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Scotland / Scottish
Genealogy & History

BOOK - The Great Historic Families of Scotland
By: James Taylor
Originally published by J. S. Virtue & Co., London, 1899
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2006 (CD 2010)

Hardcover (2 Vols)... 114.95 (C$)
Books on CD (2 Vols)... 19.95 (C$)
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf-via-download (2 Vols).....14.95 (C$)
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Hardcover Edition

Book-on-CD Edition

One of the great genealogical works of Scottish families, Taylor's The Great Historic Families of Scotland has been considered a cornerstone reference work since its original publication in 1889.

  • VOL ONE contents include:
    • Introduction
    • The Ancient Earldom of Mar
    • The Earldom of Menteith
    • The Douglases
    • The Keiths
    • The Setons
    • The Ruthvens of Gowrie
    • The Crightons of Frendraught
    • The MacKenzies of Seaforth
    • The MacKenzies of Cromartie
    • The Hamiltons
    • The Hamiltons-Douglases
    • The Campbells of Argyll
    • The Campbells of Breadalbane
    • The Campbells of Cawdor
    • The Leslies of Rothes
    • The Leslies of Leven
    • The Leslies of Newark
    • The Ramsays
    • The Maules
    • The Lauderdale Maitlands
    • The Homes
    • The Marchmont Humes
    • INDEX to volume one

    • 410 pages
      7" X 10.5"
      Hardcover (bright red Buckram with gilt stamping on front and spine)
      ISBN: 1-894571-69-X
  • VOL TWO contents include:
    • Introduction
    • The Maxwells
    • The Johnstones of Annandale
    • The Stewarts of Traquair
    • The Drummonds
    • The Strathallan Drummonds
    • The Erskines
    • The Erskines of Buchan and Cardross
    • The Erskines of Kellie
    • The Grahams
    • Thomas Graham, Lord Lynedoch
    • The Grahams of Esk, Nethery, and Norton-Conyers
    • The Scotts of Buccleuch
    • The Scotts of Harden
    • The Hepburns
    • The Frasers of Lovat
    • The Frasers of Philorth and Saltoun
    • The Gordons
    • The Gordons of Methlic and Haddo
    • The Gordons of Kenmure
    • The Gordons of Earlston, Gight, etc
    • The Hays of Errol
    • The Hays of Tweeddale
    • The Hays of Kinnoul
    • The MacLellans of Kirkcudbright
    • Addenda
      • Earldom of Menreith
      • The Angus Douglases
      • The Last Earl of Wintoun
      • The Campbells of Argyll
      • The Two Beautiful Gunnings
      • The Lauderdale Maitlands
      • The Erskines of Kellie
      • The Family of Hays
    • INDEX to volume two

    • 431 pages
      7" X 10.5"
      Hardcover (bright red Buckram with gilt stamping on front and spine)
      ISBN: 1-894571-70-3
    According to one review, it would be welcome by those who valued high standards of genealogical research and delighted in the romance of history. Equally important, from the genealogist's point of view, is the fact that the fifty or so main families selected for inclusion are thoroughly representative in character and are the progenitors of untold numbers of people living today. As might be expected of such a work, the narrative traces the families from their earliest recorded origins all the way up to the end of the 19th century.
      "Dr. Taylor has written a work fitted to interest and fascinate a public as wide as the Scottish people. . . ."-- The Scotsman

    More Scotland & Scottish resources from

    BOOK - Discover Scottish Church Records - Second Edition
    By Chris Paton
    Published by Unlock the Past, Australia, 2016
    This edition printed and bound in Canada by Inc.

    In this greatly expanded second edition of Chris Paton's popular title, he explores the history and records of the various churches in Scotland prior to 1855, the year in which civil registration commenced within the country. He describes the theological changes imposed by the Reformation of 1560, the nature of the state's battles with the Kirk, and the Kirk's subsequent battles within itself. Most importantly, he also discusses the nature of the records generated by the various Scottish churches, how to interpret them, and above all else, how to find them. Whether you are looking for tales of ministers carried into the air by Scotland's fairy folk, the fire and thunder of John Knox, a detailed explanation of the online offerings of the ScotlandsPeople website, or the treasures waiting in the National Records of Scotland, this is the definitive research guide to help anyone with Caledonian connections.
    ISBN 9781925323351     More Information
    Softcover...28.00 (C$)

