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BOOK - Pioneer Life On The Bay Of Quinte
New Introduction by Brian Tackaberry (1999)
New Index (1999)
Originally published by Rolph and Clark, 1904
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 1999 (CD 2010)

Hardcover... 123.95 (C$)
Book on CD... 19.95 (C$)
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf download.....14.95 (C$)
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7.75 X 10.25"
Hardcover Edition

Book-on-CD Edition

This massive tome, bound in a high quality hard bound edition, is comprised of histories and genealogies of 309 families and includes biographical sketches of many individuals. Several of the family sketches cover several pages, each constituting in itself a settlement history of the area occupied by successive generations and branches of the same family. Twenty five family/individual portraits are included.

309 families for which there are individual family genealogies and family sketches include:
    Ackerman; Ainsworth; Alcorn; Allen; Allison; Arthur; Ashley; Aylesworth; Babcock; Barber; Barker; Barton; Benson; Bell; Bird; Blakely; Blanchard; Bleasdell; Bleecker; Bog; Bongard; Bonisteel; Boulter; Bowerman; Bowler; Bristol; Broad; Bryant; Bullock; Bush; Calnan; Campbell; Carr; Carson; Chapman; Chisholm; Christie; Church; Clapp; Clark; Cole; Coleman; Collier; Collins; Connor; Conger; Conroy; Cooper; Corby; Cory; Cronk; Crothers; Croutel; Crowe; Cummings; Cunningham; Currie; Dafoe; Daly; David; Davidson; Davis; Daynard; De Mille; Demorest; Denike; Denyes; Diamond; Dorland; Doxsee; Drewry; Dulmage; Evans; Farley; Farrington; Faulkner; Finkle; Flagler; Flindall; Flint; Foster; Foster; Fox; Fraleck; Fraleigh; Francis; Fraser; Family; Fraser; Funnell; Garrett; Garrison; Gilbert; Gildersleeve; Gilmour; Glenn; Goodwin; Gordon; Gorssline; Grange; Grass; Grimmon; Gunn; Hadden; Hagerman; Halliwell; Ham; Harrison; Harrison; Harry; Hawley; Hendricks; Hess; Hicks; Hogle; Houlden; Howe; Howell; Hubbs; Huff; Hughes; Huyck; Jackson; Jacques; Jamieson; Jeffers; Jeffery; Johnson; Jones; Kelley; Kelly; Ketcheson; Ketchum; Killeen; Kingsley; Knight; Knox; Labey; Lake; Lambert; Lane; Langmuir; Laziel; Leader; Lear; Leavens; Lockwood; Longwell; Lott; Love; Lucas; Lyon; McAuley; McClellan; McCormick; McDonald; McDonnell; McFaul; McGrath; McKee; McKenty; McKenzie; McQuoid; Madden; Mallory; Malone; Marsh; Martin; Massey; Maybee; Merritt; Meyers; Mikel; Miller; Mills; Minaker; Moon; Moran; Morden; Morgan; Morrison; Mowat; Munn; Munshaw; Musgrove; Nesbitt; Nethery; Nickle; Niles; Noble; Norman; Noxon; Ogden; Osborne; Ostrander; Ostrom; Palmer; Parker; Parliament; Parry; Pearsall; Perry; Pierson; Pine; Plews; Ponton; Potter; Powers; Prinyer; Proctor; Purdy; Quinn; Rankin; Ralph; Redner;Reynolds; Daniel; Ritchie; Robinson; Robison; Roblin; Rose; Row; Rowe; Ruttan; Rathbun; Saylor; Scott; Seward; Shortt; Shurie; Sills; Simmons; Simpson; Smith; Solmes; Spafford; Spencer; Sprague; Sprung; Stafford; Stapleton; Stephens; Stevenson; Stickle; Story; Storms; Striker; Swetman; Talcott; Third; Thompson; Thorn; Thrasher; Tobey; Treverton; Trumpour; Valleau; Vanantine; Vance; Vandevoort; Vandewater; VanDusen; VanKleek; VanVlack; Vermilyea; Vrooman; Wadell; Waldron; Wallbridge; Ward; Waring; Warner; Way; Webb; Weeks; Welbanks; Werden; White; Whittier; Williams; Wilson; Windover; Wood; Wright; Young; Zwick.

