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Eastern Ontario
Genealogy & History Resources
Includes counties of Addington, Carleton, Dundas, Frontenac, Glengarry, Grenville, Hastings,
Lanark, Leeds, Lennox, Prescott, Prince Edward, Renfrew, Russell, Stormont
Cities include Belleville, Cornwall, Kingston, Perth, Ottawa, etc.

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BOOK - Historical Sketch of the County of Carleton
By H. Beldon and Company, Toronto, 1879.
Originally published in a different format by H. Beldon and Company, Toronto, 1879
With New Index and New Table of Contents by Global Heritage Press, 2006
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2006 (CD 2010)

Hardcover... 59.95 (C$)
Book on CD... 19.95 (C$)
pdf download.....14.95 (C$)
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Hardcover Edition

Book-on-CD Edition

The content of this book was originally published in 1879 as part of the Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Carleton by H. Beldon & Company. The 356 pages of Historical Sketch of the County of Carleton contains all of the narrative history that was printed in that original historical atlas, reconfigured to book form.

This new edition has a new nominal index, and new Table of Contents that will save the reader time when looking for people, families and subjects that appear in the book.

Historical Sketch of the County of Carleton provides a solid history of Carleton County and much information about individuals and families from its earliest settlement until 1879. The book does not contain the large format township and national maps that were printed in the original Atlas.

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • General Summary of the Hist. of the Co. of Carleton
  • Geographical Position and Extent
  • Topographical characteristics and Geological Formation
  • Lakes and Rivers
  • Early Settlement
  • Political History
  • Military History
  • Municipal History
  • Educational and Religious Institutions
  • Agricultural Advancement and the Growth of the Mechanical Arts
  • The Growth of the Mechanical Arts
  • Administration of Justice
  • Highways
  • Railways
  • Waterways
  • General Physical Development
  • Material resources
  • The City of Ottawa
  • The Parliament Buildings
  • The Suspension Bridge
  • Water-Works
  • Female Colleges and Seminaries
  • The Churches
  • Semi-Religious and Charitable Institutions
  • National and Literary Societies
  • Secret Societies
  • The Temperance Cause
  • Manufacturing Interests
  • Trade Commerce and Finance
  • Municipal Matters
  • The Press
  • The City of Hull
  • New Edinburgh
  • Richmond
  • Nepean
  • Glouchester
  • Osgood
  • North Gower
  • Marlboro
  • Goulbourn
  • Huntley
  • Fitzroy
  • Torbolton
  • The Township of March
  • Biographical Sketches

356 Pages
6 X 9"
Index (by Global Heritage Press, 2006)
Originally published in a different format by H. Beldon Company, Toronto, 1879
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2006 (CD 2010)
ISBN 1-897210-96-5 (Hardcover)

Surnames that appear in the Index:

Abbott, Ackles, Acres, Acton, Adams, Addison, Ainslie, Aldridge, Alexander, Andrew, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Allan, Allen, Anderson, Anderson, Andrews, Anglin, Archambault, Ardell, Ardouin, Argue, Arkless, Armitage, Armstrong, Arnold, Arnold, Arnot, Ashford, Askwith, Atkins, Atkinson, Aumond, Aylen

Baggs, Bagot, Bailey, Baily, Baily, Bain, Bain, Baird, Baker, Baldwin, Ballantyne, Bangs, Banning, Barber, Barr, Barriere, Barry, Bartram, Baskerville, Bate, Beaman, Bearman, Beattie, Beatty, Beaubien, Beauchamp, Beckey, Beckwith, Bedard, Bell, Bellows, Bennett, Bentley, Berain, Berichon, Berry, Bidwell, Bigelow, Billings, Bingham, Birkett, Birtch, Bissett, Blackburn, Blaw, Blair, Blaisdell, Blake, Blakeley, Blanchard, Blanche, Beasdell, Blyth, Blythe, Bond, Bongard, Booth, Borbridge, Borthwick, Boucher, Bouchette, Boulton, Bourgeois, Bower, Boyce, Boyce, Boyd, Bradburn, Bradley, Bray, Brennan, Bronson, Brophy, Brough, Brown, Brown, Brownlee, Bruce, Brush, Bryson, Buchan, Buchanan, Buckham, Buffonn, Bullis, Burke, Burns, Burns, Burpee, Burris, Burritt, Burroughs, Burrows, Burwash, Butler, Byers

