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Updated 08 June, 2014

Biography: Rick Roberts

Rick Roberts

Ricks' family history addiction began during summer vacations on his grandparents' farm where rainy days were spent sorting through family pictures, documents and artifacts while his grandmother told well-worn family stories. That early spark grew into a passion for genealogy and history that eventually led to the founding of Global Genealogy in the summer of 1992. Rick is especially interested in the historical events that influenced the lives of his ancestors... what pushed them to the decisions they made... and what pulled them to the lives they led.

Recent articles by Rick Roberts:

List of current lectures:
    Self-Publishing Your Family History, Practical Steps to Success
    (1 hour)
    This session will help you organize the components of your manuscript of your manuscript and then self-publish your work in printed book form. Includes tips about content and structure of a book, paper, fonts, margins, copyright, ISBN, CIP, marketing, on-demand vs. short-run vs. long-run printing, binding options, and much more to help you successfully publish a book you can be proud of. It's easier and less expensive than you think! Whether you plan to print 25 copies or 2500 copies, you will learn how to avoid pitfalls and produce professional results while saving time, money and stress.

    Researching Canadian First World War Records Using Online and Traditional Resources
    (1 hour)
    Discover which Canadian military records are available to help you reveal the roles that individual enlisted Canadians played in World War One, where those records are, how to access them, plus tips and hints for interpreting Canadian military documents. We discuss those who served at home and/or overseas, those who applied for service and were rejected, those who returned from war, and those who didn't. A case study, compiled by using internet based and physical records will illustrate effective strategies, research processes and results.

To book Rick Roberts for an upcoming event, contact him by telephone at 1-800-361-5168, or by email. Inc. 1992-2015
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