    BOOK - ScotlandsPeople: The Place to Launch Your Scottish Research - Second Edition
    By Rosemary Kopittke
    Originally published by Unlock the Past, Australia, 2015
    ScotlandsPeople provides an exceptional source of genealogical records for those with Scottish ancestry - Statutory registers of birth, death and marriage, old parish registers, Catholic parish registers, census records, valuation rolls, wills and testaments, and Coats of Arms. Access to such a wide range of basic records for a relatively cheap fee means we can all research from our home without the expense of hiring a search agent, ordering in many microfilms, or a trip to Scotland - as pleasant as that last option may be. With some knowledge and practice you will become adept at locating records of relevance to your family and you will be well on your way with your research. Of course, not all records are available online. You will still need to track down your non-conformists, investigate land records, maps, cemeteries, electoral rolls, directories, poor law, military and other records, BUT ScotlandsPeople is a great place to launch the study of your families. ISBN 9781925323023     More Information
    Softcover...17.50 (C$)

    BOOK - Down and Out in Scotland: Researching Ancestral Crisis   
    By Chris Paton
    Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2015
    In this latest Unlock the Past guide, genealogist Chris Paton goes in search of the records of ancestral hardship in Scotland, to allow us to truly understand the situations that our ancestors had to endure and overcome across the generations, to help us become the people who we are today. There were many battles that our forebears fought for and against in Scotland, both on a personal level and as a part of the society within which they lived. There were the laws of the local parish church and the punishments awaiting those who breached kirk discipline; the struggles to avoid poverty and the stigma of being a debtor; the darkest moments of the soul, from mental health issues and illness, to murder and suicide; and the dramatic moments of rebellion, when our forebears drew a line in the sand against a perceived tyranny or democratic deficit. Illness, death, bigamy, abandonment, accidents, eviction, ethnic cleansing – a dramatic range of challenges across a lifetime, and at times, outright tragedy. ISBN 978-1-921956-98-0    More Information
    Softcover...18.50 (C$)

    BOOK - Discover Scottish Civil Registration Records   
    By Chris Paton
    Published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2013
    This edition published by Global Genealogy, Milton, 2014

    This guide from family historian Chris Paton takes a look at the vast world of Scottish civil registration records. Scotland commenced the statutory registration of births, marriages and deaths within the country in 1855, some seventeen and half years after a similar process had already got underway in England and Wales. The information lost to the family historian by such a late start is, however, more than made up for by the fact that Scottish registration records are the most detailed of all those found within the British Isles. But what was the law behind Scottish registration, and how did it differ to England, Wales and Ireland? Who was legally obliged to do what and when, what were the penalties for default, and how might such knowledge help with our ancestral research? Why were all the forms of Scottish irregular marriage not abolished in 1939, and what angered the country's doctors? Where are the records not found online via ScotlandsPeople, such as those for adoption, vaccination, civil partnerships and divorce - and what vital records does the General Register Office in England hold for Scots as far back at the 1760s, and far beyond Britain's shores? ISBN 978-1-926797-99-1    More Information
    Softcover...17.00 (C$)

    BOOK - Discover Scottish Land Records   
    By Chris Paton
    Originally published by Unlock the Past, St Agnes, Australia, 2012
    This edition published by Global Genealogy, Milton, 2014

    This guide from family historian Chris Paton takes a look at the complicated records concerning land and property based research in Scotland. For centuries property transactions within the county were governed by feudal tenure, a system which was abandoned in England and Wales in the Middle Ages, but which continued in Scotland until 2004. But feudalism was not the only method by which land was held, with udalism, duthcas, leasehold and more competing as forms of tenure across the country at different times. Connected with the rules surrounding property transactions were those associated with the inheritance of land and heritable estate, all of which is explained in great detail. From sassines to skat, from retours to precepts of clare constant, and from apparent heirs to heirs apparent, this concise guide will help you get to grips with one of the most exciting and useful topics within Scottish family history. ISBN 978-1-926797-97-7    More Information
    Softcover... 19.00 (C$)

    GAZETTEER & MAPS - Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland: A Survey of Scottish Topography, Statistical, Biographical, and Historical. New Edition (1893)
    By Francis H. Groome
    Originally published by William MacKenzie, Edinburgh, 1893
    This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2014

