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Diaries & First-Hand Accounts, Biographies,
Pioneers and Settlement, Canada
Genealogy & History

BOOK - Across the Waters: Ontario Immigrants' Experiences, 1820-1850
By Frances Hoffman and Ryan Taylor
Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 1999, 2005 (CD 2009)
Across the Waters is an assembly of the first-hand written accounts of 150 individual immigrants, skillfully bridged by authors Frances Hoffman and Ryan Taylor, to tell the fascinating story of what it was like to leave a familiar homeland to pioneer in the virgin forests of early Ontario. By allowing the personal writings of the early settlers to guide us through their experiences, we come to better appreciate the process of settlement. By examining the various stages of emigration, such as preparing for the journey, ocean crossings, obtaining and clearing land, building a shelter - then a house, and living in the clearings, we gain a clearer understanding of nineteenth century emigrant experience. ISBN 1-894378-00-8 (Hardcover); ISBN 1-894378-01-6 (Softcover)     More information
Hardcover......79.95 (C$)
Softcover......59.95 (C$)
Book on CD......19.95 (C$)
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf download.....14.95 (C$)
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BOOK - Authentic Letters From Upper Canada [Ontario], Including an account of Canadian Field Sports [1831-1833]
By T W Magrath; Etchings by Samuel Lover; Edited by Rev. Thomas Radcliff
Originally published by Wm. Curry, Jun. and Company, Dublin, 1833
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2007, 2012

This book contains clear accounts of setting up a homestead in the woods, complete with lists of necessary supplies and expenses to be encountered by the new settler. Topics covered in the letters include descriptions of the hardships of crossing the Atlantic, the roughness of the settlement, and other experiences of settling in the "new country". Of interest to everyone who studies early Ontario settlement, are candid descriptions of Upper Canada (Ontario) as the settlers found it in 1831-1833, the people, and its institutions. ISBN: 978-1-897466-04-1    More information
Hardcover......44.95 (C$)
Book on CD......19.95 (C$)
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf download.....14.95 (C$)
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BOOK - Life of Colonel Talbot and the Talbot Settlement
By Edward Ermatinger
Originally published by A. McLachlin's Home Journal Office, 1859
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2001, 2006

This book gives a near-contemporary view of the life and settlement activities of Colonel Thomas Talbot. Talbot brokered a "special" deal with the crown that provided him with a bounty of free land in return for settling pioneers in the southwest portion of present-day Ontario. By the time that the deal was discontinued, Talbot had settled thousands of people in twenty seven townships, assembling a considerable amount of land for himself in the process.
ISBN: 1-894378-94-6     More information
Hardcover......46.95 (C$)
pdf download.....14.95 (C$)
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BOOK - The Talbot Regime or "The First Half Century Of The Talbot Settlement"
By C.O. Ermatinger, K.C. - Junior Judge, County of Elgin
Originally published by The Municiple World Ltd, St. Thomas, 1904
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 1999

This rare volume illustrates early settlement and historical events of the southwestern portion of Upper Canada, which became the province of Ontario. Topics include, settlement begun, early settlers, establishment of the Talbot road, Port Dover burned, the Talbot settlement in London township, farming in 1825, St. Thomas in 1830, London's early settlers, official, lawyers, and doctors, new arrivals in 1832, Rebellion of 1837, progress of settlement including towns villages and townships described, Chatham, and Windsor in the 1840's, Muster Rolls to the War of 1812, lists of persons plundered in Long Point Settlement, and the Talbot Settlement, and much more.
ISBN 1-894378-10-5     More information
Hardcover......69.95 (C$)
pdf download.....14.95 (C$)
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BOOK - Reluctant Genius, The Passionate Life and Inventive Mind of Alexander Graham Bell
By Charlotte Gray
Impeccably researched, and written with Charlotte Gray’s unerring eye for personal and historical detail, Reluctant Genius tells the story of a man very different from his public image. Most of us think of Alexander Graham Bell as a white-bearded sage, but the young Alec Bell was a passionate and wild-eyed genius, a man given to fits of brilliance and melancholy. His technologies for photophones, tetrahedrals, flying machines and hydrodomes laid the groundwork for future achievement.
ISBN-13: 978-0-00-639476-1     More information

