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BOOK - The Romance of The Palatine Millers, A Tale of Palatine Irish-Americans and United Empire Loyalists
By Rev. Bowman Tucker
Originally published by the author, Montreal, 1929
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2005 (CD 2011)

Hardcover... 64.95 (C$)
Book on CD... 19.95 (C$)
pdf download.....14.95 (C$)
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Hardcover Edition
6.25" X 9.25"

Book-on-CD Edition

More than a family history book, The Romance of The Palatine Millers, begins with an historical overview of the Palatines in the Rhine River valley (in present-day Germany), continues with the story of the Palatine migration overseas, with eventual settlement in Canada, and their American cousins who remained behind after the American Revolution.

Scroll down this page for a list of the surnames that appear in the index. However, the book's index is not complete. We don't know what the author's criteria was for deciding who was included -- possibly it's only a list of "prominent" people. The charts and genealogy include a multitude of names that are not included in the index.

Contents include:
  • An Agent in Scattering the Seed
  • Where the Seed Grew
  • Harvesting Without Storing
  • Bearing Another's Burdens
  • The Righteous Man
  • Carrying the Seed to America
  • The Seed
  • Settlement in Nova Scotia
  • Peter Miller, U.E.L. - His Descendants and their Influence
  • In the Land of the Napanee
  • Pioneering
  • Outspreading
  • Cousins Far Removed
  • New Starting Points - Old Principles
  • They Carry On
  • "The Lutheran Minister"
  • "The Emigrants"
  • The United Empire Loyalists
  • Extending Territory
  • The Irish Family Circle
  • Descendants of Capt. Garrett Miller, U.E.L.
  • The Embury Group
  • The Halifax Group
  • The Montreal Group
  • The Irish-American Group
  • Descendant of Col. Jacob Miller
  • The Montreal Group
  • The Youger Folks
  • APPENDIX - The Shibley Genealogy
442 Pages
6.25 X 9.25
Hardcover (red buckram covering with gilt stamping on front and spine)
Illustrations (19)
Originally published by the author, Montreal, 1929
This edition by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2005 (CD 2011)

ISBN 1-897210-75-2 (Hardcover)

Surnames included in the Index:

Adams; Allen; Ammon; Amundsen; Amyrauld; Anderson; Armstrong; Asseltine; Ayer; Aylesworth;

Bacon; Bailey; Baird; Balkwell; Barker; Barnes; Beach; Beade; Beatty; Bebeau; Bell; Bellows; Benedict; Benor; Bentlt; Berkley; Bingham; Bird; Black; Blake; Bogan; Boice; Bowker; Bowles; Boyce; Boyington; Brace; Bradley; Brethus; Brewster; Bricknell; Briggs; Brill; Brock; Brownscomb; Buchanan; Bullis; Burke; Burroughs; Burrow, Bush.

Call; Cameron; Campbell; Canfield; Canniff; Carey; Carpenter; Carson; Carter; Casson; Caverley; Chadsey; Chalmers; Chamberlain; Chapman; Chirion; Church; Clancey; Clarke; Cliff; Cochrane; Coleman; Conger; Connor; Cook; Cooper; Corse; Cousins; Creed; Creighton; Cronk; Crooks; Cropley; Cunningham; Curley; Curry.

Dale; Daly; Daniels; Dantzler; Davidson; Davis; Dawson; Day; Demers; Denyes; De Spain; Dietrich; Dill; Dingman; Dolby; Donelly; Doran; Dority; Dougal; Drake; Drewry; Duck; Duncan; Dunn; Dyer.

Elliott; Ely; Embury; Emery; Emmons; England; Eplett; Erb; Ereaux; Esdaile; Eustace; Evans

Farrish; Fay; Fee; Fenn; Fieldhouse; Fisher; Fiske; Flagg; Fletcher; Forbes; Ford; Forshie; Fosberg; Foster; Fraser; Freshman; Fretts; Fullenwider; Fuller; Fulton.

