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Canadian Birth, Marriage and Death Records
Article updated: 24 Febuary 2008
By: Fawne Stratford-Devai   Biography & Archived Articles


Prince Edward Island began recording births in 1840, marriage registrations began in 1886 but it was not until 1906 that it was mandatory for all births and deaths to be recorded by the government. The province began to register stillbirths in 1920 when they officially joined the federal system of reporting vital statistics. The year 1930 saw the beginning of adoption registration in the province while the registration of divorces would not occur until 1946. To request birth, marriage or death certificates, genealogists must contact the Vital Statistics Division:

Division of Vital Statistics
Department of Health & Social Services
35 Douses Road, Box 3000,
MONTAGUE, Prince Edward Island C0A 1R0
Telephone: (902) 838-0884
Toll Free: (877) 320-1253
Fax: (902) 838-0883

It is important to note there are no government death records before 1906. The birth records after 1900 and the marriage records after 1910 are restricted to eligible applicants only. Information about eligibility and online application forms can be found on the PEI government website at:

For researchers interested in the total number of births, deaths and/or marriages in any given period, you can now search for this information on the Division's website at: . The information has been compiled from the Annual Reports of the provincial Office of Vital Statistics for the years 1928-1997 and only the TOTAL number of births, marriages and deaths is provided online (not the actual index of people registered).

Historic records of births, marriages and deaths prior to the years noted above are limited primarily to church records. However, the Provincial Archives offers a number of alternative and complementary vital records. The Archives can be contacted at:

Public Archives and Records Office
Hon. George Coles Building
Richmond Street, Charlottetown
PO Box 1000
CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island C1A 7M4
Telephone: (902)368-4290
Fax: (902) 368-6327

The Archives has created a Master Name Index which is not an online index but rather a collection of catalog cards filed alphabetically by family name. Within each given name, cards are arranged in chronological sequence. Cemetery transcripts are filed at the beginning of each surname in lot order. The entries have been compiled from census records, extant passenger lists, marriage registers, selected newspapers, Meacham's Atlas, funeral home registers, and some other original sources items such as those noted below. The Archives is responsible for a number of collections that contain some vital records, examples include:
  • Baptisms prior to 1886: An alphabetical listing of baptisms, taken from church records, from across the Island. They contain the child's name, date of birth and baptism, father's and mother's (usually maiden) name and reference to the church record from which the information was abstracted.
  • Deaths prior to 1906: An alphabetical listing of death or burial records, taken from church records or newspaper announcements. Information given is very limited and references are often impossible to research to source.
  • Marriage register books, 1832-1923: Books in which marriage returns from the clergy were recorded. Information is limited, giving name, marital status, and place of residence of bride and groom, date of marriage, names of witnesses and clergyman. These records are included in the Archives' Master Name Index.
  • Marriage licenses, 1787-1919 & Marriage bonds, 1849-1902: Separate collections of bonds and licenses filmed in chronological sequence, and indexed by both bride and groom. Information is similar to that in the marriage register books although the bond does not include the date of the ceremony. Parents' names are not included on these marriage records.
For those researching from a distance, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) have several microfilmed collections of Prince Edward Island records including Phase 1 of the Master Name Index (the index to pre-1886 church baptismal records) and some land, probate, and church records. Complete sets of the Master Name Index microfilm are available at the Eptek National Exhibition Centre in Summerside, the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library, Montreal Central Library, and the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Researchers should contact their local public library or Local Family History Center of the LDS.

For more information about genealogical research at the Archives, take a few moments and visit their website, in particular the online guide to genealogical research at:

Researchers would do well to take a few minutes and visit the websites noted below for additional information about vital records and other PEI resources:

More Prince Edward Island Resources - from Global Genealogy

BOOK - History of Prince Edward Island (1875)
By Duncan Campbell
Originally published by Bremner bros., Charlottetown, 1875
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2002, 2005

This rare early history of Prince Edward Island has been reprinted by Global Heritage Press and includes a new index by Patricia Arnold.
224 pages + pages of original advertisements; orginally published in 1875; this reprint published in 2003; new index from Global Heritage Press; 6" X 9"; hardcover.
ISBN 1-894378-66-0 (Hardcover)     More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $39.95

BOOK - The Arrival Of The First Scottish Catholic Emigrants In Prince Edward Island, And After
By "The Committee"
Originally published by The Journal Publishing Co. Ltd., Summerside, 1922
This edition by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2005 (CD 2010)

