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BOOK - The Chignecto Isthmus And Its First Settlers
By Howard Trueman
New index compiled by Ann Ward, 2011
Originally published by William Briggs, Toronto, 1902
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2011

Hardcover... 52.95 (C$)
Book on CD... 19.95 (C$)
pdf download.....14.95 (C$)
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Hardcover Edition
6.25 X 9.25"

Book-on-CD Edition

The Isthmus of Chignecto is an area bordering the Maritime provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia which connects the mainland portion of Nova Scotia with North America. The isthmus separates the waters of Chignecto Bay, a sub-basin of the Bay of Fundy, from those of the Northumberland Strait, an arm of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The isthmus is generally acknowledged to stretch from its northerly point at an area in the Petitcodiac River valley near the city of Dieppe, New Brunswick to its southerly point at an area near the town of Amherst, Nova Scotia. At its narrowest point between Amherst and Tidnish, Nova Scotia , the isthmus measures 24 kilometres wide.

The lands of the isthmus have very low elevation above sea level with a large portion comprising the Tantramar Marshes, as well as tidal rivers, mud flats, inland freshwater marshes, and mixed forest. Several prominent ridges rise above the surrounding low land and marshes along the Bay of Fundy shore, namely the Fort Lawrence Ridge (in Nova Scotia), the Aulac Ridge, the Sackville Ridge, and the Memramcook Ridge (in New Brunswick).

The Chignecto Isthmus And Its First Settlers needs no introduction to the people and descendants of the people of the Chignecto Isthmus, whom it will most interest.

Mr. Trueman does not profess to have attempted a complete history of the Isthmus. The earlier periods, prior to the coming of the Yorkshiremen, are so replete with interest that a many times larger work than the present would be necessary for their full consideration, but Mr. Trueman has treated them with sufficient fulness to show the historical conditions of the country into which the Yorkshiremen came. It is the history of these Yorkshiremen and their descendants which Mr. Trueman treats so fully and authoritatively, and withal, from a local standpoint, so interestingly; and his work is the more valuable for the reason that hitherto but little has been published upon this subject.

The author explores the part played by the Yorkshiremen and their descendants in the local history of the Chignecto Ithsmus. While it is doubtless too much to say that their loyalty saved Nova Scotia (then including New Brunswick) to Great Britain by their steadfastness at the time of the Eddy incident in 1776, there can be no doubt that it contributed largely to that result and rendered easy the suppression of an uprising which would have given the authorities very great trouble had it succeeded. But there can be no question whatever as to the value to the Chignecto region, and hence to all this part of Canada, of this immigration of God­fearing, loyal, industrious, progressive Yorkshiremen.

  • Chapter I. The Chignecto Isthmus
  • Chapter II. The New England Immigration, 1755-1770
  • Chapter III. The Yorkshire Immigration
  • Chapter IV. The Eddy Rebellion
  • Chapter V. The First Churches of the Isthmus
  • Chapter VI. The Truemans
  • Chapter VII. Extracts from Journal and Letters
  • Chapter VIII. Prospect Farm
  • Chapter IX. Families Connected by Marriage with the Second Generation of Truemans
  • Chapter X. The First Settlers of Cumberland
304 Pages
6.25" X 9.25"
Index [new Index added 2011]
Originally published by William Briggs, Toronto, 1902
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2011 (CD 2011)

ISBN10 1-897210-78-7; ISBN13 978-1-897210-78-9 (Hardcover)

Names included in the new Index:
    Ackman, Rev. S. R.; Adams, Margaret; Albro, Mrs.; Albro, Mr.; Albro, John; Alexander, Sir William; Allan, Allan, Mr.; Allan, Mrs.; Allan, ? (Somers); Allan, Ben; Allan, Benjamin; Allan, Catharine; Allan, Dan; Allan, Elizabeth; Allan, Elizabeth (Wells); Allan, Ephraim; Allan, George; Allan, George; Allan, George; Allan, James; Allan, Sheriff / Colonel John; Allan, Jonas; Allan, Liff; Allan, Mary (Patton); Allan, Matthew; Allan, Sarah (Dickson); Allan, William; Allan, William; Allan, Col. William; Allan, Winkworth; Allen, J.; Allen, William; Allen, Winkworth; Allen; Wm. / William; Allison; Allison, Dr.; Allison, Alice (?) Polk; Allison, Charles / Chas. F.; Allison, Dr. David; Allison, J. F.; Allison, Joseph; Allison, Joseph F.; Allison, Milcah (Trueman); Allison, Nancy; Allison, Rebecca; Amherst, General; Amos, James; Amos, Janet; Anderson; Anderson, Flora; Andrews, Prof.; Angwin, Rev. Jas. G.; Arbuthnot, Mr.; Archernard, Job; Arnold; Arnold, Harriet E.; Arsenault, Pierre; Atkinson, Mrs.; Atkinson; Atkinson, Mr.; Atkinson, Mrs. ? Goodwin; Atkinson, Abel; Atkinson, Ann (Campbell); Atkinson, Busby; Atkinson, Christopher; Atkinson, Edwin; Atkinson, Elizabeth; Atkinson, George; Atkinson, Capt. Hance; Atkinson, Capt. Isaac; Atkinson, John; Atkinson, John; Atkinson, Joseph; Atkinson, Capt. Joseph; Atkinson, Nancy; Atkinson, Capt. Nelson; Atkinson, Robert; Atkinson, Robert; Atkinson, Capt. Robert; Atkinson, Ruth (Jones) Goodwin; Atkinson, Sallie; Atkinson, Sarah (Ayer); Atkinson, Stephen; Atkinson, Capt. S. B. / Stephen; Atkinson, Thomas; Atkinson, Thomas; Atkinson, William; Atkinson, William; Atkinson, Capt. William; Avard, Miss; Avard, Adam Clark; Avard, Charles; Avard, Eliza (Trueman); Avard, Elizabeth; Avard, Frances (Ivey); Avard, John; Avard, Joseph, Esq., J.P.; Avard, Joseph, jun.; Avard, Margaret (Wells); Avard, {Squire} William; Ayer, Mrs.; Ayer; Ayer, Miss; Ayer, Mr.; Ayer, Elijah; Ayer, Joseph; Ayer, Nehemiah; Ayer, Commodore Obediah; Ayer, Sarah; Ayre, Amy / Mrs.; Ayre, Miss; Ayre, Amy (?); Ayre, Lige; Ayre, Mariner; Ayre, Sarah.

