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BOOK - Register of The Foreign Protestants of Nova Scotia (ca. 1749-1770). TWO VOL. SET on 1 CD
Written by Winthrop P. Bell, Ph.D. Published by J. Christopher Young, Ph.D.

Maps on CD... 29.95 (C$)
pdf download.....14.95 (C$)
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Licensed for personal use only

Orginally published in book form and sold-out at 250.00 per set, this invaluable resource is now available only on CD or as a pdf download for a dramatically reduced price. Essential for the Lunenburg researcher.

The Foreign Protestants, as they've been called, were fleeing tough times when about 2230 of them left their homes in Switzerland, France, and parts of Germany in the early 1750s and landed in Halifax.

In June of 1753, about 1453 of these settlers were transferred to Lunenburg to establish the community.

Dr. Winthrop Bell's earlier book The Foreign Protestants and the Settlement of Nova Scotia was published in 1961. That book covers the immigration to Nova Scotia in the early 1750's of some 2200 German and French-speaking Protestant Europeans and how they came to settle in Lunenburg.

After publishing his original work, Dr. Bell then set out to address the lack of infomration on individuals.

From nearly 40 different sets of surving civil and church resords covering the period ca. 1749-1770, he extracted all relevant details for each of some 800 different families and consolidated the data in register format.

Bell unfortunately died before the project was complete, but donated his research to Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since then researchers have had access to his work through microfilm copies available at the Archives.

The fruits of Dr. Bell's work are published here in combination with other related information. This book should be of great interest to historians, social historians, genealogists and family historians alike as it presents personal history of the Foreign Protestants as they sought to build a better life in the New World.

  • INTRODUCTION - How the book came to be published.
  • BIOGRAPHY of WINTHROP BELL A personal view of Dr. Bell.
  • ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORS - Brief sketches of Drs. Chris Young, Terry Punch, Ken Paulsen & Peter Waite, and Heather Johnston.
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS - Who provided assistance during the preparation of the book.
  • GENEALOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF BELL'S REGISTER - Written by Noted Lunenburg genealogist Dr. Terry Punch.
  • THE FOREIGN PROTESTANT PLANTERS: THE SETTLEMENT OF LUNENBURG, NOVA SCOTIA 1753-1760 - Noted Lunenburg genealogists Drs. Terry Punch and Ken Paulsen wrote a brief history of how the Foreign Protestants came to Nova Scotia and Lunenburg’s early days.
  • THE SOURCES OF INFORMATION FOR BELL'S REGISTER - An introduction to where Dr. Bell found information on the first settlers.
  • KEY TO DECIPHERING BELL’S REGISTER - Bell has nearly 40 different kinds of information on his pages. By using a typical page, these are each highlighted and described. The original sources for each item are integrated into this section.
  • BELL'S REGISTER - the bulk of the book, in Bell’s own handwriting. In all, nearly 2000 individuals are covered. There are five sections:
    • I - Those Whose Ship from Europe is Known
    • II - Those Not Showing Up in Nova Scotia
    • III - Those Whose Ship From Europe is Unknown
    • IV - Those Who Appear in Bell’s Miscellaneous Research Papers
    • V - Those Who Appear in 1749 Passenger Lists
    • ALTERNATE SPELLINGS OF FAMILY NAMES - There is considerable variability in family name spellings. The ones encountered by Bell are listed here.
  • INDEBTEDNESS LIST SIGNATURES - Over 800 signatures are shown for those who had to borrow to pay for their passage to Nova Scotia.
  • RETURN OF LUNENBURG TOWNSHIP 1770 (CENSUS) - Transcribed by Terry Punch.
873 pages in two volumes now on CD
Original book ISBN 0-9730393-2-9
Published by J. Christopher Young, Ph.D.
CD published April 2008 (searchable pdf format - for use on PC and Mac)

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