The book provides a detailed account of emigration of Scottish Catholics to Prince Edward Island, their settlement in the new land, and the establishment of a vibrant community. Everyone with an interest in the history, families and settlement of Prince Edward Island will find this a fascinating peek into the migration of one religious group and how that relates to the overall settlement and history of the island.
ISBN 1-897210-74-4 (Hardcover)     More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $34.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - The Early History of the Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island
By Rev. John C. MacMillan
Originally published by L'Evénement Printing Co., Quebec, 1905
This edition by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2007

The Early History of the Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island provides an insider's account of the early Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island, Canada. However, the book also serves a wider audience -- those with an interest in P.E.I. history. The first seven chapters deal primarily with discovery, settlement, population increases, war, inbound migration, land division, Highland immigration, etc.. The remaining chapters focus on people and events as they relate to the establishment and development of Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island.
ISBN 97-1-89746-16-4 (Hardcover)     More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $44.95

BOOK - The French Régime in Prince Edward Island (1720-1758)
By D. C. Harvey
Originally published by Yale University Press, New Haven, 1926
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2006

The author provides an authoritive history of Prince Edward Island during the thirty eight years of the French régime (1720-1758).
From settlement to expulsion, the reader explores the experiences of the inhabitants and learns how the politics of the time affected those French families who chose to settle on Île Saint-Jean.
ISBN 1-897210-93-0 (Hardcover)     More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $42.95

BOOK - Prince Edward Island: An Illustrated History
By Douglas Baldwin
Published by Nimbus Publlishing, Halifax, 2009
In Prince Edward Island: An Illustrated History, Douglas Baldwin takes the reader on a journey through the incidents and events that have shaped the province and its inhabitants throughout their development, from the first Aboriginal presence over 11,000 years ago, to the arrival of European settlers in the early eighteenth century, to the Charlottetown Conference of 1864, to the opening of the Confederation Bridge in 1997. Along the way, he peppers the narrative with stories of the many people and places that have played a role in making PEI both a tightly knit rural community and an immensely popular tourist destination. Illustrated throughout with over one hundred historical photos and illustrations, this book is a must-read for anyone who has fallen in love with Canada's smallest province.
ISBN 9781551097138 (Softcover)    More Information
Softcover... $22.95
(Canadian Dollars)
Check price in your currency

BOOK - Booze: A Social Account of Prohibition on Prince Edward Island, 1878-1948
By J Clinton Morrison
Published by Cresent Isle Publishers, Summerside, June 2013
Stories and songs of the time of prohibition have become a permanent part of PEI culture and folklore. This book chronicles the true story of alcohol on Prince Edward Island, its place historically in Island culture, the rise and fall of temperance and abstinence movements, and the impact of prohibition.
ISBN 978-0-9809110-8-4 (softcover)     More information

Softcover......CDN$   $24.95

BOOK - Deportation of the Prince Edward Island Acadians
By Earle Lockerby
Published by Nimbus Publlishing, Halifax, 2008
When the fortress of Louisbourg fell to the British in 1758, The Acadians of Prince Edward Island (then known as Ile Saint-Jean) were doomed to a horrible fate -- deportation from their homes to an unknown land thousands of kilometers away. Shipwrecks and disease took a terrible toll during the voyage to France, and hundreds of the approximately three thousand departees lost their lives. Deportation of the Prince Edward Island Acadians is an important account of the saga of the Prince Edward Island Acadians.
ISBN: 978-1551096506     More information
Softcover......CDN$   $14.95

Two volume set BOOK - Century of Farewells, A Biographical Dictionary of Prince Edward Island Immigrants, 1800-1900 - 2 Vol Set
By J. Clinton Morrison
Every family history researcher with ties to Prince Edward Island is going to want to have a copy of this two volume set. The author, an award winning history and genealogy writer, has compiled an alphabetically organized (by surname) collection of information about immigrants to Prince Edward Island between 1800 and 1900. Volume One begins with a section that provides historical context for the researcher. However, the bulk of the bulk of the material is biographical information about specific immigrants including the sources where the information was found. The author includes parts of several old maps to illustrate the locations of specific individuals.
ISBN 978-0-9809110-6-0    More information