    Baillie, Hon. Thomas; Baisley, Simon; Baker, E. E.; Bakers, John; Bamford, Rev. Mr.; Bamford, Mr. Stephen; Barker; Barker, Elizabeth; Barker, Robt.; Barnes, Miss; Barns, John; Baron, Captain; Barr; Barr, Helling; Barr, Richard / Rich'd; Barrett, Rev. Mr.; Barron, Mr.; Barry; Batty, Mr.; Batty, Rev. Mr.; Baxter, George; Baxter, Jerusha (Hewson); Beckworth, Amelia (Chappell); Beckworth, Nelson; Beharrel, Frank; Bell; Bell, Hon. Charles; Bellew, Samuel; Bennet(t), {Rev.} Mr.; Bennet(t), Mr. William; Bent; Bent, Mr.; Bent, Cynthia; Bent, Eunice; Bent, Jesse; Bent, John; Bent, John; Bent, Mr. Jos.; Bent, Martin; Bent, Sara L. Ann; Bent, Seraphina; Bent, Tryphena; Bently, Sarah; Best; Best, Joshua; Best, William, Sr.; Betts; Betts, Benjamin; Betts, George; Betts, Isaac; Bishop, Rev. Trueman; Bishop, ? (Humphrey); Bishop, Charity (?); Bishop, E. R.; Bishop, Elizabeth (Humphrey); Black; Black, Mr.; Black, Mrs.; Black, ? (Ryan); Black, Rev. Mr. A. B.; Black, Cyrus; Black, Elizabeth; Black, Fanny (Smith); Black, George M.; Black, Hon. Hiram; Black, J. L., M.P.P.; Black, Jane; Black, Jane (Humphrey); Black, John; Black, Rev. John; Black, Jos. L.; Black, Joseph; Black, Joseph L.; Black, Margaret (Trueman); Black, Martin Gay; Black, Mary; Black, Mary (Freeze); Black, N. Amelia (Trueman); Black, Richard; Black, Rufus; Black, Sally (Chapman); Black, Sarah; Black, Sarah Ann; Black, Thomas; Black, Thos. S.; Black, Tryphena; Black, William; Black, Rev. Bishop Wm.; Blacklock; Blair, W. S.; Blair, Col. William; Bliss, Rev. Donald; Blowers, Mr.; Bonnell; Bonnell, Henry M.; Boss, Amos; Boss, Eunice (Harrison); Boss, George; Boss, Hannah (Harrison); Bostock, Jane (Harrison); Bostock, William; Botsford, Senator; Botsford, Amos; Botsford, Sarah (Chandler); Botsford, Wm.; Botsford, Judge Wm.; Boultonhouse, Ann (Evans); Boultonhouse, Bedford; Boultonhouse, Charlotte (Harper); Boultonhouse, John; Bourgeois, Jacob; Bowan, Lieutenant; Bowser; Bowser, Arthur; Bowser, Blair; Bowser, Bliss; Bowser, Fanny (King); Bowser, John; Bowser, Rich.; Bowser, Susan; Bowser, Thomas; Boyer, Elizabeth (Avard); Boyer, John; Boyes, Mrs.; Boyes, Aylsy (Trueman); Boyes, James; Boyes, John; Brait; Brecken, Dr.; Bridges; Brown, Mary / Mrs.; Brown, Miss; Brown, Mr.; Brown, Charles; Brown, Elizabeth; Brown, Harmon; Brown, Rev. J. D. H.; Brown, James; Brown, John; Brown, Joseph; Brown, Mary (?); Brown, Sarah (Harrison); Brown, Trueman; Brownell; Brownell, Miss; Brownell, Mr.; Brownell, Aaron; Brownell, Annie; Brownell, Annie (Copp); Brownell, Annie (Davis); Brownell, Edward; Brownell, Eunice (Polly); Brownell, Rev. Hiram; Brownell, Rev. J. H.; Brownell, Jeremiah; Brownell, Jeremiah; Brownell, Jerry; Brownell, John; Brownell, Joshua; Brownell, Lovinia; Brownell, Margaret (Adams); Brownell, Margaret (Weldon); Brownell, Rebecca (Dixon); Brownell, Sarah; Brownell, Thomas; Brownell, Vinie (Dixon); Brownell, William; Bryce, Robert; Bryne, Mr.; Bryne, John; Bryne, Robert; Bulmer; Bulmer, Mr.; Bulmer, Betsy (Oulton); Bulmer, George; Bulmer, George; Burk, Anthony; Burk, Michael; Burke, Mrs.; Burke, Mrs.; Burnham, Mrs.; Burnham, David; Burnham, Ebenezer; Burnham, Jonathan; Burnham, Mrs. Jonathan; Burns, ? (Harrison); Burns, John; Burnyeot, Rev. John; Burpee; Burpee, Hon. Charles; Busby, Rev. Sampson; Butcher, Rev. Geo.; Butler, Hon. John.

    Cahill, ? (Lesdernier); Cahill, John E.; Cahill, John R.; Cahill, Walter; Campbell, Lieutenant; Campbell, Ann; Carey; Carey, Caroline (Chappell); Carey, Everett; Carey, John; Carey, Leslie; Carey, Robert; Carroll; Carter; Carter, Mrs.; Carter, Councillor; Carter, Inspector; Carter, ? (Roberts); Carter, ? (Siddall); Carter, A. C.; Carter, Albert; Carter, Anne (Lowerison); Carter, Bradford; Carter, Christopher; Carter, David; Carter, Elizabeth E. (Trueman); Carter, Hannah; Carter, Dr. Herbert; Carter, I. F.; Carter, James; Carter, Jane (Thomson/ Thompson); Carter, John; Carter, Joseph; Carter, Leonard; Carter, Lucy A. (Trueman); Carter, Mary (Lowerison); Carter, Mary (Lowther); Carter, Phoebe; Carter, Rufus; Carter, Sarah Thomasina (Lowther); Carter, Thomas; Carter, Titus; Cartier; Chandler, Miss; Chandler, Sheriff Charles H.; Chandler, Lieutenant-Governor E. B.; Chandler, Elizabeth; Chandler, Elizabeth (Grant); Chandler, Judge James W.; Chandler, Joshua; Chandler, Col. Joshua; Chandler, Sheriff Joshua; Chandler, Mary; Chandler, Samuel; Chandler, Sarah; Chandler, Susan (Watson); Chandler, Thomas, M.P.P.; Chapman, Ann / Mrs.; Chapman, Mary / Mrs.; Chapman; Chapman, Miss; Chapman, Dr.; Chapman, ? (Dixon); Chapman, ? (Kane); Chapman, ? (Seaman); Chapman, Albert / A.; Chapman, Ann; Chapman, Ann (?); Chapman, Betty; Chapman, Rev. Carritte; Chapman, Rev. Douglas, D.D.; Chapman, Ephraim; Chapman, Rev. Eugene; Chapman, Garbuth; Chapman, George; Chapman, Hannah; Chapman, Henry; Chapman, Henry, jun.; Chapman, Captain Henry; Chapman, Colonel Henry; Chapman, James; Chapman, Jane; Chapman, Jane (Thomson/ Thompson); Carter; Chapman, John; Chapman, Joseph; Chapman, Joseph; Chapman, Lucy; Chapman, Mary; Chapman, Nancy; Chapman, Nellie; Chapman, Prudence; Chapman, Robert; Chapman, Robert Strickland; Chapman, Sally; Chapman, Sarah (Black); Chapman, Stephen; Chapman, Thomas; Chapman, Rev. W. Y.; Chapman, William / Wm.; Chappell; Chappell, Almira; Chappell, Amelia; Chappell, Ann; Chappell, Betsy (Freeze); Chappell, Bill; Chappell, Caroline; Chappell, Edwin; Chappell, Eliphet; Chappell, Fanny; Chappell, George; Chappell, Jabez; Chappell, James; Chappell, Jane; Chappell, Jane (Wells); Chappell, Joshua; Chappell, Liffy; Chappell, Louisa; Chappell, Maria; Chappell, Mary (Wells); Chappell, Matilda; Chappell, Peggy; Chappell, Polly (Wells); Chappell, Rufus; Chappell, Susanna; Chappell, Watson; Chappell, William; Charters, John; Charters, Sara Elizabeth (Trueman); Charters, Simeon; Chipman, Phoebe; Church, Miss; Church, Annie (Brownell); Church, Captain Ben; Church, George; Church, Jesse; Church, Lovinia (Brownell); Clark; Clark, Dr. Adam; Clark, Alexander, D. D.; Clark, Rev. Alexander; Clark, J. A.; Clark, Samson; Clarkson, Elizabeth; Cleveland, Nathan; Clews, Thomas; Coates; Coates, Miss; Coates, Harriet (Harrison); Coates, J. Nelson; Coates, Jane; Coates, Jane (Ripley); Coates, Joseph; Coates, Mary Ann; Coates, Mary Ann (Harrison); Coates, Mary F. (Lawrence); Coates, Robert; Coates, Rupert; Coates, Salina; Coates, Susanna; Coates, Thomas; Coates, Thompson; Coates, William; Coburn; Cochrane, Admiral; Cogswell, Miss; Cole, Ebenezer; Cole, James; Cole, Jonathan; Cole, Martin; Coleman, Rev. W. A.; Collins, John; Colpitts, ? (Trueman); Colpitts, Eleanor (Forster); Colpitts, James; Colpitts, Robert; Comstock, Ichabod; Converse, Miss; Cook, Mr.; Cook, ? (Siddall); Cooper, Mr.; Copp; Copp, Councillor; Copp, Albert; Copp, Annie; Copp, Experience (Siddall); Copp, George; Copp, Harvey; Copp, Hiram; Copp, Silas; Copp, Thos.; Copp, William; Cornforth; Cornforth, Elizabeth; Cornforth, James; Cornforth / Carnforth, Wm. / William; Cornwallis, Governor Edward; Cossins, George; Cossins, John; Cossins, Sally (Trueman); Coy; Coy, Asa; Coy, Catherine (Trueman); Coy, Catherine P. (Trueman); Coy, John S.; Crandall, Father; Crandall, Joseph; Crandall, Rev. Joseph; Crandall, Peter; Crane, Capt.; Crane, Fanny (Chappell); Crane, Col. Jonathan; Crane, Rebecca (Allison); Crane, Theodora; Crane, Hon. Wm./ William; Crisp, Rev. Jas.; Cromwell.

