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BOOK - Tracing Your Trade and Craftsman Ancestors, A Guide for Family and Local Historians    [England]
By Adele Emm
Published by Pen and Sword, Barnsley, 2015
Almost all of us have a tradesman or craftsman – a butcher, baker or candlestick maker – somewhere in our ancestry, and Adèle Emm's handbook is the perfect guide to finding out about them – about their lives, their work and the world they lived in. She introduces the many trades and crafts, looks at their practices and long traditions, and identifies and explains the many sources you can go to in order to discover more about them and their families. Chapters cover the guilds, the merchants, shopkeepers, builders, smiths and metalworkers, cordwainers and shoemakers, tailors and dressmakers, coopers, wheelwrights and carriage-makers, and a long list of other trades and crafts. The training and apprenticeships of individuals who worked in these trades and crafts are described, as are their skills and working conditions and the genealogical resources that preserve their history and give an insight into their lives. A chapter covers the general sources that researchers can turn to – the National Archives, the census, newspapers, wills, and websites – and gives advice on how to use them. Adèle Emm's introduction will be fascinating reading for anyone who is researching the social or family history of trades and crafts. ISBN 9781473823624     More Information
Soft cover...32.95 (C$)

BOOK - Tracing Your Birmingham Ancestors, A Guide for Family and Local Historians    [England]
By Michael Sharpe
Published by Pen and Sword, Barnsley, 2015
Birmingham, the cradle of the industrial revolution and the world's first manufacturing town, is an important focus for many family historians who will find that their trail leads through it. Rural migrants, Quakers, Jews, Irish, Italians, and more recently people from the Caribbean, South-Asia and China have all made Birmingham their home. This vibrant history is reflected in the city's rich collections of records, and Michael Sharpe's handbook is the ideal guide to them. He introduces readers to the wealth of information available, providing an essential guide for anyone researching the history of the city or the life of an individual ancestor. His work addresses novices and experienced researchers alike and offers a compendium of sources from legal and ecclesiastical archives, to the records of local government, employers, institutions, clubs, societies and schools. Accessible, informative and extensively referenced, it is the perfect companion for research in Britain's second city. ISBN 9781473833449     More Information
Soft cover...32.95 (C$)

BOOK - A Transcription of the Order Book of Wideman Monuments 1874-1878
Transcribed by June Partridge; original material supplied by Ruth Burkholder
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2015
Three generations of the Wideman family, Philip, son Ludwig, and grandson Bartholomew, operated a successful marble works that produced monuments in Ringwood, Ontario and then in Stouffville from 1839 until 1939. The Tarr family operated the business from 1939 to 1977, followed by the Marks family who took over in 1978. The business is known today as Stoufville Monument Works Ltd. This book is a faithful transcription of the Wideman Order Book for the years 1874 to 1878. The Order Book was the primary record of all of the monuments produced by the Wideman's during those years. Wideman monuments were erected: Aurora, Bloomington, Cedar Grove, East Gwillimbury, Glasgow, Highland Creek, Markham, Newmarket, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Sutton, Thornhill, Uxbridge, Vaughan, Victoria Square, Whitevale, Whitchurch. ISBN 978-1-77240-030-4     More Information
Coil bound...21.95 (C$)

BOOK - Organising a Family Reunion
By Lesle Berry
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2010
Printed and bound in Canada by Inc., Milton, 2015

From a phone conference to a week long event, a family reunion is a time to gather and share. According to Wikipedia: "A typical family reunion will assemble grandparents, great-grandparents and up for a meal, some recreation and discussion. The older attendees are generally grandparents, parents, siblings or first cousins while the youngest could be second, third or fourth cousins. It is also not uncommon for regular family reunions to be sponsored by family organizations or family associations centered on a more distant common ancestor or a commonly shared surname". That said, whether you are planning a large event or a small casual get-together, a successful family reunion requires careful planning and execution. This booklet will help you plan a successful reunion for your family, reducing your stress and resulting in a memorable reunion that your extended family will enjoy and appreciate. ISBN 978-0-980776-07-2     More Information
Softcover...13.50 (C$)

BOOK - Migration to New Zealand: A Guide for Family History Researchers
By Christine Clement
Originally published by Unlock the Past, Australia, 2014
Printed and bound in Canada by Inc., Milton, 2015

Author, Christine Clement has often been asked how to find when an ancestor came to New Zealand. This set her off on an exploratory path a number of years ago putting together the different schemes, periods and times to find out just who the people were coming at the different time periods and why. This booklet is designed to make readers think beyond the square to see what else was happening in the world that may have led people to New Zealand. Australia and New Zealand's history is linked as far back at 1788 and trans-Tasman migration began a little later with whalers and sealers, often with convict crew, from Sydney. A shipping and migration bibliography and a list of basic New Zealand genealogical sources have been included for further reading. ISBN 978-1-921956-35-5     More Information
Softcover...16.50 (C$)

BOOK - Papers Past: New Zealand's Yesteryear Newspapers
By Coral Shearer
Originally published by Unlock the Past, Australia, 2014
Printed and bound in Canada by Inc., Milton, 2015

Coral Shearer's booklet provides guidance on the best ways to find your way around the Papers Past website. She has taken the first page of the website and worked her way around the page explaining how to get the most out of the site. She shows users readers how to use each area to find more about your ancestors, or the the economy of the country. More newspapers are coming on line all the time and it pays to check regularly to find more information. ISBN 978-1-921956-42-3     More Information
Softcover...16.50 (C$)

BOOK - Tracing Mining Ancestors: A Brief Guide to Resources in Australia and New Zealand
By S. Hicks
Published by Unlock the Past, Australia, 2014
Printed and bound in Canada by, Milton, 2015

This publication highlights the wealth of information available to genealogists and family historians looking for their mining ancestors in Australia and New Zealand. The guide covers archival and library resources, maps, photographs, newspapers, published works and online resources. In addition it looks at where this information may be located including historical societies and museums, genealogical and family history societies, as well as archives and libraries.
ISBN 9781921956430 (softcover)     More information
Softcover......17.50 (C$)

BOOKS - Diary of James W. Carpenter 1880-1907, Past to Present
By Donald W. Carpenter
Published by author, Corunna, 1991
Diary of James W. Carpenter 1880-1907 is the transcribed diary of J.W. Carpenter who was a resident of Sombra Township which is located in Lambton County in South-Western Ontario who later lived across the river in Marine City, Michigan. The diary covers the years of 1880-1907. This book is an especially helpful find for anyone with family connections to the man, or for those interested in information about the day to day activities of people who lived nearby. Social historians will appreciate the information provided insofar as it provides a detailed look into everyday life in western Ontario and eastern Michigan from the late 1800s and to the early 1900s. Carpenter recorded details of interactions with many people by name. It is of interest that he records earnings for work done and costs for specific consumer items. It is surprising how often people changed the terms of the previously agreed rate of pay after Carpenter finished his day's labour. Carpenter had no hesitation in mentioning these people by name and what payment or goods he ended up with. The books offered here are new and unused.
ISBN 0-9695558-0-6 (hardcover)     More information
Hardcover......39.95 (C$)

BOOK - First Métis Families of Quebec. Volume 4: Descendants of Pierre Couc dit Lafleur and Marie Mitequamigoukoue, an Algonquin
By Gail Morin
Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 2015
This forth volume in the series traces the progeny of Pierre Couc dit Lafleur, the head of a fur trade and merchant family, who married Marie Mitequamigoukoue in 1657, in the Yamaska region of Quebec. This couple had at least seven children, including two who took the surname Montour. Richly detailed, fully sourced, and indexed, this ongoing series must be regarded as the starting point for Métis genealogy
ISBN 99780806357300 (softcover)     More information
Softcover......56.95 (C$)