2 Vol Set......CDN$   $39.95

BOOK - Who Departed This Life, A History of the Old Protestant Burying Ground Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
By George Wright
Who Departed This Life chronicles the burying ground from its creation through to its closure and subsequent restoration efforts, culminating in its Millennium restoration (1999-2004). Included in this book is a list of the remaining tombstones, as well as a CD ROM listing over 3,200 interments. More information

BOOK - Exiles and Islanders, The Irish Settlers of Prince Edward Island by Brendan O'Grady. The first comprehensive account of the Irish settlers of Prince Edward Island. Exiles and Islanders describes Irish settlement in Prince Edward Island from 1763 to 1880. By tracing the history of these early settlers, Brendan O'Grady demolishes the myth that the Island's Irish settlers were largely refugees from the Great Potato Famine. Using a wide variety of sources, including folklore, newspaper reports, personal interviews, letters, shipping records, and historical data, O'Grady goes beyond mere statistics. We learn about settlers' hometowns in Ireland, why they left, when and how they came to Prince Edward Island, where they settled, and how they adapted to living in PEI. More information

BOOK - A Very Fine Class of Immigrants. Prince Edward Islands Scottish Pioneers. 1770-1850 by L. H. Campey. By uncovering previously unreported ship crossings, as well as a wide range of manuscripts and underused sources such as customs records and newspaper shipping reports, the book provides the most comprehensive account to date of the influx of Scots to the island. More information

BOOK - The Silver Chief: Lord Selkirk and the Scottish Pioneers of Belfast (Prince Edward Island, Canada), Baldoon (Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada) and Red River (Manitoba) . By L. H. Campey. Belfast, Prince Edward Island, founded in August 1803, owes its existence to Lord Selkirk. Its bicentennial is a timely reminder of Selkirk’s work in Canada, which extended beyond Belfast to Baldoon (later Wallaceburg) in Ontario, as well as to Red River, the precursor to Winnipeg. Aptly named "The Silver Chief" by the five Indian chiefs with whom he negotiated a land treaty at Red River, the fifth Earl of Selkirk spent an immense fortune in helping Scottish Highlanders relocate themselves in Canada. This is the story and ists of immigrants... More information

BOOK - Starting Out in Genealogy - Second Edition
By Ruth Burkholder
Building a family tree looks like a daunting taste to the unititiated, however it's easier than you think! Family history research is not complicated as long as you know which records are available, where to find those records, and how to organize the information that you gather. Though this guide is designed for beginners, it will also be of considerable help to those who have already started researching and recording family history, but want to improve their skills and results.
ISBN 9781926797441     More information
Coilbound......CDN$   $14.95

BOOK - Canadian Records of Birth, Marriage and Death: A Guide
By Fawne Stratford-Devai
This popular guide provides a province-by-province description of where to access provincial vital records, complete with contact information including postal addresses, telephone numbers (most are toll-free), fax, email addresses and websites. The categories addressed for each province and territory include: Modern Records; Historic Records; Additional Links and Sources. Several helpful maps are included.
ISBN 1894571894     More information
Coilbound......CDN$   $14.95

BOOKS - Notices of Births, Marriages, Conversions, Deaths & Obituaries From Methodist Newspapers 1830-1900 [Canada]
Compiled by Donald A. McKenzie
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2005-2013
This series of 12 volumes contains transcriptions of births, marriages, conversions, deaths, and obituaries as they were published in Methodist Newspapers between 1830 and 1900. You can buy individual volumes or save by buying the entire 12 volume set. The alphabetical format [alphabetical by surname] of these volumes will enable you to quickly find any of your ancestors whose vital events were reported in the Canadian Methodist newspapers from 1830 to 1900. Many of the entries are from Ontario and Quebec, however there are a significant number of entries from coast to coast across Canada, including Newfoundland. Of note is that some volumes also contain vital events records for people of faiths other than Methodist. Mr McKenzie's detailed and informative introduction to this work provides the reader with all the information necessary to understand and use the material.
Now available on CD too!      More information

BOOK - Routes To Routes
By Ryan Taylor
A wide range of genealogical and research topics assist family historians with their quest to uncover their roots. Included is an essay describing how to effectively use libraries for family history research and how to best utilize the skills and training of professional librarians. The book is an entertaining read, however, before you know it, you will accumulate many sound research ideas from the vast experience of Mr. Taylor.
ISBN 0-9682524-0-0     More information
Softcover......CDN$   $9.95

