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Cenral Ontario in red
Central Ontario
Genealogy & History Resources
Includes counties of Dufferin; Durham; Halton; Haliburton; Lincoln; Peel; Niagara;
Ontario; Northumberland; Peterborough; Simcoe; Welland; Wentworth; York; Victoria.
Cities include Hamilton; Oshawa; Toronto, etc.

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BOOK - Jubilee History of Thorold Township and Town, From the Time of The Red Man to the Present (Niagara Region, Ontario)
By: John H. Thompson
Originally published by (author) John H. Thompson, 1897-1898
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2009

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Book-on-CD Edition

This highly regarded local history of the town and Township of Thorold, Ontario is a comprehensive view of the area from the time of First Nations, through European settlement, up to 1897-8. Beyond being a local history, the book also contains many pictures, lists of people (original patentees, voters' lists, regimental personel, councillors, etc), histories of institutions and churches and much more.

A keystone publication for everyone with an interest in the history of Thorold prior to 1899.

Contents include:
  • TOPOGRAPHY, GEOLOGY AND ARCHIEOLOGY -- General Topography; Surface; Soil; Trees and animals; Prehistoric races Neutrals; houses; and customs; Ojibways; Trails; Onghiara or Niagara; Folklore; An Indian burial; Indian relics illustrated

  • SETTLEMENT -- United Empire Loyalists; First comers; Mode of travelling; Indian treaties; The naming of Thorold Township; List of original patentees; List of Butler's Rangers who settled in the Township; Notes about the first settlers

  • EARLY STRUGGLES AND SUCCESSES -- Log houses; Ingenious contrivances; Fruits, game, amd fish; Woollen clothing; Itinerant tailors and shoemakers; Wild animals; Swamps; The "Cold Hungry Year" of 1788; Military stores; The Great Hurricaine of 1792; Constitutional Act; First Parliament of Upper Canada; The old Lutheran Church; Rev; Robert Addison; Extracts from his register; Old burying grounds; First mills and shops; Rumors of war

  • AMERICAN OCCUPATION; OF THE TOWNSHIP -- Outbreak of war in 1812; Americans take York and Niagara; The Peninsula in their hands; The battle of Stoney Creek; Americans retreat to Fort George; American raids; Chapin's band; Hiding of valuables; Capt. Merritt's dragoons and FitzGibbon's scouts; Capt. DeCou's account of his experiences as a prisoner of war; Military supplies stored in DeCou's house.

  • THE SKIRMISH AT BEAVERDAMS -- Americans resolve to dislodge FitzGibbon's men; True story of Laura Secord; Skirmish at the Beechwoods between the American detachment and the Mohawk Indians; FitzGibbon's stratagem; Six hundred of the enemy surrender to fifty or sixty British; Articles of capitulation; Monument on the Welland Canal where the bones of American soldiers were found; FitzGibbon's promotion; his services in 1837; and his appointment as a Military Knight of Windsor; Laura Secord's after life; The certificate presented to her by Col. FitzGibbon; The proposed monument to her memory

  • FROM 1815 TO 1897 -- Effects of the war; Gourlay's statistics; Linen weaving; Luxuries; The Welland canal; Sir Peregrine Maitland; Ministers;; Grantham Academy and Upper Canada College; The Family Compact and political abuses; Mackenzie on Navy Island; Thorold companies formed; The burning of the Caroline; Doggerel verse; Attack upon the Lancers at St; Johns; Act of Union; Township statistics for 1849; Thorold men in the Dominion and Provincial Parliaments; Railways; telegraph and telephone; Visit of the Prince of Wales; Fenian raids; Gas well; 1mportant Thorold men; History of Beaverdams and St. Johns West

  • CANAL TOWNS -- Thorold; Its situation; Its founders; Old canal; Census of 1835; Soldiers stationed at Thorold; Mills ill 1849 and 1858; Fires; Electric railway; Electric lights and acetylene gas; Vice· regal visits; Minor events; Industries past and present; Port Robinson; Settlement; Origin of the name; Busy days; Regulars stationed at Port Robinson; Negro soldiers; Former industries; Applications for incorporation; Townsend; the highwayman; Allanburgh; Black Horse Tavern; The Holland road; Market on the Deep Cut; First mills; Present condition.