BOOK - A Short Service History and Master Roll of James Rogers' 2nd Battalion, King's Rangers
By Gavin K. Watt
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2015
After more than thirty years of studying the loyalist regiments that served in Quebec during the American Revolution, author Gavin k. Watt concluded that Major James Rogers’ 2nd battalion, King’s Rangers was sadly overlooked and required additional attention. There are two main sections to this book. First is a brief service history of the 2nd battalion from its creation in 1779 until disbandment in 1783. Second – by consulting original and secondary sources, Watt prepared a Master Roll of three hundred and fifty-eight men listing alternate spellings of surnames and given names, rank, enlistment date, company, service details, age, height, place of origin, trade, wife and family, and place of settlement. Of course, not all of these details could be found for every man, but the roll is pleasingly complete. In 1784, Rogers led a party of disbanded King's Rangers and their families to the Third Township of Cataraqui, later known as the Township of Fredericksburgh, in Lennox County, Ontario, where they were granted land. ISBN 978-1-77240-028-1 (soft cover - coil bound) ISBN 978-1-77240-029-8 (digital)     More information
Coilbound...25.95 (C$)
Book on CD......14.95 (C$)
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf download......9.95 (C$)
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Licensed for personal use only

BOOK - Tracing Your West Country Ancestors, A Guide for Family Historians    [England]
By Kirsty Gray
Published by Pen and Sword Books, S. Yorkshire, UK, 2013
This book is an essential handbook for those researching their ancestry in the counties of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset and the city of Bristol. It begins with an introduction to the identity of 'The West Country', its geography and history over the centuries. It then guides family historians through the wealth of historical records available both online and in archives and libraries in order to add the 'flesh to the bones' of the names of ancestors on their family trees. West Country expert Kirsty Gray highlights fascinating details that can be uncovered about the places where our ancestors lived, their occupations and the distinctive features, identity and character of the West Country itself. She provides case studies of some notable individuals from the counties as well as records of those individuals who never hit the headlines. This practical and informative guide is a 'must have' for readers wishing to find out more about all aspects of life in this area of England. ISBN 9781848847835     More Information
Softcover...32.95 (C$)

BOOK - Tracing Your Ancestors' Parish Records, A Guide For Family Historians    [English and Welsh]
By Stuart A. Raymond
Published by Pen and Sword Books, S. Yorkshire, UK, 2015
This is a comprehensibve and detailed introduction to English and Welsh Parish Records. Parish records are essential sources for family and local historians, and Stuart Raymond's handbook is an invaluable guide to them. In a concise, easy-to-follow text he describes where these important records can be found and demonstrates how they can be used. Records relating to the poor laws, apprentices, the church, tithes, enclosures and charities are all covered. Compelling insights into individual lives and communities in the past can be gleaned from them, and they are especially useful when they are combined with other major sources, such as the census. Your Ancestors' Parish Records is an excellent book that all family and local historians who are researching UK records should have on their shelf. ISBN 9781783030446     More Information
Softcover...32.95 (C$)

BOOK - Preserving Your Family's Oral History and Stories
By Thomas MacEntee
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2014
Many of us got our start in tracing and preserving our family history based on a story, perhaps one you heard as a child. Fast forward to the 21st century and it seems that 'what's old is new again' with storytelling one of the hot buzz words. The fact is that oral history and storytelling involves family, and ancestry has been around ever since humans walked the earth. 'Preserving Your Family's Oral History and Stories' provides you with all the information on the latest methods and tools used to capture and preserve those family stories. In addition, once you've learned how easy it is to build a family archive of stories, you'll want to share them with others using the tips and tricks provided in this book. ISBN 9781921956386     More Information
Softcover...16.00 (C$)

BOOK - 500 Best Genealogy and Family History Tips
By Thomas MacEntee
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2014
'500 Best Genealogy and Family History Tips' could be be described as a 'brain dump' of me, Thomas MacEntee, and my many years of knowledge about genealogy and family history. Basically what I've done is to extract my favourite tips and tricks from over 85 presentations, 10 books and numerous articles. In addition, I've reviewed the social media posts and conversations from Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to highlight those issues most important to today's genealogists. What will you find in this 'best tips' guide? Everything from practical ways to use Google, advice on protecting your privacy online, information about secret or little known resources for genealogy research and more. The best way to use this guide is to browse the table of contents to find a topic of interest. Also simply search the book when trying to find a solution to a problem, such as how to cite a source or locate an app to generate bibliographic information. ISBN 9781921956799     More Information
Softcover...21.50 (C$)

BOOK - 'Til Death Us Do Part: Causes of Death 1300-1948
By J. Few
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2015
The diseases and accidents of our ancestors are an integral part of our family history, and one thing that all but our most recent ancestors have in common, is that they are dead. This booklet examines a wide variety of possible causes of death for our ancestors, describing their symptoms and prognoses. It also suggests records that may be used to provide information about how an ancestor died. You'll find a timeline is included which outlines some major British epidemics. In the absence of a definite cause of death for a particular individual, we can at least gain an impression of the major killers of their time. ISBN 9781921956461     More Information
Softcover...12.00 (C$)

BOOK - Family History Trippin': A Guide to Planning a Genealogy Research Trip
By Thomas MacEntee
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2014
Weather you've been researching your family history for over 20 years or you are just getting started, there comes a time when you need a trip to assist you in your research. There are many options available to genealogists: some within the genealogy community and others in the greater travel industry that can be adapted for research trips. ISBN 9781921956362     More Information
Softcover...15.50 (C$)

BOOK - Pinning Your Family History
By Thomas MacEntee
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2014
It seems that pinning sites are all the rage and are becoming more popular. Sites like Pinterest and others can let you share your family history finds with family, friends and the public. But be warned! Pinning can become an addictive way to surf the web! Besides Pinterest, sites like Google Maps, What Was There, History Pin, and allow you to share your family photos and content easily. And you never know who will find that content and how you might connect with other genealogists. Pinning in the new "cousin bait!" ISBN 9781921956379     More Information
Softcover...14.00 (C$)

BOOK - Guide to Wolfram|Alpha for Genealogy and Family History Research
By Thomas MacEntee
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2014
Most genealogists and family historians these days are familiar with a variety of search engines used to locate information on the internet. The process is pretty straight forward: you enter your search terms, and you get back a list of links to relevant websites. But what if there were a search engine that allowed queries in the form of a question and, in fact, preferred that format? You could classify the resulting search engine as more of an answer engine that anything else. And what if you could take the concept one step further and have this answer engine calculate information based on set input parameters? Well such a search engine does exist: Wolfram|Alpha. What sets this computational engine apart from other search engines is the ability to pull data from websites outside of Wolfram|Alpha) that are selected for their data reliability and sources. ISBN 9781921956393     More Information
Softcover...17.00 (C$)

BOOK - Solving Riddles in 19th Century Photo Albums
By Graham Jaunay
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2011
Many people mistakenly think that the photography process has been around for a very long time. This is of course untrue and indeed the pictures in your heirloom photo album are unlikely to predate the 1860s. Photographs came in many forms in the nineteenth century and this book assists the reader to identify each type, as this is an essential dating indicator. The booklet then addresses in great detail the other characteristics of photographs with examples to assist the reader in dating the item - the mount itself, the material printed on the back of the photograph, the composition of the photograph including the pose of people depicted and the clothes being worn by the people depicted. This booklet also addresses the issues related to preserving your photographs for the enjoyment of future generations. ISBN 9780980874662     More Information
Softcover...19.00 (C$)

BOOK - Cracking the Code of Old Handwriting
By Graham Jaunay
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2011
Sooner or later, family historians will come across a major obstacle in progressing their research - old handwriting can be difficult to resolve and this booklet is designed to overcome some of these problems. The problem rests on the fact that most of us unknowingly read by identifying whole words by their shape rather than looking at individual letters. When we come across unfamiliar writing, we are forced to look at the individual letters in their context. The unexpected shapes of old letters and a multitude of shortcuts in writing results in considerable difficulties for modern readers, and this booklet provides some strategies to overcome this problem. There are a number of books on this subject, but, apart from the practical advice within, a strength of this publication lies in the number of actual examples to help the researcher identify seemingly meaningless words. ISBN 9780980874624     More Information
Softcover...13.00 (C$)

BOOK - Pitfalls in Family History
By Graham Jaunay
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2012
This booklet outlines some of the issues that throw up barriers to family history research. What is a pitfall? Look it up in a dictionary and you will find that it is defined as ... a concealed pit as trap for man or animal, an unsuspected difficulty or danger or an error into which it is easy to fall. Somewhere there may be a family historian who claims never to have encountered a pitfall in their research, but most of us, if we're honest, will admit to being bruised all over by the number of falls we've taken whilst our family trees have been growing. By reading this booklet you will be more aware of many of the pitfalls waiting to entrap you! ISBN 9781921956102     More Information
Softcover...14.50 (C$)