BOOK - The Scotch-Irish. Two Volumes in One
By Charles A. Hanna. This is the basic sourcebook on the Scotch-Irish in North America, a massive compilation of source records pertaining to the Scots who settled in the north of Ireland and their descendants in North America. The Scotch-Irish left Ulster as a result of neo-mercantilist British economic policy in the region, requirements that they pay 10% of their income to the Anglican Church, ongoing friction with their Catholic Irish neighbors, and greater economic opportunity in the New World.
ISBN 1-894378-92-X   
More Information

Hardcover... 145.95 (C$)
Book on CD... 19.95 (C$)
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf-via-download.....14.95 (C$)
Link emailed within 1 business day

BOOK - The Sash Canada Wore - A Historical Geography of The Orange Order in Canada
By Cecil J. Houston and William J. Smith
Originally published by Universtiy of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1980
This edition by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 1999 [CD 2011]

Significant migration of Protestant Irish to Canada in the early 19th century brought with it the establishment of the Orange Order in Canada. This work explores the role of the Orange Order in the unfolding settlement geography of Canada. Protestant Irish soldiers and emigrants, largely Ulster-born, introduced the organization into New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario within the first decade of the nineteenth century. At its zenith, he movement had a membership of as many as one in three Canadians.
ISBN 978-1-894378-31-4 (Hardcover Edition)    More information
Hardcover.....49.95 (C$)
Book on CD.....19.95 (C$)
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf-via-download.....14.95 (C$)
Link emailed within 1 business day

BOOK - The First Century of Methodism in Canada, 1775-1883. Two Volumes In One
By J. E. Sanderson
Originally published by William Briggs, 1908 (vol. 1) & 1910 (vol. 2)
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2008 (CD 2011)

Sanderson's fine history of the early years of Methodism in Canada has served as an essential resource for more than a century. Being out of print for over one hundred years, this new edition has been pubished to provide access for today's researchers. This editon is a facsimile reprint of both of the original volumes, bound into a single book.
ISBN 978-1-897446-34-8 (Hardcover)     More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $109.95
Book on CD ......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - Getting From Here To There, Identifying the Origins of Immigrants to Canada Revised and Expanded Edition
By: Fawne Stratford-Devai
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2005
One of the more difficult things to do in a family history research project is to identify where your original immigrant ancestor came from. Sometimes we know the country they came from, but not the specific place within that country. In order to find records in the "old-country" it is very helpful to know which town, parish, county etc that the person came from. This book identifies a long list of potential sources in Canada, where you may find that critical piece of information.
ISBN 1-897210-80-9     More information
Coilbound......CDN$   $14.95

BOOK - Canadian Family History in the 21st Century, Lessons, Links & ResourcesSecond Edition 2005
By Fawne Stratford-Devai
This newly updated and expanded second edition offers readers valuable lessons, links and recommended resources that will help you keep you family history research project on-track, saving time, effort and expense. The author is a popular genealogical lecturer, educator and author/co-author of more than 50 important genealogical and historical books.
ISBN 1-897210-68-X     More information
Coilbound......CDN$   $14.95

BOOK - Lovell's 1873 Gazetteer of British North America
By John Lovell and Son, Montreal, 1873
Originally published by John Lovell and Son, Montreal, 1873
This facsimile reprint by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 1998 (CD 2010)

This facsimile reprint of The volume contains over six thousand descriptions and historical facts about cities, towns and villages across Canada, as they were known in 1873. Also included is a listing of over fifteen hundred lakes and rivers with their location, size and general information. A table showing the railway and steamboat routes within British North America in 1873, which will assist researchers in understanding the routes that their ancestors may have migrated over. The table lists the distance that each place in British North America is to the nearest railway station or port.
ISBN 0-9682524-5-1 (Hardcover)    More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $79.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - True Stories of New England Captives Carried to Canada During the Old French and Indian Wars
By C. Alice Baker
Originally published by E. A. Hall & Co., Cambridge, 1897
This edition by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2006 (CD 2010)

This thoughtfully written book provides the reader with the gripping history of Indian attacks in Maine; New Hampshire; and Massachusetts. Events leading up to the attacks and the attacks themselves are described in considerable detail with an emphasis on how those engagements affected specific people, especially those who were captured and removed to Canada.
ISBN 1-897210-98-1 (Hardcover)    More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $64.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - The Canadian Almanac of 1862
Originally published by W. C. Chewett & Co. 1862.
Many family historians value a carefully compiled almanac. Almanac's assist genealogists, historians, social historians and geographers locate information and records that affected the inhabitants of the area being researched.
ISBN 1-897210-98-1     More information

