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First Nations, Métis,
Status & Non-Status Indians, Inuit,
Genealogy & History - Canada

BOOK - First Métis Families of Quebec, 1622-1748, Volume 2: Jean Nicolet and a Nipissing Woman
By Gail Morin
Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 2014

Soft cover... 58.95 (C$)
The term Métis originally referred to the offspring produced from the intermarriage of early French fur traders with Canadian Native Americans. Later, there were also Anglo Métis (known as “Countryborn”)--children of Scottish, English, and other European fathers and indigenous mothers. The Métis were also formerly known as half-breeds or mixed-bloods. Today, the French and Anglo Métis cultures have essentially merged into a distinct group with official recognition as one of the three Aboriginal Peoples of Canada.

The first Frenchman known to have Métis offspring was Jean Nicolet de Belleborne. He arrived in Quebec in 1618 and was employed as a clerk and trained as an interpreter by the Company of Merchants, the fur-trading monopoly owned by French noblemen. He ran a Hudson Bay Company store and traded with the Lake Nipissing (Ontario) people for several years. His informal or country marriage to a Nipissing woman resulted in the birth in 1628 of a daughter, Madeleine or Euphrosine Nicolet. Jean Nicolet returned to the Company in Quebec in 1633 with Madeleine. Madeleine married Jean Leblanc in 1643 and Elie Dussault dit Lafleur in 1663. Both marriages resulted in generations of descendants in Canada and the United States that continue today.

From the 1640s to the 1740s, only fifty-six Métis marriages were officially recorded in French records. There are probably many unrecorded Métis or mixed blood families that are lost for now.

This series traces the descendants of those Métis families who ultimately settled in the western part of the North American continent. Volume 1, an overview volume, traces all fifty-six recorded Métis families for three generations.

In this new volume, all of Madeleine or Euphrosine Nicolet’s descendants are followed for ten generations. Her most notable descendant is Andre Carriere, born 30 March 1779 and baptized the next day at Boucherville. Andre arrived in the early Red River Settlement area of Manitoba about 1802-1805. His marriage to Angelique Dion or Lyon resulted in eleven children. Many of his descendants remained in Western Canada, but they are also found on the rolls of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa of North Dakota and the Little Shell Band of Indians of Montana.

Richly detailed, fully sourced, and indexed, this ongoing series must be regarded as the starting point for Métis genealogy. Future volumes will concentrate on the progeny of Martin Prevost, Pierre Couc dit Lafleur (later called Montour), Jean Durand, Pierre Lamoureux, and Daniel-Joseph Amiot.

This is the second volume in the First Métis Families of Quebec, 1622-1748 series which include Pages: 364
Size: 8˝” x 11”
Softcover - perfect bound
Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 2014
ISBN: 9780806356877

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