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   Ontario, Canada   
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BOOK - Leaving Ontario, Sources for Tracking Ontario Migrants
By Fawne Stratford-Devai
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2008

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Leaving Ontario is an essential guide for family history researchers in search of the records of those who left Ontario. As family historians we often hit a brick wall when family members seem to simply disappear from the province. However, in this era of online databases and indexes we now have an opportunity to look beyond communities and countries and track family members across time and boundaries. Leaving Ontario will provide you with an understanding of the traditional and online records that are available to trace your family members who left Ontario to seek their fortunes elsewhere.

Do you have Ontario ancestors that just vanish? Did they go to the gold rush of California? Were they attracted by homesteading advertisements from the Canadian and U.S. west? Did they feel they had no choice but to leave Ontario? As family historians we have an incredible advantage because the migration study is very personal – it is our family on the ground at a specific time and place. Leaving Ontario will guide you through the resources available to help you understand and tell the story of your migrant’s legacy.

About the author:
    Fawne Stratford-Devai is familar to many as one of the three genealogical sleuths who work together to unravel family mysteries on History Television’s popular series, Ancestors in the Attic. In addition to her television work, Fawne has authored and coauthored more than fifty genealogy and history books. Fawne's lectures on genealogical and historical topics, particularly Ontario records, are always entertaining and educational.
Contents include:
  • Push and Pull Factors
  • Chain Migration
  • Migration from Ontario to Manitoba
  • Migration from Eastern Ontario to Northern New York State
  • Cluster Genealogy - Whole Family Research
  • Historic Context and Timelines
  • Maps and Land Records
  • Cluster Genealogy & Census Records
  • City Directories
  • Records of Birth, Marriage, Death and Divorce
  • Local Histories and Biographies
  • Newspapers
  • Church Records
  • Canadian Border Crossing Records
  • Border Crossing Records from Canada to the U.S.A.
  • Canadian Naturalization Records
  • U.S. Naturalization Records
  • Archives, Libraries and Museums
  • Local Societies and Associations
  • Sessional Papers
  • Putting it all together
  • Maps of Ontario
  • Additional Online Links and Resources
  • Appendix : Ontario to Manitoba
  • Appendix : Go West
  • Appendix : Ontario's Life Blood
  • Appendix : Annual Report of the Immigration Agent for the North West
  • Appendix : Transport of Emigrants over the Red River Route
  • Index to Names
84 pages
8.5 X 11"
Lists of migrants
Softcover - coil-bound
ISBN 978-1-897446-92-8
Published by Global Heritage Press

Names that appear in sample lists of migrants include:
    Acheson, W.; Adams, Kelly; Adams, Messrs. E.; Allan, H. M.; Allan, W.; Almas, A.; Anderson; Anderson, Gilbert; Anderson, John; Andrews, Alfred; Armstrong, E.; Armstrong, James A.;

    Babb, Samuel; Bainbridge, James; Baskerville, Joseph; Baxter, D.; Baxter, William; Baynton, Duncan; Baynton, George; Baynton, Janet; Baynton, Will.; Bealor, Wm.; Beathy, Adam; Beaudry, J. A.; Beddomo, Brandon; Begg, Magnus; Beil, Robert John; Belfour, James; Berridge, Geo.; Blair, George; Boulton, R.; Boxall, Thomas; Brabascon, W.; Brabascon, W. Jr.; Brander, Geo.; Brander, James; Brander, Robert; Bridge, Geo.; Bridge, John; Brokoviski, E.; Brook, Ed.; Brook, F. J.; Brook, John J.; Brook, Letitia; Brook, Mary A. H.; Brook, Sarah; Brook, W. H.; Brown, David; Brown, Richard; Brown, Wm.; Brown, Wm. H.; Bruce, Wm.; Buchanan, Thomas; Bull, Wm.; Burgess, James; Burrett, Mary; Burrows, Theo. A.; Byers, Mrs. Wm.; Byrne, Rev. Prof.; Calder, Alex; Calder, Alexander;

