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BOOK - History of The County of Lunenburg
By M. B. DesBrisay. New index by Gail Facini Edwards (2003)
Originally published by William Briggs, Toronto, 1895
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2003 (CD 2010)

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6.25 X 9.25"
Hardcover Edition

Book-on-CD Edition

History of The County of Lunenburg provides a detailed history of the settlement and development of Lunenburg County from the time of European settlement up to 1895. Most important to family history researchers is the biographical and genealogical information of many of the individuals and families who settled and lived in this important Nova Scotia county.

The foundation of this work is a DesBrisay essay entitled "History of the County of Lunenburg" that he completed in 1868. The essay won recognition in the Thomas Beamish Aikins Historical essay contest, Kings College. It was published two years later in 1870.

This book, originally published in 1895, is an expanded second edition of that original essay. It includes information from the original essay plus much additional information that the author collected in the twenty seven years between the first and second editions. DesBrisay was fortunate that so many early settlers were still living and able to tell their own story to him when he was accumulating information between the 1860s and 1890s. 610 Pages
6.25" X 9.25"
Index (new 2003)
Originally published by William Briggs, Toronto, 1895
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2003 (CD 2010)

ISBN 1-894378-76-8 (Hardcover)

Surnames that appear in the New Index:
    Akins, Alcorn, Alexander, Allen, Alline, Almon, Alsom, Ambrose, Ambury, Amherst, Anderson, Andrews, Annand, Anshutz, Archibald, Arenberg, Argal, Armstrong, Arndt, Arnold, Ashley, Atwater, Atwood, Aulenbach, , Bachman, Bacon, Badcock, Bailley, Bailly / Bailey, Baker / Becker, Baldwin, Ball, Bancroft, Bangs, Bargelt/Borgald, Barkhouse/Berghaus, Barnaby, Barry, Barss, Bass, Basset, Batty, Bayard, Bayers, Beal, Beardsley, Beatty, Beck, Beckwith, Bedford, Beechner, Belcher, Bell, Bellamont, Beloud, Belvidere, Bender, Benny, Benson, Bent, Bentley, Berringer, Best, Bethell, Bezanson, Bickler, Bigelow, Bilbie, Binney, Binnington, Birley, Black, Blair, Blin, Blysteiner, Blyth, Boehner, Bollivar, Bolman, Bolwer, Bonaventure, Bond, Bontier, Borden, Born, Boudrot, Bourk, Bourneuf, Boutillier, Boutin, Bowers, Bowyer, Boyd, Boylan, Bradshaw, Brady, Braine, Brant, Bray, Breading, Bremner, Brenton, Bridge, Bridgeman, Brine, Broadstreet, Bromley, Bronte, Broom/Bruhm, Brown, Brownell, Brownrigg, Brudigan, Bryzelius, Buckles, Buckley, Buhler, Bulkeley, Bullock, Burgoyne, Burk/Burke, Burkett, Burn, Burns, Burton, Bushen, Butler, Butterfield, Byles, Cahoon/Cohoon, Cain, Calder, Caldwell, Cameron, Campbell, Cantelope, Card, Carter, Cashon, Cassidy, Caswall, Chalmers, Chase, Chearnley, Cheney, Chesley, Chipman, Chisholm, Church, Churchward, Chute, Claessen, Clapp, Clarke, Clattenburg, Clayton, Cleary, Clements, Cleversey, Clift, Clinton, Coalfleet, Cobb, Cochran, Cogswell, Cole, Collicut, Collier, Colp/Kolp, Comingo, Conrad, Contoy, Cook/Cooke, Coolen, Cope, Corbin, Corey, Corkum, Cornelius, Corney, Corning, Cornwallis, Corran, Cossmann, Cotterell, Coues, Courtney, Covey, Cox, Cragg, Crandall, Crane, Crawford, Crawley, Creech, Creelman, Creeser, Creighton, Crocker, Cronin, Crook/Crooks, Cross, Crouse, Crowell, Crowne, Cunningham, Curll, Currie/Curry, Cuthbert, Cutler, , D'Andigny, D'Aulnay, D'Entremont, Dalhousie, Dalton, Daly, Danaher, Daniels, Dart, Dartmouth, Dauphinee, Davis, Davison, Dawson, Day, De Bergh, De Blaisel, De Blois, De Brouillan, De Champlain, De Grandfontaine, De Guercheville, De