BOOK - DNA for Genealogists
By K. Farmer
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2012
DNA testing will not replace the more familiar genealogical research techniques of gathering oral and documentary evidence and compiling family trees. Instead it offers entirely new research tools - more information to augment the documents and oral histories - as well as a way of testing family trees, to see if conclusions drawn are confirmed by this new evidence. This book shows you how you can use DNA to harness this exciting new range of genealogical tools. The amount of scientific jargon associated with genetics can be intimidating. This publication provides a contextual understanding of DNA suitable for genealogists and discusses the currently available tests that are likely to be of interest to family historians, especially those wanting to prove (or disprove) compiled family trees, the connect 'new' relatives by means of inherited genetic material and to draw conclusions about where we fit into the greater human family. ISBN 9781921956072     More Information
Softcover...15.00 (C$)

BOOK - Tracing Your English Ancestors
By Graham Jaunay
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2013
Initially written as course notes for lectures that were given by Graham Jaunay, this new editon of 'Tracing Your English Ancestors' has been greatly expanded and fully updated. Written to aid the researcher based overseas to learn how to access records in England, this book examines the specific issues that you may encounter when researching in England, together with what many of the records are, where they are located, their coverage and any issues relating to them. ISBN 9781921956201    More Information
Softcover...18.00 (C$)

BOOK - London and Middlesex Family History Resources Online
By Alan Stewart
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2013
London is often called a county in itself. In 1901, as many people lived in the UK's capital city (4.5 million in the Administrative County of London) as in either Scotland or Ireland. The even larger Metropolitan Police District contains two million more (as many as the population of Wales). This concise guide explains what is meant by 'London' at different times, from its origins in the Roman Empire 2000 years ago, through the growth of the 'City' until Greater London's almost complete absorption of the county of Middlesex in the 20th century. Most of the main London records are online, and this guide covers internet access to civil registration (births, marriage and deaths) from 1837, the 1841-1911 census returns, and parish registers (baptisms, marriages and burials) from 1538. In addition, it looks at websites for non-conformist registers, gravestone inscriptions, armed forces' records, wills, criminal records, newspapers, local histories, directories and gazetteers. London's family history societies and the city's major archives are also covered, as are many London-specific websites. ISBN 9781921956324    More Information
Softcover...15.50 (C$)

BOOK - British and Irish Newspapers
By Chris Paton
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2014
This edition published by Global Genealogy, Milton, 2014

Records of births, marriages and deaths provide a fantastic starting point for identifying our ancestors' names and where they lived, but in terms of trying to understand how those ancestors once lived there is no better resource to plunder than a good newspaper. Over the last two centuries in particular newspapers have recorded the events that have shaped our forebears' lives, and in many cases noted anecdotes, notices and advertisements directly concerning them and their local communities. In this Unlock the Past guide, family historian Chris Paton reviews the availability of newspapers from across the British Isles, describing how to find those that have been digitised and made available online, and explaining how to locate considerably more that have not within the various libraries and archives across Britain and Ireland. ISBN 978-1-77240-005-2    More Information
Softcover...20.50 (C$)

BOOK - Irish Family History Resources Online - Second Edition
By Chris Paton
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2015
There is a popular belief that Irish family history research is virtually impossible because 'all the records were burned in the civil war'. But as Northern Irish born family historian Chris Paton demonstrates, the glass is most definitely half full rather than half empty when it comes to research in the Emerald Isle. Many records still exist which can help with your ancestral pursuits, and for those unable to make their way to Ireland to carry out research, the internet is finally coming to the rescue, as more and more material is increasingly finding it's way online by the day. This revised and fully updated Unlock the Past guide explores the key repositories and records now available online, and will prove to you that if you have been put off with Irish research in the past, now is absolutely the time to take another look. ISBN 9781921956928    More Information
Softcover...21.50 (C$)

BOOK - Buried Treasure: what’s in the English parish chest   
By Paul Milner
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2015
Here is a practical guide that will help family researchers solve their problems, and put them into historical context. This small volume is full of material for both the beginner and the experienced researcher. It is a well-illustrated guide to the contents of the English parish chest that allows any researcher to go way beyond the baptism, marriage and burial registers commonly used for parish research. Buried treasure: what’s in the English parish chest examines all the records created by parish officials for the civil and religious administration of the English parish, except the baptism, marriage and burials records described so well in the companion volume – Discover English parish registers. ISBN 978-1-921956-52-2    More Information
Softcover...17.00 (C$)

BOOK - Down and Out in Scotland: Researching Ancestral Crisis   
By Chris Paton
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2015
In this latest Unlock the Past guide, genealogist Chris Paton goes in search of the records of ancestral hardship in Scotland, to allow us to truly understand the situations that our ancestors had to endure and overcome across the generations, to help us become the people who we are today. There were many battles that our forebears fought for and against in Scotland, both on a personal level and as a part of the society within which they lived. There were the laws of the local parish church and the punishments awaiting those who breached kirk discipline; the struggles to avoid poverty and the stigma of being a debtor; the darkest moments of the soul, from mental health issues and illness, to murder and suicide; and the dramatic moments of rebellion, when our forebears drew a line in the sand against a perceived tyranny or democratic deficit. Illness, death, bigamy, abandonment, accidents, eviction, ethnic cleansing – a dramatic range of challenges across a lifetime, and at times, outright tragedy. ISBN 978-1-921956-98-0    More Information
Softcover...18.50 (C$)

BOOK - Some long lost Births, Marriages & Deaths along the St. Lawrence River from Dundas County to Glengarry County, Ontario c1840-c1950
Transcribed by Lorna Johnson, Indexed by Jack Carter, Compiled by Duncan (Darby) MacDonald U.E
Originally published by MacDonald Research Centre, Brockville, 1997
This edition published by MacDonald Research*, Milton, 2015
*MacDonald Research is an imprint of Inc.

The book contains transcriptions/extracts of births (baptisms), marriages and deaths (burials) recorded at many St.Lawrence charge United Church Records, plus a variety of other entries including Methodist church, Knox church, records from Williamsburg, Williamstown, Winchester, Lancaster Methodist, which have for years been considered lost. Our detailed product description page includes detailed Table of Contents and browseable Indexes. ISBN 978-1-77240-019-9 (digital edition)     More information
Book on CD......19.95 (C$)
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf download......14.95 (C$)
Link emailed within 1 business day
Licensed for personal use only

BOOK - Petitions, Land Grants & Land Petitions For the Counties of Glengarry and Stormont, Ontario - a Finding Aid
By Duncan (Darby) MacDonald U.E.
Originally published by MacDonald Research Centre, Brockville, 1996
This edition published by MacDonald Research*, Milton, 2015
*MacDonald Research is an imprint of Inc.

During the mid 1990s, Duncan MacDonald searched all available reels of microfilmed Petitions and Land Grants looking for every document that concerned persons and properties in Glengarry or Stormont counties. This 668 page compilation includes his extraction of information found in those documents. The entries are organized alphabetically by surname and identified as a Petition, Land Grant or Land Petition. Many names other than primary person are mentioned in the extractions, often including family relationships such as son of, brother of, father of, daughter of, etc. The 'More information' page includes access to the Index. ISBN 0-921133-93-6 (hardcover edition), ISBN 978-1-77240-018-2 (digital edition)     More information
Hardcover...155.00 (C$)
Book on CD......19.95 (C$)
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf download......14.95 (C$)
Link emailed within 1 business day
Licensed for personal use only

BOOK - Tracing Your Coalmining Ancestors, A Guide For Family Historians     [United Kingdom]
By Brian Elliott
Published by Pen and Sword Books, S. Yorkshire, UK, 2014
In the 1920s there were over a million coalminers working in over 3000 collieries across Great Britain, and the industry was one of the most important and powerful in British history. It dominated the lives of generations of individuals, their families and communities, and its legacy is still with us today – many of us have a coalmining ancestor. His overview of the coalmining history – and the case studies and research tips he provides – will make his book rewarding reading for anyone looking for a general introduction to this major aspect of Britain's industrial heritage. His directory of regional and national sources and his commentary on them will make this guide an essential tool for family historians searching for an ancestor who worked in coalmining underground, on the pit top or just lived in a mining community. ISBN: 978-1-848842-9-7     More information
Softcover...32.95 (C$)

