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Western Ontario
Genealogy & History Resources
Includes counties of Brant, Bruce, Elgin, Essex, Grey, Haldimand, Huron,
Kent, Lambton, Middlesex, Norfolk, Oxford, Perth, Waterloo, Wellington
Cities include Cambridge, Chatham, Kitchener, London, Sarnia, Windsor, Woodstock, etc.

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BOOK - Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Lambton, Ontario (pre- 1906)
By J. H. Beers & Company
Originally published by J. H. Beers & Company, Toronto, 1906
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2006

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Filled to the brim with detailed biographical accounts of individuals and early families of Lambton County, the work also contains portraits of many of those whose stories fill its pages.

The original publisher of this tome created volumes of this type for only four Ontario counties. Fortunately for those interested in the early families of Lambton County, the Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Lambton, Ontario was completed prior to discontinuing production of commemorative biographical records of the remaining counties of Ontario by the J. H Beers & Company.

Surnames of persons or families discussed in this book include:

    Acton; Adams; Aikenndrew; Anderson; Annett; Archer; Armstrong; Atkinson; Auld; Baker; Bannister; Barclay; Barnes; Barrett; Barron; Barwise; Baskerville; Battice; Baxterk; Beatonk; Beatty; Bedard; Bedard, Bell; Benner; Bennett; Bentley; Bindner; Black; Blackstock,; Blunden,; Boothman; Boswell; Bourne, William]; Bowlby D; Brake W; Brandon, Mrs Alison; Brandon; Brannan; Braybrook; Brennan; Brison; Britney; Brock; Brooks; Brown, Brownlee; Brownlee; Burr; Butler; Cable; Cairns; Callum; Calvert; Cameron; Campbell; Cann; Capes; Carr; Carrothers, Carruthers; Carscaden; Carscaden; Carter; Casselman; Chalmers; Chamberlin; Claris; Clark; Clemens; Clysdale; Code; Cole; Colter; Colter; Conboy; Cooklbert; Cook; Cooley; Cooley; Core; Corey; Cornell; Coulbeck; Coultis; Courtright; Cowan; Cox; Craigndrew; Craise; Craise; Crawford; Crockard; Crone; Crosbie; Crosbie; Crossley; Cruickshank; Currie; Cusben; Cuthbertson; Dale; Dallas; Dalton; Dalziel; Dandy; Davidson; Dawson; Delmage; Denham; Dennis; Dewar; Dier; Dobbin; Dobbyn; Dodds; Dodds; Dolbear, Donald; Douglas; Downing; Drader; Draper; Dressey; Droupe; Duffy; Duggan, Duncan; Dundas; Dunham; Dunlop; Eady; Eccles; Edgar; Edwards; EIliot; Ellis; English; Ewart; Ewing; Fairbairn; Fairbank; Farr; Farrell; Fawcett; Ferguson; Finch; Fisher; Fitzgibbon; Fitzsimons; Fleck; Fleming; Flintoft; Flintoft; Forbes; Foster; Fowler; Fraser; Freer; Fuller; Gammon; GGardiner; Gardiner; Gascoigne; German; Gibb; Gillatly; Glover; Gnam; Gould; Gordon; Goring; Gorman; Gould; Govenlock; Graham; Crowder; Gubbins; Gurd; Gustin; Hackney; Hales; Hall; Hammond; Hand; Harding; Harel; Hargin; Harkness; Harley; Harrison; Hartley; Hastings; Hay; Hayward; Heal; Hendra; Hescott; Hicks; Hilborn; Hill; Hitchcock; Holbrook; Holmes; Holwell; Hosie; Houston; Howard; Hume; Humphries; Hunt; Hunter; Hutton; Hyatt; Hyde; Ingram; Ironside; Ivinson; Jackson; Jacobs; Jamieson; Janes; Jarmaine; Jarvis; Johnson; Johnston; Karr; Kaupp; Keating; Keck; Kedwell, Kells; Kelly; Kennedy; Kenny; Kerr; Kesson; Ketchlbert; Kewley; Kewley; Kiddle; Kimball; Kingston; Kirkpatrick; Kittermaster; Knauff; Lamb; Lampman; Lancey; Lang; Langan; La