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New Genealogy TV Series: "Ancestors in the Attic"
Column published: 04 October 2006
By: Rick Roberts,   Biography & Archived Articles

An exciting new family history research television show begins on History Television this month. Make a note on your calendar to be in front of your TV at 9:30 pm on Wednedsday, October 18. The show is set at a fast pace, loaded with interesting real stories that thread throughout the half hour program. This show will appeal to everyone from the experienced genealogist to those who have never thought about family history research before.

Paul McGrath is the show's resident genealogist who travels Canada and the world with host Jeff Douglas, solving research roadblocks that have been submitted. "Ancestors in the Attic" panelists include Dr. Kevin James, and Global Heritage Press authors and Global Gazette columnists Fawne Stratford-Devai and Ryan Taylor. Viewers are led through the research process, and are provided with clear examples of research strategies. Research stories are kept fast-moving and interesting for viewers of all ages and experience.

Having previewed three of the episodes, I'm betting that "Ancestors in the Attic" will attract a wide audience of dedicated viewers. Move over, Antiques Roadshow!
    Jeff Douglas hosts the new genealogy series. You may have seen him hosting the popular TV show "Things That Move". Jeff is an actor with personal interest in family history, but no formal training. His job is to keep the pace fast

    Got any secrets in your family tree, skeletons in ye olde ancestral closet? Were your ancestors sinners or saints, royals or rogues? Now you can dig into your family history with "Ancestors in the Attic" presented by Reader's Digest Canada, airing Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT beginning October 18, 2006 on History Television.

    Produced by Toronto's Primitive Entertainment and hosted by Things That Move's Jeff Douglas, "Ancestors in the Attic" is an irreverent, fast-paced new series that takes viewers on a road trip across Canada and on a worldwide search for their ancestors. Part personal drama, part forensic investigation and part historical revelation, "Ancestors in the Attic" reveals to Canadians, in an intimate and dramatic way, not only their roots, but also the diverse stories that make up the history of our country.

    "Ancestors in the Attic" presented by Reader's Digest Canada was based on an idea by Dugald Maudsley and his father, Don Maudsley, who has a keen interest in family history. "I challenged my dad to come up with a great story to prove that genealogy was ready for prime time," says Maudsley, who is also a producer and writer of the project. "He came up with two from our own family - one about a murder-suicide and the other about an unusual piece of land. That was pretty dramatic material, and History Television thought so, too."

    For more than a year, "Ancestors in the Attic" has gathered unsolved family mysteries submitted by Canadians and, over 15 half hour programs, the program's team of professional Indiana Jones genealogists will crack them. The results are often unexpected; the revelations startling.

    Host Jeff Douglas and staff genealogist Paul McGrath travel the world pursuing family legends, tracking the genealogy of families, reuniting lost kin, and revealing simple ways to break through genealogical brick walls. At the same time a panel of professional genealogists - Dr. Kevin James, Fawne Stratford-Devai, and Ryan Taylor - combine their considerable talents to take viewers on a forensic journey that unlocks the answer to a particularly difficult mystery - the true identity of a murder victim, the final resting place of a war hero, the location of an ancestor's antebellum plantation.

    The stories of "Ancestors in the Attic" cover the entire breadth of Canada from Coquitlam, B.C., to Carbonnear, Newfoundland, and from Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories to Chatham in southwestern Ontario. The series also crosses oceans to actively help people uncover the secrets in their family tree. By telling the story of one person's search for their ancestors "Ancestors in the Attic" not only delves into a slice of Canadian history, it reveals the connections that bind us as individuals, families and as a nation.

    "Ancestors in the Attic" presented by Reader's Digest Canada is produced by Primitive Entertainment in association with History Television, produced with the assistance of the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit. The series is produced by Dugald Maudsley, Kristina McLaughlin and Michael McMahon, and executive produced by Michael McMahon. Executive for History Television is Michael Kot.