    Maps and gazetteers are a treasure trove for family historians and researchers. This multi-volume resource contains full colour maps (county, region & townplans), full page photos of Scottish scenes, and a 1755 page gazetteer that provides details on the history and development of Scotland in general and individual counties, cities, towns, villages and points of interest in particular.     More Information

    Gazetteer & Maps on CD... 19.95 (C$)
    PC & Mac - PDF format
    pdf-via-download.....14.95 (C$)
    Link emailed within 1 business day
    Licensed for personal use only

    BOOK - Gazetteer Of Scotland 1882
    By Rev. John Wilson.
    Originally published by W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1882
    This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 1999 (CD 2009)

    When this work was compiled in 1882, the Rev. John Wilson and his publishers sought to create a definitive work that "would supply a long-felt want; namley a Gazetteer of Scotland, extensive enough to embrace every Town and Village in the Country, of any importance...and yet portable in form...". To add value to the work, the compiler extracted population and other information from the 1881 Census Returns. A windfall for anyone researching 19th century Scotland for geographic, genealogical or historical interest.
    ISBN 1-894378-29-6 (Hardcover edition)     More Information

    Hardcover... 67.95 (C$)
    Book on CD... 19.95 (C$)
    PC & Mac - PDF format
    pdf-via-download.....14.95 (C$)
    Link emailed within 1 business day
    Licensed for personal use only

    ATLAS - Philip's Handy Atlas of the Counties of Scotland, 1888
    By John Bartholomew
    Originally published by George Philip & Son, London, 1888
    This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2012 (CD)

    Maps are a treasure trove for family historians and researchers. This CD contains 32 full colour maps and a 34 page index to point you to the county map and coordinates to easily locate the place that you are looking for. Every county map includes a legend of all Parishes with a corresponding colour outline showing the borders of each Parish. Ideal for pointing the researcher to the Parish records (baptisms, marriages, burials etc) for the area where your family lived. More Information

    Atlas on CD... 19.95 (C$)
    PC & Mac - PDF format
    pdf-via-download.....14.95 (C$)
    Link emailed within 1 business day
    Licensed for personal use only

    ATLAS on CD - Cary's New Map of England, Wales and part of Scotland, 1794
    By John Cary
    Originally published by John Cary, London, 1794
    This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2009 (CD)

    The original pages of the 1794 Cary's atlas have been carefully digitized and archived as electonic images. View images on-screen or print for personal use. Maps can be enlarged for detailed viewing. The atlas includes a comprehensive index of English, Welsh and Scottish places as they were known in 1794 (The Scottish section includes only the most southern border area). The index provides the page number where the full-colour map appears. Easy to use.
    ISBN 978-1-897446-38-6    More Information

    Atlas on CD... 19.95 (C$)
    PC & Mac - PDF format
    pdf-via-download.....14.95 (C$)
    Link emailed within 1 business day
    Licensed for personal use only

    image of actual cover to be added BOOK - British Home Children: Their Stories
    Compiled by the British Isles Family History Society of Ottawa (BIFHSGO)
    Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2010
    British Home Children were those who were admitted into a Philanthropic Home, Union Workhouse or Industrial School between 1869 and 1948, from families that had suffered a great tragedy or were dysfunctional. A great many of these children were then brought to Canada where they were received into a Distributing Home for settlement as farm labourers and domestics. To commemorate The Year of the British Home Child, BIFHSGO has assembled a collection of stories prepared by the researchers about the lives of some of these these children — their ancestors — that demonstrate the strength of character, sense of purpose and good humour that enabled them to overcome adversity and contribute a positive and lasting legacy to their new country.
    ISBN 978-1-926797-47-2 (Softcover)    More Information

    Softcover... 29.95 (C$)
    Book on CD... 19.95 (C$)
    PC & Mac - PDF format
    pdf-via-download.....14.95 (C$)
    Link emailed within 1 business day
    Licensed for personal use only

    BOOK - The Great Historic Families of Scotland
    By James Taylor
    Originally published by J. S. Virtue & Co., London, 1899
    This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2006 (CD 2010)

    One of the great genealogical works of Scottish families, Taylor's The Great Historic Families of Scotland has been considered a cornerstone reference work since its original publication in 1889. Welcomed by those who valued high standards of genealogical research and delight in the romance of history. The narrative traces many distinguished Scottish families from their earliest recorded origins all the way up to the final decade of the 19th century. More information