BOOK - Canada's Heroes in the Great World War, [from] Cornwall, Alexandria, Vankleek Hill, Hawkesbury and Intermediate Points [Ontario, Canada]
Edited by Noah J. Gareau with an historical narrative by Lt-Col. F. McKelvey Bell
Originally published by War Publications Limited, Ottawa, 1921
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2015

This book begins with a 106 page historical sketch of the First World War with emphasis on the compaigns of the war in which many of the men and women from Cornwall, Alexandria, Vankleek Hill, Hawkesbury and intermediate points served. The next section includes 82 photos of First World War scenes followed by 64 pages that include portraits and details about 768 men, non-commissioned officers, officers, and nurses from Cornwall, Alexandria, Vankleek Hill, Hawkesury and intermediate points who served in The Canadian Expeditionary force. ISBN: 0-894033-16-7 (hardcover edition) ISBN: 978-1-77240-017-5 (digital edition)     More information
Hardcover...29.95 (C$)
pdf download......14.95 (C$)
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Licensed for personal use only

BOOK - St. Edward the Confessor Roman Catholic Church, Westport, Leeds Grenville County, Ontario, Marriages 1847-1910
Compiled by Peter Andersen
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2015
Peter Andersen transcribed the 1847-1910 marriages records from the St. Ann Roman Catholic Church register about 30 years ago. We scanned his original manually typed pages into pdf format so that they are searchable and can be downloaded and used on any device that can read a pdf file. Each marriage record includes the date of the marriage, name of the bride, the names of the bride's parents including the maiden suname of her mother, the groom's name, the names of the grooms parents including the maiden surman of the groom's mother as recorded in the church register. 2868 names regarding 478 marriages. ISBN 978-1-77240-016-8 (digital edition)     More information
pdf download......14.95 (C$)
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Licensed for personal use only

BOOK - St. Ann Roman Catholic Church, Merrickville, Grenville County, Ontario, Marriages 1875-1911
Compiled by Peter Andersen
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2015
Peter Andersen transcribed 1875-1911 marriages records from the St. Ann Roman Catholic Church register about 30 years ago. We scanned his original manually typed pages into pdf format so that they are searchable and can be downloaded and used on any device that can read a pdf file. Each marriage record includes the date of the marriage, name of the bride, the names of the bride's parents including the maiden suname of her mother, the groom's name, the names of the grooms parents including the maiden surman of the groom's mother as recorded in the church register. 498 names regarding 83 marriages. ISBN 978-1-77240-015-1 (digital edition)     More information
pdf download......9.95 (C$)
Link emailed within 1 business day
Licensed for personal use only

BOOK - A History of Adoption in England and Wales (1850-1961)
By Gill Rossini
Published by Pen and Sword, Barnsley UK, November 2014
Adoption is one of the most emotive and complex subjects in social and family history. Gill Rossini's social history of adoption between 1850 and 1961 uncovers the perspectives of all those concerned in adoption: children, birth relatives, adoptive families, and all the agencies and organisations involved. Rossini charts the transformation of the adoption process from a chaotic informal arrangement to a legal procedure. Set against the backdrop of the moral, cultural, and legal climate of the times, the contemporary voices of those who played a part in an adoption give real insights into this often turbulent period in their lives. Discover how shocking stories of baby farmers and unwanted orphans fuelled the campaign for change, and hear previously untold stories. ISBN 978-1-473846-33-3     More Information
Hardcover...39.95 (C$)

BOOK - Guide to Genealogical Writing, How to Write and Publish Your Family History
By Penelope L. Stratton and Henry B. Hoff, CG, FASG
Published by New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 2014
Whether readers are new to genealogy or have been researching for years, this improved edition of New England Historic Genealogical Society's (NEHG) bestselling "writing guide" will help all present their findings in writing. The authors show how to write a family history clearly and accurately — from building a genealogical sketch, to adding images, to indexing. An appendix on genealogical style covers alternate spellings of names, when and how to use lineage lines, how to include adopted children and stepchildren, aspects of double dating, and other issues faced by genealogical writers. This update of Genealogical Writing in the 21st Century is a must-have for anyone interested in sharing research! Among the topics covered: Getting started, Writing in genealogical style, Adding citations, Incorporating narrative, Selecting illustrations, Considering design and layout, Indexing, Getting ready to publish, Writing for journals and magazines, Writing short or informal family histories, and Using Microsoft Word for genealogical writing. ISBN 978-0-88082-312-8     More Information
Softcover...29.95 (C$)

BOOK - A Collection of Lanark County, Ontario Marriage Records 1817-1967
By Peter Andersen
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2015
Nearly three decades ago, Peter Andersen extracted and recorded marriage records from the church registers of a long list of Lanark County churches of various faiths. He also compiled lists of Strays -- marriages of Lanark County natives who married outside of the county, or in other churches. Extracts of marriage notifications published in the Lanark Observer newspaper (Lanark Village) have been included in this collection. These seven hundred pages of marriage records have been built into a single searchable digital file that is bookmarked by the name of the source and date range of records contained within each section. (e.g. Perth Presbyterian Church 1817-1857). Being able to search through all 41 sets of records with a single search is especially helpful when you are not sure of where, when, or in which church that a marriage was solemnized. The collection includes about 84,000 individual names of brides, grooms, and named witnesses who participated in solemnizing approximately 14,000 marriages between 1817 and 1967. ISBN 978-1-77240-014-4 (digital edition)     More information
Book on CD......19.95 (C$)
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf download......14.95 (C$)
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BOOK - Ireland, An Alphabetical Index of Townlands and Towns including the County, Barony, Parish, and Poor Law Union in which they are situated, 1851
By J. H. Beers & Company
Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationary Office, Dublin, 1861
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2015

This 982 page book provides comprehensive cross indexes for those who are researching genealogical and historical records from Ireland. It is comprised of three helpful indexes that will help you locate the townlands, parishes, baronies, Poor Law Union, and counties where your ancestors' records were recorded, plus OS map references and 1851 Census references: This digital edition is searchable (pdf format) and can be read on any digital device that can read a pdf file. ISBN 978-1-772240-009-0 (digital edition)     More information
pdf download......14.95 (C$)
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BOOK - A Journey Through Glamorgan's Past    [Glamorgan Township, Ontario]
By Elva V. Bates
Published by Bates and Charters, Gooderham, 2007
A Journey Through Glamorgan's Past is the culmination of intensive research to determine who the early settlers were, where they lived, the industries, organizations and businesses that developed to support them and the changes that have occurred in the Township through to recent times. The author begins with a detailed description of early settlement of Glamorgan Township, and then takes the reader through the development of the community side road by side road, through the village of Gooderham and into teh details of the families of the community. An essential read for everyone with an roots in Glamorgan Township, Ontario. The 'More Information' page includes a detailed list of the contents of the book. ISBN 978-1-77240-008-3     More Information
Softcover...29.95 (C$)

BOOK - Writing and Publishing Your Family History
By Lesle Berry
Originally published by Unlock the Past, Australia, 2010
This edition published by Global Genealogy, Milton, 2014

Family historians spend much time and effort researching their family lines and gathering stories, photographs and documents -- but then run into a brick wall when it comes to knowing how to put their findings into an interesting and readable family history book. It is said that everyone has one good book in them and many family historians are trying to find theirs. This guide will assist you achieve that goal. From design and publication elements to writing tips. A self-help guide to achieve your dream of writing your book. ISBN 978-1-77240-008-3     More Information
Softcover...17.95 (C$)

BOOK - ScotlandsPeople: The Place to Launch Your Scottish Research
By Rosemary Kopittke
Originally published by Unlock the Past, Australia, 2013
This edition published by Global Genealogy, Milton, 2014

This book will help you get the most from your research on ScotlandsPeople, the online archive of Scottish vital records. With the knowledge you gain from this book you will become adept at locating records of relevance to your family and you will be well on your way with your research. Of course, not all records are available online. You will still need to track down your non-conformists, investigate land records, cemeteries, electoral rolls, directories, poor law, military and other records, but ScotlandsPeople is a great place to launch the study of your families. ScotlandsPeople provides an exceptional source of genealogical records for those with Scottish ancestry - Statutory registers, Catholic parish registers, census records, valuation rolls, wills and testaments, and Coats of Arms. Access to such a wide range of basic records for a relatively cheap fee means we can all research from our home without the expense of hiring a search agent, ordering in many microfilms or a trip to Scotland - as pleasant as that last option may be. This book will save you much time and money when using ScotlandsPeople. ISBN 978-1-77240-002-1     More Information
Softcover...17.95 (C$)