    About Primitive Entertainment:

    Primitive Entertainment is a leading Canadian production company based in Toronto and specializing in high-quality non-fiction films. The company was founded in 1990 by brothers Kevin and Michael McMahon, with Kristina McLaughlin joining the company in 1994. Primitive Entertainment's impressive roster of award-winning work includes: The Falls; McLuhan's Wake; Stolen Spirits of Haida Gwaii; The Trouble with Boys; Cod: The Fish That Changed the World; I, Curmudgeon; and the series Things That Move. In addition to Ancestors in the Attic, Primitive is currently producing Four Wings and a Prayer, a high-definition feature-length international co-production with Films à Trois, Paris and the National Film Board for the Documentary Channel and France 2; the second and third seasons of Things That Move, hosted by Jeff Douglas for History Television; a feature-length documentary by Alan Zweig entitled Lovable, for TVOntario and IFC; and Kevin McMahon's feature-length documentary, Waterlife. More information is available at:

    History Television is an Alliance Atlantis Network. For more information on History Television programming, please visit
Overview of the first eight episodes:


    Wendy Cosby of Vancouver wants to confirm a family legend that her ancestor cradled the head of a dying General Wolfe at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham; An Orillia woman unearths a mysterious gravestone in her garden; An Ontario woman seeks the name of her aboriginal ancestor.


    Segment 1 - The Death of Wolfe
    Written & Directed by Maureen Judge, Brenda Kovrig.
    Filmed in Vancouver, Ottawa, and on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City.

    Wendy Cosby, of Vancouver, B.C., wants to confirm the family legend that she is related to Philips Cosby, and that he's the man in the famous painting by Benjamin West cradling the head of General Wolfe as he lay mortally wounded on the Plains of Abraham. Jeff and Paul's search for an answer takes them from The National Archives in Quebec City to The National Gallery of Canada, where West's 1770 painting The Death of Wolfe now hangs, and where an expert provides key clues. Jeff and Paul shed new light on this mystery, which evokes all the drama and excitement of this pivotal moment in Canadian history.

    Segment 2 - Finding Dorothy
    Written & Directed by Mike Downie.
    Filmed in Orillia and Penetanguishene, Ontario.

    Imagine the shock of digging a flowerbed in your garden and unearthing the mysterious gravestone of a little girl who died a hundred years ago. That's what happened to Cheryl Bumstead, of Orillia, Ontario. Dorothy was just 10 when she died in 1902. Who was she, and why was her gravestone in Cheryl's garden? ANCESTORS IN THE ATTIC presented by Reader's Digest Canada goes in search of answers and a descendant of Dorothy's so that Cheryl can return Dorothy's gravestone.

    Segment 3 - Silence
    Written & Directed by Mike Downie.
    Filmed in Penetanguishene, Ontario.

    Barbara Anderson of Peterborough, Ontario, is in search of a name. She'd like our panel of genealogical experts to help her trace her aboriginal roots. She knows the name of her great-great-great grandfather, John Craddock, a British officer who died fighting Napoleon's army at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. The details of Craddock's life are easily found, but the records are silent on the name of his wife, the typical fate of a woman, especially an aboriginal woman, in early 19th Century Upper Canada. Despite the daunting challenge, ingenious detective work by our team finally reveals the remarkable English name of Barbara's ancestor. Armed with the new information, Barbara finally feels she can give this forgotten woman back her identity, and her dignity.

    This Episode's Ancestral Quiz

    One American President may actually have been born in Canada. Was it:
    A) Andrew Johnson?
    B) Rutherford B. Hayes?
    C) Chester Arthur?
    D) Calvin Coolidge?

    Is Michael Walton, of Maple Ridge, B.C., descended from the famous Indian princess, Pocahontas?; Was a Toronto man's relative the projectionist at Loew's magnificent Toronto movie palace in the 1930s?; And a murder on a Manitoba farm leads Nanci Pattenden, of Newmarket, Ontario, to a lost cousin.