Caddy, Cahill, Caldwell, Callender, Cameron, Cameron, Cangler, Carleton, Carman, Carmen, Carrier, Carriere, Carroll, Carson, Carss, Carss, Carter, Cartwright, Cassells, Cassidy, Cathcart, Carleton, Cathcart, Cavanagh, Chabot, Champagne, Champlain, Chapman, Chester, Charlebois, Chene, Chesterton, Chevrier, Chisholm, Chitty, Christian, Christie, Christie, Christie, Church, Chrysler, Claire, Clancy, Clark, Clarke, Clegg, Cleland, Clements, Clemow, Clough, Clowes, Cluff, Cobourn, Cochlin, Cochrane, Codd, Coffey, Coghlan, Colborne, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Colguhoun, Conn, Connell, Connor, Connors, Cook, Coombs, Cooper, Cooper, Coperland, Corbett, Corcoran, Corrigan, Cowan, Cowie, Cowley, Counture, Cousens, Covell, Cox, Craig, Cram, Crawford, Croskey, Cruice, Cruicksltank, Cruickshanks, Cullen, Cummings, Cummingham, Currier, Cuzner, Cyr

Dagg, Daley, Dalhousie, Dame, Danford, Daveu, David, Davidson, Davis, Davison, Dawson, Dean, Deane, DeBoucherville, DeBurgh, Delude, Dempsey, Dempster, Dent, DePencier, Desbyshire, Desloges, Desnoyers, Devlin, Dickinson, Didsbury, Dingwall, Dion, Doherty, Dolan, Donaldson, Donohoe, Dooley, Dorcey, Doming, Doughney, Dow, Dowell, Doxey, Doyle, Driscoll, Drummond, Duck, Duggan, Dunbar, Duncan, Dunham, Dunlevie, Dunlop, Dunn, Dunning, Dupuis, Duvernet, Dwyer, Dyke

Eastman, Eddy, Edwards, Egan, Egleson, Elgin, Elliott, English, Ermatinger, Erskine, Erwin, Esmonde, Ethier, Evans, Everett, Eynough

Fair, Farley, Farlinger, Faulkner, Fee, Featherston, Feely, Fenton, Ferdinand, Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson, Findlay, Finley, Finlay, Firth, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fitzgibbon, Flavreau, Fleck, Fleming, Flood, Forbes, Forgie, Forrest, Forsyth, Foster, Fothergill, Fournier, Fraser, Frazer, Freeman, French, Friel, Frith, Fulford, Fuller, Furleigh,

Gagne, Gainford, Gallagher, Galway, Gamble, Garland, Garlick, Garrett, Gauthier, Gavin, Gemill, Germain, Gibb, Gibson, Giffin, Gill, Gillespie, Gilmour, Gingras, Glashan, Glassford, Gleason, Gleeson, Glen, Godin, Good, Goodman, Gordon, Goodwin, Goulbourn, Gould, Goulden, Gourly, Gove, Gowan, Graburn, Graburn, Grady, Graham, Grant, Gray, Gray, Green, Greene, Grierson, Grieves, Griffin, Griffith, Grimes, Groulx, Guerard, Guertin, Guigues, Guise,

Hadley, Halfpenny, Haliburt, Hall, Halliday, Hamilton, Hanly, Hanna, Harbinson, Harkness, Harmer, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hartley, Hartwell, Harvey, Hathaway, Hawken, Hawken, Hawley, Hay, Hay, Hayes, Hazelton, Hazelwood, Head, Headley, Healy, Heath, Heavy, Hedley, Heffron, Henderson, Heney, Henry, Hepinstall, Herbert, Heron, Hicks, Hickey, Higgins, Hill, Hincks, Hinton, Hodge, Hodgins, Hogan, Holbert, Holden, Hollister, Holmes, Holt, Homiere, Honeywell, Hope, Hopkins, Hopper, Horan, Hornidge, Hoste, Howe, Hubeaud, Hunter, Huntley, Hunton, Hurd, Hurdman, Hyde

Inglis, Innes, Irvine

Jackson, Jean, Jebb, Jenkins, Jessup, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Joyce

Kavanagh, Kearns, Kearns, Keating, Keegan, Keefer, Kehol, Kelley, Kemp, Kenley, Kennedy, Kenny, Kerr, Kettle, Kidd, Kidd, Kilby, Kilduff, KiIlean, Kinmond, Kipp, Kirley

Lackey, Laferriere, Laine, Landel, Landell, Lane, Lang, Landon, Langford, Langrell, Lanigan, Daniel, Lapierre, Laporte, Latremouille, Laudon, Laverdure, Lavail, Law, Lawlor, Lazure, Leamy, Learmonth, LeBreton, Le Due, Lee, Lees, Leggo, Le Roy, Leslie, Lett, Lewis, Leydon, Lindsay, Little, Lloyd, Logan, Loggan, Loney, Lord, Losey, Loucks, Lougheed, Low, Lowery, Lumsden, Lusk, Lynch, Lynn, Lyon, Lyons