Coilbound......CDN$   $19.95

BOOK - Using Maps in Family History Research, Revised and Updated
By Fawne Stratford-Devai
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2005
his book provides insights into the use of maps for genealogical and historical research. The visual representation of the land and communities on a map can offer evidence in its own right. It is the task of the researcher to carefully evaluate every piece of the puzzle in order to identify and understand individuals, families, migration routes, and even settlement patterns. Examples used include Canada, USA, UK, world. Every family historian can benefit from this valuable booklet.
ISBN 1-894378-85-1     More information
Coil-bound......CDN$   $14.95

Canadian military titles - General:

BOOK - The Talbot Regime - or the First Half Century Of The Talbot Settlement
By C.O. Ermatinger, K.C. - Junior Judge, County of Elgin.
Originally published in 1904
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 1999

This rare volume illustrates early settlement and historical events of the southwestern portion of Upper Canada, which became the province of Ontario. Topics s include, Port Dover burned, rebellion of 1837, Muster Rolls to the War of 1812, Lists of persons plundered in Long Point Settlement, and much more.
ISBN 1-894378-10-5     More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $46.95

American Revolution / United Empire Loyalists:
    In response to protests in Boston over the British Parliament's attempts to maintain authority over its North American colonies, the British mobilized its army to put down the rebellion. Consequently the rebels formed militias of like-minded individuals to face the British military and to 'discourage' those colonial citizens who wished to remain loyal to the crown. Fighting broke out in 1775, offically ending in 1783 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. Surviving Loyalists needed to find refuge outside of the United States. The movement of United Empire Loyalists to Canada was a critical event in the settlement of what later became Canada. Loyalists settled throughout the present-day Atlantic provinces, Quebec and Ontario. Their descendants migrated throughout Canada and beyond.
BOOK - United Empire Loyalists, A Guide to Tracing Loyalist Ancestors in Upper Canada ....Winner of the National Genealogical Society Book Award!
By Brenda Dougall Merriman
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton
There has long been a need for descendants to have a general guide to assist the tracing of Loyalist ancestors, not only for the beginner, but also for those who encounter stumbling blocks on their way. Brenda Dougall Merriman accomplishes this in spades. Merriman defines what a Loyalist is, then goes on to discuss the necessary sources and background information that is available to trace a specific Loyalist in Upper Canada (Ontario). An essential guide for everyone researching Loyalist heritage.
ISBN 1-897210-84-1 (Hardcover); ISBN 978-1897446-95-9 (Coil bound)     More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $44.95
Coilbound......CDN$   $29.95
(Canadian Dollars)
Check price in your currency
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - The British Campaign of 1777, Volume One - The St. Leger Expedition: The Forces of Crown and Congress Second Edition
By Gavin Watt & James F. Morrison
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2003 (CD 2010)
Loyalist ancestors? Patriot ancestors? This book is what you have been looking for... The authors produced a revised edition of their indispensible study of the Crown forces and native allies of St. Leger's expedition of 1777 and forces of Congress and the natives who opposed them. Filled with names of those who participated and detailed end notes and bibliographic information. For a list of names from the index, see "More Information".
ISBN 1894378695 (Hardcover)   More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $52.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - The British Campaign of 1777, Volume Two - The Burgoyne Expedition: Burgoyne's Native and Loyalist Auxiliaries
By Gavin Watt. With research assistance of T.W. Braisted, and acknowledgement of Dr. P.L. Stevens' works
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2013
This new book is a companion piece to Volume 1, The St. Leger Expedition. Similar to the first volume, the second will appeal to readers who enjoy the minutiae of the military campaigns of the American Revolution. While essentially a military work, many will find the book useful for genealogical research. The majority of accounts about military campaigns concentrate on the big-name personalities who directed operations or commanded large formations. In contrast, this book is primarily about the 'little' and 'littler' men. For a list of names from the index, see "More Information".
ISBN 978-1-926797-70-0 (Hardcover)   More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $67.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - The Flockey, 13 August 1777, The Defeat of the Tory Uprising in the Schoharie Valley
By Gavin K. Watt
First edition published by author, King City, 2002
This edition published by by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2013 (includes updates and revisions)