    Scroll down this page for a list of all surnames that appear in the index...
An extensive new index has also been added to this new edition that includes members of the above families plus many references to people other than those in the genealogies section of this book.

The region of settlement covered in this volume (Bay of Quinte region) extends from Kingston to Trenton and includes the counties of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, Hastings and Prince Edward.

The book is made even more valuable to the genealogist by carrying the histories of many of the families back to the first settlement in the American Colonies in the seventeenth century -- and then bringing the accounts forward into the period of settlement in The Bay Of Quinte region in the 1780s. Accounts include information on the early families up to the turn of the twentieth century.

Originally published by Rolph & Clark, 1904.

1096 Pages (including index)
7.75 X 10.25"
Illustrations (25)
NEW Index
Originally published by Rolph and Clark, 1904
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 1999 (CD 2010)

ISBN 1-894378-33-4 (Hardcover)

All surnames that appear in the new index:
    Abbott; Abby; Abell; Abercrombie; Abraham; Abrams; Acheson; Acker; Ackerman; Adams; Agnew; Aikins; Ainslie; Ainsworth; Aker; Akroyd; Alcombrack; Alcorn; Aldrich; Alexander; Alfred; Alger; Allan; Allen; Allison; Alvord; Alyea; Ames; Amos; Amy; Anderson; Andrews; Anglin; Angus; Annable; Appell; Appleby; Archibald; Argue; Arkell; Armitage; Armour; Armstrong; Arney; Arnold; Arnott; Arthur; Ashley; Ashton; Askew; Assaltines; Atkins; Atkinson; Atton; AtwiU; Augustus; Austin; Avery; Aylesworth; Ayr; Babb; Babbitt; Babcock; Backus; Badgley; Bagley; Bagus; Bailey; Baillie; Baird; Baker; Baldwin; Balfour; Ballard; Balm; Bamber; Bamford; Bang; Barber; Barfett; Barker; Barnes; Barnhart; Barr; Barrager; Barrett; Barron; Barrum; Bartels; Bartlett; Barton; Basaundeau; Bass; Bassett; Bateman; Bates; Batton; Bayard; Bayless; Bayman; Beal; Beamish; Beatty; Beauchamp; Beauly; Becker; Beckett; Beckwith; Beddon; Bedell; Bedo; Bee; Beech; Beecher; Beeman; Begg; Bein; Beith; Belch; Belcher; Belknap; Bell; Bellinger; Bellwood; Belway; Belyou; Beman; Benedict; Benn; Bennett; Benson; Bentley; Benton; Benway; Bepley; Beringer; Bernieur; Bertholf; Betsky; Bettis; Betts; Beun; Beverly; Bibby; Bicknell; Bidwell; Bigg; Biggar; Biglow; Billeau; Billings; Bingham; Binnington; Bird; Birdsall; Bishop; Black; Blackman; Blair; Blake; Blake; Blakerly; Blanchard; Blauvelt; Bleasdell; Bleecker; Blizzard; Bloford; Bloodgood; Blount; Bockus; Boddy; Bog; Bogart; Bogle; Boldrick; Bolter; Bolton; Bond; Bone; Bongard; Bonistee; Bonter; Boones; Booth; Borden; Borisfie; Bostick; Boulter; Bourinot; Bourke; Bovay; Bowell; Bowen; Bower