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Eastern Ontario
Genealogy & History Resources
Includes counties of Addington, Carleton, Dundas, Frontenac, Glengarry, Grenville, Hastings,
Lanark, Leeds, Lennox, Prescott, Prince Edward, Renfrew, Russell, Stormont
Cities include Belleville, Cornwall, Kingston, Perth, Ottawa, etc.

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BOOK - Some long lost Births, Marriages & Deaths along the St. Lawrence River from Dundas County to Glengarry County, Ontario c1840-c1950
Transcribed by Lorna Johnson, Indexed by Jack Carter, Compiled by Duncan (Darby) MacDonald U.E.
Originally published by MacDonald Research Centre, Brockville, 1997
This edition published by MacDonald Research, Milton, Ontario 2015
(MacDonald Research is an imprint of Inc.)

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Book-on-CD Edition

The book contains 429 pages of transcriptions/extracts of births (baptisms), marriages and deaths (burials) recorded at many St.Lawrence charge United Church Records, plus a variety of other entries including Methodist church, Knox church, records from Williamsburg, Williamstown, Winchester, Lancaster Methodist, which have for years been considered lost.

Some years ago, Duncan MacDonald learned through conversation with the Reverend Donald Chisholm, about a batch of old church records located in an attic in the eastern Ontario village of Summerstown. The Rev. Don was the very respected minister in that area of Ontario which prides itself in being known as the major area of location in Upper Canada (Ontario) for the early Scot who arrived there in very large numbers, some of whom were Loyalist and others came on ships which included almost the complete parish.

Rev. Donald, knowing the importance of these records, and knowing that if they remained where they were found, that it would be just a matter of time and they would be damaged, destroyed or lost and never be available for genealogical research, had the foresight to see that they were deposited with the City of Ottawa Archives and from there the story takes on another chapter when Donald A. McKenzie, Deputy Archivist for the MQntreallOttawa Conference of the United Church of Canada enters the picture. Mr. McKenzie depended on the Genealogical Society of Utah (LDS) to place these valuable records on microfilm. This book has the records of two of the films which were prepared from that deposit of the Rev. Donald Chisholm, who freely gave the Duncan MacDonald permission to access them so that the genealogical material could reach a wider audience.

Lorna Johnston and Jack Carter of the Leeds & Grenville Genealogical Society used microfilms provided by Duncan MacDonald to transcribe the entire contents and construct an index for use in the Leeds & Grenville Genealogical Society archive. Duncan MacDonald then published the work in book form for those researchers who don't have access to the Leeds & Grenville Genealogical Society archives in Brockville, Ontario.

It is important to check the Table of Contents (below), and each of the two indexes (links to Indexes are listed in Table of Contents below) to make sure that the records you seek are included in the book.

Contents include:
  • Forward by Duncan (Darby) MacDonald

  • Reel No 1, description/introduction

  • Section one: Reel No 1:
    • Baptisms 1871-1873
    • Marriages, Hallville, S Mountains (1858)
    • Baptisms (1864)
    • Inkerman, BM& Burials (1902-1969)
    • Marriages (1902) 30
    • Inkerman Deaths/Burials (1902)
    • Baptisms (1864)
    • Marriages at Hyndman
    • Marriages (Hallville), Reids Mills, Mountain
    • Marriages (S Mountain) Methodist
    • Burials, StAndrews, United, Heckston
    • Burials, Hallville
    • Hallville Funeral records
    • Burials records, Reid’s Mill
    • Index to Reel No 1 Click to browse Reel 1 Index

  • Reel No 2, description/introduction

  • Section two: Reel No 2:
    • Marriage Register, Knox Church, Lancaster
    • Salem United, Baptisms (1844-____ )
    • Methodist, Marriages, Lancaster village, Glengarry
    • Baptisms, Lancaster
    • Marriages, Williamsburgh, 1840-1848
    • Baptisms, North Williamsburgh
    • Marriages, North Williamsburg (1852)
    • Burials, 1852, by Thomas Scott
    • Baptisms, Burials, Marriages, Williamsburgh
    • Deaths, 1876 (Williamsburgh, Osnabruck, etc…)
    • Baptisms, 1863 (Morrisburg, Williamsburgh, etc…)
    • Marriages, Williamsburgh (1906)
    • Baptisms, St.Andrews, Williamstown, Glengarry (1856)
    • Deaths at Williamstown, Glengarry
    • Baptisms at Williamstown, Glengarry
    • Marriages, Hephezebah Church, Glengarry
    • Index to Reel No 2 Click to browse Reel 2 Index
This digital edition was scanned from the original master and converted into a searchable pdf format that is readable on any device that can read a pdf file.

NOTE about print quality: acquired MacDonald Research Centre after the passing of its founder and primary transcriber/compiler, Duncan MacDonald. We are pleased to make his books available under the new MacDonald Research imprint. Each book has been reprinted as it was prepared by Mr. MacDonald, without corrections or additions. Modern technology helped us reproduce the original work in as-good-as, or better quality as that which was originally published. Much of MacDonald's original work was created on a typewriter. His well-worn "masters" were made on a photocopier. We've cleaned them up as much as possible without re-keying all of the content resulting in books that are useful and complete, but of a print quality that reflects the technology of the time in which they were originally published.

429 pages
8.5 X 11"
Originally published by MacDonald Research Centre, Brockville, 1997
Original title: Some Births, Marriages & Deaths along the St Lawrence River c.1840-c.1950, Some long lost Births, marriages, & Deaths along the St. Lawrence River from Dundas County to Glengarry in Ontario
Original ISBN 0-921133-97-9 (cerlox bound)
This edition published by MacDonald Research, Milton, Ontario 2015
ISBN 978-1-77240-019-9 (digital edition)
(MacDonald Research is an imprint of Inc.)

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