BOOK - Discover English Parish Registers   
By Paul Milner
Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2014
This edition published by Global Genealogy, Milton, 2014

English parish records are a fundamental source for English research. In this detailed guide, family historian Paul Milner explains how and why the records were created, beginning in 1538, what the records look like and what information they contain. A well-illustrated case study, with plenty of twists and turns, shows why care is needed to trace back in time from one generation to the next. The guide continues by explaining how and where to get access the records, (online, microfilm, originals or in print) and concludes by explaining what to do when you can’t find your ancestors in the records. Here is a practical guide that will help the beginner to avoid mistakes in climbing the family tree, yet the depth and details are here to assist the experienced researcher in understanding how to get the most from parish registers. This publication is a definitive guide to English parish registers that you will wish you had when you first started your research. ISBN 978-1-77240-006-9    More Information
Softcover...19.95 (C$)

BOOK - Locating Your German Ancestor's Place of Origin    [Australian perspective]
By Eric Kopittke
Originally published by Unlock the Past, Australia, 2011
This edition published by Global Genealogy, Milton, 2014

Many people around the world are seeking to find out more about their German heritage. Due to the large number of people emigrating from Germany, many of the current generation are now seeking to find out more about their German heritage. A primary goal when researching people from Germany is to locate the places from which they originated. This book guides you through finding various records which will help in locating your ancestor's place of origin. This book guides you through finding various records which will help in locating your ancestor's place of origin. ISBN 978-1-77240-007-6     More Information
Softcover...19.95 (C$)

BOOK - How To Research Your German Ancestors 3rd Edition    [United Kingdom perspective]
By Peter Towey
Published by Anglo-German Family History Society, UK, 2013
The Anglo-German Family History Society was formed in 1987 by a group of British family historians who had discovered that they had ancestors from the German-speaking parts of Europe. As there was little material available in English on how to research in Germany, Society members had to start from scratch when researching Germans who settled in UK. How To Research your German Ancestors outlines how to undertake research into German ancestors in the United Kingdom and in the different parts of German-speaking Europe. It is based on over 25 years' practical experience in advising members and undertaking research and has also been fully revised from earlier editions to take account of what is now available on the internet. ISBN 9780957176300.     More Information
Softcover...22.95 (C$)

BOOK - Those Splendid Girls, The Heroic Service of Prince Edward Island Nurses in the Great War
By Katherine Dewar
Published by University of Prince Edward Island, Island Studies Press, 2014
In their day, the many Island women who served as nurses in WWI didn't see themselves as heroic. But 100 years later, and knowing better the horrors they endured in that war, this book salutes the courage of all Canadian nurses who served and redresses a century-old wrong: the absence in the historical narratives of Prince Edward Island -- and of Canada -- of the contribution of nurses to the First World War. At war's end, many Island nurses were unwilling to swap their wartime autonomy and authority for housework or poorly paid nursing positions on P.E.I.; instead they took up senior positions in nursing schools and in hospital administration, most often in the "Boston States" and in California, and through these, they achieved lasting contributions to the profession of nursing in North America in the 20th century. A valuable resource for genealogists. ISBN 978-0-9190130-80-3    More information
Softcover...27.95 (C$)

BOOK - Marriage Law for Genealogists - The Definitive Guide [England and Wales]
By Rebecca Probert
Published by Takeaway Publishing, Kenilworth UK, 2012 [2014 printing]
The indispensable guide for all family historians tracing the marriages of their English and Welsh ancestors between 1600 and the twentieth century is back in print! Based upon years of painstaking primary research, including new studies of thousands of couples, this book explains clearly and concisely why, how, when and where people in past centuries married. Family historians just starting out will find advice on where ‘missing’ marriages are most likely to be found, while those who are already well advanced in tracing their family tree will be able to interpret their discoveries to better understand their ancestors’ motivations. How, for example, should we interpret our ancestors’ decisions to marry in a particular form or place, or at a particular time? Did their choices make them exceptional or normal for their day? Might their marriages have been bigamous, clandestine, or void? Or might they have conscientiously followed the rules set down by Church and State? Professor Rebecca Probert explains the mistakes and confusion found in most genealogical guides, and thoroughly rewrites how family historians should understand their ancestors’ lives in this most personal and universal of areas. ISBN 978-0-95638471-3    More information
Softcover...19.95 (C$)

BOOK - Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Essex, Ontario    [pre - 1905]
By J. H. Beers & Company
Originally publlished by J. H. Beers & Company, Toronto, 1905
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2014

Filled to the brim with detailed biographical accounts of individuals and early families of the County of Essex in Ontario, the work also includes portraits of many of those whose stories fill its pages. The original publisher of this tome created similar volumes for only four Ontario counties before the series ended. Fortunately for those interested in the early families of Essex County, the Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Essex, Ontario was completed prior to discontinuing production of commemorative biographical records of the remaining counties of Ontario by the J. H Beers & Company. This digital edition is searchable (pdf format) and can be read on any digital device that can read a pdf file. ISBN 978-77240-004-5     More information
pdf download......14.95 (C$)
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BOOK - Searching for Family History Photos: How to Get ‘em Now!
By Maureen Taylor
Published by Published by Picture Perfect Press, Charleston, Nov 2014
Maureen Taylor, “the Photo Detective” and author of Preserving Your Family Photographs and Photo Organizing Practices: Daguerreotypes to Digital , guides you, step by step, through the many photo search options. Think of it as having your own internet photo searching strategy resource. She shares tips learned as a professional photo researcher, and directs you to the best photo archive websites and more. You may be a family archivist, or an author seeking illustrations, or you may simply want to expand your knowledge of your ancestor’s past. Searching for Family History Photos: How to Get ‘em Now! will guide you through the web’s rich repositories of family photographs and expand your collection for generations to come. ISBN 978-0984845-08-8    More information
Softcover...14.95 (C$)

BOOK - Derry-Londonderry: Gateway to a New World. The Story of Emigration from the Foyle by Sail and Steam
By Brian Mitchell
Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 2014
Anyone who has an ancestor known to have sailed from Derry will appreciate having a copy of this book. This book, or booklet, by genealogist and Irish emigration expert Brian Mitchell recounts the history of departures from the port of Derry-Londonderry from the late 17th century to the year 1939, when the last transatlantic steamer sailed from the port. The emigration trade established Derry as one of the chief Irish ports for the transatlantic trade in the 18th century. For example, in 1771 the American colonies took more linen cloth and provisions from Derry than Britain did, and thirty percent of Ulster-Scots, around 75,000 people, emigrated through Derry to North America prior to 1776. By the 1850s two local companies, J. & J. Cooke and William McCorkell & Co., dominated transatlantic trade from Derry, building up sizeable shipping fleets. ISBN 978-0806356-91-4    More information
Softcover...15.95 (C$)

BOOK - The Great War, A Guide to the Service Records of All the World's Fighting Men and Volunteers [All participating countries]
By Christina K. Schaefer
Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1998-2006
World War I has passed from living memory into the history books, receding far enough into the distance to provide a genealogical challenge. In order to reconstruct the lives and locate the records of those who served, fought, volunteered, or were conscripted, we must rely on a vast but relatively unknown body of resources. Counting all combatants, the number of men who served in the Great War runs into the millions; needless to say, finding records on them in the two dozen countries that participated in the war is a daunting and laborious task--now made infinitely simpler with the publication of this magnificent guide to WWI service records. The only book of its kind, this ambitious effort to catalogue service records and related sources is international in scope, covering the soldiers of all countries participating in the war, from Britain, Germany, and France, to Russia, Canada, and the U.S.; and from India, Australia, and Japan, to South Africa and Brazil! This is a key to a motherlode of genealogical data and should grow in value as our need for WWI-era information increases. Right now it represents a whole new path in genealogical research, with fresh possibilities and discoveries at every turn. ISBN 978-0806315-54-6    More information
Hardcover...27.95 (C$)