    Danks; Danks, Assell; Danks, Benine; Danks, Benoni; Danks, Captain Benoni; Danks, Isaac; Danks, Samuel; Darby, George; Darby, Olive (Hewson); Dartmouth, Earl of; Davidson; Davidson, Hugh; Davidson, William; Davies, Rev. T. H.; Davis, Annie; Davis, Daniel; Davis, Henry; Davis, John; Davis, Samuel; Davis, T. T.; de Villiers; DeBarres; Delesdernier, Joseph; Delesdernier, Moses; Dennison, Major; Desbrisay, Rev. Albert; Desbrisay, Margaret (McLeod); Deware; Deware, ? (Siddall); Deware, James; DeWolfe, Rev. T.; Dickey; Dickey, Senator; Dickey, Nellie (Chapman); Dickey, Robert; Dickson; Dickson, ? (Wethered); Dickson, Catherine; Dickson, Charles; Dickson, Dalton; Dickson, George; Dickson, James; Dickson, James D.; Dickson, John; Dickson, Mary; Dickson, Nancy; Dickson, Robert; Dickson, Sarah; Dickson, Susanna; Dickson, Susanna (Dickson); Dickson, Thomas / Major Thomas; Dickson, Thomas Law; Dickson, Titus; Dight, J. B.; Dixon; Dixon, Miss; Dixon, Mr.; Dixon, Mrs.; Dixon, C., Esq.; Dixon, Charles; Dixon, Chas., Jr.; Dixon, Edwin, Esq.; Dixon, Emily; Dixon, F. A.; Dixon, Harriet E. (Arnold); Dixon, Mr. James; Dixon, Mary; Dixon, Mary J. (Trueman); Dixon, Rebecca; Dixon, Ruth; Dixon, Susanna (Coates); Dixon, Vinie; Dixon, William Coates; Dixson; Dobson; Dobson, Miss; Dobson, Mrs.; Dobson, Abraham / Old Abe; Dobson, Alder; Dobson, Alonzo; Dobson, David; Dobson, Elizabeth; Dobson, Frank; Dobson, Dr. Gay; Dobson, George; Dobson, Isaac; Dobson, Jacob; Dobson, John; Dobson, Margaret; Dobson, Mary; Dobson, Polly (Fawcett); Dobson, Richard; Dobson, Robert; Dodsworth, Amy (Harrison); Dodsworth, Thos.; Dogget, Captain; Doherty; Doherty, Mrs.; Doherty, Cynthia (Wells); Doherty, Grisilda; Doherty, Isaac; Doherty, Dr. J. W.; Doherty, Jane; Doherty, Joseph; Doherty, Marjorie (Fetters); Doherty, Mary; Doherty, Nancy (McLeland); Doherty, Polly (Wells); Doherty, William; Donald, Rev. Robert; Doncaster, Elizabeth (Lowerison); Doncaster, William; Donkin; Donkin, Amelia; Dooley, Dennis, J.P.; Douglas, Mrs.; Douglas, Rev. Richardson; Doyle; Doyle, James; Doyle, Joseph; Doyle, Maurice; Doyle, Susanna (Trueman); Dunbar, Mr.; Duncan, Rev. Robert; Eager, Dorothy; Eager, Windser; Earl, Daniel; Early, Mr.; Eaton, Rev. Chas. A.

    Eddy, Mrs.; Eddy, Col. Jonathan / Jona(n); Eddy, Olive (Morse); Eddy, Col. Wm.; Egles(t)on, Rev. John; Embree, Mrs.; Embree, Miss; Embree, Mrs.; Embree, Elisha; Embree, Israel; Embree, Olivia; Embree, Samuel; Embree, Thomas; Emmerson, Benjamin; Emmerson, Stephen; Estabrooks; Estabrooks, Miss; Estabrooks, Elijah; Estabrooks, Patton; Estabrooks, Valentine; Estabrooks, William; Estey; Etter; Etter, Bradley; Etter, Elizabeth (Wethered); Etter, George; Etter, James; Etter, Joshua; Etter, Letitia; Etter, Letitia (Patton); Etter, Margaret; Etter, Maria; Etter, Peter; Etter, Samuel; Etter, Sarah (Wethered); Evans, ? (Barnes); Evans, ? (Estabrooks); Evans, ? (Fawcett); Evans, Ann; Evans, Beriah; Evans, Charles; Evans, Captain Evander Valentine; Evans, George Edwin; Evans, Henry; Evans, Isaac; Evans, Isaac N.; Evans, James; Evans, James Isaac; Evans, Jane; Evans, Lydia; Evans, Lydia (Jenks); Evans, Mary; Evans, Mary / Polly; Evans, William; Evans, William Murray Stuart; Falkinther, Mr.; Falkinther, Mrs. ? (?) Dobson; Falkinther, George; Fawcett, Jane / Mrs.; Fawcett; Fawcett, Miss; Fawcett, ? (Seaman)

