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Eastern Ontario
Genealogy & History Resources
Includes counties of Addington, Carleton, Dundas, Frontenac, Glengarry, Grenville, Hastings,
Lanark, Leeds, Lennox, Prescott, Prince Edward, Renfrew, Russell, Stormont
Cities include Belleville, Cornwall, Kingston, Perth, Ottawa, etc.

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BOOK - Dundas, or A Sketch of Canadian History (pre 1861 - Dundas County, Ontario)
By James Croil
Originally published by B. Dawson & Son, Montreal, 1861
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2006 (CD 2012)

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The full title of the original 1861 book was Dundas, or, A Sketch of Canadian History, and more particularly of the County of Dundas, One of the earliest settled in Upper Canada.

Croil's landmark history has served as a respected resource for many generations of historians and genealogists. The focus of the work is on settlement and development of Dundas County, in Eastern Ontario. However the author sets the stage with an overview of establishment of European populations in North America, becoming far more detailed as he addresses the period from the American Revolution up to 1861 as it relates to the people who chose to make their home in Dundas County.

This new facsimile edition is a high-quality reprint of the complete original book, printed on acid-free paper and bound in premium hard cover.

Table of Contents:
    (From 1492 to 1549.)
    History-Portuguese Mariners-Columbus sails to the West-Land ho! Shipwreck-Return to Spain-Rejoicings-His second voyage­Massacre of Spaniards-Natives rebel, and are reduced to slavery­Third voyage-Further discoveries-Insurrection of colonists­Oolumbus impeached at Court-Is bound in irons and sent to Spain-His defence-His death-Americus visits the New World­Named America-His death-Discoveries of Cabot and Jacques Cartier

    (From 1598 to 1713) Settlement of the French and English in N. A.-Gilbert occupies New­foundland - Expedition to Roanoke-Named Virginia-Sir R. Grenville's first settlement-A failure-Sir Walter Raleigh-Dis­astrous results-Colony abandoned-English Chartered Compan­ies-Smith and Pocahontas.-The Puritans in New England­French occupy Nova Scotia-Disposscssed-N. S. granted to a Scotchman-Ceded to France-Sir David Kirk's exploit-Halifax founded-French in Canada-Quebec founded-War with the Indians

    (From 1745 to 1763.)
    The Mississippi discovered-La Salle-Louisiana settled-French claims -Fruitless negociations-French war in N.A.-Siege of Louisbourg -Peace-Hostilities between France and England-The fall of Quebec-Amherst descends the St. Lawrence-Sir William John­ston-Conquest of Canada completed

    (From 1763 to 1815)
    The Revolutionary War-Its origin and results-Character of Wash ington-Reflections on the war-Causes of the war of 1812-Hull invades Canada-Battle of Queenston-Fall of General Brock­Engagements by sea and land-Wilkinson's Expedition-Battle of Crysler's Farm-Peace concluded-Incidents-Medals and Monu­ments-Battle of Matilda-The affair at Mariatown-Salmon River raid-The tried Sergeant

    (From 1815 to 1860.)
    Union of the Provinces-The Rebellion in Lower and Upper Canada­The Hunter's oath-Steamers Caroline and Sir Robert Peel-Bill Johnston-Battle of the Windmill-The sympathizers-Militia of Dundas-Volunteer movement in Canada-The rifleman's song.

    The County of Dundas-Situation, extent, population, and first settle­ment of-The Primeval forest-The D. E. Loyalists-The log shanty-Government grants of lands and implements-Difficulties encountered by first settlers-Hard times-Employments of first settlers-Their character-Dawn of improvement-The first school­master-Brant and his Mohawks-Laws of the early settlers­Captain Duncan-Sir John Johnson-Steichmann-Reflections.

    Intermediate History-The soil of Dundas-Cranberry Marsbes-Stand­ing timber anu building materials-Climate-Meteorological Record -Oldest inhabitant-E clipse-Earth-quake-Hail Storm-Irrigation-Statute labor and roads of Dundas

    General Geological features-Laurentian formation-Huronian-Lower Silurian-Potsdam Sandstone-Chazy-Trenton Group-Tertiary formation-Post-Tertiary-Composition of surface soil-Forest Trees-shrubs-fruit bearing plants-wild flowers. Animals-mammalia-Birds-Fishes
    Canadian agriculture-Rotation of crops-Systems of farming-Dutch, Scotch, Irish systems-Breeds of domestic animals-Of renting lands-Of the shares system-Of tile draining-Of laborers­ Implements of husbandry

    SodaJ aspect-Character of inhabitants-Territorial divisions-Muni­cipal and legal institutions-Judge Jarvis-Educational statistics -Benevolent and literary societies-Agricultural societies

    PopuJation of Dundas and adjacent Counties-Exports and Imports of the County-Manufactures-Progress

    Religious aspects-First Protestant Church in Canada-The Lutheran Church, the Rev. H. Hayunga-Church of England, Rev. Jllr. Lind­say-Presbyterian Church, Rev. Mr. Broeffie-The Free Church­Methodist Church, Rev. Mr. Pope-Roman Catholic Church­ Religious Statistics-Clergy Reserves

    Constitutional changes-First Cauadian Parliament-Dundas returns two members-C hanges at the Union-Franchise extended- Voter's QuaJification, Oath, Regis1ration-Member's qualification and remu­neration-CoUoncil rendered elective-Representatives of Dundas­Political aspect-Biographical sketches-Lying Campbell,& c.-Col. Crysler-Peter Shaver-George Crawford-Reflections

    The St. Lawrence Canals.-The Elliots.-Steam Navigation, History of, on River Lake, and Ocean.-Cunard, Collins, Canadian and other steamers.-The Great Eastern.-Grand Trunk Railroad.-Victoria Bridge.-Benjamin Chaffey

    Reminiscences.-The mound of Williamsburgh.-Early Methodist Missionaries.-The first Convert.-The luke-warm Lutheran.-Record of the Grave-yard. - Eccentricities. - Perpetual motion.-Novel Windmill.-Early mills in Dundas.-Auld acquaintance

    Visit of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales to Canada

About the Author:
Croil, James (1821-1916), historian and journalist, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on September 4, 1821, the third son of James Croil, a West India merchant. He was educated at Glasgow University, and came to Canada in 1841. For twenty-three years he was a farmer at Crysler's Farm, Williamsburg, Upper Canada ; and he was then appointed general agent of the Church of Scotland in Canada. Later he was the editor of the Presbyterian, the official organ of the Presbyterian Church in Canada ; and he remained an official of the church until 1891. He died at Montreal on November 28, 1916.
Source : W. Stewart WALLACE, ed., The Encyclopedia of Canada, Vol. II, Toronto, University Associates of Canada, 1948, 411p., p. 151.


352 pages
6 X 9"
Detailed Table of Contents
Originally published by B. Dawson & Son, Montreal, 1861
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2006 (CD 2012)
ISBN 1-897210-94-9 (Hardcover edition)

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