    Segment 1 - Pocahontas
    Written & Directed by Roberto Verdecchia, Maureen Judge.
    Filmed in Maple Ridge, B.C., Canterbury Cathedral and Gravesend, U.K.

    What do Thomas Jefferson, George W. Bush, Wayne Newton and Michael Walton, of Maple Ridge, B.C., all have in common?: They all believe they're related to the famous Indian princess, Pocahontas. Jeff and Paul trace Michael's family history through ancient records at the famous Canterbury Cathedral and the remarkable history of Pocahontas, who helped make peace between the tribes of North America and the new American colony.

    Segment 2 - Phantom of the Elgin
    Written & Directed by Mike Downie.
    Filmed in Toronto, Ontario.

    Paul Lalonde, of Toronto, Ontario, wants to find out whether it's true that his great grandfather was a film projectionist at Toronto's magnificent movie palace, Loew's Theatre (now known as the Elgin and Winter Garden), during that cinema's heyday in the 1930s. Paul and Jeff solve the mystery.

    Segment 3 - Murder in Manitoba
    Written & Directed by Christie Callan-Jones.
    Filmed in Toronto and Aurora, Ontario.

    Nanci Pattenden, of Newmarket, Ontario, wants to know if she's related to the notorious William Pattenden. Sentenced at age 16 to hang for the murder of a woman on a Manitoba farm, the jury at his sensational 1891 trial forced the government to commute the lad's penalty to 15 years in prison, saying he was provoked. Our panel of genealogical experts uncovers the facts of young William's ancestry, while also tracing Nanci's genealogy. They discover the answer to her query, and in the process find her lost English cousin who also has a passion for Pattenden family history.

    This Episode's Ancestral Quiz

    Margaret MacMillan, author of the bestselling book "Paris 1919", is related to which of the following:

    A) British politician David Lloyd George?
    B) Michael MacMillan, Executive Chairman of Alliance Atlantis Corporation, which owns History Television (on which ANCESTORS IN THE ATTIC is seen)?
    C) Daniel MacMillan, founder of the famous MacMillan & Co. publishing house?

    Is the Irish princess of Newfoundland fact or fiction, and is a B.C. woman related to her?; Was Gail Cunningham's ancestor the famous Tete Jaune, who discovered the first pass through the Rockies?; And the Canadian war hero who deserted his family to live a secret life in England.


    Segment 1 - A Princess, A Pirate and a Pike
    Written & Directed by Brenda Kovrig.
    Filmed in St. John's and Carbonear, Newfoundland.

    Legend has it that an Irish princess, Sheila NaGeira, was abducted by Dutch pirates in 1602 on her way home from France, and then rescued by an English privateer on its way to protect the English fishing fleet off Newfoundland's Grand Banks. Falling in love and marrying the ship's lieutenant, Gilbert Pike, Sheila settled on The Rock. Four hundred years later, Isabel Dillabough, of Williams Lake, B.C., wants to know if she's related to the Princess. Jeff and Paul find out.

    Segment 2 - The One-Armed Trapper
    Written & Directed by Jeff Semple, Karen Dougherty.
    Filmed in Toronto City Archives.

    Gail Cunningham, of Goose Bay Island, B.C., discovers an unusual document in the B.C. archives that shakes her world. It seems to prove that her ancestor was the famous Tete Jaune, the Hudson's Bay Company guide who found the first pass through the Rocky Mountains. But can this document be trusted? Paul travels back in time to find out the truth and uncovers an extraordinary tale of adventure and exploration in Western Canada.

    Segment 3 - The Desertion of Hubert Bessent
    Written & Directed by Karen Shopsowitz
    Filmed in Kenora, Ontario.

    Laureen Parsons, of Kenora, Ontario, grew up hearing that her great grandfather, Hubert Bessent, deserted his wife and three children. But when she begins digging into the past she discovers a different man. Hubert was a decorated World War I hero who saved his men at the terrible battle of Passchendaele. Now Laureen is on a quest to rehabilitate Hubert's name. To complete her journey she needs to find one final piece of the puzzle - the location of Hubert's grave. Our panel of genealogists rides to the rescue.