    Fawcett, Ann; Fawcett, Ann (Chappell); Fawcett, Betsy; Fawcett, Eleanor; Fawcett, Eleanor (Forster) Colpitts; Fawcett, George; Fawcett, Jane (?); Fawcett, Jane (Black); Fawcett, Jane D. (Trueman); Fawcett, John; Fawcett, John, Jr.; Fawcett, Mary; Fawcett, Nancy; Fawcett, Nancy (Atkinson); Fawcett, Polly; Fawcett, Robert; Fawcett, Rufus; Fawcett, Sarah (Holmes); Fawcett, Thomas; Fawcett, W.; Fawcett, William; Fawcett, Wm. / William; Fawcett, Wm.; Fawkender, Mr.; Fenwick; Fenwick, Matthew; Fenwick, Miriam (Freeze); Fetters, Marjorie; Fields, Mr.; Fields, Sally / Sarah (Oulton); Fillimore; Fillimore, Miss; Fillimore, Jemima (Tingley); Fillimore, John; Fillimore, Captain John; Fillimore, Lewis; Fillimore, Nancy (Patterson); Fillimore, Rufus; Fillimore, Spiller; Fillimore, W. C.; Fillimore, W. Wood; Fillmore, James; Fillmore, John; Finlay; Finlay, Jane; Finlay, Sophia; Fisher, Mr.; Fisher, Judge; Fisher, ? (Williams); Fisher, Edwin; Fisher, George; Fisher, Rev. Geo. W.; Fisher, Henry; Fisher, Peter; Flintoff, Sarah; Flintoft, James; Flintoft, Mary; Folsom; Folsom, Miss; Folsom, Mr.; Folsom, Mrs.; Forster; Forster, Christina; Forster, Eleanor; Forster, George; Forster, Ralph; Foster, Mrs.; Foster, Miss; Foster, Mr.; Foster, Mrs. ? (?) Gore; Foster, Captain; Foster, Robert; Fowler; Fowler, ? (Keillor); Fowler, A.; Fowler, Amos; Fowler, Ann (Keillor); Fowler, Charles; Fowler, Sarah (Wethered) Etter; France, King of; Franklin / Franklyn, Governor; Freeman, Elizabeth; Freeman, Jerusha; Freeman, Wm.; Freeze; Freeze, Mr.; Freeze, ? (Scott); Freeze, Bethia (Wager); Freeze, Betsy; Freeze, Charles; Freeze, John; Freeze, Margaret (Wells); Freeze, Mary; Freeze, Miriam; Freeze, Polly; Freeze, Samuel; Freeze, Susan; Freeze, William; Freeze, Wm., sen.; Frontenac, Count; Fry, Colonel; Fuller, Amos; Fuller, James; Fullerton, ? (McIntosh); Fullerton, ? (Peck); Fullerton, Alexander; Fullerton, Annie / Anna; Fullerton, Burgess; Fullerton, Cecelia R. (Lawrence); Fullerton, Charles, K.C.; Fullerton, David P.; Fullerton, Douglas; Fullerton, Eunice M. (Lawrence); Fullerton, Hugh; Fullerton, James; Fullerton, Jane (Lawrence); Fullerton, Jesse; Fullerton, Lavina; Fullerton, Mary; Fullerton, Mary; Fullerton, Ruth (Harrison); Furlong, Elizabeth (Harrison); Furlong, Henry

    Gallagher; Gallagher, Mr.; Gallagher, Alice (Trueman); Gallagher, Hugh; Gallagher, May (Prince); Ganong, Dr. W. F. / William F., M. A., Ph. D.; Garbut, Mrs. ? Boyes; Garbut, John; Gardner, Elieu; Gardner, Gideon; Gay, Mr.; Gay, Fanny; Gay, Jonathan; Gay, Samuel; Gay, Judge Samuel; George, Charles; George, Rupert D.; George, W. F.; George II, King; George III, King; Gilbert, Sir Humphrey; Girvin; Gladstone, Mr.; Glasgow, Mr.; Gleanie, Mr.; Gleanie, Nancy (Dickson); Gleason; Glendenning, Mrs.; Glendenning, Betty / Elizabeth (Trueman); Glendenning, Elizabeth (Black); Glendenning, Elizabeth S.; Glendenning, George; Glendenning, Rev. George; Glendenning, John; Glendenning, Mary; Glendenning, Dr. Robert; Glendenning, Sarah Ann; Glendenning, Sarah J. (Ripley); Glendenning, Thompson; Glendenning, William R.; Gooden, Daniel; Goodwin, Mrs.; Goodwin, Eleanor; Goodwin, J. H.; Goodwin, Priscilla; Goodwin, Ruth (Jones); Goodwin, Stephen; Gore, Mrs.; Gore, Mr.; Gore, Mrs. ? (?) Ward; Gore, Captain; Gore, Mary / Policene / Polly; Gorham, Lieutenant-Colonel Jos(eph), Esq.; Grace, John; Graham; Graham, Anne; Grant; Grant, Elizabeth; Graudin, Mr.; Gray, Rev. Mr.; Gray, Rev. J. W. D.; Grey, Mary Haliburton, Thomas Chandler; Haliday, Phoebe; Hamel, Hugh; Hamilton, Dr.; Hamilton, Rev. C. W.; Hamilton, Eleanor; Hamilton, Eleanor (Goodwin); Hamilton, Eliza; Hamilton, Gustavus; Hamilton, Isaac G.; Hamilton, Mary; Hamilton, Robert; Hammill, Maria; Hancock, Hon. John; Hannay; Harding, Father; Harper; Harper, Miss; Harper, Mr.; Harper, ? (Thornton); Harper, Annie; Harper, Catherine; Harper, Charlotte; Harper, Christopher; Harper, Fannie; Harper, I. C.; Harper, John; Harper, Mary (Dickson); Harper, Phoebe (Haliday); Harper, William; Harris; Harris, Miss; Harris, Mr.; Harris, Arthur; Harris, Christopher; Harris, John; Harris, Jonathan; Harris, Michael Spurr; Harris, Samuel; Harris, Sarah; Harris, Sarah Ann (Troop); Harrison; Harrison, Miss; Harrison, A. M. (Randall); Harrison, Albert Thornton; Harrison, Amy; Harrison, Ann; Harrison, Anne (Graham); Harrison, Brown; Harrison, Charles Allison; Harrison, Charles Clement; Harrison, Charlotte; Harrison, Charlotte (Mills); Harrison, Charlotte (Snider); Harrison, Clementina; Harrison, Clementina (Stockton); Harrison, Dinah (Lumley); Harrison, Edward; Harrison, Elizabeth; Harrison, Elizabeth (Brown); Harrison, Elizabeth (Hoeg); Harrison, Elizabeth (Shipley); Harrison, Eunice; Harrison, Eunice (Lockwood); Harrison, F. A. Lovell; Harrison, Flora (Anderson); Harrison, Frank Allison; Harrison, George; Harrison, Hannah; Harrison, Hannah Lovell; Harrison, Hannah (Lodge); Harrison, Hannah (Wood); Harrison, Harriet; Harrison, Henry; Harrison, Isabel (Stevenson); Harrison, James; Harrison, Jane; Harrison, Jane (Coates); Harrison, Jane (Ripley); Harrison, Jerusha (Lewis); Harrison, Jesse; Harrison, John; Harrison, John; Harrison, Joseph; Harrison, Joseph Lodge; Harrison, Lavina M. (Knight); Harrison, Lovell; Harrison, Luke; Harrison, Margaret; Harrison, Maria; Harrison, Mary; Harrison, Mary (Henry); Harrison, Mary (Lewis); Harrison, Mary (Tait); Harrison, Mary Ann; Harrison, Mary Louisa; Harrison, Nancy; Harrison, Phoebe (Chipman); Harrison, Rebecca; Harrison, Rebecca (Slocomb); Harrison, Richard Knight; Harrison, Robert; Harrison, Ruth; Harrison, Sarah; Harrison, Sarah (Hodson); Harrison, Sarah (Lovell); Harrison, Sarah (Slocomb); Harrison, Thomas; Harrison, Thomas Albert; Harrison, Tillott; Harrison, Tryphena (Bent); Harrison, William; Harrison, William H.; Harrison, William Henry; Harrison, William Henry; Hartt; Hay; Hayward; Hazen; Hazen, Edward; Hazen, Isabel; Hennessy; Hennessy, Dr.; Henry, Miss; Henry, Mary; Hewgill, James; Hewson, ? (Hoytte); Hewson, Dr. Charles; Hewson, Elizabeth (Chandler); Hewson, James; Hewson, James Hoytte; Hewson, Jas.; Hewson, Jerusha; Hewson, Jerusha (Freeman); Hewson, John; Hewson, Olive; Hewson, Phebe; Hewson, Phebe (Wry); Hewson, Richard; Hewson, Seraphina (Bent); Hewson, Watson; Hewson, William; Hewson, Dr. William; Hicks; Hicks, John; Hicks, Josiah; Hicks, Samuel; Higgins; Higgins, David; Hillsboro, Earl of; Hinshelwood, Arch.; Hinshelwood, Archibald; Hodson, Sarah; Hoeg, Elizabeth; Hoeg, Jane (Harrison); Hoeg, Martin; Hoeg, Nathan; Hoeg, Sarah (Harrison); Holmes, Sarah; Holsted, Saml.; Horton, Miss; Horton, Elizabeth; How, Mrs.; How, Major; How, William; Howe; Howe, William; Hoytte, Miss; Hultz, Georgina; Humphrey; Humphrey, Miss; Humphrey, Mrs.; Humphrey, Christopher; Humphrey, Elizabeth; Humphrey, Emily (Dixon); Humphrey, Grandmother; Humphrey, Harman / Harmon; Humphrey, Hattie H. (Sears); Humphrey, Jane; Humphrey, John; Humphrey, John A.; Humphrey, Lucy (Logan); Humphrey, Mary/ Mary A(nn) (Trueman); Humphrey, Salina (Coates); Humphrey, Sarah (Harris); Humphrey, Stephen; Humphrey, William; Humphrey, Dr. William F.; Humphrey, Wm., sen.; Hunt, Ann; Huston, Uncle; Huston, Capt.; Huston, Alex.; Huston, Alexander; Huston, George; Huston, John; Huston, William