Softcover...22.95 (C$)

BOOK - Flint and Feather, Life and Times of E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake
By Charlotte Gray
An elegant and exceptional portrait of Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake, written by a #1 bestselling author. Why does this exotic woman, the 19th-century daughter of a Mohawk chief and an English gentlewoman, continue to haunt and inform our collective imagination? Charlotte Gray conjures up the magic and the myth of the poet and performer, breathing Technicolor life into one of Canada’s most exciting—and often misunderstood—historical figures. Pauline was a woman of many selves and identities both Mohawk and English: a native advocate who captivated white audiences in Canada, England and the United States; a lyric poet who performed vaudevillian skits; a New Woman who wrote for Mother’s Magazine; an incurable romantic who never married.
ISBN-13: 978-0-00-639119-7     More information

Softcover...19.95 (C$)

BOOK - Early Voices, Portraits of Canada by Women Writers, 1639-1914
By By Mary Alice Downie; Elizabeth Jane Errington; Barbara Robertson
Published by Dundurn, Toronto, 2010
This selection of writings by 29 women, known and unknown, professional and amateur, presents a unique portrait of Canada through time and space, from the 17th to the early 20th century, from the Maritimes to British Columbia and the Far North. There is a range of voices from high-born wives of governors general, to an Icelandic immigrant and a fisherman's wife in Labrador. A Loyalist wife and mother describes the first hard weather in New Brunswick, a seasick nun tells of a dangerous voyage out from France, a famous children's writer writes home about the fun of canoeing, and a German general's wife describes habitant customs. All demonstrate how women's experiences not only shared, but helped shape this new country.....
ISBN 978-1-55488-769-9     More Information
Softcover......CDN$   $28.95

BOOK - Much To Be Done, Private Life in Ontario from Victorian Diaries
By Frances Hoffman, Ryan Taylor.
Published by Natural Heritage, Toronto, 1996
Victorian Ontario included people from all walks of life from homeless beggars to wealthy gentry. In Much To Be Done we glimpse how life was lived in 19th-century Ontario, not only in the grand mansions, but also in the farm houses and streets where our ancestors lived.This publication could be your great-grandmother's story, following the cycle of life from courtship to childbirth to celebration and death. Diaries, with some contributions from letters, newspapers and reminiscences, provide a fresh and contemporary viewpoint. Much To Be Done promotes a historical understanding which links people of today with the Ontario of the past.
ISBN 978-1-55002-772-3    More Information
Softcover......CDN$   $21.95

BOOK - Voyages, Short Narratives of Susanna Moodie
Edited by John Thurston
Published by University of Ottawa Press, Ottawa, 1991
Susanna Moodie is, of course, best known for her books Roughing it in The Bush and Life in the Clearings, which are largely comprised of short sketches that she had previously published. What is not widely known, however is the Mrs. Moodie had a long and prolific literary career in which short sketches and tales were among her favoured genres. This book offers a selection of these narratives, unavailable in print since the nineteenth century but essential to an understanding of Susanna Moodie's work. This collection will be of interest to those who wish to understand more fully Roughing It In The Bush, the problems of class and gender as they affect writers, and the difficulties of immigrants in a developed colonial society.
ISBN: 0776603264    More information

Softcover......CDN$   $22.00

BOOK - Susanna's Quill, Based on the Life of Susanna Moodie
By Julie Johnston
Published by Tundra Books, Toronto, 2004
Susanna's Quilt is a work of historical fiction based on the life of Susanna Moodie, writer and pioneer, by award-winning author Julie Johnston. The story takes us into Susanna’s genteel English childhood, through her humorous teenage attempts at writing, growing to her burgeoning independence, marriage to Dunbar Moodie, and their decision to emigrate from England. To the Moodies, Canada was the answer to their prayers.
ISBN: 0887767060    More information
Hardcover......CDN$   $24.99

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