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Genealogy & History Resources

BOOK - Sir Richard Musgrave's Memoirs Of The Irish Rebellion Of 1798,
Second reprinting of an 1802 classic, with a new & comprehensive index!

Hardcover...116.95 (C$)

Most important contemporary published source on the insurection led by the United Irishman.Vivid eyewitness accounts, lists of massacre victims and rebel and loyalist participantsEssential for genealogists and historians.

New complete index to thousands of people and places.

After deciding to write an account of the uprising, Musgrave met with many of the participants and made extensive notes of their experiences.

Notes are crammed with the names of individuals and their relationships with one another. Many of the names are linked with their places of residence or birth. Musgrave also used his connections to gain access to many of the legal papers generated by the prosecutions of those who partcipated. He reprinted a number of these as appendices in the text.

The resulting book is over 900 pages with a wealth of information which can be used to reconstruct families and villages of that era. If your ancestor or ancestral village is mentioned in Musgrave, you will be sure to gain a vivid vignette for your family history.This book features a text and numerous appendices packed with vivid eyewitness accounts, sworn affidavits, governement proclamations and battle plans and maps.

The value of this modern edition is enhanced by a new index of 10,6000 references which makes the text accessible in a way not previously possible.

1000pgs/hardcover, reprint with index, second printing 2001

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