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Eastern Ontario
Genealogy & History Resources
Includes counties of Addington, Carleton, Dundas, Frontenac, Glengarry, Grenville, Hastings,
Lanark, Leeds, Lennox, Prescott, Prince Edward, Renfrew, Russell, Stormont
Cities include Belleville, Cornwall, Kingston, Perth, Ottawa, etc.

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BOOK - The Kennedys, MacDiarmids, McDermids, Munros and other Glengarry - Stormont Pioneers
By R.B. (Bob) Campbell and Douglas McDermid
Published by Mika Publishing, Belleville, 1986

Hardcover...75.95 (C$)

This book traces the roots or certain Kennedys, MacDiarmids, Munros and other Scottish families who settled in the counties of Glengarry and Stormont In the easternmost part of the province of Ontario. In many cases it provides the exact lot number and township concession where these pioneers settled. The family history not only traces their descendants but also in many cases narrates their contribution to the social and cultural life or their community and province.

From the Introduction:
    "The first part of the book is a chronicling of events most of them battles and wars which took place in Western Europe and North America following that watershed event In English - Scottish history - the April 1746 Battle of Culloden. The Scottish Highlanders had been the backbone of Scottish resistance in successfully repulsing attempts by England for over 300 years to dominate Scotland. Atter the decisive military victory at Culloden, the London government's brutality in its treatment of the defeated highlanders and the prohibition of wearing of the tartan achieved its purpose. The formerly rebellious highland chiefs lost their powers and the London government obtained the allegiance of the formerly rebellious clansmen.

    Scottish highlanders played a major role In the British wars that followed the Battle of Culloden. After each decisive battle or peace treaty Scottish and other British soldiers would be discharged from the army and those who chose this option would receive land in Canada, America, Australia or elsewhere in the British Empire.

    In the case of the American War of Independence those British soldiers who remained loyal to the British Crown were given land in Glengarry-Stormont or elsewhere In Canada. Those who settled in Glengarry-Stormont received one hundred acres each along the St. Lawrence River front and two hundred acres further inland. David Munro of Taln Ross-shire (See Part D of this book) first settled with his wife Nancy MacKay at Mapleton In New York state. When the American States declared their independence, David joined the British army and served in the Kings Royal Regiment of New York (KRRNY). After the end of the American War of Independence David and his family emigrated to Canada and obtained land in the west part of Glengarry near Martlntown and in the east part of Stormont near Gravel Hill, Ontario. More about the United Empire Loyalists Is included In Chapter IV of Part A.

    After the peace of Amiens in 1802 and disbanding of some regiments there was the emigration trom Glen Garry Scotland to the "Glengarry Fencibles" and their families and their chaplain the Rev. Alexander MacDonell. They were said to have come in the 1803-1804 period. That was when Hugh Kennedy ancestor of the Kennedys in Part B of this book left Glen Garry Inverness-shire and settled where the village or Apple Hill, Ontario now stands. It is not known for certain whether or not he was a disbanded soldier from the British Army. On the other hand it is likely that John Campbell who settled with his family at Loch Garry In approximately 1802 was a member of the Glengarry Fenclbles discharged in 1802.

    Most of the MacDiarmids and McDermids whose history is described in Part C of this book came to the Martintown area of Glengarry Canada during the 1795-1805 period. It is not known for certain whether or not some of these MacDiarmid settlers were former soldiers who were disbanded after the 1802 Peace of Amiens.

    After the peace that followed the Battle of Waterloo In 1815 more British soldiers were disbanded. Some of the Highlanders who came to Glengarry fought under the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo. Malcolm Campbell ancestor of the Dominionville Campbells settled at Dominionville Ontario In 1816. He served as a Sergeant under Wellington at Waterloo. He emigrated with his wife and four brothers from Killin In Perthshire Scotland. The MacDiarmids, MacDougalls, Campbells and Stewarts who emigrated to Breadalbane Glengarry Canada In 1815 from Killin and Lavers in Perthshire could also have had disbanded soldiers in their group.

    After the end of the Crimean war in 1856 a peace treaty was signed in Paris that affected Scottish highlanders as well as many others. Roderick Campbell and his wire Margaret McLennan of Inverness Scotland had 4 sons who served with the British Forces during the Crimean War. Only one of the four sons (Roderick) survived the war and he was badly wounded. He came to Canada in 1858 with his brother John (the big shoemaker), another brother Kenneth and a sister Jessie. In return for his war service Roderick was given land near Berwick In Finch Township county of Stormont. In conclusion the authors hope that the reader will find Part A of this book an interesting background to the family histories which follow in the latter part of the book.
These are new books that were purchased from the publisher when the publisher's business was being disolved. Only a few copies left!

The book does not have an Index. However, the Table of Contents includes a listing of the families for which there are considerable details provided in this book.

