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BOOK - Dictionary of Glengarry Biography
By Royce MacGillvray
Published by the Glengarry Historical Society, Alexandria, 2010 (second printing 2013)

A comprehensive history of Glengarry county told through the lives of pioneers, fur traders, soldiers, farmers, railway barons, politicians, criminals, anybody and everyone who helped make Glengarry one of Canada's most storied and celebrated counties.

This thick book includes 1600 biographical sketches, with more than 850,000 words on over 800 pages and illustrated with maps.

Author, Royce MacGillvray relied as much as possible, on good printed or manuscript sources, including The Glengarry News (a local newspaper), other newspapers, libraries, government archives and church records to provide the informational foundation for the book. He also drew from other works and personal experiences for inspiration and guidance when putting together his latest project.

Contents include:
  • MAPS
  • BIOGRAPHIES [about 1,600 biographies]

  • "the most comprehensive record of Glengarry’s past ever compiled, in one complete source."
    - Scott Carmichael, The Glengarry News
  • "To say that Royce MacGillivray has written a book is to say that Mozart made some music. It is a great thing MacGillivray has done; generations yet unborn will thank the man who, for the sheer love of history, wrote it all down"
    - Kelly Egan, Ottawa Citizen
  • "It's a magnificent accomplishment"
    - Dane Lanken, Glengarry Historical Society
Only 300 copies of this book have been printed. Every copy is numbered. This printing will sell out very quickly.

Everyone with family connections in Glengarry, anyone interested in the history of the county will want a copy of this remarkable book.

800 Pages
7.5 X 10.25"
References and abbreviations
Subjects of Biographies list (44 page index of biographies, organized alphabetically by surname)
Bibliography - [3000 annotated entries of publications related to Glengarry]
Published by the Glengarry Historical Society, Alexandria, 2010 (second printing 2013)
ISBN 978-0-9680711-2-0

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