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BOOK - The Acadians Before 1755
By Régis Brun
First edition published by Régis Brun, Moncton, 2005
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton 2012

What was Acadie before 1755? This book answers the question by looking at five specific regions of early Acadie: Port-Royal, the Minas Basin and Cobeguit, all of which became part of Nova Scotia at the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713; Île Royale, which remained a French possession in 1713 but became British, under the name Cape Breton, in 1763, and Chipoudie, on the Petcoudiac River, in what came to be called New Acadie by historians, and officially became New Brunswick in 1784.
ISBN 978-1-926797-55-7 (softcover)     More information
Softcover......29.95 (C$)
Book on CD......19.95 (C$)
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf download......  14.95 (C$)
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BOOK - The 1752 Census of Isle Royal (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)
By Sieur De La Roque
Originally published by Canadian Archives, Ottawa, 1906
This edition published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2006

This book is a reprint of a 1906 Canadian Archives transcription of the original inspection and census of Acadian Isle Royale in 1752 by Sieur De La Roque. In addition to including a listing of the people, this report includes much personal about the settlers/residents of Cape Breton in 1752, plus detailed descriptions of the topography and condition of places thoughout the island. If you are researching early families or history in Cape Breton, this resource is priceless!
ISBN 1-897210-86-8 (Coilbound)    More information
Coilbound......29.95 (C$)
Book on CD......19.95 (C$)
PC & Mac - PDF format
pdf download......14.95 (C$)
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Licensed for personal use only

BOOK - History of Port Royal/Annapolis Royal, 1605-1800 [Nova Scotia]
By Brenda Dunn
Published by Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, 2009
Today, Port Royal/Annapolis Royal is a quiet community of approximately 600 people, but the town of Annapolis Royal was once the centre of early European settlement. It was the capital first of Acadia, then of Nova Scotia, and an imperial battleground in the struggle for control of North America. Backed by the Historical Association of Annapolis Roya, Brenda Dunn, former historian at the Fort Anne National Historic Site, has documented the long, dynamic, and unparalelled history of this fascinating place called Annapolis Royal..
ISBN 9781551097404    More information
Softcover......27.95 (C$)

BOOK - Deportation of the Prince Edward Island Acadians
By Earle Lockerby
Published by Nimbus Publlishing, Halifax, 2008
When the fortress of Louisbourg fell to the British in 1758, The Acadians of Prince Edward Island (then known as Ile Saint-Jean) were doomed to a horrible fate -- deportation from their homes to an unknown land thousands of kilometers away. Shipwrecks and disease took a terrible toll during the voyage to France, and hundreds of the approximately three thousand departees lost their lives. Deportation of the Prince Edward Island Acadians is an important account of the saga of the Prince Edward Island Acadians.
ISBN: 978-1551096506     More information
Softcover......14.95 (C$)

BOOK - The Contexts of Acadian History 1686-1784
By Naomi E.S. Griffiths
In the first study to connect the Acadian experience with the heritage of ideas the migrants brought with them from Europe, Naomi Griffiths explores the creation and endurance of the Acadian community and the ways in which the Acadians differed from the people of New England and New France. One result of the war between England and France for the domination of much of North America was the deportation of the Acadians from their homeland in 1755. Griffiths examines the implications of this deportation for the survival of the Acadian community. By placing Acadian history in the context of North American and European realities, Griffiths removes it from the realms of folklore and partisan political interpretation. She brings into play the current historiographical concerns about the development of the trans-Atlantic world of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, considerably sharpening our focus on this period of North American history. ISBN 9780773508866
More information
Softcover......24.95 (C$)

BOOK - The History of Acadia, From the Discovery to Its Surrender to England by the Treaty of Paris
By James Hannay
Originally published in 1879, this modern reprint of The History of Acadia provides a comprehensive history of the settlement of the Acadians and their eventual expulsion from what became part of British North America after the Treaty of Paris. The author, James Hannay was and remains a highly respected author who's works include this and other important histories such as his History of New Brunswick. It is difficult enough to write a book once, but Hannay had to write this book twice. Half of his printed volume and most of his manuscript was burned in the 1877 fire at St. John, New Brunswick. Undaunted, he rebuilt his research files and wrote the book again. The entire book is devoted to the French history of Acadia. Though written by an Englishman, it is missing the usual bias that one might expect.
More information
Softcover......29.95 (C$)

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