Hableville, De Laroche, De Lagny, De Lahontan, De Liencourt, De Long, De Menon, De Meulles, De Mille, De Monts, De Ramezay, De Razilly, De Saussaye, De St. Etienne, De Sumichrast, De Villebon, De Wolfe, Deal / Dhiel, DeBlois, Dechman, Deidrich, Deithoff, Demone/Timon, Dempsey, DesBrisay, DeVeau, Dewar, Dheibert, Dhill, Dick, Dickenson, Dierville, Dimmel, Dimock, Dodge, Dolan, Dolliver, Dominey, Doing, Doody, Dorcas, Dorey/Darey, Douglas, Dow, Dowling, Downing, Doyle, Draper, Drew, Drumm, Du Bourg, Du Thet, Duckworth, Dudley, Duff, Duncan, Durkee, Durlling, Dustan, Edghill, Edwards, Edyvean, Eicherd, Eikel/Oickle, Eisenhauer, Eldridge, Ellis, Ely, Eminaud/Emino, Enwright, Erad, Erio, Ernst, Erot, Etter, Evans, Ewalt, Fader, Fairbanks, Falkenheim, Falt, Fancy, Fanning, Farrell, Feener/Fener, Fehr, Feindel/Fiendel, Ferry, Ferryman, Fielding, Filleul, Finck, Fisher, Fitch, Fitzgerald, Fleiger, Flint, Floyd, Floyer, Forrest, Foss, Foster, Frail, Francis, Frank/Franke, Franklin, Fraser, Frederick, Freeman, Fritze, Frossel, Fry, Gaetz, Gammon, Gandier, Gardner, Garkort, Garrison, Gaspard, Gates, Geddie, Gedri, Gee, Geldert, Gelling, Gerhardt, Gertzens, Getson, Gisigash, Glaasen, Glode, Gloshen, Godfrey, Goff, Goold, Gooseley, Gordon, Gorman, Gossip, Goucher, Gould, Gow, Gowan, Graepp, Graff, Graham, Grant, Graves, Gray, Greaves, Green, Greenlaw, Greenleaf, Greenville, Griffin, Griffith, Griffiths, Grinton, Gronlund, Groser, Guidry, Guilbaut, Guildard, Gullison, Gunn, Gunnison, Gwillyn, , Haas, Hablick, Hahn/Haughn, Haine, Halilburton, Hall, Hallamore, Halter, Hamge, Hamilton, Hamlen, Hamm, Hamman, Hammett, Hammond, Hanright, Harding, Harley, Harlow, Harnish, Harrington, Harris, Hart, Harvey, Haslam, Hastings, Hatt, Hautman, Hawbolt, Hayden, Hayes, Hazlitt, Head, Hebb, Heckman, Heid, Heiner, Heinich, Heisler, Hemeon, Henderson, Hendry, Henneberry, Henrickson, Henritci, Herman, Hewitt, Heyberger, Hickey, Hickman, Hilchey, Hill, Hiltz, Himmelman, Hines, Hirtle/Hartlin, Hockin, Hocquart, Hodgson, Hoffman, Hogg, Holden, Holmes, Hopkins, Hoppin, Hopson, Horn, Hotchkiss, Houdlette, Houghton, How, Howe, Howie, Howland, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hubley, Huestis, Huggins, Hughes, Hume, Hunt, Hunter, Huntley, Hunton, Hurd, Hurley, Hutcheson, Hutchinson, Huyghue, Hyson/Heison, Ingles, Inglis, Ingram, Inman, Isnor, Jackson, Jacob, Jacobs, James, Jean, Jeanperin, Jenison, Jenkins, Jennings, Jeremies, Jerome, Jess, Jessen, Jodrey, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Jost, Juhan, Jung, Kahler, Kaiser, Katzman, Kaulbach, Kearney, Keating, Kedy/Keddy, Keefler, Keighly, Keizer, Kelly, Kempt, Kempton, Kennedy, Kenney, Kerr, Keyes, Kidd, Kiens, Killo, King, Knaut, Knickle, Knight, Knock, Knowlton, Koch, Kochler, Kohler, L'Escarbot, La Tour, Labrador, Ladd, Lamb, Lancert, Lane, Langille, Lantz, Larder, Larsen, Laughlin, Laurent, Lawler/Lawlor, Lawrence, Lawson, Lay/Loy, Laybolt, Le Blanc, Le Borgne, Le Gag, Le Jeune, Le Merchant, Leach, Leary, Leck, Lee, Lees, Legge, Leigh, Lennox, Leonard, Leslie, Letson, Levy, Lewis, Light, Lindsay, Little, Littlejohn, Lloyd, Lockhart, Logan, Lohnes, Long, Longman, Lord, Lordly, Lott, Lovejoy, Lovett, Low/Lowe, Loy/Loye, Lucas, Lynch, Lynds, Lyon/Lyons, MacIntosh, Mack, MacKay, MacNab, Mader, Madison, Maillard, Mailman, Maitland, Mange, Mann, Manning, Manthorn, March, Marin, Marriott, Marshall, Martin, Marvels, Marvin, Mason, Mather, Maugher, Maurer, Maxner, Maxwell, Maynard, Mayport, McCarty, McClearn, McCulloch, McDaniel, McDonald, McDonnell, McDougald, McFadden, McFairland, McFairlane, McGill, McGillivray, McGown, McGrath, McGregor, McInnis, McIntyre, McKean, McKenzie, McKittrick, McLachlan, McLanen, McLean, McLellan, McLeod, McMillan, McMullen, McNab, McNeal, McNeil, McPhee