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BOOK - History of Prince Edward Island
By Duncan Campbell
Originally published by Bremner bros., Charlottetown, 1875
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2002, 2005

Hardcover... 39.95 (C$)
pdf download.....14.95 (C$)
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Licensed for personal use only

This rare history of the province of Prince Edward Island, originally printed in 1875, has been reprinted by Global Heritage Press, with a new index complied by Patricia Arnold.

    Geographical position of the Island-Early possession - Population in 1758 - Cession by Treaty of Fontainebleu - survey of Captain Holland - Holland's description of the Island - Position of Town sites - Climate - The Earl of Egmont's scheme of settlement - Proposed division of the Island - Memorials of Egmont - Decision of the British Government respecting Egmont's Scheme.

    Determination of the home Government to dispose of the whole Island - The manner in which it was effected - Conditions on which grants were made - Appointment of Walter Patterson as Governor - Novel duties imposed on him - Callbeck made prisoner by Americans - Arrival of Hessian Troops - Sale of Land in 1781 - Agitation in consequence - Complaints against the Governor, and his tactics in defence - Governor superceded, and Colonel Fanning appointed - Disputes between them - Charges of immorality against Patterson - His departure from the Island.

    Proprietors indifferent to their engagements - Extent to which settlement was effected - Complaints of the People of nonfulfilment of engagements - Character of the Reply - The influence of the Proprietors with the home Government - The Duke of Kent - Proposal in 1780 to name the Island New Ireland - The name adopted - Formation of Light Infantry and Volunteer Horse - Immigration of Highlanders - Memoir of General Fanning.

    Colonel F. W. DesBarres, successor to General Fanning - His character as a Governor-Succeeded by Charles Douglas Smith - His character as displayed in his opening address - Proclamation of immunity from Proprietory conditions - Oppressive measures In regard to Quitrents - John McGregor, Sheriff - Public meetings called in the Counties - Tyranny of the Governor exposed - Arrival of Colonel Ready, and departure of Smith

    Governor Ready desires to govern constitutionally - Energetic legislation - George Wright, Administrator - Change in the mode of paying Customhouse Officials - Fire in Miramichi - Petitions of Roman Catholics to be relieved front civil disabilities - Proceedings of the Assembly touching the question - Dispute between the Council and Assembly - Catholic Emancipation - The Agricultural Society - Death of George the Fourth - Cobbett on Prince Edward Island - Colonel Ready succeeded by A. W. Young - The Census - Death of Governor Young - Biographical Sketch of him.

    George Wright, Administrator - Court of Escheat refused - Central Academy - Severe Frost in September - Death of William the Fourth - Educational Condition of the Island - Forcible Resistance to Rent-paying - Rebellion in Canada - Able Report of Committee of Legislature on Land Question - The Coronation of Queen Victoria - Mechanics' Institute formed - Lord Durham on Land Question - The formation of an Executive, separate from a Legislative Council ordered - Mr. Cooper a delegate to London.

    Marriage or the Queen - Education in 1812 - Foundation-stone of the Colonial Building laid - The Governor withdraws his patronage from Public Institutions - Dispute between the Governor and Mr. Pope - Election disturbances in Belfast - The Currency Question - Responsible Government discussed - Governor Huntley succeeded by Sir Donald Campbell - Earl Grey's reason for withholding responsible Government - The death of Sir Donald Campbell - Ambrose Lane, Administrator - Sir A. Bannerman, Governor - Responsible Government introduced - Temperance movement - The loss of the Fairy Queen - Dissolution of the Assembly - Governor Bannerman succeeded by Dominick Daly - The Worrell Estate bought by the Government - J. Henry Haszard perishes in the Ice Boat - Census of 1855 - A loan wanted - The Imperial Guaranty promised but not given - Resolutions praying for a Commission on the Land Question - Charles Young, Administrator - Biographical Sketch of Bishop McDonald - Death of James Peake

    Arrival of the Prince of Wales - His Reception - The British Colonial Secretary expresses satisfaction with the Assembly's proceedings in regard to the Land Commission - The Report of the Commissioners - Its cardinal points presented - Their views with regard to Escheat and other subjects - The case of the Loyalists and Indians. - Remarks on the Commissioners' Report: its merits and its defects. - The evils incident to the Land Question fundamentally attributable to the Home Government - The Immigrants deceived - The misery consequent on such deception - The burden of correction laid on the wrong shoulders - Volunteer Companies - General Census - Death of Prince Albert - The Duke of Newcastle and the Commissioners' Report

    Bill to make the Legislative Council elective - Change of Government - Address to the Queen, craving to give effect to the Commissioners' Award - A Review of recent Proceedings in regard to the Land Question - The Assembly willing to meet the views of Proprietors in regard to the appointment of Commissioners - The Assembly and the Commissioners right, and the Colonial Secretary wrong - The Reason - Why given - The rejection of the Award unreasonable - Delegates sent to England on the Land Question - The Result.