BOOK - Genetic Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond
By Emily D. Aulicino
Published by Authorhouse, Bloomington (USA), 2013 (2014 printing)
Finally, in the rapidly evolving field of genetic genealogy an up-to-date resource is here! A Genetic Genealogy Handbook: The Basics and Beyond provides genealogists with the knowledge and confidence to use DNA testing for family research. The book guides genealogists in understanding various tests and determining what DNA segments came from which ancestor. The book explains how DNA testing helps when written records stop and discusses how testing proves or disprove oral family history. This book helps experienced and fledgling researchers become genetic genealogists able to use DNA testing to resolve genealogical roadblocks. ISBN 978-1-491840-90-0    More information
Softcover...19.95 (C$)

BOOK - The Battle of Fort George - 27th May, 1813    [War of 1812 at Niagara]
By Lieut-Colonel E. Cruikshank
Originally published by Niagara Historical Society, Welland, 1912
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2014

The Battle of Fort George - 27th May, 1813 was originally published in 1912 by the Niagara Historical Society. Lieut-Colonel Cruikshank begins by providing an historical sketch of the settlement and development of Niagara from the time of settlement up to the beginning of the War of 1812. He continues with an account of the start of hostilities and the evolution of those hostilities into the Battle of Fort George at Niagara-on-the-Lake. The battle took place on May 27, 1813. Cruikshank concludes the book with a detailed description of the losses of men and officers on both the British and American sides. He mentions officers that were lost and wounded by name -- men and militia regulars losses are listed number lost by unit. ISBN 978-1-77240-003-8     More information
pdf download......9.95 (C$)
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BOOK - Laying the Children’s Ghosts to Rest: Canada’s Home Children in the West
By Sean Arthur Joyce
Published by Hagios Press, Regina, 2014
Between 1869 and the early 1930s more than 100,000 children were rounded up from the streets of Britain to be used as labourers in Canadian homes and farms. Today there are two million or more descendants of what were derisively known in Canada as 'home children'. With painstaking research and an ability to bring personal details to life, Joyce imbues the stories of 'home children' with a sense of redemption and human dignity. Joyce asks, "Are we a people who have lost our ghosts? Or are we in fact haunted by them, but can't remember their names?" as he raises the specter of thousands of child ghosts who inhabit our Canadian landscape. A must-read for those with an interest in British Home Children. ISBN 978-1-926710-27-3    More information
Softcover...18.95 (C$)

BOOK - Photo Organizing Practices: Daguerreotypes to Digital
By Maureen Taylor
Published by Published by Picture Perfect Press, Charleston, 2014
Do you have a pile of old family photographs collecting dust that you don’t know what to do with? Do you want to preserve the pictures in an organized manner, but you don’t know how? Maureen Taylor, “The Photo Detective” and author of Fashionable Folks: Bonnets and Hats 1840-1900 and Hairstyles 1840-1900 explains the process of organizing and storing your photos to preserve them for generations to come. Photo Organizing Practices: Daguerreotypes to Digital will supply you with the tools you need to put your precious family photo collection in order. Creating an organizational system for your family treasures is easier than you think. This book will show you how. ISBN 978-0984845-09-5    More information
Softcover...19.95 (C$)

BOOK - Ten Years of The Colony of Niagara 1780 - 1790 [Upper Canada / Ontario]
By Lieut-Colonel E. Cruikshank
Originally published by Niagara Historical Society, Welland, 1908
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2014

Ten Years of The Colony of Niagara 1780 - 1790 provides much information about the formative years of the colony at Niagara including lists of settler families, military settlers, and details about them and their families. This is faithful reprint of a book that was originally published by the Niagara Historical Society in 1908. Being in pdf format, the book can be read on computers or any device that can read a pdf file. The book is searchable. You can copy/paste content from the book, or print any page or all pages for personal use. ISBN 978-1-77240-000-7     More information
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BOOK - Notes on the History of the District of Niagara 1791 - 1793 [Upper Canada / Ontario]
By Colonel E. A. Cruikshank
Originally published by Niagara Historical Society, Welland, 1914
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2014

Notes on the History of the District of Niagara 1791 - 1793 provides insight into the activities and people of the Niagara area using first hand accounts from correspondence, reports, diary entries, and various proceedings. Many early settlers are mentioned by name, as are conditions of roads, infrastructure, agriculture, and industry. The first hand accounts in particular give the reader a sense of the community and its European, Loyalist, 'Indian' (Mohawks, Cherokees, Tuskarous, and Missassagoes) and 'half-blood' inhabitants from a European point of view. Many settlers and first nations people are mentioned by name with details of homes, meals, pass-times and traditions. This book will be of great interest to those who are researching family history and/or the history of the settlement of the Niagara region. ISBN 978-1-77240-001-4     More information
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BOOK - Polish Roots. Second Edition
By Rosemary A. Chorzempa
Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 2014
Since the publication of the original Polish Roots, there have been many advances in Polish genealogy research. The Internet has made the task of locating Polish ancestors much easier, as more information and images are made available online. In addition, there has been a marked rise in interest in genealogy in Poland, resulting in a great increase in the number of Polish genealogical societies available and the amount of helpful information disseminated. This second edition of Polish Roots addresses these exciting developments, with a new Introduction, four brand-new chapters, one completely rewritten chapter, several new maps and charts, and numerous updates scattered throughout the original text.
ISBN 9780806320045    More information
Softcover...27.95 (C$)

BOOK - Ignored but Not Forgotten, Canada's English Immigrants
By Lucille H. Campey
Published by Dundurn, Toronto, 2014 (Sept)
Ignored but Not Forgotten is a compelling and moving account of one of Canada’s foremost immigrant groups: the story of the great migration of English people to Canada that peaked during the early twentieth century. Based on wide-ranging documentary and statistical sources from both countries, it sets out the various events that propelled this immigration saga, which begins in the seventeenth century with the influx of English people to Atlantic Canada, moves on a century later to Ontario and Quebec, and continues into the late nineteenth century with the arrival of the English in the golden West. The great stream of English people who came to the Prairies and British Columbia in search of land and job opportunities represents one of the most iconic periods of Canada's pioneering history. Widely ignored in the past as an immigrant group, the English are now being given the attention they deserve. The author reveals their outstanding contribution to Canada’s settlement and subsequent development and challenges the assumption that English Canadians were a privileged elite. In fact, most came from humble backgrounds. This is essential reading for genealogists and general readers wishing to appreciate why the English immigrated to Canada and the enormity of their achievements.. ISBN 9781459703391     More information
Softcover...35.00 (C$)

GLOBAL Hinged Boxes - Buffered
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BOOK - Marjorie Too Afraid to Cry, A Home Child Experience
By Patricia Skidmore
Published by Dundurn, Toronto, 2013
Marjorie Arnison was one of the thousands of children removed from their families, communities, and country and placed in a British colony or commonwealth to provide "white stock" and cheap labour. In Marjorie's case, she was sent to Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm School, just north of Victoria, British Columbia, in 1937. As a child, Patricia was angered that her mother wouldn't talk about the past. It took many years to discover why – it wasn't because she was keeping a dark secret, but because she had "lost" her childhood. For 10-year-old Marjorie, forgetting her past, her family, and England was the only survival tool she had at her disposal to enable her to face her frightening and uncertain future. This is Marjorie's account as told by her daughter. It is a story of fear, loss, courage, survival, and finding one's way home. ISBN 9781459703391     More information
Softcover...... 30.00 (C$)

BOOK - The Surnames Handbook, A Guide to Family Name Research in the 21st Century
By Debbie Kennett
Foreword by Derek Palgrave, the President of the Guild of One-Name Studies
Published by The History Press, Port Stroud [UK], 2012
This book is intended to be a practical guide to all the different aspects of surname research, but Debbie has also provided some background on surnames in general, drawing on the research from all the many different disciplines that are now involved in surname research, emphasising in particular the contribution that can be made by family historians. The book includes links to hundreds of relevant websites, an extensive bibliography, and numerous detailed appendices with information on all the essential resources for a surname study both online and offline. Every surname has its own story to tell, and a surname study is a natural complement to family history research. The study of surnames has been revolutionised in the last decade with the increasing availability of online resources, and it is now easier than ever before to explore the history, evolution, distribution and meaning of your family name. The Surnames Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to researching your surname using genealogical methods in conjunction with the latest advances in DNA testing and surname mapping. The book explores the key resources that are used to study a surname and is packed with links to relevant websites giving you everything you need to research your surname in one compact volume. . ISBN 9781459703391     More information
Softcover...... 29.95 (C$)