; Bowerman; Bowers; Bowler; Bowman; Box; Boyce; Boyd; Boyes; Boyington; Boyle; Bradley; Bradshaw; Bradstreet; Bragg; Brannigan; Branscombe; Brason; Breakenridge; Breakle; Brenton; Brethour; Brewer; Brewers; Brewster; Brickman; Bridgewood; Briggs; Brignall; Brisco; Bristol; Britton; Broad; Broadhurst; Brock; Brockway; Brompbreyc; Brook; Brookmeyer; Brooks; Brophy; Brough; Brown; Brownlee; Brownscombe; Bruce; Brundige; Brunnell; Bryant; Bryden; Buchan; Buchanan; Buck; Buchley; Budway; Bull; Bullis; Bullock; Bundy; Bunn; Burdett; Burdick; Burford; Burgess; Burke; Burkell; Burley; Burlingham; Burne; Burnham; Burns; Burr; Burrell; Burris; Burrows; Burt; Burton; Bush; Bushby; Bushell; Buskard; Bustard; Butler; Butters; Butts; Byers; Bygott; Byrne; Cadman; Cahoon; Caigh; Caimduff; Caldwell; Calendar; Calhoun; Calley; Calnan; Calvert; Calvir; Cameron; Campaigne; Campbell; Campion; Canfield; Cann; Canniff; Cannon; Cantlin; Card; Cardinall; Carey; Carleton; Carley; Cannan; Cannen; Carnahan; Carnrike; Carnwright; Carpenter; Carr; Carrell; Carr; Carrier; Carscallen; Carson; Carstairs; Carter; Cartwright; Case; Casey; Caspew; Cass; Cassiday; Castle; Caston; Cathrell; Caton; Caughey; Cavan; CaverIy; Cavilier; Cermetta; Chadsey; Chamberlain; Chambers; Chandler; Chapman; Chard; Charters; Chase; Chatterson; Cheney; Chetwin; Chippigaw; Chisholm; Christie; Christopher; Christy; Chrysler; Church; Churchill; Clancy; Clapp; Clare; Claremont; Clark; Clarke; Clarry; Clegg; Clemens; Clement; Cleminson; Clench; Clendenning; Clerichen; Cline; Clinton; Close; Closson; Clow; Clubb; Clute; Coates; Cobb; Cochrane; Cock; Coe; Cohenour; Colborne; Cole; Coleman; Coliver; Collacott; Collamer; Collier; Collins; Colwell; Comer; Comerford; Compton; Conger; Conkey; Conklin; Conley; Connell; Connelly; Connolly; Connor; Conrad; Conroy; Consaul; Cook; Cool; Cooley; Coolidge; Coon; Cooney; Coonly; Cooper; Coppinger; Copps; Corbett; Corbin; Corbould; Corby; Corin; Cork; Corkindale; Cornell; Corner; Cornwall; Cornwallis; Corrigall; Cory; Cosgrave; Costigan; Cotten; Cotter; Coulter; Countryman; Courter; Courtney; Cousins; Coutts; Coval; Covert; CovilIe; Cowell; Cowle; Cowley; Cowling; Cox; Coyle; Cragle; Craig; Craighead; Cram; Crandall; Crane; Crawford; Creedrnan; Creeper; Creighton; Crewe; Crippen; Criss; Croft; Cromer; Cromwell; Cronk; Cronkrite; Crosbie; Crosby; Cross; Crossen; Crossley; Crothers; Crouter; Crowe; Croy; Crozier; Cruise; Cryan; Cryderrnan; Cuff; Cummings; Cunningham; Curren; Currey; Currie; Currier; Curry; Curtis; Cutter; Cyphens or