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Cenral Ontario in red
Central Ontario
Genealogy & History Resources
Includes counties of Dufferin; Durham; Halton; Haliburton; Lincoln; Peel; Niagara;
Ontario; Northumberland; Peterborough; Simcoe; Welland; Wentworth; York; Victoria.
Cities include Hamilton; Oshawa; Toronto, etc.

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BOOK - A Transcription of the Order Book of Wideman Monuments 1874-1878
Transcribed by June Partridge; original material supplied by Ruth Burkholder
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2015

Coil bound...21.95 (C$)

Three generations of the Wideman family, Philip, son Ludwig, and grandson Bartholomew, operated a successful marble works that produced monuments in Ringwood, Ontario and then in Stouffville from 1839 until 1939. The Tarr family operated the business from 1939 to 1977, followed by the Marks family who took over in 1978. The business is known today as Stoufville Monument Works Ltd.

This book is a faithful transcription of the Wideman Order Book for the years 1874 to 1878. The Order Book was the primary record of all of the monuments produced by the Wideman's during those years.

Information provided about individual stones
  • Amount charged for each memorial stone/monument
  • Transcription of the complete engraving for each stone (minus the verse)
  • Size of stone
  • Where the stone was erected (a separate concordance has been provided so researchers can identify where those cemeteries are located, and what their modern name is if different)
  • Payment details
  • Misc notes and instructions regarding individual stones
Places where monuments were erected:
    Aurora, Bloomington, Cedar Grove, East Gwillimbury, Glasgow, Highland Creek, Markham, Newmarket, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Sutton, Thornhill, Uxbridge, Vaughan, Victoria Square, Whitevale, Whitchurch.
Photograph of the Stouffville Marble Works:

Stouffville Marble Works: Bart Wideman, Ludwig C. Wideman, Cora Wideman and an unidentified helper.
Notice the unfinished marble slabs to the left of the door, and finished monuments standing inside the Works.
Photograph courtesy of Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum

Names of those who appear in the Index:
    Adams, George. -- Adamson, Frederick D; John Hyatt; Katherine; Sarah Ann; Sarah E; Thomas R; Weedin T D. -- Allison, Richard; Sarah A. -- Ardill, George; WR. -- Armstrong; Eliza A, Ida May; Margaret; Peter; Robert; Wm Goodfellow. -- Ash, Aaron; Infant Dau; John W.; Mary. -- Ashton, Seth; Susan. -- Ayerst, William. -- Badgerow, Martin W. -- Baker, David. -- Barclay, Alexander; Elizabeth. -- Bauldry, Emily; Frederick. -- Bear, John M. -- Bell, Adam; Isabella. -- Bennett, Phebe; R.; Sarah J.; Thomas; Wm. -- Bentley, Nathan. -- Bice, Eliza; Lucinda; Nelson. -- Booker, Rev P. -- Booth, Margaret. -- Bowes, Sorah; -- Bowman, E.M.D.; James; John. -- Boyls, George; J; L; Sarah; Boyls son; George. -- Boylson, Sarah. -- Boynton, Mary; William; Wm. -- Breuls, Hannah. -- Brillinger, Catharine; Christopher; David; George; Infant child; Jesse; John; Mary A; Sarah; William John. -- Brown, Andrew; Ann Jane; David; Elizabeth; John; Margaret; Martha; Mary; Mary Ann; Philip. -- Brownlee, Arthur E; John; John E; Sarah Jane; Thomas. -- Bundy, John. -- Burk, Helen; James; James H; Joseph; Mary; Mary J. -- Burkholder, John. -- Burton, Ingol S. -- Button, Alberta Matilda; C.; N. -- Byer, Benj; Benjm; Lydia; Nancy; Samuel. -- Campbell, Angeline A; Henrietta; Hugh. -- Camplin, Jacob; Jemima Louisa; Mary. -- Carleton, Charles S; Charles S; Clarence Vivian; Maria; Maud Marion. -- Carr, Frederick D; Infant Son; John T; Sarah A. -- Chapman, Robert. -- Cherry, Mary Jane. -- Church at Hisies Hill. -- Clay, Sarah; Wm H. -- Closson, Dr LD; Emilio Nelaton; Frederick William; Mary A. -- Collins, Albert Weasley; John -- Comisky, MD. William. -- Cook, Mary Jane; Samuel. -- Courtney, James; Martha; William Edward. -- Coxworth, Fanny; John; Sarah; William. -- Cragg; Emma; Isaac; Minnie Jane; TE; Timothy E; -- Cranston, Jane. -- Creaser, Charles; Susanna. -- Cross, Sarah A; Thomas. -- Cummer, Abigail; David; Samuel S; Sarah C. -- Davey, Charles H; James; Mary A. -- Davis, Jannet; John; Joseph; Two Infant children. -- Devine, Anthony; Mary. -- Dimma, Robert; Dixon; Hannah. -- Doble, Anna. -- Eckardt, Henry T; Margaret E. -- Eckhardt, Jacob. -- Elless, Alva E; Eliza; Henry F. -- Ellis, Artymissie; Elizabeth; Ezra J; Thomas. -- Elson, George; Melinda; William. -- Evans, Annie M; Charles; Esther Jane; George; Robert; William G. -- Ferrier, Cynthia; Cynthia R; Emily; John Edgar; John W; William. -- Ferris, Isabella; Joseph; Mary A. -- Flumerfelt, Cynthia A.; Geo. -- Forfar, Anney M; Elizabeth; Thomas W; William A. -- French, John. -- Gamble, Moses. -- Gee, Margaret. -- Gibson, James; Marion; Robert. -- Gilroy, James W; Mary Ann. -- Glendinning, Isabella; John; Margaret. -- Gordon, Marjory. -- Gormley, James. -- Gow, Catharine. -- Graham, George L; Julia Ann. -- Grant, Mary Ann. -- Gray, Anna Netta; Helen; James; Margaret; Samuel Stewart; Sarah; William. -- Greenwood, Mrs. -- Gregory, Charles; Rolph; Susan. -- Grove; AB; Elizabeth; Ezra. -- Hamilton, Almira; Elias; Hiram; Lydia. -- Hammilton, Anthony; Mary Ann; Nanette J. -- Hammond, David; Margaret. -- Hanley, William. -- Hardy, Eliza Ann; Elizabeth; Robert. -- Hare, Christopher; Margaret J; Harrison; Elizabeth; John. -- Harrison, James W. -- Hastings, Mary Ann. -- Heise, Lawson Arlington; Sophia; William. -- Henderson, Andrew; John; Margaret. -- Heron, Agnus; George. -- Higgins, John; Mary. -- Hill, Catharine; John; Mary Ann; -- Hird, George; Perthena. -- Holden, William; William S. -- Holmes, Margaret. -- Hoover, Abraham; Anna; Christian; David; Elizabeth; Infant son; Mariah; Martin; Samuel. -- Hoovers. -- Hopkins, Henry; Maria Ann. -- Hortop, Henry; Infant child; Jane; Sophia Jane; Thomas. -- Irvine, Robert D. -- Jackson, Janet; Wm. -- Jacques, Edmund R. -- Jaques, Sarah. -- Jarvis, Mary Ann; Richard. -- Jerman, Frances M; John; Mary. -- Johnson, Jacob; Martin; Mary; William. -- Jones, Edith May; Elizabeth; George; James; John Alexander; Maria; William; Zilphy. -- Kaiser, Catherine; Jacob. -- Keffer, George. -- Kent, John; Margaret. -- Kernaghan, Isabella; James; Joseph Alexander. -- Kester, son; Leonard. -- Klinck, Elias; Emma; Leonord J. -- Knox, George. -- Lauder, Mary; Robert W. -- Lavender, John. -- Law, Edwin; James; Mary. -- Leany, Mr. -- Leaper, Annie. -- Leaper, George Walter; Sarah; Sorah; Thomas; William -- Leathers, Edward; Horase; Orillia; Rebecca. -- Lee, Alexander; Thomas