Galer; Gallagher; Galt; Garvey; Gelling; Gibson; Giles; Gillespie; Gillies; Gilmour; Girvin; Godard; Godfrey; Goldsboroough; Gough; Gordanier (this name does not appear in the index however there is an Appendix item entitled "The Shibley Family", that provides a genealogy of the descendants of John Shibley originally of Switzerland - emigrant to Canada & USA. Ellen Gordanier, and John Shibley were the progenitors of the Canadian Branch of the Shibley family).Grange; Grant; Green; Greer; Grills; Grimes; Groves; Guigan

Hales; Hamilton; Harkness; Harte; Harvey; Hawley; Hay; Haydon; Hayes; Healy; Heard; Heck; Hicks; Hill; Hogle; Holden; Holsopple; Hooper; Hope; Hopkins; Howe; Hudgins; Huff; Huffman; Hughes; Humble; Hunt; Hutcheson; Hyde.

Ingalls; Innes.

Jackson; James; Jamieson; Jardine; Jarvis; Jeffery; Jenkins; Jennings; Johnson; Johnston; Jolin; Jones; Joy.

Keely; Keendust; Keil; Kellaher; Kelly; Kelton; Kercher; Ketcheson; Kilburn; Kingsbury; Kirkpatrick; Krans.

Lake; Lampee; Lander; Lane; Lang; Langdon; Lanton; Lawing; Lawrence; Leavis; Lee; Legaire; Leighton; Levi; Lewis; Lincoln; Little; Littlewood; Long; Lonley; Lovell; Lowe; Lowry; Loynes; Luke; Lunn; Lusher.
Mabbett; Mack; Mackay; MacKeil; MacKenzie; Madden; Magee; Mankin; Mann; Marks; Marshall; Martin; Matthews; Mayland; McAfee; McBrazer; McBride; McConnell; McCrossen; McCutcheon; McDonaugh; McDonald; McFee; McGowan; McIlquhan; McKenny; McKim; McLaren; McLean; McMillan; McPherson; Mendell; Menninger; Merrick; Miller; Mills; Mitchell; Montgomery; Moon; Moore; Morey; Morin; Morris; Morton; Mounteet; Moxley; Munn; Munroe; Murdoch; Murphy; Murray.

Nappon; Neely; Neville.

Oakley; Odell; Oliver; Olloqui; Ostrom; Oulton; Owen.

Parran; Parrot; Parsons; Paul; Peckham; Peers; Percy; Perkins; Pernette; Perry; Pettes; Phalen; Phelps; Phillips; Picard; Poole; Porcher; Power; Prince; Pringle.

no "Q" surname entries included the index.

Reddick; Reil; Reynolds; Riddington; Ridge; Riggall; Rigsby; Ritchie; Robb; Roberts; Robertson; Robeson; Robinson; Roblin; Robson; Rodiger; Ronald; Rowson; Roys; Ruggles; Rumbold; Rumph; Rundle; Russell; Rutherford; Rutledge; Ryder; Rykert.

Safford; Savage; Schmidt; Scott; Scouten; Scriver; Sculthorpe; Seay; Shannon; Shelters; Sherman; Sherrill' Shier; Shibley (this name does not appear in the index however there is an Appendix item entitled "The Shibley Family", that provides a genealogy of the descendants of John Shibley originally of Switzerland - emigrant to Canada & USA). Pennsylvan. The names included in this Appendix item are not included in the index); Sills; Simmons; Simpson; Sixby; Smiley; Smith; Southam; Spencer; Spooner; Srigley; Stanger; Steele; Stevenson; Stewart; Stickney; Stoffer; Stredder; Stumph; Sturgeon; Swaine; Sweet; Switzer.

Talbot; Taylor; Templeton; Thompson; Tittemore; Tobin; Tonkin; Torrance; Towers; Tracy; Trott; Tucker; Tuttle; Tweedie.

no "U" surname entries included the index.

Vanneck; Vaughan.

Wagar; Wallace; Wallbridge; Walt; Walton; Ward; Wartman; Way; Weber; Weese; Wells; White; Whittaker; Whittington; Wilkie; Williams; Willoughby; Willson; Wilson; Winter; Wolfe; Wood; Woodcock; Woolstenholme; Wrenn; Wright.

Yates; Yeomans; York, Youmans; Young;

no "Z" surname entries included the index

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