, and a cartographic mystery involving the infamous Cabane de Plomb add to the mystique. The trail bore witness to the development of communities, such as Oshawa, Harmony, Columbus, Prince Albert, Port Perry, Seagrave, Cannington, and Beaverton, whose stories also unfold. Scugog Carrying Place is a must read for history buffs, genealogists, archaeologists, and anyone with roots in this part of Ontario.
ISBN 978-1459707-50-4     More information
Softcover...... 26.95 (C$)

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