H. -- Leek, Lanson; Mary A; Wilber. -- Lehman, Anna; Daniel S; Dau of Abraham; Fanny; Jacob L; John; John R; Louisa; Margaret A; Maria; Mary; Nettie Jane. -- Lemon, Jacob. -- Lever, Henry. -- Little, David; Francis; Mary Ann; Sarah. -- Lloyd, Frances; James L. -- Loveless, Jane; John C; William; William J. -- Lubbbock, Maria; Lubbock; John -- Lumley, John; Phebe. -- Lunny, Eliza J; Francis A; William. -- Mably, Anna; Charles; Frederick E F. -- MacAulay, Ellen; Joseph Taylor; William. -- Macklem, Elder John; Mary M. -- Macklin, James. -- Madill, Maria Ann. -- Major, Henry; Jane; Mrs. -- Manning, Catharine; William. -- Marr, Ira; Joseph; Lucy. -- Martin, David; John; Mary; May; Henry; Maria; Ralph. -- McCaffrey, James. -- Mc Mackon, Caroline. -- Mc Quillen, Patick. -- McCaffery, Barbara. -- McCaffrey, Andrew; Bridget; Catherine; John; Mary. -- McCausland, Susan. -- McFarlane, Isabella. -- McGuckin, Catharine; James; Joseph. -- McKirgon, Abigail. -- McMackon, Robert. -- McQuay, Eddie; George; Isabella. -- Meier, Barbara; Henry; John. -- Mertens, Carson Henry. -- Miller, Elizabeth; Hannah; Jacob; Jonas; Joseph; Mary; Phebe; Samuel; Solomon; William. -- Milloy, Joseph; Mrs. -- Mitchel, Barbery; Elisha; Franklin; Rachel; Mitchell; John. -- Monkhouse, Isabella; Thomas. -- Monkman, Mary. -- Morris, John I B; Murta; Bridget; Sarah. -- Musselman, Peter. -- Mustard, Alexander; Ann; Christina; James; Jane; Marion; Peter G. -- Nigh, Christiana; Infant dau; John. -- Nisbet, Eliza; John. -- Nolen, Thomas -- Oliver; Isabella. -- Paine, Thomas; Palmer; Eliza; James; John Henry; Mary Ann; Thomas E. -- Patterson, Margaret. -- Patton, Mary Ann; Three Infant Children; William. -- Petersen, Joanna. -- Peterson, Frederick William; Lewis William. -- Pettet, Ann; John; William. -- Phillips, Janet. -- Pike, Daniel; Henrietta; Mehala. -- Pipher, Elijah; George; John; Lewis; Mary; Rolph; Sarah. -- Powell, Stephen. -- Pringle, Catharine; George; James. -- Pugh, Edward. -- Purdy, Fanny; John. -- Quantz, Charles A; George B; Jane. -- Ramer, Jacob; Abraham; Abram B; Child; David; Effie A; F; Infant dau; Isaac P; Jacob; John; Jonas; Martha; Mary Ann; Peter; Sarah E. -- Ramsay, James. -- Ratcliff, Mary Ann; Wiiliam H. -- Raymer, Mary; Sarah. -- Reaman, Annie E; Daniel S; Daniel SE; John; Ralph Franklin. -- Reamans, J. -- Reesor, John; Mariah. -- Reynolds, Elizabeth; Mary; William. -- Risebrough, Mathew. -- Robinson, Harry Erick; Henry; Sophia; Thomas. -- Robson, Elizabeth H. -- Rodgers, Betsey; Mary Ann. -- Rowland, George; Jane; Mary Jane; Rubie; Sarah Ann. -- Rushnell, Edward; Mary. -- Sara E Hare. -- School House at Sparta SS No. -- Scrace, Henry; Jane. -- Searles, William. -- Sherwood, John. -- Smith, Harriett; Laurentus; Margaret; Samuel; Thomas. -- Somerville, Marion. -- Spence, Andrew A; Mary Ann; Robert John; Samuel. -- Spoffard, William. -- Steckley, Christian; Isaac; Susannah. -- Stewart, Marjory; William. -- Stickley, Abraham; Catharine; Fanny; John; Joseph. -- Stilwell, Arthur E; William. -- Stiner, Charles H; Frederick; Henry; Mary; Mary A; Thomas H. -- Stonehouse, Almira; Ann J; Herbert; John. -- Sweetin, Miss. -- Sylvester, Helen; William. -- Taun, George. -- Taylor, D; Dugald; wife. -- Thomas, Ellen Elizabeth; Jonathan; Mary Ann. -- Thompson, James; Margaret. -- Thomson, Colin C; David; David A; David J; David W; Elazabeth; Fannie E; Margaret; Mary; Simon. -- Thornton, Infant Dau; James; Regina. -- Tomlinson, Artymissie; Simeon. -- Toppin, John; Rachel. -- Tracy, Arthur; Elizabeth. -- Truman, Arthur; E; T. -- Turner, George W; Vague; Henry; Jane; Thomas. -- Vanzant, Almer; Sarah. -- Vardon, Robert; Sarah Amanda; -- Velie, John. -- Walker, Hannah; Hellen; Infant son; Joseph; Robert Andrew; Samuel; Sarah Ann; Thomas. -- Wallace, Charles. -- Walton, John; William W. -- Watson, Mary; Walter; William. -- Weir, Elizabeth; George; Infant Son; James; John; William. -- Wellington, Henry; Nancy. -- Whiteside, Margaret. -- Wideman, Esther; Esther Ann; Mary M; Peter; Willie M. -- Wiliams, Margaret Jane. -- Williams, David; Mary Elen. -- Wilson, Abigail; Bertha M; David; Ellen; Joseph; Thomas. -- Wood, John. -- Yake, Adam; Fanny; Lydia B; Wilmot. -- Yeamans, William.
68 Pages
8.5 X 11"
Softcover - coilbound
Images (colour)
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2015
ISBN 978-1-77240-030-4

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