Macdonald, Machin, Mackey, Mackintosh, Macklin, Maclaren, Maguite, Mahoney, Main, Mains, Maitland, Malloch, Maloney, Manion, Mann, Manuel, Mansfield, Manville, Marland, Marlin, Marr, Marshall, Marshall, Marston, Martin, Martineau, Masson, Mathieson, Matthaei, Matthewman, Matthews, Mattice, Maxwell, Maxwell, May, MacArthur, McBride, McCabe, McCaffrey, McCallin, McCarthy, McCarthy, McCasland, McCloy, McConnell, McCord, McCordick, McCormick, McCracker, McCrea, McCuaig, McCullen, McCurdy, John, McDarell, McDiarmid, McDonald, McDonell, McDougall, McDougal, McElroy, McEvoy, McEwan, McEwen, McFadden, McFarlane, McFarlen, McGaw, McGee, McGibb, McGillivray, McGinnes, McGraves, McGrevy, McGregor, McGuire, Mcintosh, McKay, McKay, McKellar, McKenna, McKenny, McKenzie, McKinlay, McKinnon. McLean, McLaren, McLaughlin, McLean, McLeod, McMartin, McMicken, McMillan, McMuIlen, McMurty, McNab, McNaughton, McPherson, McRae, McRea, McRorie, McSteers, McTaggart, McTavish, McVicar, McVeithy, Meredith, Merrick, Merrill, Merritt, Metcalfe, Milford, Millar, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Moffat, Mohr, Monaghan, Monk, Moon, Mooney, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moran, Mordy, Morehead, Morehouse, Morgan, Morin, Morton, Moses, Mosgrove, Mowatt, Mulligan, Munce, Munro, Murphy

Nagle, Nash, Neil, Nelligan, Nelson, Nichols, Nicolson, Norris, Northgraves, Norton

Oakley, O'Brien, O'Connell, O'Connor, O'Doherty, O'Donoghue, O'Gara, O'Grady, O'Hagan, O'Keefe, Olmstead, O'Neil, O'Neill, Ormsby, Orsonnens, O'Reilly, Otterson, Owens

Paisley, Papineau, Parsons, Paten, Pattee, Patterson, Payton, Pealthy, Peden, Pellant, Pender, Pennock, Penny, Perkins, Perley, Perry, Petrie, Petry, Phelan, Pierce, Pindy, Pinard, Pinhey, Pole, Pomeroy, Porter, Powell, Powers, Pratt, Prentiss, Preston, Price, Proctor, Prudhomme, Putnam, Pyke

Radenhurst, Rain, Rankin, Rathwell, Rea, Read, Redpath, Reid, Reilley, Reilly, Reynolds, Richards, Richardson, Richer, Richey, Richie, Rickey, Riddell, Rill, Ring, Rivington, Robb, Robertson, Robillard, Robinson, Rochester, Rochan, Rocque, Rolf, Rolls, Romaine, Ross, Rossister, Rowan, Rowatt, Rowe, Rowles, Rubidge, Runnalls, Ryerson

Salter, Samson, Satchell, Sauriol, Savage, Scarff, Schram, Scott, Seaton, Seely, Seissons, Sergeant, Sewell, Shanley, Shannon, Sharf, Sharp, Shaw, Shepman, Sherwood, Shillington, Shirreff, Sholbred, Short, Shouldice, Siddons, Simays, Simms, Simpson, Sims, Sinclair, Sievright, Siveright, Skead, Sked, Skeffington, Slack, Smillie, Smirle, Smith, Smyth, Snay, Snow, Somerville, Sowles, Spain, Sparks, Sparrow, Spearman, Spiatt, Spittal, Spratt, Sproule, Stafford, Stanbrooke, Stanley, Stapledon, Starmer, Starrs, Steadman, Steene, Stenzel, Stephens, Stephenson, Stephenson, Sterne, Stethem, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stirling, Stitt, St. Jean, Stratford, Street, Sturmer, Sucur, Sullivan, Sumner, Surtees, Sutherland, Sweetland, Sykes

Tabaret, Taillon, Tassee, Tasse, Taasse, Tasse, Taylor, Teazon, Telford, Templeton, Thomson, Thompson, Thurburn, Tierney, Tilton, Tink, Tobin, Todd, Toller, Tompkins, Tough, Traveller, Traversy, Trembley, Truckle, Trudeau, Trudell, Trundle, Tubman, Turcotte, Turgeon, Turnbull, Turner, Tuthill, Twigge, Tyghe


Valade, VanKoughnet, Varin, Varin, Vaughan, Vincent, Viseneau

Wadsworth, Waldo, Waldo, Walker, Walkley, Wall, Wallace, Waller, Walsh, Wanless, Wardrope, Warnock, Warren, Waters, Watt, Weatherby, Weatherley, Weatherley, Webb, Webster, Welton, West, Whalen, Whellan, White, Whiteside, Whitmarch, Whyte, Wicksted, Wicksteed, Wier, Wiggins, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wilton, Wily, Winder, Wise, Withers, Wood, Woodburn, Woodbury, Workman, Wright, Wylie

Yielding, York, Young, Younghusband, Yule

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Shawville Equity 1883-1916

(Pontiac County, Quebec)