    Calklin, Wm. C.; Campbell, John; Campbell, Mayor; Campbell, W.; Campbell, Wm. A.; Cardno, Alex; Carriss, Elward; Chalmers, Messrs. Chalmers & Carney; Clark, Geo.; Climic, R. H.; Coleman, Miss; Collins, J.; Collins, Mr. Robert; Conway, John; Corbet, Margaret; Corbet, Margt. Angeline; Corbet, Mary Matilda; Corbet, R. S.; Corbet, Rebecca; Corbet, Wm. H.; Corbett, Laura Ann; Corbett, Saml. Jas.; Corbett, Samuel; Coulter, D.H.; Crandle, Mrs.; Crawford, Charles; Crawford, George; Crawfort, Wm.; Crossman, Mrs.; Cunningham, C.G.; Currie, Robert; Curtis, Francis R.; Dailing, John;

    Dalton, Alfred; Daniels, Henry; Dass, James; Denand, Walter; Dick, W. R.; Dill, John; Dillworth, Robert; Donnelly, John; Dorand, S.G.; Doucette, G. A.; Dougall, David; Dougall, Henry; Dougall, James; Downs, Mrs. Mary; Drummond, John; Drummond, Miss;

    Ebbs, Mr. J.E.; Ebbs, Mrs.; Eddie, James; Edwards, Geo.; Elliott, Andrew; Ellis, Thos.; Elson, John; Evans, H.G.; Everson, Richard;

    Fair, Alfred; Faulkner, John; Fawcett, Mr. Charles; Fener, F.; Fenwick, Geo.; Ferneri, David; Finlayson, Colin; Fitzmanrice, E.; Floyd, James; Forbes, Dan; Forbes, R.; Fralick, Wm.; Frost, L.; Frost, Moses;

    Galloway, Matthew; Galloway, Patrick; Geary, Orlando; Geddie, John W.; Gettridge, Henry; Gilchrist, Wm.; Giles, J. E.; Gillespie, John; Glann, Joseph; Gooderidge, Wm.; Goodridge, Chas.; Gorden, Wm.; Gray, Mrs. John; Greely, Horace; Greenway, Mr.; Greenway, Mr. Thos.; Greisly, Robert; Grey, J. W.; Grey, Oliver; Griffen, Wm.; Grimshaw, Jas. J.;

    Hall, Joseph; Hall, Thos.; Ham, John; Hamilton, Wm.; Hammond, Henry;, ; Hammond, John; Harkness, David; Hartley, Wm.; Hay, Arthur; Hazelett, Thomas; Head, W. H.; Hearn, H.; Heglar, Richard; Hill, Richard; Hingston, T.G.; Hobbs, Messrs.; Hogg, N.; Holland, John; Hooper, James; Howard, Albert; Howard, Orange; Howie, Wm.; Hudson, John; Hughes, J.W.; Humphreys, Jas.; Hutchison, N.;

    Ingram, A.; Irvine, James; Irving, John; Isteed, Chas.;

    Jackson, George; James, John; Jerolamy, B. J.; Johnston, C.; Johnston, John; Johnston, N.; Johnston, Robert; Jones, Barbara; Jones, Ben.; Jones, W. E.; Jones, William;

    Kelly, John; Kemp, A. C.; Kickwood, John; King, George; King, Peter; Knox, John; Knox, Mrs.;

    Laing, Andrew; Lanigan, Wm.; Lawrence, Mr. J.; Lawson, W. C.; Leary, Benj.; Leroy, Richard; Lewis, J.R.; Lillies, James; Lodge, Joseph; Longs, J.M.; Low, Daniel; Low, Jos.; Low, Sarah;

