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Genealogy & History Resources

BOOK - Researching Your Ancestor's Childhood
By N. Kyle
Published by Unlock the Past, Australia, 2016
This edition printed and bound in Canada by Inc., Milton, 2016

Softcover...17.00 (C$)

This book draws on a range of research on the history of childhood and the family, histories of and sources for institutionalised care, educational records, toys and games, childhood museums, oral traditions, photographs, law and work for children, health and children's hospitals, the history of women's ancestry, and much more from Noeline Kyle's research into the history of childhood, to map out useful strategies for researching the hsitory of your ancestor's childhood.

There is no doubt that all records, including birth, death and marriage certificated, cemetery records, illegitimacy, divorce, probate, immigration and missing persons, and much else, should be consulted to further your research on your ancestor's childhood. At the same time this book offers a further and more specific window into the many records and strategies for research that will help you find and record the stories of children and childhood.

Noeline also provides insights into the clues to gleaned by looking at place, gender, class, race, cultural norms, and landscape to more fully write about childhood. This is a practical book outlining the records and strategies for researching, finding and writing the stories of children and your ancestor's childhood.

  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • The indigenous child
    • Books and websites
  • The convict child
    • Children of the First Fleet
    • Transported children
    • Children accompanying convict parents
    • Children left behind in the United Kingdom
    • Books and websites
  • The immigrant child
    • Colonial immigrant child 1788
    • 1900
    • Twentieth century immigrant child
    • Orphan girls sent from the United Kingdom to Australia
    • Chinese immigrants
    • New Zealand
    • Books and websites
  • The institutionalised child
    • Orphan children
    • Adoption records, Forgotten Australians
    • The disabled
    • Voluntary organisations
    • New Zealand
    • Books and websites
  • Children's books, toys, games, school texts and play
    • Books and websites
  • Photographs
    • Books and websites
  • Children and the law
    • Age at marriage, age of consent
    • Age of criminal culpability
    • Juvenile prisons, reformatories and industrial schools
    • Books and websites
  • Children and work
    • The laws of child labour
    • Apprenticeships
    • Books and websites
  • Education records
    • Government schools
    • Early private venture schools and other private schools
    • Technical/business colleges
    • Church schools
    • Books and websites
  • Museums of childhood and school museums
    • Books and websites
  • Children's hospitals, hospital schools
    • Hospital schools
    • Children's hospitals
    • Books and websites
  • Basic principals for researching your ancestor's childhood
    • The child in history is vulnerable and at the mercy of adults
    • Mothers were both the bearers and the carers of children
    • Age/place in family
    • Gender/class
    • Research parents, extended family and community members close to your child
    • Landscape and thinking creatively
    • Schooling is not for every child
    • The life of the child was viewed as economically and politically important
    • The child has no power to effect change
  • Additional books and websites
  • Index
Paperback: 56 pages
Product Dimensions: 5 x 8"
Softcover - staple-bound on spine
Published by Unlock the Past, Australia, 2016
This edition printed and bound in Canada by Inc., Ottawa, 2016
ISBN 9781925323306 Inc. 1992-2019
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