    Ireland; Ireland, Mr.; Irvin(e); Irvin(e), Mrs.; Irvin(e), Ann (Tingley); Irvin(e), Edwin; Irvin(e), James; Irvin(e), Joseph; Irvin(e), Joseph; Irvine, Mrs.; Ivey, Frances; Jack; Jarvis, Rev. G. S.; Jencks, Dr. John; Jenks, Lewis; Jenks, Lydia; Jenks, Lydia (Evans); Jewett; Jewett, Mary; Jincks, James; Johnson, Rev. Geo.; Johnstone, Agnes; Johnstone, James; Johnstone, Jean; Jones, Miss; Jones, Mr. Burton; Jones, Edward; Jones, Jane (Doherty); Jones, Mary (Dobson); Jones, Richard; Jones, Ruth; Jones, Sara; Jones, William; Jones; ? (Vandegrift)

    Kane, Miss; Keillor; Keillor, Miss; Keillor, Mr.; Keillor, Mrs.; Keillor, ? (Dobson); Keillor, ? (Jones); Keillor, ? (Trenholm); Keillor, ? (Weldon); Keillor, Ann; Keillor, Coates; Keillor, Elizabeth; Keillor, John, Esq.; Keillor, John; Keillor, Mary (Thomson/ Thompson); Keillor, Robert; Keillor, Thomas; Keillor, Thompson; Keilor; Keiver, Ann (Harrison); Keiver, David; Kenney; Kever, Catherine (Lowther); Kever, William; Kidder; Kierstead, Benj.; King; King, Miss; King, ? (Chandler); King, ? (Harper); King, Edward; King, Fannie (Harper); King, Fanny; King, Henry; King, Hezekiah; King, James; King, Jane; King, John; King, Mr. Robert; King, Samuel; King, Thomas; King, Watson; Kinnear, Andrew; Kirkton, Mr.; Knapp; Knapp, Mr.; Knapp, C. E.; Knapp, Charles E.; Knapp, Titus; Knight, Lavina M.; Knight, Rev. Richard, D.D.; Knowlan, Mr.; Knowlton, Rev. Mr.

    La Valliere; La Valliere, Beaubassin; La Valliere, Sieur de; La Valliere, Seigneur; Lamb, Jos. C.; Lambert, Hannah (Harrison); Lambert, John; Lane; Laud, Archbishop; Laurence, Hibbert; Laurence, Wm.; Lavers, Rev. H.; Law, James; Law, Sally; Lawrence; Lawrence, Colonel; Lawrence, Governor; Lawrence, Lieutenant-Colonel; Lawrence, Amelia (Donkin); Lawrence, Amos F.; Lawrence, Annie / Anna (Fullerton); Lawrence, Caroline A.; Lawrence, Cecelia R.; Lawrence, Charles W.; Lawrence, David; Lawrence, Eunice M.; Lawrence, Gilbert; Lawrence, Jane; Lawrence, Mary F.; Lawrence, Mary (Fullerton); Lawrence, Sallie / Sarah (Trueman); Lawrence, Sarah; Lawrence, Sarah Ann (Glendenning); Lawrence, Thomas J.; Lawrence, William T.; Lawrence, Wm.; Lawson, Rev. David; Le Loutre, Abbe; Le Neuf, Michael; Lee, Chas.; Lefebre, Father; Legge, Governor; Leggit, Rev. Wm.; Leonard, Nancy (Allison); Lesdernier, Miss; Lewis, Jerusha; Lewis, Mary; Lockhart, Alexander; Lockwood, Eunice; Lodge; Lodge, Hannah; Lodge, Mary (Harrison); Lodge, Matthew; Lodge, Rev. W. W.; Logan; Logan, Sheriff; Logan, Hance, M.P.; Logan, Hugh; Logan, Lucy; Long, David; Long, Hannah; Lorimer; Lovell, Sarah; Lowerison; Lowerison, ? (Siddall); Lowerison, Abigail (Merrill); Lowerison, Anne; Lowerison, Elizabeth; Lowerison, Hannah (Carter); Lowerison, James; Lowerison, Joseph; Lowerison, Mary; Lowerison, Mary (Grey); Lowerison, Mary (Siddall); Lowerison, Richard; Lowerison, Captain Richard; Lowerison, Robert; Lowerison, Siddall; Lowerison, Thomas; Lowerison, Thomas; Lowerison, Captain Thomas; Lowther; Lowther, Colonel; Lowther, Catherine; Lowther, Elizabeth; Lowther, Elizabeth (Lowther); Lowther, Elizabeth S. (Glendenning); Lowther, George; Lowther, Hannah; Lowther, Jane; Lowther, Lucy (Chapman); Lowther, Mary; Lowther, Mary (Pipes); Lowther, Phoebe (Carter); Lowther, Rufus; Lowther, Sarah (Pipes); Lowther, Sarah Thomasina; Lowther, Thomas; Lowther, Titus; Lowther, William; Lowther, William; Lumley, Dinah; Lumley, John; Lumley, Nancy (Harrison); Lusby; Lusby, ? (Embree); Lusby, Luther