    Hardcover (2 vols)... 114.95 (C$)
    Books on CD (2 vols)... 19.95 (C$)
    PC & Mac - PDF format
    pdf-via-download (2 vols).....14.95 (C$)
    Link emailed within 1 business day
    Licensed for personal use only

    BOOK - The Origin and Signification of Scottish Surnames With A Vocabulary of Christian Names
    By Clifford Stanley Sims.
    Originally published, Albany, New York, 1862
    This edition by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2003
    The author's surname derivations are based on localities, baptismal names, trades, offices, professions, etc. Some descriptions of surname origin are as much as a page in length...others, only a line or two. Also included is a long list of Christian names and their meanings. The Christian name descriptions are typically one word.
    ISBN 1-894378-75-X    More information

    Coil bound... 15.95 (C$)
    pdf-via-download.....9.95 (C$)
    Link emailed within 1 business day
    Licensed for personal use only

    BOOK - The History of Celtic Place-Names of Scotland
    By William J. Watson.
    Originally published by William Blackwood and Sons, Scotland, 1926
    This facsimile reprint by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2008 (CD 2010)
    This book remains the best and most comprehensive reference guide to the Celtic place-names of Scotland. This is the only hardcover edition of this classic work in print, an essential reference work for everyone interested in Scottish history and the derivations of place names throughout Scotland. A classic and durable edition that will serve as a valuable reference tool for generations. Indexed.
    ISBN 978-1-897446-36-2 (Hardcover)   More Information

    Hardcover... 77.95 (C$)
    Book on CD... 19.95 (C$)
    PC & Mac - PDF format
    pdf-via-download.....14.95 (C$)
    Link emailed within 1 business day
    Licensed for personal use only

    BOOK - The Scotch-Irish. Two Volumes in One
    By Charles A. Hanna. This is the basic sourcebook on the Scotch-Irish in North America, a massive compilation of source records pertaining to the Scots who settled in the north of Ireland and their descendants in North America. The Scotch-Irish left Ulster as a result of neo-mercantilist British economic policy in the region, requirements that they pay 10% of their income to the Anglican Church, ongoing friction with their Catholic Irish neighbors, and greater economic opportunity in the New World.
    ISBN 1-894378-92-X   
    More Information

    Hardcover... 145.95 (C$)
    Book on CD... 19.95 (C$)
    PC & Mac - PDF format
    pdf-via-download.....14.95 (C$)
    Link emailed within 1 business day
    Licensed for personal use only

    BOOKS on CD - Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation (1867) Vols. 1, 2, 3 and 4
    By Don Whyte
    Published by Ontario Genealogical Society, Toronto
    Now available on CD ROM! A unique compilation of thousands of Scottish Imigrants to Canada, taken from a wide range of primary and secondary sources. These volumes document thousands of fur traders, explorers, bankers, railway builders, politicians, farmers, teachers and journalists who came to Canada before 1867. Donald Whyte consulted numerous sources, printed and manuscript, and by extensive correspondence, gathered much information that would not otherwise have been saved for posterity. All four volumes can be purchased on a single CD ROM. A must for anyone searching for Scottish ancestors who migrated to Canada prior to 1867.
    ISBN 978-0-7779-3427-2     More information
    BOOKS on CD...... 20.00 (C$)

    BOOK - Tracing Your Edinburgh Ancestors, A Guide for Family and Local Historians (Scotland)
    By Alan Stewart
    Published by Pen and Sword, Barnsley UK, 3rd November 2015
    Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland for the last 500 years and more, and Alan Stewart's handbook is the perfect guide to it. The many genealogical records of Edinburgh are described in detail, while appendices cover genealogy websites and Edinburgh’s many archives, museums, art galleries, castles, palace and family history society. He takes readers through the story of Edinburgh from the earliest times up to the present day, showing how its colourful history has affected the lives of their ancestors. The many genealogical records of Edinburgh are described in detail, and appendices cover genealogy websites, family history societies, and Edinburgh's many archives, museums, art galleries, castles and palaces.
    ISBN 9781473828575     More Information
    Softcover...34.95 (C$)