    This Episode's Ancestral Quiz

    Actor Tom Hanks is related to which of the following:
    A) Film director Steven Spielberg?
    B) U.S. President Abraham Lincoln?
    C) Country singer legend Hank Williams Sr.?
    D) Nathanael Greene, hero of the Revolutionary War?

    A chance discovery of a WWI dog tag in his backyard leads an Englishman on a journey to three continents in search of the Canadian soldier who wore it and his mysterious past; In the early 1900s, did an unknown Toronto jeweler teach famous Henry Birks how to cut diamonds?; And a Victoria woman seeks answers about an ancestor who may have helped save Canada from defeat at the hands of the Americans in the War of 1812.


    Segment 1 - Dog Tag
    Written & Directed by Roberto Verdecchia.
    Filmed in South Cerney, United Kingdom
    When Englishman Maurice Taylor, running his trusty metal detector over his fields near Salisbury, unearths the worn dog tag of a WWI Canadian soldier, he embarks on a quest to find the soldier and unearth his past and the mystery surrounding his lost parents. Little do we know that this journey will take us to Africa before Canada…and then, in a final and surprising turn of events, back to Britain.

    Segment 2 - The King of Bling
    Written & Directed by Mike Downie
    Filmed in Birks Jewellery Store, Toronto, and the Toronto City Archives

    Stephanie Bell, of Amherst Island in Ontario, has always wanted to know if the family legend was true that, in the bustling Toronto of the early 20th Century, the famous Henry Birks was an apprentice to her own great grandfather, jeweler John McEwan. A labyrinthine search through hundred year-old records in Toronto and Montreal reveals the truth.

    Segment 3 - Saving Canada
    Written & Directed by Jeff Semple
    Filmed in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, and Langford, B.C.
    Melanie Arscott of Victoria, B.C. wants to know if one of her ancestors, John Scott, helped save Canada in the War of 1812. Family rumour has it that Scott was a Corporal under Sir Isaac Brock in the famous 49th Regiment, and fought in the pivotal battles of Stoney Creek and Crysler's Farm that ultimately sent the Americans packing. Our triumvirate of genealogical sleuths uncover the surprising truth.

    This Episode's Ancestral Quiz

    To which of the following is hockey's The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, related?

    A) Sir Isaac Brock, the general who saved Canada from the Americans in the War of 1812?
    B) Composer Fryderyk Chopin?
    C) Astronomer and mathematician Nicolaus Copernicus?
    D) National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman?

    Two Sudbury sisters want to know if they're really descendents of a character from a Shakespeare play; Saving Private Ryan, the true story: Rob Coulter wants to find out whether four Coulter ancestors fought together in WWI and only one returned alive; And WASP Dave Lawson discovers his ancestor was a black slave, and asks us to find the Virginia plantation from which he escaped.


    Segment 1 - Finding Harry
    Written & Directed by Liam O'Rinn
    Filmed in Sudbury
    Sudbury sisters Carol and Shirley Anderson have always been told they had royal blood coursing through their veins. Family legend has it that their great grandmother, Rebecca Thorneycroft, was descended from England's famous Duke of Northumberland, immortalized in Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part I, and born in 1364! Now, that's an awfully long way to go back and trace someone's lineage, but our intrepid host Jeff Douglas and genealogist Ryan Taylor do a remarkable job in getting to the bottom of the sisters' story and uncover a surprising twist.

    Segment 2 - Four Brothers
    Written & Directed by Mike Downie
    Filmed in Library and Archives Canada, Preservation Centre, Ottawa

    For Robert Coulter of Oshawa, Ontario, family lore has it that four Coulter brothers fought in WWI, but only his grandfather, Samuel Coulter, survived. Host Jeff Douglas and genealogist Paul McGrath dig deep into the archives to uncover what actually happened to the Coulter boys, and whether three of them were, in fact, among the 66,0000 Canadian soldiers who died in The Great War.