, Meany, Meikle, Meisner, Mellor, Melvin, Merkel, Mervin, Messer, Metzler, Mezler, Michel, Millar, Miller, Millett, Mills, Miln, Minich, Mitchell, Mius, Money, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Morash, Morehead, Moreland, Morgan, Moreau, Morris, Morrison, Morse, Morton, Moschell, Moseley, Moser/Mosher, Mossman, Mott, Moyle, Muhlenberg, Muis, Mulhall, Mulloch/Mullock, Munroe, Murdoch, Murphy, Murray, Musgrave, Musler, Myra, Nagler, Naas/Nass, Nau, Neal, Neale, Neasum, Needham, Nelson, Nesham, Nessom, Neufahrt, Newcomb/Newcombe, Newman, Newton, Niblett, Nichols, Nicholson, Nickerson, Nicolas, Norris, Norwood, Nowe, Nutter, O'Brien, O'Connor, O'Leary, O'Reilly, Oakes, Oakley, Ogden, Ogilvie, Ohenslagen, Olix, Orr, Orth, Osterwald, Oswald, Otis, Otts, Owen, Oxner, Pack, Padfield, Padnell, Page, Parker, Parks, Parr, Parry, Partridge, Patterson, Pattillo, Paul, Payne, Payson, Payzant, Pearl, Pearson, Peck, Pennall, Penelope, Penn, Penny, Pentz, Pernette, Perrier, Perrot, Perry, Peterquin, Peters, Peterson, Pettipas, Phaffhauser, Phelps, Phillips, Philips, Pickles, Pieler, Pignott, Pitblado, Pleo, Polly, Poole, Pope, Porter, Potter, Power, Powers, Poyntz, Prat, Prescott, Prestwood, Price, Publicover, Pulsifer, Purvis, Putnam, Quaque, Quinlan, Rafuse, Ramey, Randall, Rankin, Raymond, Rees, Reinhardt, Renata, Reynolds, Rhuland, Richard, Richardson, Richey, Rigolow, Rimby, Ringer, Risser, Rissey, Ritcey, Ritchie, Roach, Robar, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rhodenhizer, Roder, Rodgers, Rodigast, Rogers, Romkey, Ronald, Roop, Ross, Rosty, Roth, Rous/Rouse, Roy, Ruddle, Rudolf, Russell, Rust, Rutledge, Rynard, Samson, Sanger, Sangster, Sarty/Sertie, Sauner, Sawler, Saxby, Schauffelberger, Scheffer, Scheidy, Schenekel, Schlier, Schmeisser, Schmit, Schmitz, Schnare, Schrage, Schreve, Schultz, Schupe/Shupe, Schwartz, Schweinsberg, Schwinimer, Scott, Seaboyer, Seaburg, Seccombe, Seidler, Selig, Sellars, Shand, Sharp, Shatford, Shaw, Shenstone, Shepherd, Sherbrooke, Shields, Shipton, Shires, Shirley, Shore, Shortland, Shotton, Shreve, Sieward, Silver, Sim, Simmons, Simon, Simonson, Simpson, Sinclair, Skerry, Skinner, Slaughenwhite, Slayno, Sloane, Slocomb, Smeltzer, Smith, Snyder, Softley, Solomon, Sourette, Soulnow, Spannagel/Sponagle, Spencer, Sperry, Spidle, Spike, Spindler, Spohr, Sprague, Spright, Springfield, Spurrier, Stafford, Stairs, Stamer, Stanford, Stannage, Stanwood , Starr, Starratt/Sterrett, Stearns, Steele, Steinfort, Stephenson, Stevens, Steverman, Stewart, Stoddart, Stone, Strange, Strum, Stubbert, Stye, Subercase, Suldenia, Sullivan, Sumner, Sutherland, Swallow, Sweet, Sweinsberg, Tanner, Tatteray, Taylor, Teal, Teasdale, Temme, Temple, Terple, Thickpenny, Thiel, Thomas, Thompson/Thomson, Thurlow, Thynne, Tibert, Tobin, Toland, Tomkins, Tomlinson, Townshend, Treber, Trefry, Trethewey, Trickett, Triffian, Trober, Troop, Tumblin, Tupper, Turner, Tuttle, Tyler, Uhlman, Umlah/Umloch, Usler, Van Hoboken, Vandeput, Vanvost, Varner, Vaughan, Vesey, Vesin, Viditoe, Vienot, Vincent, Vogler, Wade, Wagner, Wainwright, Walker, Wall, Walsh, Walter, Walther, Wambach, Wambolt, Warburton, Ward, Waterman, Waters, Watson, Weagle, Webb, Webber, Weddall, Weeks, Wiederholt, Weidle, Weil/Wile, Weinacht/Whynacht, Weinbeer, Wells, Welton, Wentworth, Wentzel, Wesley, West/Wust, Westhaver, Weston, Whalen, Wheatman, Wheelock, Whipple, Whitaker, Whitcomb, White, Whitford, Whitman, Whitmore, Whitney, Whoriskey, Wielobycki, Wier, Wilkie, Wilkins, Willard, Williams, Willniff, Wilmot, Wilson, Windrow, Winter, Wolff/Wolfe, Wollenhaupt, Wood, Woodburg, Woodbury, Wooden, Woodworth, Woolard, Wright, Wyman, Yates, Young, Yount, Zeller, Zink/Zinck, Zouberbuhler, Zwicker,

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