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Eastern Ontario
Genealogy & History Resources
Includes counties of Addington, Carleton, Dundas, Frontenac, Glengarry, Grenville, Hastings,
Lanark, Leeds, Lennox, Prescott, Prince Edward, Renfrew, Russell, Stormont
Cities include Belleville, Cornwall, Kingston, Perth, Ottawa, etc.

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Northern Ontario Resources | More Canadian Resources

BOOK - Pakenham, Ottawa Valley Village 1823-1860
By Verna Ross McGiffin
Published by author, Pakenham, 1963

Hardcover...29.95 (C$)
pdf download.....14.95 (C$)
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Licensed for personal use only

Pakenham Township, in which Pakenham is the only village, is said to have been named for Sir Edward Michael Pakenham, a brother-in-law of the Duke of Wellington. Pakenham, Ottawa valley Village 1823-1860, opens with a brief outline of the geology of the area, and described the formations of rock laid down by the three invasions of the sea that advanced thus far up the Ottawa Valley. It delineates the borders of the Canadian Shield and of the Ottawa - St. Lawrence Lowland within Pakenham Township. Then follows a description of the early inhabitants of the area - the Archaic peoples, and the historic Indian tribes encountered by the early European explorers. The book continues by describing the various groups of immigrants, including those brought out by the Honorable Peter Robinson, and the difficulties encountered by these early pioneers in a township deeply penetrated by the Canadian Shield and heavily wooded with pine. It deals in some detail with the different religious groups that were formed in the area; with the establishment of local governments and school systems; and with the growth of the typical village, relying on the interdependence of the principal industries, lumbering and farming. It describes the timber trade on the Mississippi; traced the career of Andrew Dickson, father of Pakenham Village; and ends with the visit of the Prince of Wales in 1860.

Contents include:
  • Preface
  • Prelude to Settlement
    • The Village Pattern
    • Physical Features of Pakenham Township
    • Geological History of the Area
    • The Aborigines
  • Days of Settlement
    • The Background of Settlement
    • The Military Settlements
    • Early Travellers and Settlers
    • The Settlement around Little Falls
  • The Robinson Settlers
    • Choosing the Settlers
    • The Ocean Voyage
    • Lachine to Ramsay
    • Robinson's Settlers in the Township
    • Trouble with Robinson's Settlers
  • The Laird of McNab's Settlers
  • Days of Adjustment
    • Problems in the Young Settlement
    • Pakenham Settlers Petition the Governor
    • The Harvey-Frizell Land Dispute
    • Judith Dougherty's Petition
    • The Plight of Robinson's Settlers
  • Early Missionaries in Pakenham Township
    • Social and Religious Climate in Upper Canada
    • The Coming of the Methodists
    • The Early Anglican Mission
    • Presbyterianism Reaches Pakenham
    • Roman Catholic Missionaries
  • Enlarging Horizons
    • The Valley in the 1820's and 1830's
    • Andrew Dickson and Pakenham Mills
    • The Birth of Municipal Government
    • The Rebellion of 1837 and the Battle of Pakenham
  • Andrew Dickson's Village
    • The Village Tradesmen
    • The Timber Trade in the Valley
    • Political and Municipal Affairs
    • The Clergymen and the Churches
    • The Schools and the School Commissioners
    • Lawbreakers and Lawmakers
    • Life in the 1840's
    • Official Visitors
  • Years of Growth
    • Changes in the Village
    • Township Council Government
    • Religious and Social Life
    • Mr. Dickson's Activities
    • Railroad Fever
  • X. The Village at the Zenith
  • Notes
196 Pages
5.5 X 8.75
Hardcover (with printed dust jacket)
Printed in 1963 - These books are original and new
ISBN: (none)

BOOK - Pakenham, Ottawa Valley Village 1860-1900
By Verna Ross McGiffin
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2005

Hardcover...42.95 (C$)
pdf download.....14.95 (C$)
Link emailed within 1 business day
Licensed for personal use only

This second volume picks up the story at 1860 and carries it forward to the turn of the Century. This was a period of profound change. Lumbering gradually declined in importance, while farming became the principal occupation of the area. Home industries were superseded by factories powered by waterfalls along the Mississippi. Society changed from a state of relative brutality to one of increasing sophistication; and from a classless structure, where all men were equal in their dependence upon their neighbors, to one of distinct social strata. There were now small farmers, tradespeople, factory workers, domestics, and farm helpers. At the· other end of the scale were the wealthier landowners and merchants, mill operators, timber barons, and professionals-clergymen, doctors, teachers, and lawyers.

Contents Include:
  • Decade of Tension
    • Pakenham Village in 1860
    • Village and Township Government
    • Events Beyond the Village
    • Transportation and Communication
    • The Pakenham Rifles and the Brass Band
  • The Interests Broaden
    • Farmers' Activities
    • Social Events, Fraternal Orders, and Sports
    • Schools and Politics
    • The Forces of Good and Evil in Conflict
    • Goodbye to the Pioneers
  • At the Tum of the Tide
    • Village Profile at 1870
    • The Timber Trade and the Lumber Industry
    • The Merchants and Tradesmen
    • The Textile Industry
    • Industry and the Farmer
  • Victorianism Makes Itself Felt
    • Emphasis on Morality
    • Increased Activity in the Churches
    • The Temperance Issue
    • Education Loses Out
  • The Lighter Side of Life
    • The Penny Reading Movement
    • Other Forms of Entertainment
    • Racing All the Rage.
    • Three Phenomena
  • The Farm Challenges Industry
    • Industry in the Traditional Village
    • Merchants and Innkeepers
    • Innovations of the Period
    • Upsurge in Agriculture
  • Hazards to Life and Property
    • The Village Doctor Fights Disease
    • Runaways
    • Fires
    • Trains
  • Increasing Sophistication
    • Education and Government
    • Religious Life in the Community
    • Triumph of the Temperance Forces
    • Fraternal Organizations
    • Agricultural Interests
  • The Passing Scene
    • Modem Vogues Emerge
    • Vestiges of Naivete
    • The Great Migration West
  • These Nineties Were Not Gay
    • Life in the Traditional Village Threatened
    • Changes in Real Estate in the 1890's
    • Industry Along the River
    • Church-building Boom
    • The Agricultural Society
    • Other Community Organizations
  • End of An Era
  • Appendix
  • Notes
188 Pages
6.5 X 10.25
Hardcover (premium binding in red Buckram with gilt stamping)
Illustrations; Bibliography
Originally published by Mississippi Publishers, Pakenham,1967
Second printing by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2005
ISBN 1-897210-70-1 (Hardcover)

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