This book tells the story of how a Troop of the Second Regiment of Continental Light Dragoons defeated the Tories and Indians during the Schoharie Valley uprising in an action known as The Flockey. The Flockey is an essential resource for a wide variety of researchers and general readers including those interested in the history surrounding the American Revolution and United Empire Loyalists. The lists in the appendices provide much valuable information about specific people which is very helpful for family historians.
ISBN 978-1-926797-77-9 (Softcover)    More Information
Softcover... $29.95
(Canadian Dollars)
Check price in your currency
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - United Empire Loyalists, Evidence in the Canadian Claims - The Second Report of The Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario, 1904
By Alexander Fraser, Provincial Archivist
Originally published by L.K. Cameron - King's Printer, Toronto, 1905
This book on CD edition by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2010

The 1904 Bureau of Archives Report consisted of original accounts and evidence of United Empire Loyalist claims that were processed after the American Revolutionary War. Those claims were made in response to a British program that was designed to provide those Americans who had remained loyal to the British during the American Revolution, with land in Canada. After an informative history of the circumstances surrounding the movement of the Loyalists to Canada, and a preamble on the claim process, the bulk of the content of the 1904 Report includes evidence presented to establish that specific "Loyalists" qualified for "UE" status and the resulting benefits. 1436 pages.
ISBN: 978-1-926797-49-6 (eBook on CD)    More information
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95

BOOK - John Loney, United Empire Loyalist & Shoemaker to Sir William and Sir John Johnson
By Duncan (darby) MacDonald, UE
Published by Duncan (darby) MacDonald, Brockville, 1992 (expanded reprint/2nd edition 1993)
Book on CD version published by MacDonald Research, Milton, 2013

John Loney, United Empire Loyalist & Shoemaker to Sir William and Sir John Johnson is genealogy and history of John Loney, United Empire Loyalist compliled by Duncan (Darby) MacDonald "based on the excellent work of The Loney Research Team". It includes several collateral family lines within the genealogy section and the hand-made genealogy charts in the final section of the book. The elder John Loney, the eldest generation detailed in this text, was an Irishman who came to America just before or during the Seven Years War (1756-1763). His son, also John Loney (1748-1801 served in the King's Royal Regiment of New York and was previously the village shoemaker in Johnstown New York, the hometown of Sir John Johnson and his brother Sir William Johnson. The book details the life and connections of John Loney the shoemaker, his connections to the Loyalist cause during the American Revolution and a generation by generation genealogy of his descendants.
ISBN 0921133-53-7 (Softcover) ISBN 978-1-926797-72-4 (Book on CD)   More information

Softcover......CDN$   $50.00
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - The History and Master Roll of the The King's Royal Regiment of New York, Revised and Expanded Edition.
By Gavin Watt
Published by Global Heritage Press
Gavin Watt has significantly updated and revised his original book that was published under the title The King's Royal Regiment of New York in 1984. This new volume [2006] provides much new content, including corrections, additions and newly discovered sources that have come to light during the 22 years of research since his earlier book. The history of the regiment, and of the men of The King's Royal Regiment have great significance to those with an interest in the American Revolutionary War and the subsequent resettlement of United Empire Loyalists and others, many of whom migrated to Canada.
ISBN 1-897210-83-3 (Hardcover)    More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $74.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - Orderly Book of the Three Battalions of Loyalists Commanded by Brigadier-General Oliver De Lancey, 1776-1778, To Which is Appended a List of New York Loyalists in the City of New York During the War of the Revolution
Compiled by: William Kelby
Originally published 1917
This facsimile reprint by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2006

This book is a military diary outlining the activities of three battalions of Loyalists that were raised for the defense of Long Island. The orderly book includes much detail including many names of specific individuals. An appendix listing 1500 Loyalists who resided in New York during the American Revolution follows the main content of the book.
ISBN 1-897446-93-4 (Softcover)   More information
Coilbound......CDN$   $22.95

BOOK - Pioneer Life On The Bay Of Quinte
New Introduction by Brian Tackaberry (1999)
New Index (1999)
Originally published by Rolph and Clark, 1904
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 1999 (CD 2010)

