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Have you met Gordie the Global Genealogy Mascot?
Column published: 12 Jun 2007
By: Shirley Gage Hodges   Biography & Archived Articles

Have you meet Gordie the Global Genealogy Mascot?

If you are like me, one of the first things you do when you get to the Global Genealogy Shop is look for Gordie.

No matter what chaos has gone on during the day, Gordie always meets you with the same friendly, enthusiasm. I am sure that bookstore owners, Rick and Sandra have discovered that sometimes people drop by just to see Gordie. Gordie is the official mascot at Global Genealogy, a new position that was created some years ago when it became obvious that Gordie is far too friendly to be a watch-dog.

Gordie greeting a visitor.
"You're cute but where are your legs!"

Gordie is very proud of his Welsh ancestry. The Welsh Corgi is believed to be descended from Swedish Vallhund dogs that came to Wales with the Vikings. There are two kinds of Corgis - the Pembroke and the Cardigan. The Cardigan is the larger of the two, with larger rounded ears and a foxy, flowing tail. The Pembroke features rounded, pointed ears and is somewhat smaller in stature. Gordie is a Pembroke... the one without the tail.

Like most family history enthusiasts, Gordie loves to share family research stories when he finds an interested listener. Tummy rubs are nice too.

Here, Gordie proudly shows my husband, Clarence a map of Wales where his grandfather came from.

Gordie is very proud of his "distinguished pedigree" and "legendary status" as a Welsh Corgi.

"Gordie" is his familiar name. Gordie's official birth name is "Daverley's Reach The Finish". (he was born in an Olympic year).

During a stop-off at Global Genealogy during our drive home from the Ontario Genealogical Society Seminar 2007 convention in Ottawa, we witnessed how interested Gordie was in showing Sandra a book on Researching Welsh Ancestry. It seems that he would like to have a copy for his personal library.

Gordie is no "rookie genealogist".

He knows that documenting your family history is absolutely essential if you want to pass on an accurate record of your family tree for future generations. Gordie started with what he knew, documented it, and then worked back in time from there, proving and recording every connection along the way.

Gordie's Birth Certificate (CKC Reg.)

Gordie proudly showed me a copy of his sister's pedigree chart that he had made for her using Family Tree Maker. I did notice that she, and consequently he, has a fair number of cousins showing on the pedigree chart. Since I have some of those myself I didn't think I was the one to be pointing it out to him.

Gordie's & Glynnis' Pedigree

Queen Elizabeth currently owns four Corgis called Pharos, Swift, Emma and Linnet. Gordie is certain that they are relatives. He has contacted the Queen's secretary and is still waiting for confirmation about this. More about that another time.

Be sure and come by Global Genealogy Shop, and say hi to Gordie while you are there.

Until next time :)

Unpacking after OGS Seminar 2007
L-R: Sandra Roberts, Gordie, Shirley Hodges

Shirley Hodges

To read back issues of Shirley Hodges' articles, visit her biography & archived Articles

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