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Article posted: January 12, 1998

Applying for Ontario Birth, Marriage & Death Registrations
( Births after 1902, Marriages after 1917, Deaths after 1927 )

Getting Application Forms:

Contact the Office of the Registrar General for the latest application forms. To do that, you may contact any Land Registry Office in Ontario, or you may phone 416-325-8305 from Toronto or outside of Ontario. From areas outside of Toronto but in Ontario, phone 1-800-461-2156 and select the options for Information on Applications, Mail, and to Record Name and Address.

According to the Registrars office this is acceptable, and will result in an application being mailed to you within 2 business days.



Please note that the attached application form applies only to Ontario births, deaths or marriages. The Office of the Registrar General cannot provide any information regarding births, deaths or marriages that happened outside of Ontario.


Only the following records are held at the Office of the Registrar General. If the event you are applying for is not registered you will receive a notice from our office.

Birth - for births that occurred during the past 95 years

Marriages - for marriages that occurred during the past 80 years

Deaths - for deaths that occurred during the past 70 years

Records for events occurring after 1868, but prior to the years held by the Office of the Registrar General, (births before 1902, marriages before 1917, deaths before 1927) are available from the Archives of Ontario.

Fast and accurate searches are available from from a number of professional researchers including Global Gazette columnist Brenda Dougall Merriman.


If the entitlement/authorization section of your application is not completed in full it will be returned to you.

Please note that there are restrictions as to who may obtain a certificate or certified copy of a birth, or marriage, or death registration. The following individuals may obtain a certified photostatic copy or certificate of:

  • a) the individual named on the registration, (must be at least 13 years of age)
  • b) parents for their children under the age of 18
  • c) authorized representative of (a) or (b)* Note: if subject is deceased, provide proof of death
  • a) the bride or groom named on the registration
  • b) children of the marriage if bride/groom deceased
  • c) parents of the deceased bride/groom
  • d) authorized representative of (a) or (b) or (c)*
  • a) no restriction on death certificates
  • b) certified photostatic copies of registrations are restricted to next of kin and their authorized representative*
*If you wish to authorize the Office of the Registrar General to provide the documentation/information requested to your authorized representative, identify him/her on line 3b of the entitlement/authorization section of the application.


Please note that fees are subject to change. To obtain current fees, contact the Division Registrar at your local Municipal Office. When mailing your application be sure to enclose the necessary payment in Canadian Funds, (cheque or money order). All cheques and money orders must be made payable to The Minister of Finance. Post dated cheques will not be accepted. Do not send cash by mail. Fees originating outside of Canada must be in the form of an international money order in Canadian funds drawn on a Canadian clearing house.

U.S. applicants may submit a U.S. Postal Money Order in U.S. funds. Note: A fee of $35.00 will be charged for any dishonoured cheques.

    Office of the Registrar General

    P.O. Box 4600

    189 Red River Road

    Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6L8

Limited service is available at the Thunder Bay and Toronto Public Counters (900 Bay Street) for most of the following events: births from 1930 to present, marriages from 1965 to present, deaths from 1980 to present.

  • from the 416 area code, dial 325-8305
  • from the rest of Ontario, dial 1-800-461-2156
  • from outside of Ontario, dial (416) 325-8305
Note: If you have not received a response to your application within 90 days, please contact this office at one of the telephone numbers above.

  • Fax number - 807-343-7411
  • Fees for the services are as follows, as of Sept. 17, 1997.
  • Certificate $15.00
  • Photostatic copy $22.00
  • Surcharge on same day/walk in service $15.00
Be aware that if nothing is found, or if the surname of interest is not registered exactly as you enter it, you will get a not found answer from the office. NO refund is returned in this case, or any case for that matter.

Due to privacy laws they will not guess that they have found the right record. From personal experience, they are not infallible either. A certificate I once requested gave a date of death that was NOT the same as the date that was on the photostatic copy obtained later. To prevent this type of problem, perhaps ask for the photostatic copy in the beginning, even though it could waste a bit more money if the event is not found.

Each payment will give a search of a FIVE year period only.

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