    Macaulay; Madden, Matilda E.; Mahoney; Mahoney, Ex-Warden Mr.; Main; Main, David; Main, James; Main, James; Main, Jane (Murray); Main, Jean (Johnstone); Main, John; Main, Mary Jean; Main, Robert; Mann, Mr.; Mann, Mr. James; Mann, Mr. John; Manners, Rev. O. A.; Marsden, Mr.; Marsden, Joshua; Marshall, Rev. Thos.; Martyn, Sennacherib; Martyn / Martin, Captain Sennacherib; Martyn / Martin, Mrs. ? (?) Oulton; Mason, Nathan; Mauger, Joshua; Maxwell; Maxwell, Miss; Maxwell, William; McBride, Mr.; McBride, ? (Ryan); McCardy, Mr.; McCardy, Samuel; McClennen; McCormick, John; McCready; McCready, C. F.; McCully, Father; McCully, Cyrus; McCully, Mary (Tingley); McElmon; McGonagle, Mrs.; McGregor, Mrs.; McGregor, John; McIntosh, Miss; McKee, John; McKeen; McKeen, Rev. David; McKenzie, Wm.; McLeland, Nancy; McLelland, G. W.; McLeod; McLeod, Rev. A. W. / Alexander, D. D.; McLeod, Alexander; McLeod, Rev. Alexander; McLeod, Amy E. (Trueman); McLeod, Annie; McLeod, Elizabeth (Barker); McLeod, Georgina (Hultz); McLeod, Hugh; McLeod, John / John Wesley / Wesley; McLeod, Margaret; McLeod, R. T. / Robert Trueman; McLeod, Robert; McLeod, Roderick; McLeod, Sarah; McLeod, Sarah (Trueman); McLeod, Seraphina A. (Trueman); McLeod, Susan (Siddall) Teed; McMonagle; McMonagle, Mr.; McMonagle, Mrs.; McMorris, Helener (Tingley); McMorris, William; McPhee, Angus; McQueen, Sheriff; McQueen, ? (Avard); McQueen, Alexander; McQueen, J. A., M.P.P.; Merrill; Merrill, Mr.; Merrill, ? (Ward) Reynolds; Merrill, Abigail; Merrill, Rev. David; Metcalf, James; Milburn, William; Miles, G. F.; Millage, Stephen; Millar, Rev. Geo.; Milledge, Mr.; Milledge, Rev. John; Mills, Charlotte; Mills, Rev. Edwin; Milner, C.; Milner, Rev. C.; Milner, Chris'n; Milner, Rev. Christopher; Milner, John; Milner, W. C.; Miner, ? (Brownell); Miner, ? (Church); Miner, ? (Styles); Miner, James; Miner, Nathan; Miner, Sylvanus; Miner, William; Mitchell, Margaret / Mrs.; Mitchell, Mr.; Mitchell, Ann (Trueman); Mitchell, David; Mitchell, Elizabeth (Trueman); Mitchell, Margaret (?); Mitchell, Rebecca (Trueman); Mitchell, Robert J.; Mitchell, Thomas; Mitchell, William; Mitten, Robert; Moffatt; Moffatt, George; Monckton; Monckton, Col.; Monckton, Lieut.-Col.; Monckton, Robert; Monro, Alexander; Monro, John; Montford; Moore; Moore, Clementina (Harrison); Moore, Eunice (Trueman); Moore, Joseph; Moore, Thomas; More, Hannah; Morrison, Robert; Morse, Dr.; Morse, Judge; Morse, Alpheus; Morse, James; Morse, John; Morse, Joseph; Morse, Col. Joseph; Morse, Olive; Morse, Silas; Morse, Theodora (Crane); Morse, Judge William A. D.; Mott, Edward; Mulvaney, Rev. C. P.; Munroe, Alex.; Murdoch, Beamish; Murdock; Murray; Murray, Father; Murray, Jane

    Nesbit, William; Nevers; Newcomb, Prof.; Newcomb, Emily (Prince); Newcomb, John; Nickerson, Rev. David; Noble, Rev. Mr.; Noonen

    Oates, John; Odell, James; Ogden; Ogden, Amos; Ogden, Ann; Ogden, Bloomer; Ogden, Edward; Ogden, Henry; Ogden, Jane; Ogden, John; Ogden, Nancy (Fawcett); Ogden, Robert; Ogden, Thomas; Ogden, William; Oldfield, Robert; Oldfield, Sarah (Harrison); Oliphant, Mr.; Olney, Eleazer; Orange, Prince of; Otis, James; Oulten, Almira (Chappell); Oulten, Dr. Rufus; Oulton; Oulton, Mrs.; Oulton, ? (Fillimore); Oulton, ? (King); Oulton, ? (Smith); Oulton, ? (Trenholm); Oulton, Abigal; Oulton, Betsy; Oulton, Charity; Oulton, Charles; Oulton, Cyrus; Oulton, Geo. J.; Oulton, George; Oulton, Squire George; Oulton, Jane; Oulton, Jane (King); Oulton, Mary; Oulton, Patience; Oulton, Rufus; Oulton, Sally / Sarah; Oulton, Susan; Oulton, Thomas; Oulton, Thomas E.; Oulton, William; Owens, Mrs.; Owens, Mrs.; Oxley; Oxley, Stephen

    Page, William; Palmer; Palmer, Miss; Palmer, Judge; Palmer, ? (Ayre) Wood; Palmer, Catherine (Harper); Palmer, Charles; Palmer, Gideon; ; Palmer, Jabez; Palmer, John; Palmer, Martin; Palmer, Nancy; Palmer, Philip; Palmer, Dr. Rufus; Palmer, Stephen; Parker, Rev. Willard; Parker, Rev. William; Parsons, Rev. Mr.; Patterson, Mrs.; Patterson; Patterson, Daisy; Patterson, David; Patterson, John; Patterson, Nancy; Patterson, Sarah (Trueman); Patton, Mrs.; Patton, Letitia; Patton, Mary; Patton / Patten, Mark; Peck; Peck, Miss; Peck, Abial; Peck, John; Peck, Martin; Perkins, Rev. Mr.; Perley; Phalen; Phalen, John; Phalen, John C.; Phalen, Priscilla (Goodwin); Pickard; Pickard, Mary Louisa (Harrison); Pickard, T. Dwight; Pickles, Rev. F. H. W.; Pickles, Rev. Michael; Pipes; Pipes, Jane (Lowther); Pipes, Mary; Pipes, Richard; Pipes, Sarah; Plummer; Polk / Allison, Alice / Mrs. Polk / Mrs. Allison; Polly, Eunice; Potter, Thomas; Prescott, Mary / Mrs.; Prescott; Prescott, Hon. Charles Ramage; Prescott, Charles T.; Prescott, Hannah (Widden); Prescott, Sir James; Prescott, John; Prescott, Dr. Jonathan; Prescott, Joseph; Prescott, Maria (Hammill); Prescott, Mary (?); Prescott, Mary / Mary A. (Trueman); Prescott, Matilda E. (Madden); Prescott, Robert; Prescott, William; Priestly, Mr.; Prince; Prince, ? (Embree); Prince, ? (Harris); Prince, ? (Raine); Prince, Cynthia (?) Wood; Prince, Emily; Prince, George; Prince, Harriet; Prince, Henry; Prince, James; Prince, John; Prince, Rev. John; Prince, Joseph; Prince, Rev. Joseph; Prince, May; Prince, Rebecca; Prince, Ruth; Prince, Sarah; Prince, William; Proctor; Proctor, Thomas; Pugsley; Pugsley, ? (Horton); Pugsley, ? (Ripley); Pugsley, Caroline A. (Lawrence); Pugsley, Daniel; Pugsley, David; Pugsley, Douglas R.; Pugsley, Gilbert; Pugsley, John; Pugsley, Lavina (Fullerton); Pugsley, Sarah (Lawrence); Purdy; Purdy, Bethia; Purdy, Gabriel; Purdy, Gilbert; Purdy, Henry; Purdy, Jacob