BOOK - Hairstyles 1840-1900
By Maureen A. Taylor
Published by Picture Perfect Press, USA, 2014
Using the clues explained in this book, you can learn a surprising amount about your ancestors by studying their portraits. How they wore their locks and their facial hair for the photographer, will tell you a lot about them. Read “the clues” to discover: When those pictures were taken, how old the subjects were at the time, and how wealthy they were. Your ancestors’ fashion sense—were these people trendy or conservative? Which nineteenth-century style mavens they admired. Which hairstyles, moustaches, and beards are still in vogue? This book is particularly useful to genealogists, social and personal historians, costume designers and hairstylists.
ISBN 97809848450714     More information
Softcover...... 24.95 (C$)

NOVEL - Belonging [British Home Children]
By Sandra Joyce
Published by Welldone Publishing, Toronto, 2014 (Sept 28)
We seldom include a novel in our catalog but have made an exception with this book because of it's careful attention to historic detail. Belonging, the sequel to The Street Arab is the continuation of the story of Robbie, the former British Home Child as he joins the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corp and is sent overseas to fight in the Second World War, followed later by Annie who returns to England as a nurse. The story of their off-again on-again relationship is overshadowed by the intense fighting in Algeria and Italy and the bombing of London. The excitement, fear and battles of the War are recaptured by meticulous research and quick-paced action. The book finishes in Canada with Robbie as an old man with two generations of descendants to bear witness to his long journey from Scotland to Canada as a British Home Child and then proud Canadian veteran. Those with an interest in the 18th and early 19th century relocation of orphaned and poor British children to Canada will benefit from reading this book. ISBN 978-0-9737330-6-8     More information
Softcover...... 23.95 (C$)

NOVEL - The Scotch-Irish, A Social History [Scotland, Ireland, United States]
By James G. Leyburn
Originally published by the University of North Carolina Press, 1962
This edition published by University of North Carolina Press, 1989 [reprinted recently]

Dispelling much of what he terms the 'mythology' of the Scotch-Irish, James Leyburn provides an absorbing account of their heritage. He discusses their life in Scotland, when the essentials of their character and culture were shaped; their removal to Northern Ireland and the action of their residence in that region upon their outlook on life; and their successive migrations to America, where they settled especially in the back-country of Pennsylvania, Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia, and then after the Revolutionary War were in the van of pioneers to the west. ISBN 978-0-8078-4259-1     More information
Softcover...... 29.95 (C$)

BOOK - WWI Nursing Sisters of Old Durham County
By By Sherrell Leetooze
Published by Lynn Michael-John Associates, Bowmanville, 2014
The writing of WWl Nursing Sisters of Old Durham County was inspired by the centennial of the beginning of the First World War which began in August, 1914. No one wants to think about war, but it is inevitable if we are to keep the memory of those who served, and to honour their commitment to a peaceful future. So, author Sher Leetooze looked around for a suitable portion of the war experience to write about that touched the lives of the people of Old Durham County in central Ontario. Sher chose the women. It wasn't just nursing sisters who served during the conflict. Women at home also served by raising funds that went directly to soldiers overseas, perhaps not in their pockets, but these funds purchased a few comforts of home for them while they served in the tranches or recuperated in hospital. The women also knit good warm socks for the soldiers too, and baked them cookies and sent them cigarettes and chocolates. This book focuses on the stories of the thirty two nurses from Durham County who served thier country during the First World War.
ISBN 978-0-9737330-6-8     More information
Softcover...... 30.00 (C$)

BOOK - Patriotes, Reformers, Rebels and Raiders, Tracing your ancestors during the 'troublous' times in Upper and Lower Canada 1820-1851
By Kenneth G. Cox
Published by Kenneth G. Cox, Toronto 2014
This detailed book identifies and explains Rebellion of 1837-38 historical records, including transcribed lists of many of the players in this often ignored chapter of Canada's history. In 1840 Jean Baptiste Turcott submitted his application to Governor Lord Durham for a land grant claiming his service during the War of 1812 as a right to entitlement. It can be assumed that because of the date on the application Jean Baptiste must have remained loyal to the Crown during the recent rebellions which had occurred in both Upper and Lower Canada in 1837. A year before Jean Baptiste's application another Turcot, Louis, had stood before a military court martial and been sentenced to death by hanging for his active role during the same rebellions. Jean Baptiste would eventually move his family to Wolfe Island near Kingston, Upper Canada (Ontario), while Louis would be exiled to Australia. Both would eventually appear on the 1851 census with one living in the newly renamed Canada West (Ontario) and the other back with his family in Canada East (Quebec). The search for a family connection between these two men, as they experienced the 'troublous' times between 1820 and 1851 in Upper and Lower Canada, is the basis for this research guide. ISBN 978-0-9937871-0-2 (softcover)     More information
Softcover......29.95 (C$)
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BOOK - First Métis Families of Quebec, 1622-1748, Volume 3: Martin Prevost and Marie Olivier Sylvestre Manitouabeouich
By Gail Morin
Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 2014
Volume 3 follows the progeny of Martin Prevost and the Huron tribeswoman Marie Olivier Sylvestre Manitouabeouich. The Prevosts settled and farmed near Beauport Quebec. Marie bore eight children, and those who survived remained near Beauport, working as farmers, laborers, and merchants. By the seventh generation, however, some Prevost descendants were living in the Oregon Territory, Alberta, and Manitoba and had taken mixed blood spouses. Richly detailed, fully sourced, and indexed, this ongoing series must be regarded as the starting point for Métis genealogy
ISBN 9780806357003 (softcover)     More information
Softcover......42.95 (C$)

BOOK - Tracing Derry-Londonderry Roots
By Brian Mitchell
Published by Genealogical Publishing Company (Clearfield), Baltimore, 2014
Brian Mitchell, the best-selling author of A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland, Finding Your Irish Ancestors, Genealogy at a Glance: Scots-Irish Genealogy Research and Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy -- " has written a book to enable anyone--local people and visitors alike--to research their family history in the city and county of Londonderry (also known as Derry). In the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries, the city of Derry was a major port of embarkation for Irish emigrants, and County Derry, in northernmost Ulster, was populated by persons of Gaelic Irish, Gaelic Scottish, Lowland Scottish, and English origins--any number of whom would take part in the exodus to the Americas, Great Britain, and Australasia. Tracing Derry-Londonderry Roots recounts Derry’s importance in Irish emigration and explains how it impacts genealogical research for the area. 66 pages
ISBN 9780806356952    More information
Softcover......19.95 (C$)

BOOK - Noose, Knife and Fire: The Bloody Assize   [Ancaster, Ontario]
By Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum
Published by Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum, Ancaster, 2014
In the Spring of 1814, a special court in Ancaster convicted 15 men of high treason for aiding the invading American forces. This book provides an historical account of events leading to the charges, who was charged, and the outcomes. In the book's Foreword, Lois Corey, Curator of Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum, writes: "Noose, Knife and Fire: The Bloody Assize is an exhibition by Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum to commemorate the War of 1812 Bicentennial. The book is based on the content of the display and it is our hope that it will act as a permanent resource summarizing Ancaaster's experience during the War of 1812." ISBN [none]     More information
Softcover......14.95 (C$)

BOOK - Newcastle 150 years, 1856 - 2006 Sesquicentennial [Newcastle, Ontario]
By Newcastle Village and District Historical Society
Published by Newcastle Village and District Historical Society, Newcastle, 2006
Our buyer has located a small supply of new uncirculated copies of Newcastle 150 years, 1856 - 2006 Sesquicentennial. Published in 2006 to support celebration of the sesquicentennial of Newcastle which was established as a village in 1856. The first settlers arrived in the community some decades before that. includes a historical sketch of Newcastle that discusses founding of the community, its ups and downs over time, and a contemporay overview in 2006. Also includes black and white pitures of heritage buildings, historic scenes and citizens. If you have a connection to Newcastle this 64 page booklet will be of interest to you. ISBN [none]     More information
Softcover......9.95 (C$)

BOOK - The Townships of Darlington and Clarke, Including Bowmanville and Newcastle, Province of Ontario, Canada
By John Squair
Originally published by University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1927
This edition published by Newcastle Village and District Historical Society, Newcastle, 1984