    Segment 3 - A Hidden Family Secret
    Written & Directed by Elliott Shiff
    Filmed in Ancaster, Ontario

    Dave Lawson, of Ancaster, Ontario, has a most unusual family history. To all appearances a White Anglo-Saxon, Dave discovered a family secret hidden for over 100 years: his great great great grandfather was an escaped black slave named Enerals Griffin. In the 1830s, Enerals escaped from a Virginia plantation and made his way up to Canada. Now Dave has asked Jeff and our genealogical sleuths Kevin, Fawne, and Ryan, to see if they can discover which plantation Enerals escaped from. It's a fascinating detective story, and results in some remarkable news.

    This Episode's Ancestral Quiz

    In genealogy, it's always six degrees of separation. Jeff Douglas discovers he's related to someone on the ANCESTORS IN THE ATTIC presented by Reader's Digest Canada crew. Is it:

    A) Cameraman Ted Hart?
    B) Assistant director Carol Wilkinson?
    C) Staff genealogist Paul McGrath?
    D) Producer Dugald Maudsley?

    Missionary or dinner? Katie Yeoman wants to know whether her ancestor was eaten by cannibals; the descendants of a World War I soldier want to learn where he's buried; Our panel of genealogists tackle a century old crime of passion in Vancouver's Italian community.


    Segment 1 - Eaten By Cannibals
    Written & Directed by Roberto Verdecchia.
    Filmed in Toronto and at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, England.

    Here's a story you can really sink your teeth into. For years, Katie Yeoman of Toronto has heard the family legend about her great great great uncle J.M. Orsmond, a missionary who went to Tahiti and, for his troubles, got eaten by cannibals. Jeff Douglas and Paul McGrath hunt down the facts behind this grisly family story. Can it be true, or is someone eating….ah, I mean, pulling Katie's leg?

    Segment 2 - Finding a War Grave
    Written & Directed by Christie Callan-Jones.
    Filmed in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Reference Library, St. John's Norway Cemetery and Kew
    Beach Memorial Gardens.

    Charlie Jordan, a sapper in WWI, died in battle and his body was never returned to Canada. Now his descendants would like to know where in Europe he was buried. Paul searches for answers that will finally lay this family mystery to rest.

    Segment 3 - A Crime of Passion
    Written & Directed by Jeff Semple.
    Filmed in Vancouver Public Library and Mountain View Cemetery, Burnaby, B.C.
    "Love Crazed Italian Kills Sweetheart", the Vancouver newspaper headlines screamed in 1904. Fifteen year-old Daisy Cappello was killed in a hail of bullets by her estranged boyfriend Joe Nucci, thirty years her senior. Over one hundred years later, Juanita Hadwin (nee Cappello) of Burnaby, B.C. brings this tale of passion in Vancouver's Italian community to our panel of genealogical experts. With the same family name, she wants to know if she and Daisy are related? The search for an answer takes us not only into the early records of Canada but back to the Italian origins of both families.

    This Episode's Ancestral Quiz

    A sample of host Jeff Douglas's DNA reveals that his genes originally came from:
    A) The Steppes of Russia?
    B) The Tigris-Euphrates region in Iraq?
    C) Kenya?
    D) Southern India?

    An Oshawa woman wants to know if she's related to the British Royal Family, or is it pure balderdash?; Cracking a one hundred year-old cold case: did Julie McKinnon's ancestor die in a barroom brawl - or drown under mysterious circumstances?; Don Chapman of Mission, B.C. finds a WWII Silver Cross medal and enlists our help to locate the living relatives of the soldier who won it so it can be returned.


    Segment 1 - Roads Scholar
    Written & Directed by Mike Downie
    Filmed in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and the North York (Ontario) Central Library

    Grannie always told Oshawa's Janet Lee Evans that she was related to kings through her ancestor John Louden McAdam. Now Janet wants to know if it's true or just pure balderdash. Finding the answer involves an odyssey through British historical records, and an interesting family connection to the origins of the word 'tarmac.'