Contents include:
  • PART A 1746-1856
    • Settlement In Canada After 1746
    • British French Wars (1744-1763)
    • American War of Independence (1776-1783)
    • United Empire Loyalists
    • Prelude to the Battle of Waterloo
    • The War of 1812-1814
    • The Family Compact and Rebellion of 1837
    • The Crimean War 1854-18S6
    • The American Civil War & Fenian Raids

  • PART B The Kennedys
    • The Kennedys of Scotland and Glengarry and Stormont [Ontario, Canada]
    • Descendants of Hugh Kennedy & Catherine Fraser
    • Descendants of Donald Kennedy & Catherine MacIntosh
      • Ewen D. Kennedy & Christy McIntyre
      • Catherine Kennedy & Philip Munro
      • John D. Kennedy & Betsy Klppen
      • William Kennedy & Sarah MacQueen
      • Donald J . Kennedy & Ann Cameron
      • John J . Kennedy & Donalda MacQueen
      • Angus J . Kennedy & Margaret Grant
      • Peler Kennedy & Isabella Kennedy
      • Daisy Kennedy & Alexander Duncan MacDougall

    • Descendants of William Kennedy & Janet Fisher
      • Catherine Kennedy & Alexander McNaughton
      • Jane Kennedy & Peter McNaughton
      • John Kennedy & Catherine MacDougall
      • Elizabeth Kennedy & James Colin Campbell
      • Donald Kennedy & Ann MacDougall

    • Descendants of John Kennedy & Sophia McKay
      • Jane Kennedy & Duncan McDermid
      • Archibald Kennedy & Maria Montgomery

    • Descendants of Jane Kennedy & Duncan Robertson
      • Janet Robertson & Hugh McDermid
      • Catherine Robertson & Angus McDermid
      • Mary Robertson & David McDougall
      • John Robertson & Margaret McDougall
      • Hugh Robertson & Flora MacLennan
      • Isabella Robertson & Alexander McDonald
      • Christy Robertson & Daniel McDougall

    • Descendants of Isabella Kennedy & David Munro
      • (see Part D - Descendants of David Munro and Nancy McKay)

    • Descendants of Angus Kennedy & Catherine McIntyre
      • Isabella Kennedy & George Truax

    • Descendants of Hugh Kennedy & Janet MacIntosh
      • Catherine Kennedy & John McCallum
      • Ewen Kennedy & Mary McDonald
      • Margaret Kennedy & Samuel Ferguson
      • Elizabeth Kennedy & Duncan Ferguson


    • The McDermlds of Scotland and Glengarry/Stormont Canada

    • Descendants or Finlay McDiarmid & Janet McDiarmid
      • Ann McDiarmid & Finlay McCallum
      • Christina McDiarmid & Peter Christie
      • Angus McDiarmid & Mary Sinclair
      • Hugh McDiarmid & Margaret Sinclair
      • Margaret McDiarmid & Malcolm McCallum
      • Janet McDiarmid & Duncan McGregor
      • Isabella McDiarmid & Donald McIntyre
      • Mary McDiarmid & William McKlllican

    • Descendants of Hugh McDiarmid & Christy McDiarmid
      • John McDermid & Margaret Fraser
      • Angus McDermid & Isabella Hamilton

    • Descendants of Donald McDiarmid & Anne McDonell
      • Isabel McDiarmid & Alexander McKay
      • Ann McDiarmid & Alexander McBain
      • Margaret McDiarmid & Alexander Ferguson
      • Duncan McDiarmid & Martha Clough
      • Henrietta McDiarmid & James McDowall
      • Elizabeth McDiarmid & George Snetsinger

    • Descendants of Hugh McDiarmid & 1. Mary McDonald 2. Ann McNaughton
      • Anne McDermid & Archibald McGregor
      • John McDermid & Catherine Miller
      • Margaret McDermid & John Mlller

    • Descendants or Hugh McDiarmid & Janet Clarke
      • Malcolm McDiarmid & Catherine Robertson
      • Janet ~1c Diarmid & Finlay McDiarmid
      • Isabella McDiarmid & Canon James Reid

    • Descendants of Duncan McDermid & Jane McGregor
      • John McDermid & Catherine Christie
      • Catherine McDermid & Peter Mc|Intosh
      • Peter McDermid & Elizabeth McArthur
      • Hugh McDermid & Janet Robertson
      • Christy McDermid & Donald McIntosh
      • Finlay McDermid & Elizabeth Benfeather
      • Angus McDermid & Catherine Robertson

    • Descendants of Hugh McDermid & Margaret McNaughton
      • Dermid McDermid & Janet McDougall