    Mann, Alex.; Mann, Hugh; Marden, James; Marling, Miss; Marshall, Alex.; Marshall, Henry; Matheson, John; McAllaster, Thomas; McCarthy, Wm.; McCrea, George; McDonald, Wm.; McEwan, Duncan; McFadden, David; McFaden, M.; McGillivray, Alex.; McIlroy, James; McKay, Christiana; McKay, Philip; McKelvie, Robert; McKenzie, D.; McKenzie, D.H.; McKenzie, John; McLaren, Peter; McLaughlan, G.; McLaughlin, Thos.; McLean, Archie; McLean, D.; McLean, Donald; McLean, Flora; McLean, George; McLean, Hector; McLean, Hector, Jr.; McLean, Hugh; McLean, J. H.; McLean, Janet; McLean, John; McLean, Margaret; McLean, Peter; McLennon, Chas.; McManus, Mr. E.; McNeil, A.; McNeil, James; McPhillips, Frank; McPhillips, Geo.; McQuarrie, John; McQuarry, Alex; McQuarry, Hugh; McQuarry, James; McQuarry, Thomas; McQuarry, William; McRae, H.; Meares, John; Measen, Fred.; Mellon, Philip; Mellon, Sarah; Mellon, Wm.; Metello, Evan; Millar, Robert; Miller, James; Mitchell, Richard; Moare, Charles; Moore, W.H.; Morra, Geo.; Morrison, Dr.; Mothereill, Geo.; Moyer, Leslie; Moyer, S.K.; Muir, Dan.; Mulligan, Patrick; Mulvey, Barbara; Mulvey, John; Mulvey, Mrs.; Mulvey, Stewart; Mulvey, Thos.; Mulvey, W.; Myers, James William;

    Nesbitt, Wm.; Newans, J. C.; Nichol, James; Nichols, Mrs.; Nordheimer, W.; Norton, Geo. E.; O'Brien, Timothy; O'Rourke, M.;

    Orpen, Henry; Orphan, Henry; Osborne, Messrs.;

    Paden, W.; Parfitt, Mrs.; Park, R. R.; Parr, John D.; Parr, Mr. Wm.; Parsons, James; Parsons, Wm.; Patterson; Patterson, Jar.; Patterson, Mr.; Patterson, Robert; Pearsall, William; Pelly, Richard; Percival, Henry; Phillips, Miss Esther; Phillips, Miss Phebe; Phillips, Sarah; Phillips, William; Pic, George; Piché, A.; Pickfort, J.; Piers, W. A.; Pinhey, Hamnet; Pollard, C.; Pringle, John; Pritti, Mr.; Prittie, Mr. R.W.; Provan, John;

    Rae, John; Ramsay, Robert; Reid, Albert; Robertson, P.A.; Robertson, Rev. James; Robinson, George; Robinson, Jas.; Rodgers, Jack; Rossiter, R. W.; Rutherford, W.T. & Co.; Rutherford, Wm.; Rutley, Alex; Rutley, Harvey;

    Savage, Thos.; Sawnders, Wm.; Scott, Jas.; Scott, Wm.; Scouten, Sydney S.; Sewell, Eliza; Sewell, Robert; Shaver, Richard; Shier, R. H.; Simms, John; Simms, Joseph; Simpson, Mrs.; Simpson, Wm.; Smith, A. S.; Smith, C. C.; Smith, Charles; Smith, Compton; Smith, J.; Smith, John; Smith, M. S.; Smith, Malcolm A.; Smith, Mrs.; Somerville, Louis; Spratt, Elizabeth; Spratt, John; Stead, Lawrence; Stewart, Alex.; Stokes, George; Stong, Wm.; Thomas, Elizabeth;

    Thomas, Emma; Thomas, Geo.; Thomas, Isabella; Thomas, Margaret; Thomas, Philip; Thomas, Phillip; Thomas, Priscilla; Thomas, Richard; Thomas, Wm.; Thompson, J. Boyce; Titmus, Geo.; Torrington, Prof.;

    Wagner, W.; Walker, George; Washington, A.G.; Weirs; Wells, John; Werry, William, wife and son; Wettenhall, R. J.; Whatland, Cornelius; White, And.; White, Andrew; White, Eli; White, Enoch; Whitehead, Mrs.; Willock, Francis; Wilson, Ambrose; Wilson, John; Wilson, Margaret; Wilson, Thos.; Woods, R.; Wright, Amos J.; Wright, Geo.; Wrixon, Chas.; Wrixon, Ellen; Wrixon, Hannah; Wrixon, John;

    Young, Arch.; Young, George; Young, John; Young, Thomas;

About Fawne Stratford-Devai
Fawne Stratford-Devai's work on Land Records and early Ontario records is well known in the genealogy community. A published author of several Canadian and UK research books, she has also contributed articles to the Ontario Genealogical Society's newsletter "Families" as well as writing for the online family history newsletter the "Global Gazette". Biography

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