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Family Tree Charts & Census Forms

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COLOUR WALL CHART - Full Colour Family Tree Wall Chart, 34" wide X 22"
    Prepare a separate wall-chart for each side of your family, or produce duplicates of your family chart for other family members.

    click for enlarged image

    Our 34" wide X 22" large format charts are printed in full colour on heavy paper. Ideal for diplaying in your home. Wall charts are available folded or flat. "Flat" wall charts are rolled and shipped in a durable mailing tube. Folder charts are folded and shipped by mail in a 9' X 12" envelope.

    Folded Full-Colour Wall Chart
    $10.00 each
    (Canadian Dollars)

    Check price in your currency

    Flat Full-Colour Wall Chart
    $10.00 each plus 3.50 charge for mailing tube
    Only 1 mailing tube surcharge is added if you order more than 1 chart. Many charts fit into 1 tube.
    (Canadian Dollars)
    Check price in your currency

FOLDING WALL CHART - - 12 or 15 Generation Folding Family Tree Wall Chart (23" X 29") - Can be stored in standard 3-ring binder

Photo shows only a portion of this multi-generation manual family tree chart. Printed on both sides. This poster is a must for those who wish to get a "big picture" of their family heritage.

The charts are 3-hole-punched so they can be folded and placed in a standard binder (North American) or unfolded and used as a wall chart.

Full size 23" X 29", Folded size 8 1/2" X 11".

Buy 10 charts at once and save.

15 Generation Chart:
12 Generation Chart:

PRINTABLE LETTER-SIZE CHARTS & FORMS (free for personal use):

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Family Tree Charts & Census Forms
Poster-size blank family tree charts, plus a variety of free blank letter-size charts and census forms Inc. 1992-2015
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