  • FENIAN RAIDS -- Part played by the Welland Canal Field Battery and No. 2 Company; The "Trent Affair"; The Field Battery organized; British troops sent to Canada; Southerners in Canada; Raid on St. Alban's; The Fenian Brotherhood; An invasion threatened; Volunteers called out for duty; but dismissed within six weeks; Fenians cross the Niagara River; Field Battery again called out; Badly equipped; On duty at Port Colbome; The tug W. T. Rob; Field Battery and Naval Brigade taken to Fort Erie; Volunteers capture fifty-eight prisoners; Canadians hemmed in by eight hundred Fenians; Volunteers obliged to surrender; List of the wounded; List of officers and gunners made prisoners; Canadian victory at Ridgeway; U. S. War Steamer Michigan seizes the escaping Fenians; Presentations to the Field Battery; Thorold affected by the raids; Later invasions threatened.

  • AGRICULTURAL -- Grain, fruit, vegetables, stock and dairy produce; First fair in the Niagara District; Beet syrup and silk among the exhibits; Thorold Township' Agricultural Society formed; Silver' medal awarded to the model farm; Cattle show at Beaverdams in 1848; Prize list.

  • THE WELLAND CANALS -- Their importance; The Hon. Wm. Hamilton Merritt; Canal Company formed; First sod turned; Mr. Merritt's speech; Attempt to build an underground canal; Failure of the scheme; Plan to feed the canal from the Chippawa Creek; Impossibility owing to quicksands; Third plan successful; Canal fed from the Grand River; Navigation opened in 1829; Widening of the wooden locks; Government buys the stock; Second enlargement of the old canal; Stone locks built; The new canal begun in 1870; Dimensions; Completion; Cost; Canal tolls; Important vessels; Navigation season; Sabbath observance; Tolls and freight in 1895; Cataract Power Canal begun in 1897.

  • MUNICIPAL HISTORY -- Parish and town officers; Lieutenants of counties; Township Act of 1835; Office of Town Warden restored in 1838; The first entry in Thorold Township book; Return of roads laid out in 1796; Later roads in the Township; Municipal Act of 1841; Thorold members of the Old Niagara District Council; List of Wardens of·Welland County chosen from Thorold Township; Important by-law affecting the Township; By-laws passed by the Thorold Town and Village Council.

  • CHURCHES -- Presbyterian church at Port Rohinson; Methodist churches at Beaverdams; Thorold, Allanburgh and Port Robinson; Important ministers; Church of England at Thorold and Port Robinson; Clergy Reserves; Presbyterianism at Beaverdams and Thorold; Roman Catholic Churches at Thorold and Port Robinson; Church of England at Fonthill; United Brethren; Baptist Church at Thorold; Christian Scientist.

  • SCHOOLS -- Governor Simcoe's efforts in the cause of education; The Royal Grant of 500,000 acres in 1797; Eight Grammar Schools established in 1807; Township Schools Act of 1816 and 1820; Nine Common Schools in Thorold in 1817; First School-houses; Early teachers; General progress; Dr. Ryerson, Superintendent of Education; First free school; Fonthill High School; Thorold High School; School Act of 1871; Present stale of affairs.

  • BOOKS AND NEWSPAPERS -- Thorold Public Library; Founded in 1858 as the Thorold Mechanics' Institute; First officers; Lectures delivered; Re-organized in 1867; Lectures and debates; Means of raising money; Large Government grants; Mechanics' Institute made a free library; Present board of management; Newspapers published in the township; The Thorold Advocate; No local news; The Welland Herald, published for three months at Port Robinson; The Thorold Gazette established; Reform in politics; The Thorold Weekly Chronicle founded; The True Patriot; The Thorold Mercury; The Mercury merged into The Welland Tribune in 1872; The Thorold Post.

  • MILITARY HISTORY -- Men who served in the Revolutionary War; Thorold men in the War of 1812; List of the veterans still alive in 1876; Those who went to the front in the Rebellion of 1837; History of No. 2 Company; Names of men in Welland Canal Field Battery in 1866; The camp at Thorold; Sir Garnet Wolseley in command; A Thorold representative in the Northwest Rebellion of 188S; A Thorold man on the Bisley team in 1896.

  • LODGES AND SOCIETIES -- At Thorold, Port Robinson, Allanburgh, Beaverdams; Officers for 1897; Notes of interest; Lists of first officers.

  • APPENDIXES -- Business Directory of 1851; Thorold Business Directory of 1897; Voters' List for 1897, Town of Thorold; Councillors and Officers of the village of Thorold, 1850; Of the Town of Thorold, 1875; Voters' List for 1897 for Township of Thorold; Officers and Councillors of the Township of Thorold 1799-1897; canal Statistics; Agricultural Prize List 1897 [winners]; Old Military Docuemtns; The House of Thorold; Biographical Notes; Methodist Ministers (revised list).

307 pages
Hardcover (premium binding)
Originally published by (author) John H. Thompson, 1897-1898
This edition by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2009

ISBN: 978-0-897446-99-7 (hardcover)

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