    Raine, Miss; Raine, Captain; Rand, Miss; Rand, Rev. Silas; Randall, Miss A. M.; Rawarth, John; Rawarth, Peggy (Chappell); Raymond, Samuel; Rayworth, ? (Siddall); Rayworth, Ephraim; Read; Read, ? (Converse); Read, ? (King); Read, Asa; Read, Benjamin; Read, Caleb; Read, Eliph(a)let; Read, Harris; Read, James; Read, Jesse; Read, John; Read, Johnson; Read, Joseph; Read, Joshua; Read, Margaret (Tingley); Read, Otho; Read, Stephen; Read, Thomas; Read, William; Reed, Mr.; Reid, Grisilda (Doherty); Reid, John; Reynolds, Mr.; Reynolds, ? (Ward); Reynolds, Rebecca; Rice, Mr.; Richardson; Richardson, Abeil; Richardson, Abel; Richardson, John; Riley, Mr.; Ripley; Ripley, Miss; Ripley, Esther; Ripley, Geo. W.; Ripley, Henry; Ripley, Jane; Ripley, John; Ripley, Joseph; Ripley, Mary (Fawcett); Ripley, Robert; Ripley, Sarah J.; Ripley, Susanna; Ripley, Thomas; Ripley, William; Roach, Mr.; Roach, Mrs.; Roach, Dr.; Roach, Charlotte (Wells); Roach, John; Roach, Mary (Dixon); Roach, Ruth (Dixon); Roach, Sarah (Dickson) Allan; Roach, Thomas; Roach, Thomas, Esq.; Roberts, Miss; Roberts, Rev. G. G.; Roberts, James; Roberts, Nancy (Chapman) Robinson; Robertson, James; Robertson, R.; Robertson, Sarah (McLeod); Robie, Mr.; Robinson; Robinson, ? (Rand); Robinson, Edmund; Robinson, John; Robinson, Nancy (Chapman); Robinson, Thomas; Robinson, W. J.; Roe; Roe, John; Roe, Zebulon; Rogers, Samuel; Rosebery, Lord; Rutland, Duke of; Ryan, Miss; Ryan, ? (Henry); Ryan, Christina (Forster); Ryan, Daniel; Ryan, Hon. George; Ryan, Henry; Ryan, James; Ryan, William; Sabine, Lorenzo; Sage; Saunders, Samuel; Schurman, President of Cornell University; Schurman, John; Schurman, Phebe (Hewson)

    Scott; Scott, Miss; Scott, Colonel; Scott, Lieutenant; Scott, Adam; Scott, Christianna (Trueman); Scott, James; Scott, Janet (Amos); Scott, Janet S.; Scott, Rebecca (Trueman); Scott, Robert; Scurr, Elizabeth / Mrs.; Scurr, Mr.; Scurr, Benjamin; Scurr, Elizabeth (?); Scurr, Elizabeth (Cornforth); Scurr, Thomas; Seaman, Miss; Seaman, Gilbert; Seamans, Samuel; Sears, Hattie H.; Sears, Joseph; Seller, Rev. Jos.; Shannon, Hon. Samuel Leonard; Sharp, Allan; Sharp, Annie J. (Trueman); Sharp, Frances B. / Fanny (Trueman); Sharp, John; Sharp, Matthew; Sharp, Samuel; Sharp, William; Sharpe, Caroline; Shelding, Nathaniel; Shepley; Shipley, Miss; Shipley, Elizabeth; Shirley; Shirley, Governor; Siddall, Mrs.; Siddall; Siddall, Miss; Siddall, Mr.; Siddall, Mrs. ? (?) Trites; Siddall, ? (Ayer); Siddall, ? (Brown); Siddall, Bill; Siddall, Charles; Siddall, Edward; Siddall, Experience; Siddall, Mr. Frank / Francis; Siddall, George; Siddall, Godfrey; Siddall, Louisa (Chappell); Siddall, Mary; Siddall, Mary (Oulton); Siddall, Ralph; Siddall, Capt. Stephen; Siddall, Susan; Siddall, Susan (Oulton); Siddall, William; Silliker; Silliker, Alderman; Silliker, Amelia (Chappell); Silliker, William; Silliker, Captain William C.; Sim(m)onds, Rev. Richard(s); Simonds; Skinner, Rev. T. D.; Slocomb, Rebecca; Slocomb, Sarah; Smethurst, Gamaliel; Smith; Smith, Miss; Smith, Mr.; Smith, Captain; Smith, Dr.; Smith, ? (Shipley); Smith, Dr. A. D.; Smith, Alex.; Smith, David; Smith, Edward; Smith, Elizabeth (Harrison); Smith, Fanny; Smith, Francis; Smith, Gideon; Smith, Hannah (Lowther); Smith, J. Edward; Smith, Jane (Chapman); Smith, Jane (Oulton); Smith, John; Smith, Mary (Glendenning); Smith, Mary Ann (Trueman); Smith, Miriam; Smith, Pamelia; Smith, Pa(r)melia C. (Trueman); Smith, Patience (Oulton); Smith, Dr. Rufus; Smith, William; Smith, Rev. Wm.; Smithson, Rev. Wm.; Snider, Charlotte; Snowball, Lieut.-Governor; Snowball, Rev. John; Snowdon; Snowdon, Pickering; Somers, Miss; Spencer, George; Spencer, Mary (Doherty); Sprague, Joshua; Steadman, Commissioner James, Esq.; Steel, Dr.; Steele, Rev. Dr.; Steele, Rev. D. A.; Steele, John; Stevenson, Isabel; Stewart, Judge Alexander; Stewart, Rev. Chas.; Stickney; Stockton, Clementina; Stockton, Mr. R.; Stone, Daniel; Storer, Ebenezer; Strang, Mr.; Strang, Susanna (Chappell); Strong, Robt. A.; Strong, Sarah B. (Trueman); Stuart, Beriah (Evans); Stuart, John; Styles, Miss; Sutherland, Donald; Sutherland, James; Sutherland, William; Sweeney; Sweeney, Mr.; Swinburn, Mr.; Swinburne, George; Tait, Mary; Taylor, George; Taylor, Mary (Chapman); Teed, John; Teed, Mariner; Teed, Susan (Siddall)