    James C. Pope and the Railway - Assimilation of the Currency - Confederation - Conference in Charlottetown - Speeches of Edward Whelan and T. H. Haviland - Opposition to Confederation - Resolutions in the Assembly - Offer of Terms to J. C. Pope - Further Proceedings - The Question of Confederation Resumed - Delegations to Ottawa - Messrs. Haythorne and Laird - Messrs. Pope, Haviland, and Howlan - Final Settlement of the Question. -

    Biographical Sketches : - Bishop McEachern - Rev. Donald McDonald - Rev. Dr. Kier - Hon. T. H. Haviland - Hon. B. Whelan - Hon. James Yeo - Hon. George Coles - James D. Haszard.

    Commercial Statistics - Imports - Revenue - Government Policy - Fisheries - Educators - Manufacturers - Charlottetown - Census of 1798.
224 pages + pages of adverts/ orig pub 1875/this reprint 2003/ new index/6 X 9"/hardbound/ISBN 1-894378-66-0.

NAMES in this book include:

Abercrombie, Sir Ralph ;Adams Jr., John ;Adams Senr., John ;Adams, James ;Adams, Tho. ;Aitkin, James ;Aitkin, Jno. ;Albert, Prince ;Alexander, Tho. ;Alexandra, Princess ;Alfred ;Allen, Edwd. ;Allen, Jane ;Amos, Willm. ;Anderson jr., Dav. ;Anderson senr., Dav. ;Anderson, Alex. ;Anderson, Alexander ;Anderson, James ;Anderson, John ;Anderson, Robt. ;Anderson, Widow ;Angus, William ;Anne ;Aplin, Jos. ;Arsnoe, Alex. ;Arsnoe, Babtist ;Arsnoe, Cyprian ;Arsnoe, Fearman ;Arsnoe, Joe ;Arsnoe, John ;Arsnoe, Joseph ;Arsnoe, Lewi ;Arsnoe, Paul ;Arsnoe, Peter ;Arsnoe, Placid ;Arsnoe, Stephen ;Arsnoe, Widow ;Atherton, Sir William ;Auld, John ;Auld, Robt. ;Bagnal, Saml. ;Baker, John ;Baker, Wm. ;Baldwin, A.A. ;Banks, Robert ;Bannerman, Governor ;Bannerman, Sir A. ;Barefoot, John ;Barnett, Saml. ;Barrett, Laurence ;Barrett, William ;Basto, Johnson ;Beer ;Beer, George R. ;Beer, Honorable George ;Beers, Joseph ;Bellemont, Earl ;Bernard, Gregwar ;Bernard, Joe ;Bernard, Larriong ;Bernard, Peter ;Binns ;Birnie, George ;Blackett, Wm. ;Blakair, Lewi ;Blanchard, Fran. ;Blanchard, John ;Blood, George ;Boswell ;Botiea, Fran. ;Bourke, Peter ;Bovyer, John ;Bovyer, Stephen ;Bowers, P.R. ;Boyce, Alex. ;Braddock, Saml. ;Brander, James ;Brecken, Frederick de St. Croix ;Brecken, Hon. Mr. ;Brecken, Honorable Frederick ;Brecken, Honorable Mr. ;Brecken, John ;Bremner ;Brenan, Hon. Daniel ;Brislar, Barthw. ;Broh, John ;Brown, A. ;Brown, A.L. ;Brown, Alexander ;Brown, Fran. ;Brown, John ;Brown, Joseph ;Brown, Lan. ;Brown, W. ;Brownyoung, John ;Bruce, Professor ;Buckeley, Richard ;Buckingham, Duke of ;Burho, John ;Burk jr., Joseph ;Burk senr., Joseph ;Burk, Ambrose ;Burk, John ;Burk, Simon ;Burk, Wm. ;Burns, Lieutenant ;Buskirk, Jacob ;Butcher, Mark ;Byers, Saml. ;Cabot ;Cairns, Sir Hugh ;Callbeck ;Callbeck, Hon. Mr. ;Callbeck, Philip ;Callehan, Rob. ;Cambridge, Mrs. ;Cameron ;Cameron, Alex. ;Cameron, Archibald ;Campbell ;Campbell, Angus ;Campbell, Archd. ;Campbell, Don. ;Campbell, Donald ;Campbell, Dougald ;Campbell, Dun. ;Campbell, Farquhar ;Campbell, Hugh ;Campbell, James ;Campbell, John ;Campbell, Murdock ;Campbell, Sir Donald ;Campbell, Wm. ;Cardwell ;Carmichael ;Carmichael, John Edward ;Carpenter, John ;Carrol, John ;Cartier, Sir George ;Carver, James ;Castlereagh ;Castlereagh, Lord ;Cathcart ;Chanter ;Chappell ;Chappell, Benj. ;Chappell, Benjamin ;Chappell, William ;Charlottetown, Bishop of ;Chatterton, Samuel ;Chaytor, James ;Clark ;Clark, John ;Clark, Jos. ;Clark, Widow ;Clark, William ;Clark, Wm. ;Clymer, Paul ;Clymer, Peter ;Cobbett ;Cochran Jr., Tho. ;Cochran Senr., Tho. ;Coffin, Benj. ;Coffin, Ellisha ;Coffin, Kemble ;Coffin, Uriah ;Coffin, Widow ;Cole, Benjamin ;Cole, David ;Cole, Lieutenant-General Sir Lowry ;Coles ;Coles, George ;Coles, Hon. George ;Coles, Honorable George ;Coles, Honorable Mr. ;Coles, James ;Coles, Mercy (Haine) ;Coles, Sarah ;Colville, Lord ;Colville, Sir Charles ;Condon, John ;Connoly, James ;Connoly, Peter ;Cooper ;Cooper, W. ;Costin, John ;Coughlin, Geo. ;Counahan, Nichs. ;Cousins, John ;Cox, Honorable Henry Edward ;Coxen, John ;Craig, Wm. ;Crane, Spencer ;Creamer, Jno. ;Creed, William ;Crosby, Wm. ;Crossman, Benj. ;Crowley, John ;Cunard, S. ;Cunard, Sir Samuel ;Cundall, William ;Currie, Donald ;Curry, Alexr. ;Curry, Angus ;Curry, Call ;Curry, Dond. ;Curry, Patk. ;Curtis, James ;Daly, Dominick ;Daly, Lieut.Governor ;Daly, Sir Dominick ;Darby, Benjamin ;Dartmouth, Lord ;Davies, Daniel ;Davies, George ;Davies, Hon. Daniel ;Davies, Honorable B. ;Davies, Honorable Benjamin ;Davies, Honorable D. ;Davies, Honorable Mr. ;Davies, Major ;Dawson, W.E. ;Dean, Captain ;Deering, Serjt. ;Delaney, Daniel ;DeLotbiniere-Harwood, Col. A.C. ;Deroche, Jos. ;DesBarres ;DesBarres, Colonel ;DesBarres, Colonel F.W. ;DesBarres, Colonel Joseph F.W. ;DesBrisay ;DesBrisay, Benjamin ;Desbrisay, Colo. ;DesBrisay, Honorable T. ;Desbrisay, James ;DesBrisay, Rev. Theo. ;DesBrisay, Rev. Theophilus ;Dingwell, Alex. ;Dingwell, James ;Dingwell, John ;Dingwell, Joseph ;Dingwell, Robert ;Dingwell, Wm. ;Dockendorff ;Dockendorff, Wm. ;Dodd ;Dodd, Hon. Thomas W. ;Donald, Wm. ;Doublet, Sieur ;Doucette, Mich. ;Douglas, James ;Douglas, Reverend William ;Douglas, Wm. ;Dourong, Alex. ;Douse ;Downing, Dav. ;Ducett, Chas. ;Ducett, Fran. ;Ducett, Joe ;Ducett, John ;Ducett, Widow ;Duffee, Tho. ;Duke, John ;Duncan ;Duncan, Andrew ;Duncan, Honorable James ;Dundas, George ;Dundas, Mrs. ;Dunn, James ;Durham ;Durham, Lord ;Durong, John ;Durong, Jos. ;Dwyre, Martin ;Eacharn, John ;Edward, Prince ;Egmont ;Egmont, Earl of ;Egmont, Lord ;Elvert, Edward ;Emmerson, Rob. ;English, Tho. ;Ervin, Dav. ;Ervin, Wm. ;Fanning ;Fanning, Captain James ;Fanning, Colonel ;Fanning, Edmund ;Fanning, General ;Fanning, General