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BOOK - Keepers of the Record, The History of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives
By Deidre Simmons

Keepers of the Record, The History of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives is a narrative history of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives that provides the context for over 300 years of business record keeping.

The Hudson's Bay Company Archives is one of the world's most complete archival collections and a national treasure. Protected in the vaults of the Archives of Manitoba, its documents trace the history of the fur trade, North American exploration, the growth of a retail empire, and the evolution of Canada as a country. Keepers of the Record offers the first comprehensive look at the development of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives over three centuries.

Deidre Simmons places the archives within the historical context of the Company, England, and Canada, as well as British and Canadian archival traditions. Keepers of the Record is abundantly illustrated with archival photographs that evoke the texture and slightly musty smell of soft leather and crisp vellum and the ghostly presence of the people who created the pristine script, writing by candlelight in unheated (or overheated, depending on the season) dwellings in the wilderness of Hudson Bay or in the centre of London.

Contents include:
  • Foreword Maureen Dolyniuk
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • if it can bee Soe Soone done: The First Fifty Years of Record-Keeping, 1670–1720
  • upon no Account to Communicate any of the Company’s Affairs: Record-Keeping and Corporate Memory, 1720–1800
  • a regular communication: The Record-Keeping of Amalgamation and Colonization, 1800–1830
  • request the favour of your particular attention: Expanding Horizons Require Detailed Record-Keeping, 1830–1860
  • to surrender to Her Majesty: Record-Keeping in a New Country, 1860–1920
  • custodians of a great inheritance: Developments Evolving from the 250th Anniversary, 1920–1930
  • rendered available for inspection by students of history: Establishment of the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, 1930–1960
  • to deposit its Archives in Winnipeg: Transfer of the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, 1960–1974 262 Postscript
    • Secretaries of the Hudson’s Bay Company
    • Archivists of the Hudson’s Bay Company
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index
About the Author:
    Deidre Simmons, a research and archives consultant for twenty-five years, holds a Master's degree in history (archival studies) from the University of Manitoba. She is the author of Servite in Caritate: The First One Hundred Years of St. Margaret's School 1908-2008 and lives in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia.
360 Pages
6 X 9" Illustrations/Photographs
Notes (extensive)
Softcover - perfectbound
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7735-3620-3

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