    Temple, Wm.; Thomas, John; Thompson, George; Thompson, John; Thompson, Joseph; Thompson, Robert; Thompson, Ruth; Thompson, Tolar; Thomson / Thompson, Ann; Thomson / Thompson, Jane; Thomson / Thompson, Mary; Thornton, Miss; Thornton, Titus; Throop, Ichabod; Throop, Joseph; Throop, Josiah B.; Tiffs, Joshua; Tiffs, Rev. Joshua; Tingley; Tingley, Mr.; Tingley, Abigal (Oulton); Tingley, Alfred; Tingley, Ann; Tingley, Caleb; Tingley, Daniel; Tingley, Elizabeth (Horton); Tingley, Err; Tingley, Harris; Tingley, Harvey; Tingley, Helener; Tingley, Isaac; Tingley, Jemima; Tingley, John; Tingley, Joshua; Tingley, Josiah; Tingley, Margaret; Tingley, Mary; Tingley, Obed; Tingley, Palmer; Tingley, Robert; Tingley, William; Tingley, Wm.; Tonge, Captain Winckworth; Tower, Ben; Tower, Joseph; Townsend; Townsend, Judge; Townsend, John; Townshend, Rev. Canon; Townshend, Rev. Geo.; Towse, John; Tracy, Elizabeth; Trenholm; Trenholm, Miss; Trenholm, ? (Coates); Trenholm, ? (Foster); Trenholm, ? (Ryan); Trenholm, Abijah; Trenholm, Abner; Trenholm, Benjamin; Trenholm, Edward; Trenholm, Eliza; Trenholm, Hannah; Trenholm, Hiram; Trenholm, Jane; Trenholm, Job; Trenholm, John; Trenholm, Matthew; Trenholm, Nellie; Trenholm, Phoebe; Trenholm, Robert; Trenholm, Ruth; Trenholm, Stephen; Trenholm, Thomas; Trenholm, William; Trites, Mrs.; Trites, Mr.; Trites, Mrs. ? (?) Foster; Trites, Charles; Troop, Sarah Ann; Trott, Mr.; Trueman, Mrs.; Trueman, Mrs. Trueman, sen.; Trueman, Ann / Mrs.; Trueman, Elinor / Mrs.; Trueman; Trueman, Miss; Trueman, Mr.; Trueman, Mrs., sen.; Trueman, Judge; Trueman, Abel G.; Trueman, Agnes (Johnstone); Trueman, Albert; Trueman, Alice; Trueman, Amos; Trueman, Councillor Amos; Trueman, Amy E.; Trueman, Ann; Trueman, Ann (?); Trueman, Ann (Thomson / Thompson); Trueman, Annie J.; Trueman, Aylsy; Trueman, Benjamin; Trueman, Bethia (Purdy); Trueman, Betty / Elizabeth; Trueman, Calvin G.; Trueman, Caroline (Sharpe); Trueman, Catherine; Trueman, Catherine P.; Trueman, Charles E.; Trueman, Christianna; Trueman, Cynthia (Bent); Trueman, Edward S.; Trueman, Elinor (?); Trueman, Eliza; Trueman, Eliza (Trenholm); Trueman, Eliza (Wells); Trueman, Elizabeth; Trueman, Elizabeth (Keillor); Trueman, Elizabeth (Weldon); Trueman, Elizabeth E.; Trueman, Elizabeth L.; Trueman, Esther (Ripley); Trueman, Eunice; Trueman, Eunice (Bent); Trueman, Frances B. / Fanny; Trueman, Francis (Smith); Trueman, George; Trueman, George A.; Trueman, Gideon P.; Trueman, Grandfather; Trueman, Grandmother; Trueman, Dr. H. S.; Trueman, Harmon; Trueman, Harmon Henry; Trueman, Harriet (Prince); Trueman, Helling (Barr); Trueman, Henry; Trueman, Henry R.; Trueman, Hiram; Trueman, Howard; Trueman, Mrs. Howard; Trueman, Isaac; Trueman, Mrs. J. M.; Trueman, James; Trueman, James Amos; Trueman, Jane; Trueman, Jane (Black); Trueman, Jane (Chapman); Trueman, Jane (Evans); Trueman, Jane (Finlay); Trueman, Jane (Ripley); Trueman, Jane (Weldon); Trueman, Jane D.; Trueman, Janet S. (Scott); Trueman, John; Trueman, John Starr; Trueman, Johnston; Trueman, Joseph; Trueman, Louisa C.; Trueman, Lucy A.; Trueman, Marcus; Trueman, Margaret; Trueman, Margaret C.; Trueman, Martin; Trueman, Mrs. Martin; Trueman, Mary / Mary A(nn); Trueman, Mary / Mary A.; Trueman, Mary; Trueman, Mary (Black); Trueman, Mary (Freeze); Trueman, Mary / Policene / Polly (Gore); Trueman, Mary (Harrison); Trueman, Mary (Jewett); Trueman, Mary Ann; Trueman, Mary J.; Trueman, Mary Jean (Main); Trueman, Milcah; Trueman, N. Amelia; Trueman, Nancy (Palmer); Trueman, Olivia (Embree); Trueman, Pamelia (Smith); Trueman, Pa(r)melia C.; Trueman, Pickard; Trueman, R. Alder; Trueman, Rebecca; Trueman, Rebecca (Reynolds); Trueman, Rebecca (Wood); Trueman, Robert K.; Trueman, Rufus F.; Trueman, Ruth; Trueman, Ruth A.; Trueman, S. B.; Trueman, Sallie / Sarah; Trueman, Sally; Trueman, Sara Elizabeth; Trueman, Sara L. Ann (Bent); Trueman, Sarah; Trueman, Sarah Ann (Black); Trueman, Sarah B.; Trueman, Seraphina A.; Trueman, Silas W.; Trueman, Sophia (Finlay); Trueman, Stephen B.; Trueman, Susan (Bowser); Trueman, Susanna; Trueman, Susanna (Ripley); Trueman, Thomas; Trueman, Thomas F.; Trueman, Thos. S.; Trueman, Thompson; Trueman, Thompson; Trueman, Tryphena (Black); Trueman, William L.; Trueman, William; Trueman, William, senior; Trueman, Wm. / William / Willie; Tryon, Gen.; Tupper, Mrs.; Tupper, Dr.; Tupper, Father; Tupper, Rev. Chas.; Tupper, Sir Charles; Turner; Turner, Rev. E. C.; Turner, William

    Uniacke, ? (Lesdernier); Uniacke, Rev. R. J.; Uniacke, Richard John; Upham, Col. Joshua; Upham, Mary (Chandler); Upton.

    Vandegrift, Miss; Vandegrift, Isaac; Vandegrift, Miriam (Smith); Vergor; Villeray, Capt.

    Wager, Bethia; Walker, John; Walton, Mary; Warburton; Ward, Mrs.; Ward, Tabitha / Mrs.; Ward; Ward, Miss; Ward, ? (Folsom); Ward, Captain; Ward, Artemus; Ward, Henry; Ward, Jonathan; Ward, Nathaniel; Ward, Nehemiah; Ward, Stephen; Ward, Tabitha (?); Washington; Wasson; Watson; Watson, Mr.; Watson, Brook; Watson, Robert; Watson, Susan; Watson, Thomas, Esq.; Webb, Wm.; Wedgewood, Benjamin; Wedgewood, Harman; Wegg, Silas; Welch, William; Weldon; Weldon, Miss; Weldon, Mr.; Weldon, Dr.; Weldon, Elizabeth; Weldon, Jane; Weldon, John; Weldon, Margaret; Weldon, Sarah (Brownell); Weldon, Thomas; Wells, Mrs.; Wells; Wells, Mr.; Wells, Mrs.; Wells, Justice; Wells, Catharine (Allan); Wells, Charles C.; Wells, Charles H.; Wells, Charlotte; Wells, Cynthia; Wells, Eliza; Wells, Elizabeth; Wells, Elizabeth (Freeman); Wells, George; Wells, James; Wells, Jane; Wells, Joseph; Wells, Joseph D.; Wells, Margaret; Wells, Margaret (Dobson); Wells, Mary; Wells, Nellie (Trenholm); Wells, Polly; Wells, W. Woodbury, M.P.P.; Wells, William; Wells, Wm. / William; Wesley, Charles; Wesley, John; Wesley, Rev. Mr. John; Wethered; Wethered, Miss; Wethered, Dorothy (Eager); Wethered, Elizabeth; Wethered, Joshua Winslow; Wethered, Samuel; Wethered, Sarah; Wethered, Sarah Huston; White; Whitehead, Mr.; Whitfield; Whitfield, George; Whitney; Widden, Hannah; Wiggins, Rev. C. F.; Wiggins, Rev. R. B.; Wilkinson, Rev. Thos.; Wilkinson, Thos. J.; Williams, Miss; Williams, Mr.; Williams, Charity (Oulton); Williams, Rev. Richard; Williams, Rev. T. L.; Willoughby, Rev. Mr.; Wilmot, Honourable Montague, Esq.; Wilson, Annie (Harper); Wilson, Mr. Benjamin; Wilson, Rev. J. D.; Wilson, Major Richard; Wilson, Rev. Wm.; Winslow; Winslow, Col.; Winslow, Lieutenant; Winslow, J.; Winslow, Joshua; Winslow, General Joshua; Wolfe; Wood; Wood, Senator; Wood, ? (Trueman); Wood, Captain Albert; Wood, Amelia; Wood, Ann; Wood, Ann (Hunt); Wood, Charles Joseph; Wood, Charles Thompson; Wood, Cynthia; Wood, Cynthia (?); Wood, Cyrus; Wood, Edward; Wood, Edward; Wood, Eleanor (?); Wood, Elizabeth (Clarkson); Wood, Elizabeth (Tracy); Wood, Embree; Wood, Hannah; Wood, Isabel (Hazen); Wood, John; Wood, Joshua; Wood, Josiah; Wood, Louisa C. (Trueman); Wood, Mariner; Wood, Mary Ann; Wood, Matilda (Chappell); Wood, Rachel Tracey; Wood, Rebecca; Wood, Rufus; Wood, Ruth (Thompson)

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