Edmund ;Fanning, Gov. ;Fanning, Governor ;Fanning, James ;Fanning, Lieutenant-Governor ;Fanning, Mary (Smith) ;Fearn, Geo. C. ;Ferguson, James ;Ferguson, John E. ;Ferguson, Wm. ;Fish, W.T. ;Fisher, Widow ;Fisher, Wm. ;FitzRoy, Lady Mary ;FitzRoy, Sir Charles ;FitzRoy, Sir Charles A. ;FitzRoy, Sir Charles Augustus ;Flanigan, James ;Flyn, Dennis ;Forbes, Don. ;Ford, John ;Ford/Peebles ;Forster, Mrs. ;Fox, Robert ;Foy, John ;Fraser ;Frazer, Widow ;Full, Charles ;Fullmon, Adam ;Gale ;Gallong Jr., John ;Gallong Senr., John ;Gallong, Antonie ;Gallong, Brazil ;Gallong, Cha. ;Gallong, Cyprian ;Gallong, Fabian ;Gallong, Fearman ;Gallong, Fran. ;Gallong, Francis ;Gallong, John ;Gallong, John B. ;Gallong, Jos. ;Gallong, Leman ;Gallong, Lewi ;Gallong, Minie ;Gallong, Peter ;Gallong, Sapplion ;Gallong, Widow ;Galt ;Gamble, Tho. ;Gardner, John ;Geary, Tho. ;Gellespie, J. ;George, King ;Gillis, Angus ;Gillis, Don. ;Gillis, Donald ;Gillis, Dun. ;Gillis, Duncan ;Gillis, Hugh ;Gillis, John ;Gillis, Rodk. ;Gillis, Wm. ;Gladstone ;Glenelg, Lord ;Goff, Edward H. ;Golly, Charles ;Gooday Sr., Joe ;Gooday, Joe ;Gooday, Peter ;Gooday, Stephen ;Goodman, G.R. ;Gootia, John ;Gordon, D. ;Gordon, Doctor ;Gould, John ;Graham, Wm. ;Grant, Dond. ;Grant, John ;Granville, Earl ;Graves ;Graves, V. ;Gray ;Gray, Andrew ;Gray, Colo. ;Gray, Colonel ;Gray, Honorable Colonel ;Gray, John Hamilton ;Green, Daniel ;Green, Widow ;Greggor, Peter ;Grey, Earl ;Grey, Lord ;Griffin, John ;Griggor, James ;Grosvenor, Ben. ;Gunn, Peter ;Guthroe, Widow ;Haine, Mercy ;Haldiman ;Haldiman, Lieutenant ;Haley, John ;Haliburton, R.G. ;Hall, John ;Haney ;Hardey, George ;Hartze, Jacob ;Harvey, Colonel Sir J. ;Harvey, Colonel Sir John ;Harvey, Sir John ;Harvie, Henry A. ;Hassard, Thos. R. ;Hassard, Wm. ;Haszard ;Haszard, Henry ;Haszard, J. Henry ;Haszard, James D. ;Haszard, James Douglas ;Haszard, James Henry ;Haviland ;Haviland Senr., Hon. T.H. ;Haviland Senr., Honorable Thomas Heath ;Haviland, Hon. T.H. ;Haviland, Honorable Mr. ;Haviland, Honorable T.H. ;Haviland, Honorable Thomas H. ;Haviland, T.H. ;Haviland, Thomas ;Hawkins, John ;Hayden, George ;Hayden, James L. ;Hayne, Wm. ;Haythorne ;Haythorne, Honorable Mr. ;Haythorne, Honorable R.P. ;Heartz, Richard ;Heathfield, Robert ;Henderson, Honorable Kenneth ;Henry, John ;Hensley ;Hensley, Charles ;Hensley, Hon. Joseph ;Hensley, Honorable Joseph ;Hensley, Joseph ;Heron, Peter ;Hession, Michael ;Hewick, James ;Hewit, James ;Hickey ;Hickey, Owen ;Hierliky, Major ;Higgans, Corn. ;Higgens ;Hill, Captain ;Hillman, Mrs. ;Hillsborough, Earl of ;Hipwell, John ;Hives, Moses ;Hobart, Lord ;Hobkirk, Dr. ;Hodgson ;Hodgson, Daniel ;Hodgson, R. ;Hodgson, Rob. ;Hodgson, Robert ;Hodgson, Sir Robert ;Holl, Honorable J.M. ;Holl, John M. ;Holland ;Holland, Captain ;Holland, Captain Samuel ;Holland, Colonel ;Holman ;Holmes, Wm. ;Hooper, Major ;Hooper, Thomas ;Hopps, Geo. ;Howat ;Howe ;Howe, Honorable Joseph ;Howe, Joseph ;Howlan ;Howlan, George W. ;Howlan, Honorable Mr. ;Hughes, George A. ;Hughes, Mary Major ;Hughes, Nickl. ;Hunter, Wm. ;Huntley, Governor ;Huntley, Sir Henry Vere ;Hutchinson, Saml. ;Hutton ;Hyde, Sam. ;Hyde, Thomas ;Hyde, W.H. ;Hyde, Wm. ;Hyndman ;Hyndman, F.W. ;Hyndman, P.W. ;Ings, John ;Irving, Edward ;Jackson, Andrew ;Jeffrys, Robert ;Jenkins, Nicks. ;Jerome, John ;Jetson, Wm. ;Johnson ;Johnson, Dr. ;Johnston ;Jones, John ;Kaye, David ;Keho, Moses ;Kelly, Honorable Mr. ;Kennedy, Archibald ;Kennedy, Dond. ;Kenny ;Kent, Duchess of ;Kent, Duke of ;Keoughan, Wm. ;Kier, Dr. ;Kier, Rev. Dr. ;Kier, Reverend Dr. ;Kiley, Robt. ;Knox, Thomas ;Knox, William ;Koughan, William ;Labouchere ;Ladner, Andrew ;Laird ;Laird, David ;Laird, Honorable David ;Lane, Ambrose ;Lane, Honorable Ambrose ;Langevin, Honorable Mr. ;Lard, James ;Lard, Widow ;Laughry, David ;Launderie, Babtist ;Lawler, John ;Laws, Wm. ;Lawson, Henry ;Lawson, James ;Lawson, John ;Lawson, Wm. ;Leclair, Peter ;Lee ;Lee, Robert ;Leech, Peter ;Leforgee, John ;Leith, Sir James ;LeLacheur, John W. ;Lewis, John ;Linklater, George ;Little ;Liverpool, Earl of ;London, Bishop of ;Long, Wm. ;Longapee senr., Lewi ;Longapee, John ;Longapee, Lewi ;Longworth, Fran. ;Longworth, H. ;Longworth, Hon. John ;Longworth, Honorable J. ;Longworth, John ;Longworth, Robert ;Lord, Artemas ;Lord, Hon. W.W. ;Lord, John ;Louis the Eighteenth ;Louis XIV ;Loyd ;Loyd, Rev. Charles ;Lydiard ;Lyon, Lieutenant-General Sir James ;Lyons, Colo. ;Lytton, Sir Edward Bulwer ;Mabee, Peter ;Mabey ;Mabey, George ;Mabey, Paul ;Macdonald ;Macdonald, A.A. ;MacDonald, A.A. ;MacDonald, Hon. A.A. ;Macdonald, Honorable A.A. ;MacDonald, J.B. ;MacEachern ;Macgowan ;MacGowan, Peter ;Macgregor, Dr. ;Macgregor, Rev. Dr. James ;MacLeod, George ;Mahony, T.H. ;Marks, Wm. ;Marshall, Sandy ;Martin, Bonang ;Martin, Cha. ;Martin, Feoman ;Martin, Joe. ;Martin, Peter ;Martin, Widow ;Mashell, Naurie ;Mason ;Mason, J.D. ;Mathews, Baldy ;Mathews, John ;Mattox, Peter ;McAdam, Alex. ;McAdam, Don. ;McAdam, Edwd. ;McAdam, Laughlin ;McAulay, Dr. ;McCarter, Alex. ;McCarter, Hugh ;McCaskill, Dond. ;McCaskill, John ;McCaustin ;McCloud, Alex. ;McCloud, Murd. ;McCloud, Ser. ;McConnel, Rob. ;McCormack, John ;McCormick, Angus ;McCormick, Don. ;McCormick, Dond. ;McCormick, Hugh ;McCormick, John ;McCormick, Neil ;McCormick, Old ;McCoy, Alex. ;McCoy, Archibald ;McCoy, Murd. ;McCoy, Widow ;McCrossen, Barney ;McCulloch, Dr. ;McCullum, Archibald ;McCullum, Dun. ;McCullum, John ;McDonald ;McDonald ;McDonald, A.C. ;McDonald, Alex. ;McDonald, Allan ;McDonald, Allen ;McDonald, Angus ;McDonald, Arch. ;McDonald, Archd. ;McDonald, Bishop ;McDonald, Capt. John ;McDonald, Captain ;McDonald, Chas. ;McDonald, Don. ;McDonald, Donald ;McDonald, Dond. ;McDonald, Hector ;McDonald, James ;McDonald, Jno. ;McDonald, John ;McDonald, Laughlin ;McDonald, Lieut. John ;McDonald, Neal ;McDonald, Penney ;McDonald, Rev. Donald ;McDonald, Reverend Donald ;McDonald, Right Reverend Bernard Donald ;McDonald, Right Reverend Bishop Alexander ;McDonald, Rod. ;McDonald, Rodk. ;McDonald, Ronald ;McDonald, Rond. ;McDonald, Sir John A. ;McDonald, Widow ;McDonnell, Nath. ;McDougald, Allen ;McDougald, Donald ;McDougald, James ;McDougald, Peter ;McDougald, Rod. ;McDougall ;McEachern, Bishop ;McEachern, Right Reverend Bishop ;McEachran senr., Hugh ;McEachran, Angus ;McEachran, Don. ;McEachran, Dond. ;McEachran, Hugh ;McEachran, John ;McEachran, Rev. Angus ;McEachran, Widow ;McEwin, Duncan ;McFarlane, Don. ;McFarrish, Angus ;McFarrish, Hugh ;McGill ;McGinnis, Angus ;McGinnis, Dougald ;McGinnis, Duncan ;McGinnis, Gallen ;McGinnis, John ;McGinnis, Widow ;McGougan, John ;McGowan, Peter ;McGraw, Donald ;McGreggor, John ;McGregor ;McGregor, Dr. ;McGregor, John ;McIlray, Angus ;McIlray, Donald ;McIlray, Dond. ;McIlray, John ;McIlray, Martin ;McIntire, Allen ;McIntire, Angus ;McIntire, Don. ;McIntire, James ;McIntire, John ;McIntosh, Alex. ;McIntosh, Dond. ;McIntosh, John ;McIntosh, Michael ;McIntosh, Rod. ;McIntyre John ;McIntyre, Laughlin ;McIsaac, Rod. ;McKechnie ;McKendrick, Hugh ;McKendrick, Mal. ;McKenzie, Alex. ;McKenzie, Angus ;McKenzie, Arch. ;McKenzie, Colin ;McKenzie, Don. ;McKenzie, Donald ;McKenzie, Dr. ;McKenzie, John ;McKenzie, Kenith ;McKie, John ;McKie, Wm. ;McKiernan ;McKinnin, Don. ;McKinnion, (Little) John ;McKinnion, Alex. ;McKinnion, Alexander ;McKinnion, Allen ;McKinnion, Angus ;McKinnion, Cha. ;McKinnion, Hector ;McKinnion, John ;McKinnion, Rod. ;McKinnion, Widow ;McKinnon ;McKisick, Allen ;McKisick, Angus ;McKisick, Dond. ;McLean ;McLean, Alex. ;McLean, Allan ;McLean, Duncan ;McLean, James ;McLean, John ;McLean, Joseph ;McLean, Rond. ;McLean, Wm. ;McLelan, Alex. ;McLelan, Angus ;McLelan, John ;McLeod ;McLeod, H.C. ;McLeur, Angus ;McMahon, Peter ;McMullan, John ;McMullen, Alex. ;McMullen, Dond. ;McMullen, Dun. ;McMullen, John ;McMurtry ;McNab, Donald ;McNab, Hugh ;McNamara, Michael ;McNeal, Chas. ;McNeal, John ;McNeal, Mal. ;McNeal, Widow ;McNeill ;McNeill, A. ;McNeill, Archibald ;McNeill, John ;McNeill, William ;McNutt, James ;McPhee, Angus ;McPhee, Arch. ;McPhee, Archd. ;McPhee, Don. ;McPhee, Dond. ;McPhee, Hugh ;McPhee, John ;McPhee, Neal ;McPhee, Neil ;McPherson, John ;McRae, Malcolm ;McSwain, Duncan ;McWilliam, Dav. ;Mellish ;Mellish, John T. ;Mellish, Thomas ;Mewes, Widow ;Mill ;Millar, John ;Mitchell, John ;Molart, George ;Monck, Lord ;Monlin, John ;Montcalm ;Montgomery ;Montgomery, Danl. ;Montgomery, Hugh ;Moore, John ;Moore, Mr. Justice ;Moorfield, Richard ;Morris, Hugh ;Morris, Wm. ;Morrisey, Edward ;Morrison, Allen ;Morrison, Dond. ;Morrison, Ronald ;Mountain, James ;Mowatt, Lieutenant ;Muir ;Murchland, John ;Murphy, Donald ;Murphy, James ;Murphy, Michael ;Murphy, William ;Murray, David ;Murray, John ;Murray, Thos. ;Murrough, John ;Musick, Peter ;Mutch, Alex. ;Myers, Jer. ;Myers, Richard ;Nelson ;Nelson, Samuel ;Nepean ;Newcastle, Duke of ;Newcastle, Duke of ;Newson, John ;Nicholson, Benjamin ;Nicholson, Doctor ;Nisbet ;North, Lord ;Nowlan, James ;Oneal, Patk. ;Owen ;Owen, Hon. L.C. ;Owens, Arthur ;Oxford ;Oxford, Edward ;Palmer ;Palmer, Charles ;Palmer, David ;Palmer, Edward ;Palmer, Honorable E. ;Palmer, Honorable Edward ;Palmer, Jonathan ;Palmer, Mrs. E. ;Palmer, Sir Roundell ;Parr ;Parr, John ;Patterson ;Patterson, Captain ;Patterson, Captain Walter ;Patterson, Dr. ;Patterson, Governor ;Patterson, Lieutenant-Governor ;Patterson, Walter ;Patton, Doctor ;Paul, Peter ;Peake ;Peake, James ;Peebles ;Pendergast, Tho. ;Penean, Joe. ;Penman, Dav. ;Penman, George ;Perrie, Bazil ;Perrie, Bazile ;Perrie, John ;Perrie, Peter ;Perrie, Prosper ;Perry, Henry W. ;Perry, Honorable Mr. ;Peter Jr., John ;Peter Senr., John ;Peter, Lavia ;Peter, Peter ;Peters jr., Joe ;Peters senr., Joe ;Peters, James ;Peters, Jo. ;Peyton, Dond. ;Philippe, Louis ;Pickering, Wm. ;Pineo ;Pinkham, George H. ;Pleace, William ;Podmore ;Pollard, Widow ;Poor, John ;Pope ;Pope, Honorable J.C. ;Pope, Honorable James C. ;Pope, Honorable Joseph ;Pope, Honorable Mr. ;Pope, Honorable W.H. ;Pope, J.C. ;Pope, James C. ;Pope, Joseph ;Pope, W.H. ;Pope, William ;Pope, William Henry ;Portland, Duke of ;Potcher, John J. ;Praught, Frederick ;Praught, John ;Price, Richard ;Pringle, John ;Quinlan, Morris ;Quirk, Charles ;Rafter, Dennis ;Ramsay, Arch. ;Ramsay, Edward ;Ramsay, John ;Ramsay, Mal. ;Ramsay, Malcolm ;Ramsay, Neal ;Ramsay, Widow ;Rankin, Miss ;Rea, Alex. ;Ready, Colonel ;Ready, Colonel Sir John ;Ready, Governor ;Reid, John D. ;Revel, John ;Richards ;Richardson, Alex. ;Rieley, Mrs. ;Rind, Alex. A. ;Ritchie ;Ritchie, J.W. ;Ritchie, John William ;Ritchie, Judge ;Rix, Samuel ;Robertson, C. ;Robertson, John F. ;Robins, Widow ;Robins, Wm. ;Robinson ;Robinson, Col. Jo. ;Robinson, Joseph ;Rochfort, Patrick ;Rogers ;Roper, Dan. ;Rose, Peter ;Ross ;Ross, Dav. ;Ross, Hugh ;Rubere, Peter ;Rushaw, Chas. ;Rushaw, Joseph ;Russel, Doodia ;Russell, Lord John ;Rutherford, James A. ;Ryan, Matin ;Rynolds ;Saunders, Cha. ;Schurman, Peter ;Schurman, Willam ;Scott, J. ;Scott, R. ;Seeley, Michael ;Selkirk ;Selkirk, Earl of ;Selliker, Joseph ;Sennott, Patrick ;Sentner, Caleb ;Shasong, Brazile ;Shasong, German ;Shasong, John ;Shasong, Lemong ;Shasong, Paul ;Shasong, Rusile ;Shasong, Widow ;Shasong, Yaco ;Shassong, John ;Shaw, Dun. ;Shaw, Mal. ;Shaw, Neil ;Shenshabach, Wm. ;Shepherd, Richard ;Shiverie, Dan. ;Shiverie, Peter ;Shultze, Fred. ;Simonds, Fred ;Simpson Jr., Wm. ;Simpson Senr., Wm. ;Simpson, Tho. ;Sinclair, Honorable Mr. ;Sinclair, John ;Slidell ;Smallwood, Joseph ;Smith ;Smith, Charles Douglas ;Smith, Colonel William ;Smith, Governor ;Smith, Isaac ;Smith, James ;Smith, James H. ;Smith, Joseph ;Smith, Lieutenant-Governor ;Smith, Mary ;Smith, Sir Sydney ;Smith, Widow ;Smyth, Lieut. A. ;Spence ;St.John, John Babtist ;Stafford, Peter ;Stagman, George ;Stamper, Mrs. ;Stanley, Lord ;Stark ;Steele, Alex. ;Steele, Angus ;Steele, Dugald ;Steele, Rod. ;Stewart ;Stewart, Angus ;Stewart, Capt. John ;Stewart, Chas. ;Stewart, Chief-justice ;Stewart, David ;Stewart, Dougald ;Stewart, James ;Stewart, John ;Stewart, Lieut. Cha. ;Stewart, Wm. D. ;Strang, Jessie ;Street, Saml. ;Strickland, John ;Stronach ;Stuart ;Stuart, John ;Sutherland, Mary ;Sutherland, Rev. ;Sutton, Tho. ;Swabey, Captain ;Sydney ;Sydney, Lord ;Taylor Jr., Donald ;Taylor Senr., Don. ;Taylor, Jacob ;Taylor, John ;Thompson, Geo. ;Thompson, John ;Thomson, Samuel ;Tilley ;Tilley, Honorable Mr. ;Townshend ;Townshend, James ;Townshend, Lord ;Townshend, Thomas ;Townshend, Wm. ;Tremain, R.G. ;Tremlet, Thomas ;Tryon, Governor ;Tupper, Honorable Mr. ;Urquhart, Robt. ;VanNiderstine, John ;Verazani ;Vickerson, Geo. ;Victoria, Queen ;Vigo, Jacob ;Vincent, Wm. ;Waddell, Rev. James ;Waddell, Rev. John ;Wales, Prince of ;Walker ;Walker, Angus ;Walker, Hugh ;Walker, John M. ;Walsh, Walter ;Warburton, Honorable James ;Ward, Ebenezer ;Warf, James ;Warren Senr., Benj. ;Warren, Ben. ;Warren, Geo. ;Warren, William ;Washington, General ;Watson ;Watson, Wm. R. ;Webster jr., John ;Webster senr., John ;Webster, Tho. ;Webster, Wm. ;Wedge, John ;Weir ;Weir, Joseph ;Wentworth ;Wesley ;Wesley, John ;Westaway ;Wetherall, Nathaniel ;Whealan, John ;Whelan ;Whelan, Edward ;Whelan, Hon. E. ;Whelan, Honorable Edward ;Whelan, Mary Major (Hughes) ;White, Archibald ;Whitfield ;Wholehan, M. ;Wilkins ;Wilkins, Martin I. ;William the Fourth ;William, King ;Williams, General ;Wilmot, Governor ;Wilson, John ;Wilson, Wm. ;Winter, Capt. Wm. ;Wolfe ;Wood jr., Wm. ;Wood senr., Wm. ;Wood, Ben ;Woodford, Governor Sir Ralph ;Woods, Daniel ;Woods, Joseph ;Woodside Jr., James ;Woodside Senr., James ;Worrell ;Wright ;Wright, George ;Wright, Honorable George ;Wright, John ;Wright, Nathaniel ;Wright, Tho. ;Wright, William ;Yeo ;Yeo, Hon. James ;Yeo, Honorable James ;Yeo, James ;Yonker, Conrod ;Young ;Young, A.W. ;Young, Charles ;Young, Dav. ;Young, G.R. ;Young, Governor ;Young, Honorable Charles ;Young, Honorable Judge ;Young, Judge ;Young, Lieut.-colonel ;Young, Lieutenant-Colonel A.W. ;Young, Sir Aretas W. ;Young, Sir Aretas William ;Young, Sir John ;Young, Wm.

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Jessup's Loyal Rangers

Loyalists - American Revolution