    BOOK - My Ancestor Was Scottish: A Guide to Sources for Family Historians
    By Alan Stewart
    Published by Society of Genealogists, London UK, 2012
    My Ancestor Was Scottish: A Guide to Sources for Family Historians is a comprehensive and indispensible guide to tracing Scottish ancestry, this book will help you get to grips with the differences and nuances of researching in Scotland, from civil registration and census returns, to parish registers and wills. Author, Alan Stewart is a former information technology manager who has been tracing his own ancestors for over 30 years. During all of this time he has been a member of the Society of Genealogists (SoG). Alan has been published in the Financial Times and Encyclopedia Britannica, writes for several family history magazines (both in the United Kingdom and in North America), gives talks at the SoG library in London, and is a member of the User Group for the ScotlandsPeople website. This is Alan's fourth published book, and his third on family history.
    ISBN 978-19071991-3-4     More information
    Softcover...... 22.95 (C$)

    BOOK - Researching Scottish Family History
    By Chris Paton
    Published by The Family History Partnership, Lancashire, UK, 2010
    Researching Scottish Family History is a detailed introductory guide to those wishing to explore their Caledonian roots. Filled with handy tips throughout, the book also provides many useful contextual asides on various aspects of Scottish history relevant to your ancestral pursuit – why are there no bishops’ transcripts for Scotland, for example, and how do you prove whether your ancestor really was a Jacobite soldier? Completing the book are handy appendices listing the contact details of all Scottish based county archives, family history societies and comainn eachdraidh, making this an absolute essential for your personal genealogical library. 120 pages.
    ISBN 978-1-906280-22-2 (Softcover)    More Information

    Softcover......CDN$   $22.95

    BOOK - Scottish Family History On The Web - Third Edition
    By Stuart A. Raymond
    Published by The Family History Partnership, Lancashire, UK, 2010
    Despite the fact that there are thousands of genealogical web-sites worth visiting, the means for finding particular relevant sites are very poor; search engines frequently list dozens of irelevant sites, but not the ones you require. This thoroughly revised edition lists the most important genealogical sites on the web for researching your Scottish ancestors. Lists more than 1700 websites covering 200 subjects regarding researching Scottish family history using worthwhile resources found on the internet. 96 pages.
    ISBN 978-1-906280-21-5 (Softcover)    More Information

    Softcover......CDN$   $22.95

    BOOK - The Phillimore ATLAS and INDEX of Parish Registers, 3rd edition
    By Cecil Humphery-Smith
    The atlas is the classic reference work for family history. Contains maps of the counties split into parishes and ecclesiastical divisions. Also contains lists of the availability of the parish registers for each county in Scotland, England and Wales. This is worth the money for the maps alone. Anyone without expert knowledge of each county they are researching in would be advised to have this title on their bookshelves.
    More Information

    Hardcover......CDN$   $125.00

    BOOK - Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors, A Guide for Family Historians
    By Ian Maxwell
    Published by Pen and Sword Books, S. Yorkshire, UK, 2009
    This pioneering book breaks new ground in that it offers a detailed social history showing how the lives of our ancestors changed over the centuries and how this is reflected in the documentation that has survived. It will help family historians put their research in historical perspective, giving them a better insight into the part their ancestors played in the past.
    ISBN 9781844159918     More information
    Softcover......CDN$   $29.95

    BOOK - Lowlands of Scotland, Sourcebook for Family Researchers
    By Sherrell Branton Leetooze
    Published by Lynn Michael-John Associates, Bowmanville, 2012
    Whoever your ancestors were, where ever they lived in the Scottish Lowlands or Borders, their life was a hard one, but documentation for much of it can be located in the old records. One archive listed in this book boasts of 800 years of history on their shelves. This book will save you much time and effort insofar as it identifies the most useful and reliable sources to guide you on your quest to find and document your Scottish Lowlands ancestors.
    ISBN n/a     More information
    Softcover......CDN$   $29.95

    BOOK - The Workhouse Encyclopedia [England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales]
    By Peter Higginbotham
    Published by The History Press, Gloucestershire, UK (2012)
    Compiled by Peter Higginbotham, one of Britain’s foremost experts on the subject, it covers everything from the 1725 publication An Account of Several Workhouses to the South African Zulu admitted to Fulham Road Workhouse in 1880. With hundreds of fascinating anecdotes, plus priceless information for researchers including workhouse addresses, useful websites and archive repository details, maps, plans, original workhouse publications and an extensive bibliography, it will delight family historians and general readers alike. This fascinating, fully illustrated volume is the definitive guide to every aspect of workhouse life.
    ISBN 9780752470122 (Hardcover)     More Information