This 1096 page tome is invaluable to those who are researcing Loyalist and other ancestry in the Bay of Quinte and south east central Ontario region. The region of settlement covered in this volume (Bay of Quinte region) extends from Kingston to Trenton and includes the counties of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, Hastings and Prince Edward. Originally published in 1904, this edition contains a extensive new index, and a new introduction by Brian Tackaberry. 309 family histories and genealogies of early Loyalist, British and American families who settled in the region.
ISBN 1-894378-33-4 (Hardcover).    More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $123.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $29.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - The Settlement of the United Empire Loyalists on the Upper St. Lawrence and Bay of Quinte In 1784, A Documentary Record
By Brig. General E. A. Cruikshank
Originally published by Ontario Historical Society, Toronto, 1934
This edition by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2007

The Settlement of the United Empire Loyalists on the Upper St. Lawrence and Bay of Quinte In 1784, A Documentary Record is a collection of letters and journal entries of the people who were most closely involved with planning and accomplishing Loyalist settlement along the St. Lawrence River and the Bay of Quinte area between May 1783 and November of 1784. Many references to specific settlers and their circumstances are included.
ISBN: 978-1-897466-03-4 (Hardcover)    More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $39.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - Loyalists in Arms 1775 - 1783
By: W. O. Raymond
This book contains a short History of the British Regiments that unsuccessfully attempted to contain the American revolution, with the Roll of their Officers. Loyalists in Arms 1775 - 1783 is an essential reference for those interested in those who fought on the side of the Crown in the American Revolutionary War. To see a list of which regiments are covered in this book, click on "More Information".
ISBN 1-897210-76-0 (Softcover)   More information
Coilbound......CDN$   $14.95

BOOK - The Romance of The Palatine Millers, A Tale of Palatine Irish-Americans and United Empire Loyalists
By Rev. Bowman Tucker
Originally published by the author, Montreal, 1929
This edition by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2005 (CD 2011)

More than a family history book, The Romance of The Palatine Millers, begins with an historical overview of the Palatines in the Rhine River valley (in present-day Germany), continues with the story of the Palatine migration overseas, with eventual settlement in Canada, and their American cousins who remained behind after the American Revolution.
ISBN 1-897210-76-0 (Hardcover)   More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $64.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - To Their Heirs Forever, United Empire Loyalists, Camden Valley, New York, to Upper Canada
By Eula C. Lapp.
Originally published by Mika Publishing, Belleville, 1977
Subsequent printings by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2000, 2010 (CD 2010)

To Their Heirs Forever is the story of families who migrated from Europe to England in the 1700's, then to Ireland, finally settling in the Camden Valley, Charlotte County, of present day New York State. This story focuses on those families that were forced to seek a new life in Canada after the American Revolutionary War.
ISBN 1-894378-39-3 (Hardcover)     More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $61.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - Voyage Of A Different Kind - The Associated Loyalists of Kingston and Adolphustown [Ontario]
By Larry Turner.
Originally published by Mika Publishing, Belleville, 1984
This printing by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 1999

From the City of New York to the shores of Lake Ontario: Following a path of its own choosing, a small but significant group of Loyalist refugees opted for settlement in the western territory of the old Province of Quebec (present day Kingston and Adolphustown, Ontario) after the American Revolutionary War.
ISBN 1-894378-08-3 (Hardcover)   More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $38.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - Loyalists and Land Settlement in Nova Scotia.
Compiled by Marion Gilroy under the direction of D. C. Harvey, Archivist
Originally published 1937 (This historical reprint by Global Heritage Press)
The list of United Empire Loyalists who appear in this book, was compiled from the land papers in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia and checked with the land papers in the Department of Lands and Forests of the province. The general purpose of this publication was to collect in as compact a form as possible all the information that has survived on Loyalist settlements in Nova Scotia and to make this accessible to the descendants who are interested.
ISBN 1-897210-95-7 (Hardcover)   More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $36.95
BOOK on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - Kingston and the "Loyalists of the Spring Fleet" of 1783
By Walter Bates
Originally published by Barnes and Company, Saint John, 1889
This edition by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2010

This book deals with the exodus of the Loyalists of the Spring Fleet from the United States to sanctuary in Atlantic Canada in 1783. The original title page includes a lengthy title and attribution, as was common when this history was written: Kingston and the "Loyalists of the Spring Fleet" of A.D. 1783. With Reminiscences of Early Days in Connecticut: A Narrative. By Walter Bates, ESQ., Sometime High Sheriff of the County of Kings. To Which is Appended a Diary Written by Sarah Frost on Her Voyage to St. John, N.B. with the Loyalists of 1783. Edited with Notes by W. O. Raymond, A.B. Rector of St. Mary's Church, St. John, N.B..
ISBN: 9781926797434    More information
Coilbound......CDN$   $9.95