    • Descendants of John McDermid & Janet Forbes
      • Duncan McDermid & Janet McMartin
      • John McDermid & _______ Christie
      • Duncan McDermid & Christie Anne Shaver
      • Hugh McDermid & Margaret Mary Haggart
      • Malcolm McDermid & Isabella Ross
      • Barbara McDermid & George Kinloch
      • Susan McDermid & David McCracken

    • Descendants of Duncan McDermid & Margaret McDermid

    • Descendants of Angus McDermid & Isabella Campbell
      • Malcolm Angus McDiarmid & Harriet Cooper

    • Descendants of Duncan McDermid & Annie McGregor

    • Descendants of Peter Angus MacDiarmid & Ella Campbell


    • The Munros of Ross-shire Scotland & Glengarry - Stormont

    • Descendants of David Munro & Nancy MacKay
      • Nancy Munro & John Chisolm
      • Margaret Munro & Donald McDougall
      • John Munro & Marie Beckstead

    • Descendants of Hugh Munro & Mary Ross
      • David Munro & Isabella Kennedy
      • William Munro & Janet Ross
      • Robert Munro & Mary McIntyre
      • Christy Munro & William Hamilton
      • Ellen Munro & Mr. Anderson
      • Catherine Munro & John McRae
      • Peggy Munro & Ron McDonald
      • Danny Munro & Elizabeth Munro

    • Descendants of Ewen Munro & 1. Margaret Campbell; 2. Isabel Stewart
      • Isabella Munro & William Blair
      • Catherine Munro & O. Butler
      • Margaret Munro & Mr. Johnston
      • Janet Munro & Leonard Vaughn
      • Minnie Munro & Joseph Brown
      • Christy Munro & Thomas McKay
      • Alice Munro & 1. Edward Ferguson 2. Mr. Byam 3. C.P. Balabanoff
      • Hugh Munro & Mayme Barry
      • David Munro & Alice
      • James Munro & Eva McKercher
      • Charles Munro & Jane Munro
      • Donald (Dan) Munro & Iva

    • Descendants of Mary Munro & Duncan Ferguson
      • James Ferguson & Christine Munro
      • David Ferguson & 1. Elizabeth Pollock 2. Elizabeth Berry
      • Colin D. Ferguson & Winnifred Ross
      • Hugh Ferguson & 1. Charlotte Pollock 2. Catherine Campbell
      • Donald Ferguson & Maggie Robertson
      • Catherine Ferguson & husband
      • Mar y Jane Ferguson & Joseph Stephenson

    • Descendants of Catherine Munro & Alexander MacGregor
      • David MacGregor & Mary McRae
      • Catherine MacGregor & Donald MacLennan

    • Descendants of Hugh Munro & Margaret Fisher
      • Hugh Munro & Janet Klppen
      • Isabella Munro & Thomas Glendinning
      • Margaret Munro & William Dickson
      • Archie Munro & Mary Ann Cameron

    • Descendants of Jane Munro & Daniel Campbell
      • Catherine Campbell & William Campbell
      • Duncan Campbell & Janetta McDermid
      • David Campbell & Mary Hough
      • Jane Campbell & Donald F. Campbell
      • Ellen Campbell & Etsel Hough

    • Descendants of Donald Munroe & Catherine McDermid
      • David Munroe & Mary Anne MacRae
      • Duncan Munroe & Agnes Sproule
      • Isabella Munroe & Alexander Cumming
      • John Munroe & Sarah Finlan
      • Annie Munroe & John McLennan
      • Donald Munroe & Lottie Kayes
      • Mary Jane Munroe & Thomas Smith
      • Alexander Munroe & Rebecca Blair

    • Descendants of Janet Munro & Hector MacLean
      • Duncan MacLean & Mary Hamblin
      • Isabella MacLean & Dan MacMillan
      • Peter MacLean & Melinda Wedmyer
      • Christie MacLean & Richard Smith
      • Alexander MacLean & Elizabeth Robertson
      • Hugh MacLean & Maude Warren

    • Descendants or Christy Munro & John R. McMillan
      • Hugh McMillan & Janet Kippen
      • Christena McMillan & George Cameron

    • Descendants of David Munro & Christy McKercher
      • Isabel Munro & E.R. Frith
      • David Munro & wife
      • Catherine Munro & Arthur Sargent
      • Christina Munro & Howard A.rmitage

    • Descendants of Alexander Munro & Jane MacGregor
      • Christy Munro & Thomas Munro
      • Margaret Munro & Thomas Dingwall
      • Annie Munro & James Shaw
      • Katie Munro & Dan Bennett
      • Hugh Munro & Marjorie McIntyre
      • Philip R. Munro & Catherine Kennedy

  • PART E The Reverend James Reid. By H.D. MacDacDermid
616 Pages
Hardcover with original dustcover
6 1/4" x 9 1/2"
Published by Mika Publishing, Belleville, 1986
ISBN 0-919303-99-4

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