    Hardcover......CDN$   $49.95

    BOOK - Life in a Victorian Workhouse - Pitkin Guide [United Kingdom]
    By Peter Higginbotham
    Published by The History Press, Gloucestershire, UK (2011)
    The author examines how workhouses came into being, what life was like for men, women and children on the wrong side of the poverty line, and how social attitudes evolved through the momentous events of Victorian Britain into the 20th century. Illustrated from contemporary and modern sources, this fact-filled guide presents an intriguing picture of a world of steam engines, self-help, service and salvation - where workhouse life, and workhouse reform, influenced attitudes and services we now take for granted.
    ISBN 9781841653389 (Softcover)     More Information

    Softcover......CDN$   $16.95

    BOOK - Life in the Victorian & Edwardian Workhouse [United Kingdom]
    By Michelle Higgs
    Published by The History Press, Gloucestershire, UK (2007)
    This book establishes a true picture of what life was like in a workhouse, of why inmates entered them and of what they had to endure in their day-to-day routine. A comprehensive overview of the workshouse system gives a real and compelling insight into social and moral reasons behind their growth in the Victorian era, while the kind of distinctions that were drawn between inmates are looked into, which, along with the social stigma of having been a workhouse inmate, tell us much about class attitudes of the time. The book also looks at living conditions and duties of the staff who, in many ways, were prisoners of the workhouse. Michelle Higgs combines thorough research with a fresh outlook on a crucial period in British history, and in doing so paints a vivid portrait of an era and its social standards that continues to fascinate, and tells us much about the society we live in today. .
    ISBN 9780752442143 (Softcover)     More Information

    Softcover......CDN$   $29.95

    BOOK - Highlander: The History of The Legendary Highland Soldier
    By Tim Newark
    Published by Constable, London, UK, 2009
    ‘Highlander’ (Constable) is the first book to tell the complete story of how the Highlander rose from humble roots in the mountains of Scotland to become a dynamic figure of universal appeal. It tells the story through the words of the soldiers themselves, from their diaries, letters and journals—uncovered from the archives of Highland regiments in Scotland and around the world. Sometimes the stories reveal shocking truths long buried. Above all, this is not just a Scots story—but a world story. English, Irish, Welsh, Canadians, Australians, South Africans, and Americans have all served as Highlanders.
    ISBN 9781602399518 (Hardcover)   More Information
    Hardcover......CDN$   $31.50

    BOOK - The Highland Clearances
    By Eric Richards
    Published by Birlinn Ltd, Edinburgh, 2008
    This is the first fully documented study for many years of one of Scotland’s most emotive subjects. It traces the origins of the Clearances from the eighteenth century to their culmination in the crofting legislation of the 1880s, showing how the process of clearance was part of a wider European movement of rural depopulation. Eric Richards describes the appalling conditions and treatment suffered by the Highland people, yet at the same time illustrates how difficult the choices were that faced even the most benevolent landlords in the face of rapid economic change.
    ISBN 978184158542 0 (Softcover)    More Information
    Softcover......CDN$ 27.95
    Global's Price 19.95
    You save $8.00

    BOOK - On The Crofters' Trail
    By David Craig
    Published by Birlinn Ltd, Edinburgh, 2010 (Edition)
    In the Clearances of the 19th century, crofts - once the mainstay of Highland life in Scotland - were swept away as the land was put over to sheep grazing. Many of the people of the Highlands and islands of Scotland were forced from their homes by landowners in the Clearances. Some fled to Nova Scotia and beyond. David Craig sets out to discover how many of their stories survive in the memories of their descendants. He travels through 21 islands in Scotland and Canada, many thousands of miles of moor and glen, and presents the words of men and women of both countries as they recount the suffering of their forbears.
    ISBN 978-1-84158-801-8 (Softcover)    More Information
    Softcover......CDN$   $19.95

