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BOOK - History of the Eastern Townships (1869)
By C.M. Day.
Another Historical Reprint From Global Heritage Press

"Eastern Townships", is the name used for those townships in the province of Quebec lying south of the St. Lawrence River which were surveyed soon after 1791, to distinguish them from the Western Townships, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence and about the bay of Quinte, surveyed in 1783-4.

In 1791 the English law of free and common socage was introduced by the Constitutional Act into Lower Canada ; and consequently the country south of the St. Lawrence was surveyed in townships, and granted in free and common socage, rather than in accordance with the seigniorial tenure that prevailed in the older parts of the province.

Author C. M. (Catherine Matilda) Day (1815 - 1899) wrote two influential books about the Eastern Townships, this book in 1869 and Pioneers Of The Eastern Townships in 1863.

In this book, Mrs Day describes the founding and development of the Eastern Townships in detail. The book also contains much biographical information about individuals and families who settled in the area. An invaluable reference for everyone with an interest in the early history of families of the Eastern Townships of Quebec (Lower Canada / Canada East).

475 pages; 6" X 9"; originally published by John Lovell 1869 in Montreal; ; this facsimile reprint by Global Heritage Press Inc. 2005; Case-Bound (hard cover); navy blue Tanotex; ISBN 1-897210-72-8

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