Pier; Lawrence; Leach; LeBel; Leckie; Lee; Leitch; Lemon; Lett; Levitt; Lewis; Leys; Liddon; Lindsay; Lachlan; Littleproud; Lloyd; Lockie; Logie; Loughead; Lovell; Lucas; Lucas; Luke; Lunham; Lunham; Luscombe; MacAlpine; McBean; McBryan; McCallum; McCart; McCleist, McClemens; McColl; McConnell; McConnel; McCordic; McCorkindale; McCormick; McCrie; McCutcheon; McDonald; McDonald; McDougald; McDougall; McFarlane; McGeachy; McGillicuddy; McGregor; McGuire; McGurk; McHattie; McIntire; McIntosh; McIntyre; McIntyre; McKay; McKee; McKellar; McKenzie; McKenne; McKeune; McKinlay; McKitrick; McLachlan; McLachlen; McLean; McLeay; McLellan; McMahan; McMillan; McMurphy; McNab; McNabb; McNeil; McPherson; McTagert; McVicar; Macalpin; MacKenzie; Mackesy; MacLean; Maddock; Maidment; Mannen; Mannen; Marsh; Martin; Martyn; Matheson; Matthews; Mercier; Merrick; Metcalf; Meyers; Miles; Miller; Millikin; Mills; Monroe; Montgomery; Moore; Moorhouse; Morgan; Morris; Morrison; Morwood; Mowbray; Munns; Munroe; Murphy; Murray; Nash; Neal; Neil; Nelson; Nesbitt; Newell; Nicholson; Nisbet; Noble; Oakes; O'Brien; Oliver; O'Neil; Orrange; Oshorne; Ovans; Page; Palmer; Pardee; Park; Parks; Patterson; Pattinson; Paul; Payne; Pearce; Peat; Perkins; Pesha; Peters; Pettypiece; Pickering; Pickering; Piggott; Pitkin; Postil; Potter; Poussette; Poussette; Powell; Pray; Proctor; Purvis; Radford; Rae; Rawlings; Reid; Richardson; Richmond; Roane; Robairts; Robbins; Robertson; Roche; Ross; Russel; Sanders; Scott; Sharpe; Shields; Simpson; Sinclair; Sisk; Sitter; Smith; Snider; Spalding; Sparling; Spearman; Sproule; Squire; Steadman; Stephenson; Stevens; Stevenson; Stewart; Stinson; Stockdale; Stokes; Stonehouse; Stoner; Stoop; Storey, Strangways; Streets; Sutherland; Sutton; Symes; Symington; Tait; Tanner; Taylor; Taylor; Temple; Tew; Thom; Thomas; Thompson; Tracy; Tripp; Trott; Trotter; Trusler; Turnbull; Van Tuyl; Van Tuyl; Vidal; Walden; Walker; Walker; Walker; Wall; Wallenlex; Wallen; Wanless; Ward; Ward; Warner; Watson; Watson; Watson; Watson; Watson; Watson; Watson; Watson; Watt; Watts; Webster; Webster; Weir; Weir; Wellington; Wells; Werden; West; Westen; Westgate; Wheatley; Wheeler; White; Whitehead; Whitsitt; Whittaker; Wilcocks; Wilkinson; Williams; Williamson; Willoughby; Wilson; Wilson; Wolsey; Wood; Wood; Woodley; Woodward; Woodwark; Wooley; Wray; Wright; Wyant; Yates; Young; Younghusband; Zavitz.

Originally published in 1906 by J.H. Beers & Co, this facsimile reprint was produced by Global Heritage Press Inc. on the 100th anniversary of the publishing of the original volume (May 2006). The physical print run of 2006 has sold out. Available now in digital pdf format only.

1040 pages plus index
8.5" X 11"
Many illustrations
Originally published by J. H. Beers & Company, Toronto, 1906
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2006 ISBN 1-894210-88-4

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