BOOK - The Old United Empire Loyalists List, Originally Published as The Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada 1784-1884
By The Centennial Committee, United Empire Loyalists
Originally published by Rose Publishing Co., Toronto, 1885.
This facsimile reprint by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2005 (CD 2010)

This book was originally compiled in 1885 for the "Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada". It contains the names of, and information about many of United Empire Loyalist settlers, and others who left the American colonies during and after the Revolutionary War and settled, first, in 1783, in what is now New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and then, in 1784, in Upper Canada, or what is now the Province of Ontario.
ISBN 1-897210-69-8 (Hardcover)    More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $55.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - 7th Town Ameliasburgh Township Past & Present
By Seventh Town Historical Society
Originally published by 7th Town Historical Society, Ameliasburgh, 1984
This edition by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 1999, 2010 (CD 2010)

This revised edition contains a facsimile reprint of every page of the original book plus new material. Of great value is a new and extensive index. The index is a windfall for family historians because it guides readers to over six thousand names linked to many thousands of valuable references.
ISBN 1-894378-30-X (Hardcover)    More Information
Hardcover......CDN$   $109.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $21.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK or CD ROM - The Ketcheson Family. By The Ketcheson Family Book Committee. Though this is one family's history/genealogy, the direct and collateral family lines are dominated by Loyalists and their descendants. The Ketcheson Family history is a genealogical study of twelve generations of the descendants of William and Sally Ayr Ketcheson. Thier son William Ketcheson, born in Yorkshire, England, was destined to become the progenitor of the widespread family largely responsible for a considerable share of the development of what later became the province of Ontario in the Dominion of Canada.
ISBN 1-894378-62-8 (Hardcover)    More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $119.95
Book on CD......CDN$   $39.95

BOOK - The Book of Names, Especially Relating to the Early Palatines and the First Settlers in the Mohawk Valley. By: Lou D. MacWethy. Palatines migrated across the continent with primary migration trails including to Canada and to the American west after the American Revolution. This long respected work was the earliest to to provide a published list of more than 20,000 names and genealogical information about the early Palatines of New York State, the original settlers of the Mohawk Valley.
ISBN 1-897210-73-6 (Hardcover)     More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $43.95

BOOK - The Queen's Rangers
By George H. Locke and Margaret Ray. The author discusses the history of the Queen's Rangers from the American Revolution until the mid-ninteenth century. A reprint of a paper presented by George H. Locke at the June, 1923 meeting of the Ontario Historical Society at Kingston. Includes several biographies plus an appendix item containing a list of members of the Queen's Rangers who were present at the Surrender of Yorktown in 1781.
ISBN 1-897210-77-9     More information
Coilbound......CDN$   $12.00

BOOK - The Hessians And The Other German Auxiliaries Of Great Britain In The Revolutionary War.
By Edward J. Lowell (This historical reprint by Global Heritage Press)
The history of the German auxiliaries, who fought for Great Britain in the Revolutionary War, has not received from American writers the amount of attention which its importance would seem to deserve. Much of the original source material used by the author in 1884 was lost due to bombing during the Second World War. This circumstance heightens the the importance of this early work.
ISBN 1-894378-83-0 (Hardcover)    More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $56.95
BOOK on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

BOOK - Sketches Illustrating The Early Settlement and History of Glengarry in Canada
By J. A. MacDonell.
J. A. MacDonell recognized that much had been written on the subject of United Empire Loyalist settlement in Ontario, the War of 1812-14, and the Rebellion of 1837-8, but expressed concern that there was little mention made of the part that the Highlanders of Glengarry played in those conflicts. He corrects that oversight within the 29 chapters that comprise this formitable text. This book is an fine source of information for those interested in early settlement of the Highlanders in Glengarry and surrounding counties, and the role that they played in the American Revolution, United Empire Loyalist migration and settlement, War of 1812, and the Rebellion of 1837-38.
ISBN 1-894378-80-6 (Hardcover)     More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $56.95
BOOK on CD......CDN$   $19.95
PC & Mac - PDF format

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