Chyphers; Dafoe; Dakers; Dale; Daley; Dalkin; Daly; Dame; Damon; Danbury; Dare; Darling; Darlington; Darnell; Darvell; Davenport; Davem; Davey; David; Davidson; Davis; Davy; Dawson; Day; Daynard; Deacon; Dean; DeChese; DeGolia; DeLancey; DeLapp; DeL'Eveille; Deline; DeLong; Delyea; DeMaireboy; Demere; DeMille; Demoire; DeMorest; Demprope; Dempsey; Dench; Denike; Dennis; Dennison; Denny; Denyer; Denyes; Derby; Derbyshire; Deroche; Detlor; Detsell; DeVeterponte; Devlin; Devry; Dewell; DeWetty; Diamond; Dibb; Dick; Dickie; Dickens; Dickinson; Dickson; Dinckson; Dine; Dingman; Dislip; Dixon; Dobbs; Dobson; Dodd; Dodge; Doherty; Doieg; Donaldson; Donarchy; Doney; Donley; Donnelly; Donohue; Doolittle; Dorland; Dougall; Douglas; Dounan; Downey; Doxsee; Doxtater; Draper; Dracup; Dremin; Drewry; Driver; Drummond; Drury; Dudley; Duell; Duff; Duffy; Duggan; Duke; Dulmage; Dumble; Duncan; Dundas; Dunham; Dunn; Dunnett; Dunning; Dunsbaugh; Dupris; Durdick; Dwight; Dyer; Dyment; Dynes; Dyre; Eady; Eakins; Earl; Earle; Eascott; Eaton; Eccles; Eckert; Eddy; Edgar; Edis; Edmunds; Edwards; Egan; Eggleston; Eggleton; Egloff; Ehrington; Eilsbeck; Ela; Ellerbeck; Ellery; Ellingham; Elliott; Ellis; Ellison; Ells; Elsworth; Elvins; Elworthy; Embury; Emmerson; Emmett; Emprey; Empy; English; Ensley; Ethel; Evans; Evard; Everett; Every; Ewart; Ewen; Fair; Fairfield; Fairman; Fairweather; Fales; Familear; Fanning; Farleigh; Farley; Farnham; Farnsworth; Farrington; Farwell; Faulkner; Fea; Feetz; Fellows; Fenn; Fennell; Fenton; Ferbes; Ferguson; Ferris; Fidler; Field; Fieldhouse; Filsinger; Finkle; Finnigan; Fisher; Fitch; Fitchet; Fitzgerald; Flagler; Flake; Flanagan; Fleming; Fletcher; Fleury; Flindall; Flint; Fluke; Flynn; Fobes; Fogarty; Folford; Folger; Fones; Foot; Foote; Forbes; Ford; Fordham; Forrester; Forsythe; Fortier; Foster; Fowler; Fox; Fraleck; see also Fralick; Fraleigh; Fralick; Francis; Frank; Fransworth; Farnsworth; Fraser; Frazier; Frederick; Freeland; Freeman; Freer; French; Frett; Fretz; Friar; Friel; Frier; Frith; Frizzell; Frost; Fry; Fryer; Fulford; Fuller; Fullerton; Fulton; Funnell; Furby; Furnia; Furnival; Gage; Gamble; Galbraith; Gallagher; Galpin; Garaghan; Garbutt; Gardener; Gardiner; Gardner; Garland; Garrett; Garrison; Garritsee; Gartshore; Gaw; Gay; Gearing; George; German; Gerolomy; Gerow; Gibson; Gifford; Gilbert; Gilchrist; Gildersleeve; Giles; Gill; Gillespie; Gillet; Gillette; Gilmore; Gilmour ; Girdshaw; Giverson; Glass; Gleason; Glenn; Glover; Golden; Goldsmith; Gonsell; Gonsolaus ; Gunsolus; Goodman; Goodmurphy; Goodwell; Goodwin; Gordon; Gordonier ; Gorssline; Gould; Graham; Grandison; Grange; Grannis; Grant; Grass; Graves; Gray; Grayson; Greatrix; Greeley; Green; Greenhill; Greenleaf; Greenwood; Greer; Gregory; Greig; Grey; Gribbon; Griener; Griffes; Griffm; Griffith; Griggs; Grills; Grimmon; Grooms; Gross; Grover; Guemey; Guess; Guest; Guillet; Guiss; Gundry; Gunn; Gunso; Gurren; Guthrie; Guy; Gyenis; Gynne; Haber; Hadden; Hagerman; Haggerty; Haight; Haines; Hale; Haley; Hall; Halliwell; Halloway; Halstead; Ham; Hambly; Hamilton; Hammell; Hampton; Hanckel; Hancock; Handley; Hanley; Hanlon; Hanna; Hannaford; Hanwell; Harden; Harder; Harding; Hardy; Hare; Harkins; Harkness; Harman; Harness; Harper; Harrington; Harris; Harrison; Harry; Hart; Hartford; Hartler; Hartweli; Harvey; Haskell; Hatch; Hatfield; Haukinson; Haun; Haviland; Hawkins; Hawley; Haydock; Hayes; Haylock; Haythomewhyle; Hazard; Hazel; Hazelton; Hazlewood; Head; Heal; Hearne; Heartgrove; Heck; Heitra; Heliker; Helm; Helmer; Heminway; Henderson; Hendricks; Hendrie; Hendry; Henley; Hennessey; Henry; Hepburn; Herbert; Herchemer; Hermance; Hermon; Herr~; Herrington; Hersey; Hess; Hewat; Hewitt; Hewlett; Hickerson; Hickman; Hicks; Hiel; Higgins; Higgs; Highland; Highstead; Higley; Hildreth; Hill; Hillier; Hilton; Himphrey; Hineman; Hinman; Hoag; Hobson; Hodge; Hodges; Hodgins; Hodson; Hogg; Hogle; Holcomb; Holden; Holgate; Holland; Holliday; Hollis; Holt; Holton; Holyoke; Honey; Honeywell; Hood; Hooker; Hooper; Hoover; Hope; Hopkins; Horan; Hombogen; Home; Hortman; Horton; Hosell; Hotchkiss; Hough; Houlden; Houston; Hover; Howard; Howe; Howell; Hoysradt; Hubble; Hubbs; Hudgin; Hudson; Huff; Huffinan; Huggins; Hughes; Hughson; Hulbert; Hulett; Hull; Hulsey; Hurne; Hurnrniston; Hurnprey; Hunt; Hunter; Huntly; Hurd; Hurlburt; Hurren; Hursley; Hurst; Hutcheson; Hutchinson; Hutton; Huyck; Huycke; Hyatt; Hyde; Hyman; Ingall; Ingel; Ingraham; Innes; Insley; Ireland; Irish; Irvine; Irwin; Isaacs; Ismond; Ives; Iveson; Jackson; Jacques; James; Jamieson; Jans; Jay; Jeffers; Jeffrey; Jeffery; Jeffs; Jell; Jellett; Jenkins; Jerunan; Jenners; Jennings; Jerome; Jessop; Jewel; Jewett; Jinks; Jocelyn; Jolms; Jolmson; Jolmston; Jolly; Jones; Jordon; Juby; Judd; Judge; Kaine; Kane; Karns; Kayler; Keefer; Keeler; Keeling; Keirl; Keith; Keller; Kelley; Kellogg; Kelly; Kemp; Kendall; Kennedy; Kenney; Keogh; Kerr; Ketcheson; Ketchum; Keyes; Kidd; Killip; Kilmer; Kilvert; Kimberly; Kimmerly; Kincaid; King ; Kingsley; Kingston; Kinnear; Kinney; Kip; Kirk; Kirkland; Kirkpatrick; Kirshaw; Kitchener; Kite; Kline; Knapp; Kneils; Knight; Knobbs; Knott; Knoutz; Knox; Koby; Kooms; Kotchopaw; Kruger; Kuckher; Kurtz; Kyle; Labatt; Labey; Lacey; Lafayette; Lafferty; Laidlaw; Laird; Lake; LaLaune; Lalanne; Lalonde; Lambert; Lampman; Lampshire; Lampson; Lance; y; Landerkin; Landon; Lane; Lang; Langman; Langmuir; Langton; Lannigan; Lansing; Lapp; Lappin; Lapum; LaRue; Lattimer; Lauder; Lavack; Law; Lawrence; Lawson; Laya; Layman; Lazier; Leach; Leader; Lear; Learing; Leatch; Leavens; Leavitt; LeBoutellier; Lee; Leet; Leggo; Leiper; Lennox; Lent; Leonard; LeRoy; Leslie; Levack; Lever; Levering; Lewis; Lighthall; Lindsay; Lines; Lingham; Linton; Little; Livermore; Livingston; Llewellyn; Lloyd; Lobb; Lobdell; Lochead; Locie; Lockey; Lockhart; Locklin; Lockwood; Lohnes; Lohrrnen; Loist ; Loney; Long; Longhead; Longwell; Loomis; Lord; Lorrie; Losee; Lott; Loucks; Louden; Louder; Louden?; Lougheed; Love; Lovelace; Loveless; Lovell; Lowe; Lowery; Loyst; Lucas; Luke; Lully; Lumley; Lundy; Lynn; Lyon; Lyons; Mabee; Mabey; MacCallum; Macauley; MacColl; MacDonald; Macfee; MacIndoe; Mackenzie; Maclean; MacMillan; Macoun; MacPherson; Madden; Madill; Magee; Maidam; Maines; Malcolm; Mallory; Malone; Manders; Mandy; Manson; Markey; Markham; Markland; Marr; Marsh; Marshall; Martin; Maskell; Mason; Massey; Master; Mastin; Mather; Matthews; Maxim; May; Maybee; Maybey; Mays; McAdam; McAllister; McAlpine; McArthur; McAuley; McBean; McBride; McCabe; McCall; McCalvey; McCartey; McCarthy; McCartney; McCaugherty; McCaul; McCauley; McCaw; McClasky; McClatchie; McCim; McClean; McClellan; McClelland; McClure; McColl; McComb; McConacha; McConkey; McConnell; McCoot; McCormick; McCornock; McCoy; McCrady; McCray; McCrea; McCready; McCreedy; McCreery; McCrimmon; McCuaig; McCullough; McCutcheon; McDonald; McDonnell; McDowell; McElwaine; McFarlane; McFaul; McGarney; McGee; McGibbon; McGill; McGilvray; McGinnis; McGivern; McGowan; McGrath; McGraw; McGreer; McGregor; McGuin; McGuire; McGwiIllle; McIntosh; McIntyre; McIvory; McJeIlllett; McKane; McKay; McKee; McKeIllla; McKenty; McKenzie; McKewn; McKibbon; McKillip; McKim; McKinley; McLaren ; McLaughlin; McLean; McMasters; McMichael; McMillen; McMullen; McMurray; McMurrich; McMurter; McNabb; Mcneill; McNichol; McNish; l; McPherson; McQuaig; McQueen; McQuoid; McSpaden; McStevens; McTaggart; McVein; McWilliams; Meacham; Mellon; Membery; Meneill; McNeill; Menzies; Mercer; Merill; Merriman; Merritt; Metcalf; Metzle; Mewburn; Meyers; Michael; Michel; Midmer; Mikel; Miles; Millard; Miller; Mills; Milsap; Minaker; Mintz; Mirkell; Mitchell; Moines; Monahan; Monk; Monroe; Montgomery; Montizambert; Moody; Moon; Moorcraft; Moore; Moran; Mordaunt; Morden; Morey; Morgan; Morley; Moro; Morphy; Morrill; Morris; Morrison; Morritt; Morrow; Morton; Mosher; Moss; Mott; Motts; Mouck ; Mowat; Mower; Moxon; Moyle; Moynes; Mulholland; Mullett; Mumford; Mundel; Munn; Munro; Munroe; Munshaw; Munson; Murduff; Murney; Murny; Murphy; Murray; Musgrove; Myers; Mynott; Nail; Nash; Nease; Neff; Neilson; Nellis; Nelson; Nesbitt; Nethery; Nevins; Newburn; Newman; Newnham; Newson; Newton; Nicholson; Nickle; Nickleson; Nickol; Nightingale; Niles; Nisbet; Nix; Nixon; Noble; Nobs; Nonnan; Norris; North; Northrup; Norton; Nosworthy; Noxon; Nugent; Nutting; O'Brien; Ockennan; Odell; O'Donnell; O'Dwyer; Offord; O'Flynn; Ogden; O'Hara; O'Hare; Oke; O'Keefe; O'Leary; Oliver; Olmstead; Olsen; O'Neil; O'Raggan; Orders ; Onnsby; Orr; Orse; Orser; Osborne; Osterhout; Ostrander; Ostrom; Otis; Outendyke; Outwater; Ovens; Owens; Padden; Page; Paine; Pake; Palen; Paler; Palmatier; Palmer; Panton; Pappineau; Parcels; Parker; Parkhurst; Parkinson; Parks; Parliament; Parr; Parrott; Parry; Parslow; Parson ; Pascoe; Patchill; Patterson; Patton; Paul; Payne; Peake; Pearce; Pearsall; Pearson; Peasterd; Peck; Peckins; Pencegrew; Pennell; Pennock; Pense; Pepper; Percy; Perley; Perrin; Perry; Pertel; Peterkin; Peterson; Pentilion; Pettigrew; Pettingell; Pettit; Phelp; Philips; Phipps; Pier; Pierce; Pierson; Pine; Pitman; Pitts; Platt; Plews; Plummer; Plyston; Pohlman; Polis; Polley; Pollock; Pomeroy; Ponton; Poole; Pope; Porte; Porteous; Porter; Post; Potter; Potts; Powell; Power; Powers ; Powley; Prentice; Prentiss; Pressey; Preston; Prevoux; Price; Prindle; Pringle; Prinyer; Pritchard; Proctor; Proudfoot; Pruyn ; Purdy; Pyer; Pyke; · Pym; Quaiff; Quakenbush; Queen; Quigley; Quinn; Quintell; Rabee; Radford; Rahr; Ralph; Ramage; Rambau; Randall; Ranis; Rankin; Ranny; Ranons; Ranous; Ransford; Rapelge; Rathbun; Ray; Rayner; Raynus; Read; Rebum; Reddick; Redford; Redner; Reed; Reekie; Rees; Reeves; Reid; Reiney; Rendall; Renton; Reynall; Reynolds; Rhodes; Rice; Richards; Richardson; Richmond; Ricketson; Ridgely; Ridley; Ridout; Rigby; Riggs; Rightmeyer; Rikley; Ripson; Ritchie; Rivers; Rivit; Robberts; Robbins; Robertson; Robinson; Robison; Roblin; Rockwell; Rodman; Roe; Roenck; Roerick; Rogers; Rokeaux; Roland; Rombow; Rooke; Roorbach; Root; Rorabeck; Rorke; Rose; Ross; Rothwell; Rouse; Row; Rowe; Rowland; Roy; Royal; Rugby; Rull; Rundell; Ruport; Rusk; Russell; Rutherford; Ruttan; Ryal; Ryan; Ryant; Ryckman; Ryder; Ryerson; Rykert; Sabine; Sager; Salisburg; Salter; Samson; Samuel; Sanborn; Sanders; Sanderson; Sane; Sanford; Sankey; Sanson; Sargant; Sarles; Satchell; Saunders; Savage; Sawyer; Saxton; Sayers; Sayles; Saylor; Scales; Scantlebury; Scea; Schenck; Schermehorn; Schin; Schiver; Schreider; Schroder; Schryver; Schug; Schumann; Scott; Scriber; Scripture; Scriver; Sculthorpe; Searing; Searles; Seay; Sedgeworth; Seeds; Seers; Seldon; Sellec; Severio; Sevier; Seward; Sexsmith; Sexton; Seymour; Shanks; Shannon; Sharp; Sharpe; Shaver; Shaw; Shears; Sheets; Sheldon; Shelley; Shepherd; Sherer; Sheriff; Shennan; Sherry; Sherwood; Shibley; Shields; Shire; Sholdia; Shook; Shore; Shorey; Short[Kruger]; Shorts; Shove; Shurie; Siericks; Siggins; Sills; Silver; Simmons; Simpkins; Simpson; Sines; Sing; Singleton; Sivyer; Skeiffe; Skelton; Skillon; Skinkle; Skinner; Skipworth; Skuse; Slack; Slater; Slight; Sloan; Smelley; Smiley; Smitb; Smith; Monnonism; Snelgrove; Snell; Snider; Snook; Snow; Snowdon; Sobrisky; Soby; Soles; Solmes; Soule; Southard; Spafford; Sparrow; Speer; Spencer; Spinks; Sponenburgh; Spooner; Sprague; Sproule; Sprung; Squier; Squires; Stafford; Stage; Stalker; Stamus; Stanbury; Stanford; Stanton; Stapleton; Stark; Starks; Stasser; Steadman; Stebbins; Stedman; Steel; Steele; Steenberg; Stephens; Stephenson; Stevens; Stevenson; Steward; Stewart; Stickle; Stickney; Stiles; Stinson; Stoats; Stokes; Stone; Stoneberg; Storms; Story; Stout; Stovers; Strachan; Strain; Strange; Strangway; Strawbridge; Street; Striker; Stroane; Strome; Strong; Strothers; Sturgess; Sullivan; Summer; Summerville; Sunday; Surnberry; Sutherland; Swackhamer; Swade; Swansey; Sweetman; Swetman; Switzer; Sykes; Symington; Symons; Taft; Talcott; Tamlinson; Tanner; Tarlton; Tarrant; Tassie; Tate; Tavereer; Taylor; Temple; Tennent; Tenseley; Terrill; Terry; Terwillager; Teverton; Tewksbury; Thayer; Thibault; Third; Thomas; Thompson; Thomson; Thorn; Thorpe; Thrasher; Thuresson; Thurston; Tice; Tilley; Tillotson; Tilly; Tinny; Titus; Tobey; Tobias; Tomlin; Tompkins; Tompsett; Toombs; Toomsby; Toppen; Topping ; Totten; Towl; Towner; Townley; Townsend; Toy; Trader; Traver; Traverton; Tridale ; Tripp; Troppy ; Trotter; Truax; Trumpour; Trusdale; Tubbs; Tucker; Turnbull; Turner; Turney; Tuttle; Tweed; Tyldesley; Tyler; Utter; Vader; Vair; Valantine; Valentine; Valleau; Vallier; Vameer; VanAllen; VanAlstine; VanBenthuysen; VanBlaricom; VanBuren; VanCaughnet; Vance; VanCleaf; VanCleft; VanCott; Vandekerr; Vandercock; Vandervoort; Vandewater; VanDusen; VanFleet; VanGeason; Vanhome; VanHooser; VanHorn; VanKleek; VanLuven; VanScriver; Vanstone; VanTassel; VanVlack; VanWest; Varco; Varney; Vaughan; Vaughn; Vermilyea; Veterponte; Vincent; V on Shoultz; Von Volkenberg; Vorce; Vorhees; Vosburg; Vrooman; Wackett; Waddell; Wade; Wadsworth; Wager; Waight; Waite; Wakeman; Waldron; Walkem; Walker; Wall; Wallace; Wallbridge; Walmsley; Walrath; Walsh; Walt; Walters; Wamsley; Wandby; Wannamaker; Wannocott; Ward; Warden; Wardrobe; Waring ; Warner; Warren; Warrington; Wartman; Washburn; Washington; Waterbury; Waterhouse; Waters; Watrous; Watson; Watt; Watters; Waugh; Way; Wayne; Weaver; Webb; Webster; Webster; Weeks; Weese; Weichart; Weigand; Weir; Welbanks; Welborne; Welch; Weldon; Weller; Wellington; Wellman; Wells; Welsh; Welton; Wentworth; Werden; Wesley; Wessels; West; Westfall; Wetmore; Whacker; Whattam; Wheeler; White; Whitely; Whiting; Whitlock; Whitney; Whitten; WhittIer ; Whittoney; Whoose; Wiat; Wickett; Wickham; Wicks; Widdifie; Wiggins; Wight; Wilcox; Wilder; Wiley; Wilkins; Wilkinson; Williams; Williamson; Wills; Wilmot; Wilmur; Wilson; Wilton; Winchester; Windover; Windsor; Winters; Witcher; Wood; Woodall; Woodbeck; Woodburn; Woodley; Woodrow; Woodruff; Woof; Wooley; Woolward; Worden; Worrell; Worthington; Woris; Wright; Wrinch; Wroughton; Wycott; Wylie; Wynn; Yager; Yarwood; Yates; Yelverton; Yeomans; Yorex; Yorke; Yott; Youmans; Young.

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