    Segment 2 - The Drowning of Robert Peer
    Written & Directed by Mike Downie
    Filmed in Renfrew, Ontario

    Was it murder and mayhem, or a mere accident? Julie McKinnon hopes host Jeff Douglas and genealogist sleuth Paul McGrath can crack a one hundred year-old cold case involving the mysterious death of her great grand-uncle Robert Peer, rumoured to have been murdered in a 1910 barroom brawl and found six months later in the Ottawa River. The investigation follows a trail leading from Renfrew, Ontario cemetery records to a coroner's report and Robert's obituary that reveals the probable events surrounding his unfortunate demise.

    Segment 3 - The Silver Cross
    Written & Directed by Maureen Judge
    Filmed in Durham & Toronto, Ontario

    They say "dead men tell no tales", but Don Chapman of Mission, B.C. hopes Jeff and our expert panel of genealogists can locate the relatives of a WWII soldier, in order to return a Silver Cross war medal accidentally found by Don's mother-in law in the 1960s. When traditional genealogical methods fail, raw detective work and ingenuity finally lead to a breakthrough.

    This Episode's Ancestral Quiz

    To which of the following is Canadian chanteuse Celine Dion related?

    A) The famous Dionne Quintuplets?
    B) Professional golfer Vijay Singh?
    C) Camilla Parker Bowles, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall?
    D) Ancestors in the Attic presented by Reader's Digest Canada host Jeff Douglas?

    Gar Darroch of Burlington searches for the identity of the original owner of his beloved 1931 Model A Deluxe Ford Roadster; An investigation to find out more about the life of a WWI soldier hinges on whether his British war records survived the terrible Blitz of London in WWII; Florence Thompson wants more information about the father she never knew, who was killed in the disastrous collapse of Vancouver's Second Narrows Bridge.


    Segment 1 - Gar's Car
    Written & Directed by Elliott Shiff
    Filmed in Burlington, Ontario

    Gar Darroch of Burlington, Ontario is a man obsessed. When he spotted the 1931 Model A Deluxe Ford Roadster at a Barrie antique car flea market in 1994 it was love at first sight. Since that fateful day he has lovingly restored the beautiful vintage vehicle to mint condition. Now he wants to find the original owner of a car that was the Mustang convertible of its day. His determined search reveals the remarkable identity of the Roadster's first owner, and takes him from New Brunswick to British Columbia, opening, in the process, a window on a vanished era.

    Segment 2 - Burnt Records
    Written & Directed by Roberto Verdecchia
    Filmed in the UK National Archives, Kew, U.K.

    Mike Eckersley of Squamish, B.C. knows his grandfather, Joseph Eaves, was a British soldier in WWI, but not much else. Eager to learn more, he asks Jeff Douglas and Paul McGrath to help him get answers. Their investigation leads to Britain and their success hinges on whether Eaves' war records survived destruction during the terrible London Blitz.

    Segment 3 - Death on the Second Narrows Bridge
    Written & Directed by Jeff Semple
    Filmed on the Second Narrows Bridge, Vancouver, and in Richmond B.C.

    Florence Thompson was just a little girl when her father, Jack Thompson, died in one of the biggest construction disasters of the time, the collapse of Vancouver's Second Narrows Bridge in 1958. Nobody knew much about the mysterious Jack, not even the names of his parents. Ingenious genealogical detective work supplies some much-needed answers and helps Florence rebuild the bridge to her past.

    This Episode's Ancestral Quiz

    To which one of the following people is Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper related?

    A) Former Cree M.P. Elijah Harper, who opposed the Meech Lake Accord?
    B) U.S. President George W. Bush?
    C) Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe?
    D) Rob Wells, aka "Ricky" on TV's Trailer Park Boys?
Source: Press Release - Primitive Entertainment, Toronto, Ontario

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