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Updated 30 December, 2006

Marielle A. Bourgeois, M.A., C.F.A.
Biography & Links to Published Work

Marielle A. Bourgeois, M.A., C.F.A., has been interested in history and genealogy for 27 years. The fourth child of a family of five, Marielle was born in Montréal, Québec from parents whose distant ancestors were from France and Germany.

A graduate from Universities in Montréal and Virginia, she evolved professionally in the international business world and worked in Canada, Europe, Asia and the United States as an economist and a certified financial advisor.

Marielle regularly gives conferences in English and in French on various topics of history and genealogy, speaking at local genealogical societies and cultural clubs in the United States and Canada. She has recently been invited to speak at a conference in Europe. She has been on the Santa Barbara television program "Our Ancestors". She founded the "French Ancestor Group" that meets monthly in Santa Barbara. Marielle wrote a play on what happened to family members during the deportation of the Acadians, which was presented in English at the Congrès Mondial Acadien in Louisiana two years ago.

Genealogy research has been for her an interesting hobby and a passion. Under the leadership of her cousin, Father Georges-Henri Cournoyer (a priest who was also a conscientious professional genealogist as well as a researcher in Genetics at the service of the Quebec Government Health Department), she learned how to do genealogy and genetic research.

Even though no one knew of the Acadian heritage of her family, Marielle realized early on that she was not only of French Canadian descent, but also of Acadian descent in addition to having a pronounced Germanic cultural and genealogical heritage.

Global Gazette articles authored by Marielle A. Bourgeois, M.A., C.F.A.
  • Finding Your Ancestors in Quebec By: Marielle A. Bourgeois. One day, I wondered if I could find my ancestors who were from the Richelieu River Valley area, in the province of Québec, Canada.
  • A Productive French Genealogy-Research Day By: Marielle A. Bourgeois. More than twenty-five years ago I set out to find the roots of my paternal ancestors in the Richelieu River Valley in the province of Québec, Canada.
Published Work:
    Marielle has produced genealogy and history articles published in Everton Family History Magazine, The Genealogist of Manchester, New Hampshire, "Je Me Souviens" magazine of Rhode Island, the Newsletter of the San Mateo Genealogical Society, "Le Bourgeois" of New Brunswick, "Généalogies Sans Frontières", and forthcoming issues of Heritage Quest Magazine will carry her articles on tracing your French ancestors in Canada, the USA, and Europe.

Contact: Specialties:
    Research of French names anywhere in the world, with special emphasis in Canada (Québec and Maritime provinces expert); USA; France; Belgium; Switzerland; and Italy. Experienced researcher with name(s) changed situation(s) often called genealogy blocks.
  • For many, many years I and my cousins have tried unsuccessfully to find where in France our ancestor, Pierre Latour was born. No one knew, not even the famed French Canadian genealogists Cyprien Tanguay and Réné Jetté. Most of my cousins gave up because there was no discernible clue linking Pierre to any town or city in France. Many cousins had theories but they were all speculative. We were very fortunate to meet Marielle Bourgeois. This extraordinary, insightful, charming lady said, "Maybe I can help you." Not only could she help, her in-depth of knowledge of history and her large network of contacts in Canada and abroad were able to supply us with many new facts and documents that none of us had seen before on many of our early ancestors. Best of all, she found Pierre's place of birth. Marielle is a very thorough, very professional genealogist whom I respect and now count among my circle of valued friends. Not only did she help but she gave me the tools to assist in the search. This was a very rewarding and educational process. Anyone who asks for help from Marielle Bourgeois will not be disappointed!
  • I contacted Marielle Bourgeois a few years ago when I was struck and could not find the my mother's line by the name of Bushway from New Hampshire. I had been lucky with my father's line, Cloutier, with the help of a cousin of mine we had traced my ancestors all the way back to France. I wanted to trace my mother's line as well but was not able to. Marielle checked every step of what I had done and what records I had used. She checked every item on every document. She traced a mistake that had been made in one of the records, a wrong name had been recorded on a marriage contract. She asked me to go to the cemetery where my Bushway ancestors were buried and take photos of the stone inscriptions. With the correction of the name on a marriage document and the knowledge of the birthdate of my great grandfather from the stone inscription, Marielle and I were finally able to break through the genealogy block and trace my Bushway/ Bourgeois (there had been a name changed) ancestors to Quebec and ultimately to LaRochelle, France, in 1641, when the first ancestor, Jacques Bourgeois, surgeon, left France to come to Acadia (today Nova Scotia). Marielle made a trip to the eastcoast of the USA to be able to find my ancestors, for which I am immensely appreciative. I have since visited the areas in Quebec where my ancestors come from and I have enrolled in a French immersion class with my daughter. Such beautiful new horizons are opened to me because of Marielle's expertise, perseverance, and her numerous genealogy contacts that save both of us a lot of time.
  • I found my family history through Marielle Bourgeois' outstanding research . Whatever I could write here would be inadequate to describe what Marielle has been able to accomplishe for me! I had a partial name, profession and the information that my great grandfather was born in France. I had the names of his children and the dates of birth in error and I had the wrong maiden name for his wife. Somehow, Marielle dug in and found the answers. Within a few months I had the names, the places, the marriage and baptismal records, from the provinces of Quebec and Manitoba, (my great grandfather was in fact not from France), and a wonderful visit to my cousins and ancestral home in St. Celestin, Quebec! We eventually traced my migrating ancestor who had been born in France in 1620 and came to Acadia. From there, some of his descendants went to Connecticut, eventually to Quebec, and ultimately to the USA.
  • Ms. Bourgeois is an experienced genealogist who has helped me immensley with her advice, insight, her vast knowledge of resources and her bi-lingual capability. She guided me on how to use a translation program and was instrumental in finding my ancestral roots in Italy in the early 1800's and now we are searching together further back in France. A true professional.

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