Our buyer has located a small supply of new uncirculated copies of this fine early history of Darlington and Clarke townships. This book provides the reader with a detailed historical overview of the area from the time of European settlement until 1927. Written by Professor John Squair, a highly respected educator who was born in the region. He maintained a life-long interest in Darlington and Clarke Townships; the settlers, their descendants, the region's geography, history, institutions and communities. An essential reference for all of those with family ties to, or an interest in Darlington and Clarke Townships in general. ISBN [none]     More information
Hardcover......39.95 (C$)

BOOK - The Churches of Old Durham County [Ontario, Canada]
By Sherrell Branton Leetooze
Published by Lynn Michael-John Associates, Bowmanville, 2013
Sher Leetooze has been gathering and compiling local history since 1994, starting with each of the townships in the former Durham County, followed by the story of the Bible Christians and their migration from Britain to Canada and parts of the United States in the early and mid 19th century. So it just seemed natural to follow these projects with the story of all the churches that have been erected in the townships down through the decades. Durham County had six townships: Darlington, Clarke and Hope along the lake shore (aka 'the front'), and Cartwright, Manvers and Cavan at the back. Today, there are only about 70 churches left in the county, while over the past 180 years there have been over that many in Darlington alone .... and 240 in the whole county, to be exact! This includes the various incarnations of the Methodist churches as they proceeded through three unions, and the various branches of the Presbyterians as they split, came together again, then joined the Methodists in 1925 to become part of the United Church. ISBN 978-1-9737330-5-1     More information
Softcover......40.00 (C$)

BOOK - Loyalist Refugees, Non-Military Refugees in Quebec 1776-1784
By Gavin K. Watt
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2014
Soldiers did not come alone. In the past, wives, mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers and children of the fighting men have been given secondary treatment. In Loyalist Refugees, they are the subjects of a study describing the systematic persecution that forced so many to seek refuge in Quebec. How these unfortunate people were housed, fed, clothed and employed is examined, as is their desperate unhappiness and discontent. This book identifies and lists details for more than 2,000 non-military loyalist refugees who sheltered in lower Quebec during the American Revolution—pointing researchers to crucial primary and secondary sources in Canada, the USA, and the UK. Many if not most of these refugees migrated to places across British North America and beyond, after their period of sanctuary in Quebec. ISBN 978-1-926797-96-0 (Coil bound)    More information
Coilbound......39.95 (C$)
pdf download......  14.95 (C$)
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GUIDE - Genealogy at a Glance: Scots-Irish Genealogy Research
By Brian Mitchell
Published by Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore 2014
Designed to cover the basic elements of genealogical research in just four pages, the GPC Genealogy at a Glance series (GAAG) gives you as much useful information in the space allotted as you’ll ever need. Compiled by an expert, this Genealogy at a Glance guide is a distillation of the key ingredients in Scots-Irish genealogical research. It can be read at a glance and used with total confidence. In keeping with the general format, this GAAG on Scots-Irish genealogy covers the basic facts about Scots-Irish research: Topics covered include: Scots-Irish background; 17th-century Ulster planters; 18th-century emigrants; Passenger lists; Places of origin; Family names; Source records; Repositories.
ISBN 978-0-8063199-6-4     More information
Laminated......9.95 (C$)

BOOK - The Land Between, A history of the United Townships of Laxton, Digby and Longford in Ontario
By By F. V. Le Craw
Published by The residents of Laxton, Digby and Longford, 1967 (Third printing 1999)
The Land Between was written by a life-long local historian chronicling the Norland area's history, from the ice age and First Nations people, to the early settlers and the generations that followed up until 1967, when the book was originally published. There were three printings of teh book, these copies being from the third printing in 1999. We've recently sourced a limited number of copies of this historical account of the United Townships of Laxton, Digby and Longford. The books are new old stock (NOS) and in new uncirculated condition. The book is bound in dark blue hardcover with the title and author's name stamped on the spine in gold. The original publisher did not stamp the front cover.
ISBN N/A     More information
Hardcover......34.95 (C$)

BOOK - Woolwich at the Turn of the Century, 1900
By Roger H. Miller
Published by Woolwich Historical Foundation, Woolwich, 2001
This book focuses on published and unpublished articles, photos and postcards from the 1890-1900 period. There are many references to the years prior to 1890 including accounts and obituaries of early settlers. We've recently sourced a limited number of copies of this historical account of Woolwich Township that was published in 2001. The books are new old stock (NOS) with some minor shelf wear. Otherwise these are new uncirculated copies. Though not a local history in the usual sense, this books shines much light on the community's history and citizens of an earlier time. If you have an interest in Woolwich Township this book is for you.
ISBN 978-0968959-81-7     More information
Softcover...... 25.00 (C$)

BOOK - On the Edge of History: Dorland's Creek and the Mills
By By E. D. Taylor Ashton
Published by Hermitage Publishing Corporation, Ottawa, 1996 (First edition)
On The Edge of History is the story of Dorland's Creek and the village through which it flows. On early maps of Prince Edward County, Ontario showing Dorland's Creek, the village was named Pleasant Valley, now known as Hillier. The story begins with a reference to a prehistoric village on the creek and tells of the building of the mills that depended on the stream for water power. The first land grant was granted on August 4, 1795. The history continues from those early dates into the twentieth century. The book includes many high quality black and white and colour photos, production quality is excellent. We've recently sourced a limited number of first editions of this local history of Dorland's Creek and The Mills that was published in 1996. The books are new, uncirculated copies.
ISBN 0-9691026-1-5     More information
Softcover...... 32.95 (C$)

GLOBAL Drop Front Archive Buffered Boxes
GLOBAL brand Canadian-made drop front archive boxes provide maximum archival protection for standard size photographs and art prints. These high quality buffered boxes can also be used for textiles including cotton, linen, acrylic and polyester textiles but NOT recommended for protein-based textiles such as wool and silk. Two-piece construction and a drop front permit easy access to the stored items. Full telescope top for maximum stacking strength.
  • Acid-free, pH of 8.5 - 9.0
  • Buffered with 3% calcium carbonate
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  • No alum sizing
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  • Passes P.A.T. (Photographic Activity Test)
  • Metal reinforced edges make this an extremely durable box, with superior stacking strength
  • Fully removable cover and drop-front style give maximum protection while allowing easy access to contents, with no opportunity for damage
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GLOBAL Buffered Tissue 20 X 30"
Our buffered tissue paper is made from high quality, acid-free, buffered (calcium carbonate), 10 lb. tissue with a pH value of 7.5 to 8.0. Ideal for interleaving, wrapping documents, manuscripts, photographs, textiles, silver and other artifacts.

This product is also recommended for textiles including cotton, linen, acrylic and polyester textiles but NOT recommended for protein-based textiles such as wool and silk, nor animal based products like leather or hair.
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20 Sheets......... 9.95 (C$)
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CONSERVATION AID - Preserving Family Archives
By Kyla Ubbink
Published by Kyla Ubbink, Ottawa, 2014
Professional archival conservator Kyla Ubink has created this handy and durable reference sheet for those seeking to preserve and store their family archives materials. She shares much accurate and valuable information in just 4 pages! From identifying what causes damage and deterioration to how to combat it, Ms. Ubbink discusses safe storage methods for a wide variety of materials including documents, photos, textiles, physical objects and more. Also covered is how to respond to and overcome mould and pest infestations as well as other disasters. Because this resource will be referred to often, it is laminated for long life under frequent handling.
ISBN [none applied]     More information
Conservation Aid...... 8.95 (C$)

BOOK - Commissioners' Books, A Reconstruction of Land Records Destroyed in the War of 1812    [Niagara District]
By Mayholme Foundation
Published by Mayholme Foundation, St. Catharines, 2012
When United Empire Loyalists and Settlers petitioned for land in the Niagara District following the American Revolution, the locations, acreage and surveyors documents of the approved petitions and grants were recorded by the Commissioner of the Niagara District and stored locally. On the 10th of December 1813, except for one building, the entire Town of Niagara was burned to the ground including the building which housed all of the land registry documents and records. This was not the only property to have been destroyed by fire by the Americans in the Niagara District but it was the only location of the land documentation. The result being that after the secession of hostilities it became necessary for a Commissioner to personally interview every Loyalist and Settler in the Niagara District as to the disposition of their lands. Witness accounts of the losses were also taken to prove or disprove the war loss claims.
ISBN 978-0-9739629-4-9     More information
Hardcover...... 49.95 (C$)

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