    BOOK - The Quarriers Story, One Man's Vision Which Gave Over 40,000 Children a New Life
    By Anna Magnusson
    This book, by Anna Magnusson, chronicles the history of Quarriers from its earliest days as a refuge for thousands of destitute children in Victorian Scotland through to becoming one of the 21 st century’s leading social care charities. It tells the inspiring story of how the vision and determination of one man – William Quarrier – created a legacy which continues to serve the people of Scotland to this day.
    More Information

    Softcover......CDN$   $21.95

    BOOK - Lothian, A Historical Guide [Scotland]
    By Mark Collard.
    The Lothian region of Scotland is situated in the south-east of the country, its boundaries marked by the Lammermuir hills, the North Sea and the Firth of Forth. The wealth of fertile soil and mineral deposits in this area ensured its national importance from very early times. With entries covering the Mesolithic Period, through the impact of the Celts, the Romans, and the Picts, the the medieval and industrial ages, this book details the abundance of superb archaeological remains and places of great historical interest to be found in this ever popular area.
    ISBN: 9781874744450    More Information

    Softcover......CDN$   $25.00

    BOOK - Lochaber, A Historical Guide [Scotland]
    By Paula Martin.
    A unique combination of illustrated guidebook and engrossing narrative, this is a chronological history of Lochaber from prehistoric times to the present day, including maps of the region, site plans, and illustrations of the major buildings and ruins. Only a few intrepid travellers came here before the nineteenth century, when roads, steam-boats and then the railway rapidly opened up the area to tourism. It remains to this day a popular destination for all those who are inspired by rugged beauty and romantic scenery.
    ISBN: 9781841582412     More Information

    Softcover......CDN$   $25.00

    BOOK - Scottish Ancestry, Research Methods for Family Historians Revised 2nd Edition. by Sherry Irvine. Scottish Ancestry is a complete reference of records and techniques for Scottish research with an insider's perspective to searching for information about Scottish Ancestors. In this revised second edition, Sherry Irvine mixes her award-winning methodology with up-to-date instruction on how to utilize the latest computer and Internet sources for Scottish research.
    More information

    BOOK - Atholl and Gowrie North Perthshire, A Historical Guide. By Lindsay MacGregor, Richard Oram. Both areas are extremely rich in archaeology and this guide takes in the full range from neolithic cairns to medieval palaces, from industrial workers' cottages to Roman fortresses. A full gazetteer combines with the narrative to produce a definitive history of this beautiful part of Scotland, on the boundary of Highland and Lowland, that has played such a full part in Scotland's history. More Information

    BOOK - Ayrshire, A Historical Guide. By Thorbjorn Campbell. Ayrshire has a rich and varied history and this book will enable the reader to discover the physical traces of all periods of that history. In medieval times Ayrshire played a key role in the emergence and consolidation of a unified Scotland, and it was from one of Ayrshire's many powerful families that the Stewart line of kings emerged. Learn about this and more in the definitive guide to Ayrshire. More Information

    BOOK - The Little General and The Rousay Crofters, Crisis and Conflict on an Orkney Estate. By William P. L. Thomson. Burroughs had the reputation of one of the most brutal of all Orkney landlords and, in a time of great economic change, the harshness of his actions made that change particularly traumatic. The Little General and The Rousay Crofters tells the story of the remarkable events that occurred on the Orcadian island of Rousay between 1840 and 1890. More Information

    BOOK - Scottish Royal Palaces.  By: John G. Dunbar. This is the first exclusive survey of an outstanding group of buildings. More Information

    BOOK - Colkitto!  A celebration of clan Donald of Colonsay 1570-1647. By: Kevin Byrne. Colla Ciotach - or Colkitto - and his sons, MacDonalds of Colonsay, were great heroes of their age, and their exploits are recounted in the folklore and literature of the Highlands of Scotland. This book explores the legends associated with their Clan through recourse to contemporary sources. More Information

    BOOK - "Fast Sailing and Copper Bottomed", Aberdeen Sailing Ships and the Emigrant Scots They Carried To Canada 1744-1855 By Lucille H. Campey. The days when Aberdeen's fast sailing and copper bottomed ships carried emigrants Scots to Canada are brought to life in this fascinating account of the northern Scotland exodus during the sailing ship era. More Information

    BOOK - Glencoe by John Prebble. This was the treacherous and coldblooded order ruthlessly carried out on 13 February 1692, when the Campbells slaughtered their hosts the MacDonalds at the Massacre of Glencoe. More Information

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